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  1. Because people like their mods to be visible I guess. Same for after market suspension, brake kits ect. All bright and shiny colours, while the OEM stuff is usually just black.
  2. Nice. Kinda miss my E46, they do feel quite different to the E90s.
  3. That bloody Panmure roundabout, nearly been hit a few times trying to go straight from the middle lane. Now I just stick to the right lane as a precaution (going from Ellierslie-Panmure highway to Lagoon Drive)
  4. As long as you send it somewhere good for an inspection they shouldn't miss anything. BM Workshop, or since you're on the Shore Bellars are also excellent. Check the usual - see how it sounds and drives. Get maintenance history if possible. It has some good options there, comfort access, active steering, bluetooth - all great stuff to have. Highly recommend a mechanical warranty. Autosure have saved me thousands on mine. Oh and that's an E91. The E92 is the coupe
  5. LOL at the M badge on the engine.
  6. Mine came with KW V2 and it handles great, I've taken it on track once too and it was awesome. Was from that same dealer too. The guys that run that place love BMWs, they bring in heaps of well spec'ed 335is. I see that ad mentions "replacement value over $4,000" so it might be the V3s which are even better. V2s only have adjustable rebound, V3s allow compression adjustment too. Go take it for a test drive
  7. That tint looks real nice. I need tints, after I had to rip off my 11% tint that my car came with (from Japan) when it failed a WOF Would you recommend that kind of metallic tint? How is it with phone/GPS signals? I like the reflective look and I would like my (black with black interior) car not to be like an oven after being parked outside in summer And your M3 will have frameless windows on the front as well, does the tint still look ok on that at the edges? Not worried it'll peel off?
  8. RIP M3
  9. I had it done by BM Workshop in Botany. Also about $1k. This includes new pan, filter and seals (they wouldn't normally do the seals as they're not reachable with the trans in the car). Looking at the invoice, it would be about half that if you only did the fluid. Bit considering what a DCT unit costs, I would rather do everything at once. Yes BMWs "lifetime fluid" policy does make it hard to judge when you should really service it. I've heard of some doing just fine up to 200k on the factory fluid. I think 100k is a good interval to go by if you want to be safe but I wouldn't be scared to leave it for longer.
  10. Recently at 150 000km yes. Trans was out of the car for a head gasket issue so I had all seals, pan and fluid replaced.
  11. I'm amazed you even had to drop the price The "buy now" price is a bargain IMO.
  12. Temporarily weld in another cat or two, then chop them out afterwards? Note I have no idea what our emissions testing involves, so this is probably a stupid idea
  13. You might prefer the 3 series. Handling will be closer to what you're used to. 3 series lean closer towards sport while 5 series are more luxury. A 335i would definitely meet your 'early torque' requirement. Even a 135i if you want something small. I think you should expect higher service and repair costs than the Suburu. It helps to use an independent BMW specialist rather than a dealer, sometimes you can save by going to wreckers for used parts or buying stuff from international online stores rather than locally.
  14. The cats filter out the sound, everything doubles in volume with a catless DP. See if the vacuum lines help I guess. Did you ask the BM Workshop guys for their thoughts? They've surely dealt with plenty of these cases, I imagine they could judge how bad it sounds.
  15. Well I just had my resonators installed, and they pretty much reverse all the bad sound that comes from being catless. Still a bit more aggressive than before, but in a good way. It's that nice classic straight-6 engine sound. Should work well for your M3 too Maybe search for some videos online, I'll bet others have done the same and recorded it.