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  1. If you want good suspension on a budget you're better off getting a good shock and spring combo. There are places that'll help you put something together based on what you want. Eg: http://www.strutmonkey.com/ Cheap coilovers aren't worth it. And in NZ they won't be cheap regardless because they'll require a cert. You'll be better off with some good shocks and springs. Considering what goes into developing good suspension... there is no way you should touch no name brand suspension parts, it's asking for trouble.
  2. Matth5

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    I'll bet the scum buildup is from people using dishwashing fluid, or plain water.
  3. Matth5

    One girl, one Braverian

    You can still epoxy the plates on if you ever want to add them.
  4. Matth5

    Bridgestone Tyres - Buy 1 get 1 half price

    The best one is whoever has the best special going at the time you need tyres
  5. Matth5

    E60 M5 6pd manual. i want one !!!

    I'd say buy an SMG one here, see how you feel about it, and then get a manual conversion done if you still think you'd prefer a manual.
  6. Matth5

    Vibration After New Tires

    Explain the issue to the original tyre shop and let them work it out. Could be a faulty tyre.
  7. Matth5

    Sharply Priced E46 M3 (SMG) - $22k

    I'd pay more to have just about any other colour to be honest. IMO they look horrible in yellow... I reckon more E46's will be hitting this price range soon because the early E9x M3s are in the 30-40k range now.
  8. Matth5

    The only upgrade that made sense

    Ouch 😮
  9. HPFP... we all go through that one haha, had mine replaced about a year after getting the car. The part has had so many revisions, hopefully the new one is more reliable. Hopefully you can just enjoy the car now
  10. Matth5

    WTB: E46 M3

    What's the process and cost like for importing a car from South Africa?
  11. Matth5

    Modding the Hell out of 355i DCT

    Running a tune is the fastest way to expose issues with your car, parts getting worn will show their wear sooner as they're being worked harder. So... not recommended if the costs are going to hit you too hard The stock charge pipes also like to explode when running tunes as they don't tolerate the higher boost pressures.
  12. Matth5

    Modding the Hell out of 355i DCT

    I guess it depends how the WOF guys are about loud cars and if they have equipment to measure it, because it will be really loud. I had PE mod + downpipe and it was pretty damn loud, couldn't imagine why anyone would want it louder. I added resonators to bring it down to a less obnoxious level. Yep the stage1 map is fine, but with an intercooler you can move up to stage2 + which is more fun
  13. Matth5

    Modding the Hell out of 355i DCT

    N54 and N55 can both come with DCT. A straight-pipe... err IMO it's too much, and will probably get you hassles from the cops. IMO, perfect sound for these cars is the "PE mod" (google it) and a pair of resonators - the resonators make up for the downpipe, as not everyone likes the effect the downpipe has on the sound when combined with the PE mod. Think you need an intercooler first though In NZ's climate, the $200USD Ebay cheap one will do fine.
  14. Matth5

    $1 reserve 130

    More like the best entertainment America has provided to the rest of the world in a long time. Fun to watch from a distance...
  15. Matth5

    New from Hamilton (e90 335i)

    You can DIY it, FCPEuro should have them at a decent price. I bought new front and rear rubber like a year ago, still haven't gotten around to putting it on...