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  1. "NZ New" means nothing at that mileage.
  2. I think one big reason the V10 is cheaper to buy, is because it's more expensive to own
  3. What makes you say they're the best? When I was looking for subframe bushings for my 335i they were the best price but i struggled to find any reviews or info about their hardness compared to other bushings. So I just bought AKG subframe bushings from the US instead... Just buy them from the US, will probably cost you half as much as buying local... Also look at Powerflex. Or from Aus while you're there, should fit in your luggage
  4. Surely more than the ECU was water damaged. An ECU alone wouldn't write off a vehicle... Probably flooded.
  5. The 30FF simply means the boost being measured by the sensor in the charge pipe is not close enough to target. So it's either leaking, the sensor is faulty, or is unable to build boost due to a turbo issue. Vanos solenoids would surely be another issue with a different code. I've often had 30FF several times after my own DIY installs when I didn't tighten a hose clamp enough, it's always also made a whistling noise or the pipe popped off completely. And also I've had a failing pressure converter that I replaced. Yeah your intake might make a similar noise which will add to the challenge...
  6. 30FF is a boost leak, searching that on Google tells you that pretty quickly. Nothing at all to do with 02 sensors/Cats. Yes it can be caused by many things but the gist of it is your car is not able to create full boost. Does it make a whistling noise when you hit the gas? Low-ish revs make it easier to hear but it should be pretty clear. Then it's likely something loose in the charge piping, anywhere between turbo and intercooler. The workshop should have done a pressure/smoke test to check this. Otherwise next culprit is the pressure converter AKA wastewater solenoid. Lastly it could be turbo/wastegate related which would be expensive but rule out everything else first before worrying about it.
  7. 135i

    Make time for a PPI at a BMW specialist. It's well worth it. If the car wasn't well looked after it could be a nightmare to own.
  8. No point buying a BMW if you're going for the bottom of the range. You're paying Euro car maintenance costs and getting no more performance or luxury than a cheap Jap car.
  9. Driving through Manurewa as I was looking at some open homes. Come across a group of about 30 Maori and/or Islander kids on bikes taking up the road, some on the bike lane and some riding the median. As I pass through, carefully, the little f**kers start hitting on the car (so I thought), then they pull a door open. Trying to steal stuff? Wish I side-swiped the f**kers right there, because I have zero faith in the police being helpful here. Is this normal there? Must be scary as hell for people who aren't very capable of defending themselves. Made me pissed. Will be sure to lock doors next time and be ready to ram them. Makes me think it's not worth looking at places there, what kind of s**thole has that going on.
  10. Similar write-up from the same guy on the front suspension So front is more worthwhile. But I think some people exaggerate how worthwhile, probably because they're comparing against arms that had worn bushings. My steering is still perfectly sharp with no slop at all, I think my bushings are are still perfect, last owner must have driven like an old lady... Based on that and the fact I'm dropping thousands of dollars into my car currently (turbo upgrade and some other bits), I'm thinking I'll hold off on this. Will wait until I've worn out my stock arms or maybe I'll feel the need for this once I get used to the other upgrades. Will be interested to hear impressions from you guys though
  11. While trying to make my mind up on this, I came across this interesting write up on the M3 rear suspension, this guy has actually measured the bushing stiffness and tested what it takes to bend the arms Doesn't sound like M3 rear arms provide much benefit.
  12. The rears are also very cheap. Search these to find them: JTC1430 JTC1431 JTC1428 JTC1429 Not sure they're as worthwhile though. Oh doh Herbmiester pointed this out already.
  13. If it was the emissions code I don't think the car would go into limp mode. What's the actual code?
  14. Found them, you have to search by the TRW Part number to get the cheap ones. Seems to be the right ones by comparing against the FCP Euro kit. Damn that's cheap. Have I definitely got the right parts?
  15. Woah, that still available?