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  1. State suck and make everything a mission. Long bloody phone calls for everything, they don't do anything via email... Try Trademe Insurance and Star Insurance.
  2. All he needs to do is email/call them and then forward the history to you. If he won't even do this... Then something isn't right.
  3. They used to have absurdly high prices when there wasn't a sale, and the sales would bring them down to a bit cheaper than average. Guess now that they have market share they've changed to a lazier tactic. I do hope they've at least started using torque wrenches to put wheels back on. I've deformed two tyre wrenches attempting to get wheels off after they changed my tyres a couple years ago.
  4. Shipping was free. Was just charged the $245 USD. It has arrived, now I need to find time to install it.
  5. Autosure are awesome. I'd go with them again. Does the last owner at least remember where he serviced it? The workshops should have a record of working on the car. Ask him if he can send them a message and get some email/receipts confirming when it was serviced.
  6. Why would you need to replace it? I've heard of people just washing the goo out and patching it. I can't see why the goo would destroy the tyre? But I can imagine some tyre shops would just refuse to deal with it... just like I've encountered several who would refuse to fix easily patchable tyres and try to sell me a new one, when I've been able to go elsewhere to get it patched... I've kept a pump + can of goo for years. Had several punctures and I've never needed to use the goo so far. Pumping it back up has gotten me far enough to get to a tyre shop. Suppose if the puncture was larger or this was far from town I might need the goo.
  7. Don't worry, the new owner will spend even more fixing it
  8. I'm also surprised Autosure didn't just write the car off. Cheaper to replace than fix a 320i...
  9. Pretty much why I bought the M4. My travel plans were f**ked, needed some fun in my life...
  10. Have you been able to find the part anywhere? Tried Ebay, overseas online stores ect? "Does keeping it registered get affected? How does this affect insurance after the fact? " I would think this is a question your insurance company can answer. "Will this affect the cars value?" It's a 30-something year old car, is it even worth much now? Unless it has some special classic status I can't see this being a concern?
  11. I've ordered one of these for my M4. Ordered from https://www.android-car-dvd.com/. Initially they said they couldn't ship to NZ but later came back to me saying they could... Will see how it goes. I thought about buying one of those full Android replacement head units as they're a bit more feature packed and would add a touchscreen. But they look like they can be a bigger headache with quirks and bugs. Really I just want to have Google Maps navigation on the iDrive screen, don't care for much else.
  12. Oh no not yours too! I hope yours is easier to fix Didn't think water pump issue would lock it in park? I've heard about people just driving short distances at a time to move these cars when the water pumps die. It's an odd mix of codes, cam shaft, water pump, DME, trans locked in park... likely just a dying battery or alternator? It's usually something electrical when a bunch of seemingly unrelated faults pop up at once.
  13. Matth5

    Octane boosters

    We're lucky to have NPD in the South island. 100 RON and it's cheaper than BP's 98. Can only hope they expand to the north island.
  14. Everytime I veered off the default settings they just felt awful. Any softer and the car would bounce. Any stiffer and it felt very harsh and just not very settled. I'm sure that would have been fixable if compression could be adjusted to suit. And I only adjusted by one or two clicks. Maybe one click on front or rear to adjust balance would work well. But not worth the extra cost of the V2s. Default felt absolutely perfect like it was designed for the car, and I imagine V1s would be locked to the same setting.
  15. I have KWV2 in the 335i, and honestly I think their existence is entirely pointless between V1 and V3. I couldn't see the point in adjusting rebound on it's own because pretty much any setting besides the recommended default was bad, so I may as well have had V1s. It was the last owner that had them installed anyway though. Besides that, they're excellent, that car has awesome handling while still being decently comfy.
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