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  1. Matth5

    Quick rant thread.

    Apparently NZ's solution to reducing prison numbers is for police and government to cover their ears and avoid dealing with crime.
  2. Matth5

    Avoid Bimmer Software K+DCAN Cables

    Ebay cheap ones do just fine... higher risk of getting a faulty one but they're cheap enough that it's not a big deal. Mine works fine on my 2010 model. I'm betting Bimmer Software just bulk orders a custom branded set with their own specifications from one of those Chinese suppliers.
  3. Matth5

    MHD flash app. Anyone tried this yet?

    Stage 2+ doesn't mean it can't run the stock map. Downpipes and intercooler don't cause issues with the stock map. Aside from the check engine light caused the the lack of a cat, which doesn't affect how the car runs. Have driven mine on the stock map and it was fine, and I have the usual stage 2+ bolt ons with a few other bits. But if it runs well on the map it's on, you may as well have the owner leave it installed. Hopefully he's checked logs to make sure it runs well.
  4. Matth5

    MHD flash app. Anyone tried this yet?

    If the owner emails MHD they might transfer the license to another Google account. Not sure if MHD requires the paid license to flash back to stock... good chance it does. It is a bummer they locked it to both the Google acc and VIN... if it was just VIN locked then at least it could be easily passed down to future owners. Guess the owner has too much on his Google account to be able to hand the account over? I'd be in the same boat, wish I made a separate account for the car.
  5. Matth5

    This guy manages to pull off ...

    Kinda cool but looks too small and narrow to be any fun in a car. Ok for a go cart.
  6. Depends, WOFs can fail you on stupid things. But every second WOF is a bit much and indicates a careless owner IMO.
  7. Plenty of other 135is around, maybe get one with an N55 for less potential hassle
  8. Matth5

    Camber Adjustment Kit

    "Standard tyres" doesn't really answer the question. Even in stock form this car should not be "sliding like crazy" or "spinning out on gravel", although even there these are very vague descriptions and I still don't see how you've come to the conclusion that adding more camber than BMW specs is the magical fix. Your answer as very vague and I feel like you've gotten stuck on camber because you read or heard somewhere that someone else made their car handle better with more camber.
  9. Matth5

    Camber Adjustment Kit

    You are expecting to improve cornering ability with a camber kit? Are you sure camber's the issue there? Those are big heavy cars made for comfort, they aren't going to be the best at cornering. What tyres are on it?
  10. Matth5

    650i Roadtrip

    That sure is a sweet car to do a road trip in.
  11. Part out. You'd make a good profit from that I'm sure.
  12. Matth5


    Background looks familiar... Q Motors. Bought my 335i there too haha. Those guys choose their stock well, they had some other awesome cars there at the time.
  13. Hope this ends with dealer being named and given sh*t reviews everywhere possible. Amazing what lengths they went through just to skimp on the repair costs. Absolute scum if this is all what it sounds like.
  14. Matth5

    MHD flash app. Anyone tried this yet?

    The checkbox is purely to enable/disable the error codes, it does not affect the tune. But yes it is safe, even the stock map works fine.