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  1. Windscreen wipers not working

    Yep see those will have a look, thanks trap there as the manual does not mention those ones.
  2. Windscreen wipers not working

    Parked my E39 Touring up, needed a new front wheel bearing and Thought I would replace disc's and pads all round so getting that underway thought I had better check everything else for WoF, now the wipers don't go rears OK washers work, but front wipers don't go got into the front ECU box on left hand side of engine bay after reading on web that a relay lives in there and some times plays up, well none there, just about pulled everything apart except interior, any ideas as what the problem maybe, fuses are ok, if I am looking at the correct ones. They were working OK, never had any trouble with them, don't know if the old girl has got the pip with me or what, but have never had any electrical problems before, other than alternator, which was worn brushes and easy fix and fitted new bearings at same time. Its a 1997 model 528 Touring.
  3. M52 m54 3 litre crank swop

    Have a 528I wondered if anybody has done the m5430 crank rods and piston swop, have read about useingthe m54 inlet cam (single Vanos) have looked at a newer car but have spent to much time and money to get the one I have so far, plus a newer one does not seem to be as good as the E39's
  4. 1998 E39 528i touring parts car jus in @ BMWORLD

    How much for wheels and did the dash go?
  5. 1998 E39 528i touring parts car jus in @ BMWORLD

    How much for Dash Cluster
  6. E39 monitor + module

    Maybe interested, will have to check the spare one I have for the serial numbers, its just that the tape deck in the ones I have, have broken, and I run a MP3 unit through the tape head.but would kill on the price, the last one I brought was $50.00, and could have got it for less I think.
  7. Smell and a little more performace

    Don't like V8's but if I wanted one I would buy a Covette with a LS motor, I love the smoothness of the six's, and as for sensble cars, we have very late model Toyota's and big trucks.
  8. Smell and a little more performace

    Not leaking from valve cover gasket, and thats all new, same with filter, the only thing I can think of, is crankcase breather? also what is the weeze on super charging, I would buy that guys plans, but it is a little pricey, and I could machine most myself, its just time, but drawings do make it easier, also thought about the 3 litre engine, but unsure what you would have to change due to double Vanos, just planning for when the engine goes pop, but does not seem to want to do that so far, its a Jap import, which was brought in by BMW, and still goes very well, very good on fuel on the open road, just lacks a wee bit of grunt, without thrashing its arse off, but I do love the shape.
  9. I have a E39 528 Touring, just lately I have noticed a burnt fuel/oil smell drifting into the car, it does not burn oil, but is dropping a bit on the left side of the engine, any clues as what to look for? also I have thought about a bit of added power, although it does go well, given its age and K's driven and I think it's a better car than some of the new ones, thought about the superchager route, but don't have much info on that conversion, other than the guy on trade me saying it's great. its the single vanos unit, if that makes much difference.
  10. E39 Touring tail gate

    Well there is Monday sorted, will pull apart and see what I can find.
  11. E39 Touring tail gate

    Have got all apart, to try and trace fault, the upper glass portion of tailgate will only open some times, and sometimes it will will open the whole thing, so don't know if some of the wiring in the hinge is broken, and also the demister does not work, not sure where the relay is for this. any clues
  12. E39 528 alternator repair

    Well decided just to check everything was plugged in correctly, found the plug to the the ASC throttle drive, was not all in, plugged in tight, all fixed.
  13. E39 528 alternator repair

    I have just pulled out and overhauled my alternator, and thought members might be interested in part numbers for what is unservicable Bearing set...............62032RS, and B17-99DW8 Bosch brush set........127-014-028 Bosch slip ring ..........1124 303 007 The brush's are replaced by seperating the bruch holder from the rectifier and soldering the new brush's in and then soldering the holder back to the rectifier. care has to be taken in doing this but is no biggie The slip ring has to be done carefully as well, it has to be chipped off the stator, making sure you don't break the two wires that are fixed the the old slip ring, just cutting them off as the need to be soldered to the new slip ring, bearings are straight forward and easy to do. So that part of the job went well, alternator tested well, new belts, repaired vanos hose leak, (had new hose made)tightened all hose I could find and cleaned engine, all good except, that now I have the ASC light on, in the dash, and don,t know how to reset? or turn off, it was working before, so just unsure as to what/ or how to fix.
  14. E39 Touring

    I have tried all Known fuses, plus a few that were not, Roger
  15. E39 Touring

    A couple of questions, back into Beemers, brought a 97 528 E39, appears to go ok, not much off the line but cruises well on a trip very comfortable, but.. the LCD screen had a fault, and would go out every no and again (Roads around ChCh like goat tracks) now it has gone out full stop I pulled it out to see if any connections were dirty, and what had power and what didn't, could find one feed? and one thgat switched with lighting, I would have thought there may have been a signal to switch it on? don't know, radio every thing else still works just can't see display the unit is BMW 6552-8369 563, Phillips 3112 528 53132, I pluged a screen from a E46 and nothing happened so don't know if the unit is stuffed, or there is another problem, any answers? Moderator edited: Illegal software requests not allowed sorry.