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  1. trottsky

    Staggered Throwing Stars

    1000 dollars >insert Dr Evil <
  2. trottsky

    E36 328i top radiator hose just blew

    If you can afford it, get a new water pump, thermostat and housing, alloy radiaor with combined header tank and a full hose set. It sounds like overkill but otherwise you'll be chasing leaks/issues until you've replaced it all anyway!
  3. Yes I get that it's too direct cold air to the filter etc, it's the gradually narrowing pipe into the box I was wondering about. It definitely reduces noise because I've got good intake volume now but I suspect there must be another reason surely, it seems daft to restrict it that much just as noise suppression. Also when the car is moving, due to the intake being where it is on the 328, I would hedge a bet on my intake without feed pipe having an almost unmeasurable difference in intake air temp to yours with a custom pipe.
  4. I took mine out as soon as I got the car, it's such a blatant restriction. I wonder why it's there?
  5. trottsky

    Best wheels on an e36?

    I didn't but I suppose you could to get it to fit perfectly
  6. trottsky

    Best wheels on an e36?

    Cheers bro haha yeah it's essential for winter Queenstown roadtrips, the gravel gets pretty intense! Yes it's an EZlip, the msport bumper didn't have enough presence so I bought the factory plastic lip, still wasn't happy but I couldn't go any lower because of the state of the roads (christchurch). So I got the EZlip, it actually looks really good for what it is, needs replacing now though as it's been on for 1.5years and gets scraped daily. It's still stuck on though! It's just looking a bit frayed along the front. Can't get a pick right now but it literally just sticks on with 3M foam tape (it's really good). Only tip is don't pull it tight as you go around the bumper corners or it deforms a bit
  7. trottsky

    Best wheels on an e36?

    Going to have to say Style 21. Hopefully I can afford them one day, but until then I'll have to stick to my fake Schnitzer type 2's
  8. trottsky

    E30 325is

    So nice!
  9. trottsky


    Good job he isn't around these days to see it then i think it might actually be perfect. Yes it is, it's perfect
  10. trottsky

    Twin Screw Superchargers

    Haha excellent break down dude! Yes well I love the e36 shape, so maybe it's worth taking mine off the road or a few years while all the awful examples die off. Who knows how it'll pan out but it's gonna be fun............and expensive.........and time consuming
  11. trottsky


    I was looking at all these the other day, the silver replica csl is amazing. I want it bad. I can't believe he just had the stuff hanging around on the shelf ready to go on a car when he found one
  12. trottsky

    Twin Screw Superchargers

    M cars are always going to be awesome and I'd have one in a heartbeat. But yeh it's just fun to imagine what you can do to the car you have outside on the drive! I think I'd just be after a fast street use, so as long as it had the brakes to stop it and suspension mods to put the extra power down in a "controlled" manner then I'd be happy! Watch this space.......but don't hold your breath I've got some saving to do/a car to find that I'm happy to drive while this one is off the road
  13. trottsky

    Twin Screw Superchargers

    Yeah it's hard to decide to take the plunge into it. A supercharged 2j would be pretty cool! If I was to do it myself rather than buy the kit, then I'm sure there'd be a lot of research into charger size, water/air intercooler systems due to space issues etc. Then to do it properly I'd want to at least rebuild the head, all leading to the car being off the road for a long while (obviously as it would be a project)! If I have a windfall I'll definitely be buying that kit then stronger gbox,clutch,diff..............ha
  14. trottsky

    FS: 2000 BMW 530i Motorsport

  15. trottsky

    Twin Screw Superchargers