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  1. Perhaps an admin could move this to the for sale section? @E30 325i Rag-Top
  2. eliongater

    E39 Eccentric Hardware

    After the following parts x4 (I.E. left and right camber and toe) 33321095102 - Eccentric Bolt 33306786186 - Eccentric Flat Washer 33326760668 - Self-Locking Collar Nut
  3. eliongater

    728i (M30) with 4-speed manual

    I kinda like it... but looks like it needs some serious work (especially body)
  4. eliongater

    A car for Miss M (pt26, or something!)

    I should have some vac line if you still need it when you collect the Range Rover
  5. eliongater

    Life is choice bro thread.

    Took the valve cover off my E12 M535i engine that had been sitting outside for months before I purchased it, still looked like it had been loved previously, attempted to turn it over and got some movement out of the crank (valves didn't seem too happy though). Happily it looks completely salvageable
  6. eliongater

    E28 For sale

    Nice E28! Curious as to what niggles you've had with the M20 (feel free to PM if you like), I've had no real issues with mine and just did 1000KM of the gumboot rally and it was flawless. (Also are you "whereisnelson" on trademe?)
  7. eliongater

    SPOTTED! The official thread

    Found this on my way home
  8. Renaming this thread as I should probably discuss everything... I need to refresh all of my suspension components. I'm thinking along the lines of OEM+/M5 spec. I'm thinking of purchasing the garagistic adjustable subframe kit to install on my M535i subframe (and then install that in my 525e). Has anyone had any experience with these or similar kits? https://store.garagistic.com/bmw-performance-parts/bmw-5-series-parts/Garagistic-e38-bmw-bushings-parts/Complete-camber-toe-correction-kit
  9. eliongater

    E28 Suspension Rebuild

    Sweet. I might go down the route of new shocks then. Will inspect my existing billys first though. Thoughts on Posilock vs eccentric style adjusters? http://www.iemotorsport.com/bmw/item/adjcmbkit-lock.html
  10. eliongater

    E28 Suspension Rebuild

    Thanks Brent, did you need to get it certed? I've also got some M535i Bilstein shocks that could do with a rebuild, or is it more cost effective to buy some new Spax or Bilsteins?
  11. eliongater

    85 525e First car

    So I bought my first car on the week end, but it needs a bit of work... It's a 1985 Bronzit 525e that is half way through a manual swap, it's got manual windows and sunroof but that just means less things to break (I hope). It's a bit of a mess at the moment, most of the center console is taken apart and there is no gearbox or driveshaft in it. The previous owner has done most of the electronics and put the pedal box in.
  12. eliongater

    85 525e First car

    Cumulative update. Changed the diff oil and thermostat. Made some E28 coffee. The not so good; the drivers door lock broke and the odometer finally died at 164000Km Spent last weekend doing the gumboot rally in it, performed flawlessly for 1000Km with the only casualty being the 30 year old suspension (All the bushings decided they'd had enough). Somehow managed 10.5L/100Km despite driving over both the Gentle Annie and Forgotten highway. I think I may just keep the M20 in it rather than swapping to the M30 with economy like that, and since the fun factor of the eta still had me smiling like a Cheshire cat despite being embarrassed by a Lada (my suspension was gone by that point and the lada was not stock..) Will look into a complete suspension rebuild as well as moving to my dogbone E28 subframe and LSD. Any suggestions on what bushings, shocks etc to go for?
  13. eliongater

    $1 reserve 130

    @KwS I was thinking more along the lines it had an LSD. You are completely right about that in every other area though. Would take a lot of little things to bring it back
  14. eliongater

    A car for Miss M (pt26, or something!)

    I was going to mention that on Monday but the coolant issue was more pressing
  15. eliongater

    Quick rant thread.

    Diff oil... to somewhat misquote star wars, it's "irritating and it gets everywhere"
  16. eliongater

    $1 reserve 130

    $7k! Not a bad price at all!
  17. eliongater

    E38 16" basketweaves

    I’m guessing you mean the 16x8 et23 (or 20) that for some reason aren’t on this list? http://www.bmwstylewheels.com/bmw/5
  18. eliongater

    Wanted front strut towers e28

    Do you mean the actual body or the strut assembly? I should have some non abs struts if your hubs are fine. I also have some guards and part of a front cut
  19. eliongater

    BMW style 10 repainting/clean up?

    @actletpone I think there were some posts removed that @qube was referring to
  20. eliongater

    E23 Restoration Project

    @BM WORLD or @HELLBM tend to have a couple of S engines floating around between them, so are probably able to give you a price on what they’d sell you one for.
  21. eliongater

    E23 Restoration Project

    No large coolant passage, but it's the block number is 35 rather than 34, which suggests a capacity of 3.5L rather than the standard 3.4 of an m30.
  22. eliongater

    FS: BBS RC 302

    Do you have the centre caps for these?
  23. eliongater

    FS: BBS RC 302

    This is so tempting, at least I can run these on my e28 unlike my RC 304s
  24. eliongater

    E23 Restoration Project

    Currently an m30b34 with a b35 head and a suspected m90 (needs more tear down before I can be certain) that I’ll be having a play with if it’s not too far gone. Why not an M52 or M54? That way an S5x will be a mostly bolt in affair as all the hard work will be done fitting the M5x in. Though an M52 is down on power (factory anyway) compared to an m30b34.