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  1. I’ve got one that won’t go into 5th
  2. I’m guessing these are new? I’ll check the part numbers tonight, mines a bit squeaky.
  3. Welcome! Have you got some more pictures?
  4. Bump. Just installed a new thermostat housing. https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-1510660079.htm
  5. Time to get realistic about selling my e28. I'll update this as things come to mind. As much as it pains me, I need to sell this, as it doesn't quite fulfill what I want from a daily or a weekend car (IE. jack of all, master of none. Not sensible enough for a daily, not silly enough for a weekender). Also it should be keep original, which again doesn't fit with my OEM+ end goal for my cars. If I had the space I would keep it, but I don't so it needs to find a new loving home. I have several spare parts that I can include via negotiation (I still have another E28), including a spare getrag 260 (needs some attention, won't go into 5th) Asking $7.5k ono (fairly hard to value) Project thread here: Car jam here: https://carjam.co.nz/car/?plate=mo9445 Facts: Fresh WOF and Reg last month Converted to manual with a getrag 260 (started by PO) 162XXXKms Bronzitbeige Metallic Perlbeige interior 3.64 medium case diff rear sway bar (my understanding is 525e's didn't have them factory) Manual sunroof that works NZ New Pros: Low KM, mostly original, quite tidy Classic black plates Incredibly tidy interior for it's age, no rips or tears Hasn't left me stranded (unlike my E46 haha) Central looking works perfectly Cons: Clear coat is a bit sad in places Some scratches and dents, character if you like Rust on bonnet vents, sunroof, some on the doors (these are all "they all do that"), comparatively it's low rust Input shaft bearing (well at least that's my diagnosis) quite loud under load. ICV doesn't really work, I assume it did at one point though Needs the correct thermostat housing for the dash temp gauge plug Work done within the last 2000km: Fuel filter and some fuel line Oil filter Oil change Fresh coolant Air filter Intake elbow Tail light gaskets Transmission mounts Transmission output shaft and selector seals Redline MTL Valve adjustment New spark plugs 1 tyre Front sway bar links Battery Accessory belts (both) Rocker cover gasket (to be installed) Lower rubber shifter boot Clutch fork pivot pin Clutch Slave cylinder Heavy duty clutch Throw out bearing Pilot bearing Resurfaced single mass flywheel Various shifter bushes Ignition switch (brand new, but US model so no fancy indicator park lights, could be modded back in)
  6. If that’s what I think it is, it’s a special edition one as a tribute to the 318is touring car (from memory???). They also come in avus blue (a mate had one but wrote it off) amd Fiji green.
  7. May I ask why you’re looking at parting it out? It seems like a pretty good car, so unless I’m missing something I see no reason to part it out,
  8. No, only M3s etc are WBS, I think even the e12 M535i is WBA. I too don’t see the economics of exporting it to the states. It’d be cheaper to buy one over there plus the steering wheel would be on the right place.
  9. @Jono51 at Auto38? Mike Page? https://www.mikepageeuropean.co.nz/
  10. Not yet...
  11. It’s closer to a manual than an auto. Infact the SMG gearbox is basically the same as the manual, it just has a computer that shifts it for you. As opposed to having a torque converter and the constant smoothness/vagueness.
  12. Sadly it looks like I'd have to run 215 tyres (no...), roll my fenders (fine) and have more camber than I'd like (alright...).
  13. Nice number plate surround @Jono51 Oh and nice E30
  14. Anyone know what e46 fitment is like (obviously not e28 lol)? Tyres included?
  15. Hmmmm... anybody want to buy my rc304s so I can buy these?
  16. Very well spec’d for the price. If I was in the market I’d definitely be having a look. (If anyone sees a 740d let me know...)
  17. That looks mint. I wish I knew what he wanted for it (other than more than I can afford)
  18. Giving trademe a go https://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1476878946&ed=true
  19. Drove my e46 to work today.... It's still at work.... Turns over beautifully, but won't start. Disconnected battery for 1 minute Tried in P, N, foot on brake, foot on gas (and both/none) RPM gauge above 0 (though below 500) Temp gauge slightly above coldest despite sitting all day It did make a strange whirring noise that increased with RPM in the last few minutes of my drive (sounded like a turbine. Fan clutch is new) I may have ever so gently kissed the car park ramp with the under carriage (low cars...) Radio works Never had any issues starting in the past Can't get to the CPS to check it I should probably pull a plug to check for spark and fuel Key is fairly new
  20. @HardBall66 I’ve actually got one I’ve been meaning to install
  21. 3x examples, there’s more there as well https://www.trademe.co.nz/1469671144 https://www.trademe.co.nz/1469831446 https://www.trademe.co.nz/1468379752
  22. There are also ZF (don’t know the model off the top of my head, but it’s the most commonly available one) gearboxes that’ll bolt up to an m5x. Getrag 260 (m20) and 240 (m20) kinda bolt up (I think 1 or 2 bolts don’t line up), but are tilted 10*, so I’d avoid them. An M30 getrag 260 or an M10 getrag 240 wont bolt up at all. There is also a getrag 250 that will work. (From early m50 e34s I believe) An m20 flywheel can be made to work on an m5x, just check the clearance of the engine facing side (might need a machine) and the starter gear. Are you after a single mass or dual mass flywheel? TLDR: you want a getrag 220, 240 (m40) or a 250 (and technically a 420g as well) or a ZF from an e36.
  23. Just over 200,000KM now
  24. @NZ BMW yes, pop the lower back seat up, 4x 10mm nuts and it’s right there.
  25. Replaced the fuel pump. All sorted. Thanks to @_ethrty-Andy_ for coming along with a pump.