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  1. Maybe a good idea for a side business, renting out specialized tools...
  2. And the warranty even covers it. BMW dealer assured me non competitive track use is allowed for M cars. Scanned the fine print and didn't see anything that contradicts this 😮 Being able to track this without worrying about blowing another engine will be great! Think I do need to swap the pads though, apparently the standard pads are still a bit useless for the track. The manual mentions this too. This one has the steel brakes. I'm not rich enough for carbon ceramics, won't touch a car with them! Just shy of 30 000km, 2 year BMW warranty. Some good options including: Harmon Kardon sound system Heads up display Adaptive suspension LED headlights with High beam assist - got to test this last night in the Canterbury countryside, it's awesome being able to leave your high beams on and see the car blank out sections of the beam when other cars come into view. Sakhir Orange. But it does tend to look more red than orange. Will be keeping this one stock... I was struggling to find places where I could actually hold my foot down, and most of the time when I did I could see the traction control light flashing even up to 3rd gear in some places. I'm not getting why some people rush to tune these?! Have yet to try the MDM mode, don't want to light up tyres until I'm a little more used to it. Perfectly comfy on the crappy roads of Christchurch, you'd think it wasn't a sports car if you just drove it gently. And extremely sharp and stable when going at higher speeds on the back roads. Incredible suspension.
  3. Couldn't let the crappy weather prevent me from taking the new toy for a test drive. edit: showroom section might have been more appropriate. Mods feel free to move it...
  4. Buy one in NZ. Much less hassle. Have a look on Trademe as per Driftit's link above, it's where most of NZ's car sales happen. $27000 is about as much as that car could hope to sell for in NZ, if it wasn't a UK import (people here are wary of UK imports having rust issues due to salt on UK roads).
  5. Nice! This part scares me a bit though. Custom Performance Tune (@thegenuis46m) Redline Raised to 8200rpm & Shift Lights (@js_imola) Higher RPM would lead to much faster wear especially if tracked I imagine, it's already a highly strung engine...
  6. Here's how you remind yourself you have enough power: Go out to some back roads, and try flooring it! You can hardly use all the power of stage 1+, where are you going to put stage 2+ to use? I think it's when I had my car in workshops or not driving for a while, reading forums and seeing the mods that were available, that would always tempt me to buy new upgrades. Generally I would add upgrades when it was already in getting some job done. Take it from someone who modded the sh*t out of a 335i... it's like drug, you just get carried away and forget to appreciate the car for what it is. I'm going to try to have some more self control on the next car....
  7. Wait you're running a tune on a stock charge pipe? That's asking for trouble Well stage 2+ gets to the point where you need downpipes (potential WOF trouble down the line), you might want to upgrade the diverter valve, you're doubling the boost the turbo generates leading to more wear. You'll want to shorten your service intervals for everything engine related from the extra wear. The extra investment is pretty significant here just for a little extra kick. You'll spend more time logging, potentially find more issues related to misfires, knock, injectors... And if you add up the costs for all of this, it just doesn't make sense because by the end of it the car depreciates to nothing regardless, next buyer will probably be scared to touch something that's been running an aggressive tune for a long time. Keep the money for your next car, you'll thank your past self when the time comes around. I don't think the extra fun of Stage 2+ was worth the expense and effort compared to stage 1+. You'll be upgrading suspension components to go along with the added power probably? More money! I didn't have any reliability trouble myself after going stage 2+, but I spent a lot making sure the car was able to handle it. Enough that the cost of the mods + extra servicing + time made up the difference in price between the 335i and an M3... so if I bought the M3 I'd probably be just as well off financially, and might not have the few grey hairs that have appeared recently It's possible it contributed to the eventual engine failure I had on track (although I stil think it's mainly oil starvation). Now... if I repair this car, I probably wont even recover the repair cost when selling it. At least if it was an M3, the cost of an engine rebuild wouldn't exceed the value of the car! That's another thing... you'll spend all this money on it, and it still will not be a track capable car like an M. You'll need something to help with the oil circulation so it can survive the cornering. It's a street car. A great one at that, but not a track capable sports car!
  8. There will be that one guy.. "Hey mate those odo readings look a bit suspect, think you're asking too much.... keen to trade for 2k and my '95 civic? "
  9. Quotes and terms for Platinum and Star Insurance seem strangely similar, like a "copy my homework but change it so it's not obvious" kind of thing. Anyone know if there's a relationship between these companies? Also I can't find reviews for Platinum Insurance, but I can for Star and they are mostly very positive. Anyone know much about Platinum? I'm leaning towards Star due to this.
  10. Nice. They're awesome cars "Have plans this year to go FBO and stage 2+" I've done this and wish I stopped at stage 1+. I'd recommend sticking with stage 1+ and enjoying it as a street car. Otherwise with the added maintenance, repairs, possible future WOF issues with going catless... you'll wish you just bought an E92 M3 or even an F82 M4 instead
  11. These WOF inspections are very close together as if the first one failed, but it's not logged as a failed inspection. I'd say the WOF guys here were just not recording it accurately. The numbers look reasonable otherwise. Those probably were failed WOF inspections (why else would it have been rechecked so soon?).
  12. Yep for Star and Platinum it's true, there is just a much higher excess for anything that happens on track - 10k or so I think, which is still pretty good considering what could go wrong on a track with multiple expensive cars going fast together. And you need to notify them of each even in advance by filling in a form. They might also want you do do an advanced drivers course based on your experience. I don't have a daily commute for work, but it'll still probably be regarded as a daily as it'll be my only car.
  13. Hello. Any new developments anyone knows about here? Looking to insure a new toy So far I see Platinum Insurance is still around https://www.platinumautoinsurance.co.nz/ Prestigio is still around but under a new name - Star Insure https://starinsure.co.nz/ I have requested quotes from both. Hmm maybe we should add a sticky thread for this. It's a pain to find this info otherwise
  14. I feel like only yesterday these were north of 100k. BMW depreciation hits hard!
  15. "Hi there, yes. The most experienced independent BWM specialist turned out to be BM workshop Greylynn and they have done quiet a few last year. They have indicated if it’s the bearings, it will be around 5k to 7k and for the ones where they had to replace the motor with a used one, they ranged between 15k to 17k. That’s the range we are looking at. Cheers" Given the car we're dealing with here... that is potentially not too bad. The engine isn't seized, it is likely repairable by an engine builder.
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