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  1. Matth5

    N54 Decatted Downpipes???

    Hmm I'd say that's either catless or something is done to the exhaust, if you can't see any signs of the PE mod. That doesn't sound like a PE mod/exhaust to me so I'd lean towards it being catless. "So on MHD the option is OEM/Catted DPs, and I have always had it checked. Did you mean that I should uncheck it and see what happens?" With it checked it should still trigger the codes just like with stock. You should have a check engine light and some fault code(s) about emissions. If you're not getting this then... your cats are still there and working. Also when you checked the Oxygen Sensor and Oxygen Sensor Heater, was it only after flashing a tune? Flashing a map resets them, you need to drive for a while, maybe about 30 mins, before they'll show the status. Edit: One more.. are the cars you've been comparing against sedans? The sedans actually have an extra resonator in the exhaust that makes it quieter than the coupe. https://www.e90post.com/forums/showthread.php?t=123467
  2. Matth5

    N54 Decatted Downpipes???

    There should also be a code and the associated check engine light, assuming you haven't enabled the MHD flash setting that clears it. If you have, re-flash the map without the catless option or flash back to stock, and see if it comes up after driving a bit. But I'd say that's a good indicator it's catless. Catless downpipes make a very obvious difference to the sound, it's about twice as loud as stock. For the sound, it's also possible the 'PE mod' has been done. Look at the top and bottom of the mufflers to see if they've been opened up before, you'd see welds from it being sealed back up. Google the PE mod to see what to look for.
  3. Oh the V8 is much worse, I think you'd be looking at something like 15l/km, so for daily that's not great. But if you aren't using it for your daily commute then that probably isn't a big deal.
  4. I've always though an M3 paired with something to handle the daily/commute stuff would be ideal. But kinda like you, I have the 335i that does both jobs. If I have to start over (due to moving country, or crashing the 335i and getting an insurance payout), then I might look at getting 2 cars. But when I have the 335i, and I won't get back what I've invested when I sell it, and driving hard it still puts a smile on my face... yeah I can't justify an M3 😕 A tuned 135i/335i still provides plenty of fun... and uses much less fuel!
  5. Matth5

    335i Dct FBO

    Also a pretty common failure point is the pressure converters AKA boost solenoid. If you have an N54 you'll have two, N55 has one (one per turbo). It wears out as it gets old.
  6. Matth5

    Newbie with 335i Cabriolet

    If you want a budget solution for Bluetooth, and you have an aux input, grab a Himbox Bluetooth adapter from Amazon. About $25, which is approx 100x less than getting proper Bluetooth integration.
  7. Matth5

    Could be a Bargin 135i $1 Reserve

    Oh man, that's tragic lol. Whoever bought it got one hell of a deal.
  8. Matth5

    BMW M5 Alpina B10 V8 1999

    Definitely a pretty cool car, I like it. But 50k? Hell no.
  9. Matth5

    M Performance Extras - NZ Cost?

    Speedfactor NZ (in Tauranga) can supply the MFactory LSDs. Easier than importing and their prices are actually reasonable.
  10. Matth5

    M Performance Extras - NZ Cost?

    You can disable the E-diff via coding, as well as various other brake helpers like brake fade compensation. I've read up that some people prefer these brake helpers off for track sessions.
  11. Matth5

    M Performance Extras - NZ Cost?

    Because there are people who will throw money at BMW NZ without researching, apparently. I think most of us on this site just import stuff ourselves. I've given up even asking the local dealers for quotes.
  12. Matth5

    Quick rant thread.

    You can't get away saying they're OE sizes (if they are)? My car had it's standard wheels at time of cert so the plate only says 'OE' for wheels. Even though I have wider aftermarket wheels now, it has passed its WOFs. Or you could just go somewhee else, probably a good chance it'll get missed or they won't fail on it (surely some WOF guys will have some discretion?).
  13. Matth5

    Insurance and tuning question

    Get some quotes from other insurers and disclose the mods in the quote request, ask them if the modifications are ok. If they say yes in an email, you've got approval in writing. Some companies are more friendly to mods than others so it really depends on who you're with. Safest is to find a company this is ok with it. Trademe Insurance for example will even insure modifications if you specify them, I've got my coilovers and rims insured.
  14. 1. Get MHD instead, assuming you haven't got a specific reason for preferring JB4. A proper ECU tune is generally better than a piggyback hack. 2. Yes, any BMW specialist can install it. Not a terrible difficult DIY either. Order online from Burger Motorsports, I hear some cheap Ebay ones can be good too.
  15. Matth5

    Quick rant thread.

    I know about the issues with the WOF system and it's full of holes yes, but it's a hell of a lot better than no checks at all, I've seen how well that goes. While we don't have emission testiong, WOF checks are supposed to fail vehicles for excessive smoke. But I still see some, presumably tradie vehicles, on the roads, I suspect dodgy/incompetent WOF inspections. Cops should be pulling them over. Besides that I wouldn't be too concerned about the odd person with a decat exhaust (disclosure: I'm one of them) as that will only ever be done by a very tiny minority, it's not even worthwhile to do on most cars.