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  1. Temporarily weld in another cat or two, then chop them out afterwards? Note I have no idea what our emissions testing involves, so this is probably a stupid idea
  2. You might prefer the 3 series. Handling will be closer to what you're used to. 3 series lean closer towards sport while 5 series are more luxury. A 335i would definitely meet your 'early torque' requirement. Even a 135i if you want something small. I think you should expect higher service and repair costs than the Suburu. It helps to use an independent BMW specialist rather than a dealer, sometimes you can save by going to wreckers for used parts or buying stuff from international online stores rather than locally.
  3. The cats filter out the sound, everything doubles in volume with a catless DP. See if the vacuum lines help I guess. Did you ask the BM Workshop guys for their thoughts? They've surely dealt with plenty of these cases, I imagine they could judge how bad it sounds.
  4. Well I just had my resonators installed, and they pretty much reverse all the bad sound that comes from being catless. Still a bit more aggressive than before, but in a good way. It's that nice classic straight-6 engine sound. Should work well for your M3 too Maybe search for some videos online, I'll bet others have done the same and recorded it.
  5. I think it'll fit fine but if I get to the shop on Tuesday and they complain it won't fit well, then yes this could be a good idea.
  6. Vibrant 1792. 2.5inch yes. I probably should have bought 1790 for my car (2.25) but I think they can make it work... Bought them off Amazon, good price I think
  7. With my 335i I purchased a pair of Vibrant resonators to tone down the added rasp and volume from the catless downpipe. Haven't put them on yet, booked in with an exhaust shop to weld them in on Tuesday. I've seen others online report very good results. Might work well for your car too.
  8. Got the Vibrant resonators sitting in my boot and booked in with an exhaust shop to weld them in on Tuesday. Took the car for it's first decent backroad thrash since getting it back. Just ran the MHD Stage1+ tune since I want to see how it copes, and I'd have to pay to get stage 2. Not sure I should bother since I probably need a custom tune. Firstly it sounded absolutely f**king epic when driven hard, I'm sure the country farmers could hear revving and crackling sounds for miles. Logs look good, virtually no timing corrections on full acceleration Boost below target but consistent, I think that's just the MHD map. Upgraded turbo/DV/catless DP result in the car feeling much more responsive than I remember, barely even feels like a turbo, it builds boost so fast. The fun ran out when the brake pads faded after a few minutes of hard driving. I think low dust pads don't cut it for this car, certainly not when it's tuned.
  9. From what I gather, tyres with BMW branding, that may or may not have slightly different specs to the regular version. Looks like another excuse for BMW to sell you something at a markup. Anyone who'd be concerned about that is probably pretty clueless or looking for a cheap excuse to negotiate the price down.
  10. 13k overdue for a service? Man the service interval on the computer is 25000km already, that would scare me the hell away. I think you're taking a big risk. Good luck. Pray oil was changed but they didn't reset the computer :/ I can't believe someone would own an expensive car like a 335i and not service it. That's so wasteful. You certainly don't need to pay 1k for wipers, tell whoever gave you that quote to f*** off. You just need new wiper blades, should be under $100 off FCP Euro or Ebay. Try find a BMW specialist in your area, not the dealer. Cobb is outdated now. MHD is the latest craze now, more developed than Cobb. But don't even think about tuning until you've sort out maintenance or you'll be digging a bigger hole for your bank balance.
  11. Guys at the dyno shop will probably be able to tell. I'd be able to tell by the sound. Got one for my car recently, it pretty much doubles the volume So if your car is very loud, it might have one. Enjoy. These cars take well to mods, it can get addictive though. Planned to keep mine stock when I bought it... now it's got all the common bolt-ons and even an upgraded turbo, I got carried away haha.
  12. Random guy on the street says "man that's a cool sounding beemer" as I park. Flattering but I'm not sure he'd think it's so cool if he realised it was loud ALL THE TIME I can hear the overrun burbles loud and clear occasionally while driving... with the windows closed! Did some research and I've found what seems to be the perfect solution. A few guys on E90post with similar setups have found a pair of resonators added to the exhaust make for a much less obnoxious but still great sound. Most have gone with the 'Vibrant 1972" resonators with great results, and seeing as they're not too expensive on Amazon I've ordered a pair Done some moderate pulls up to about 4000rpm so far, still avoiding full throttle, but it sure is responsive. It's tough not being able to go all-out yet...
  13. The Kelleners Sport Power Module sounds like a piggyback tune. I'd toss it and get MHD, it would be far more developed than some little known piggyback module. Not sure about injectors but an upgraded intercooler is definitely a nice surprise. Maybe you have a downpipe too? Hard to get a good look at them, maybe sticking a camera phone under the front right wheel well will allow you to see it. If so, you're set for a stage 2 MHD tune. Since you're not 100% sure on the state of the car, I'd suggest logging first with MHD to make sure all is ok. 380hp is pretty optimistic, that's about the top end of what people get on an N55 with downpipe + intercooler upgrades and an appropriate tune, on the stock turbo.
  14. Your current mechanic is probably a good person to ask, if you haven't already. If he's got other customers using them then he'll have a good idea of what they're like.
  15. You pull them to upshift and push them to downshift (or other way around, not sure). You can swap them with the +/- type ones the LCI DCT models have.