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  1. Dn540

    S124 Getrag Conversion

    So I ended up buying the parts I needed from Pelican, their special dealer parts service is awesome. While waiting on those to arrive I noticed they wouldn't fit my shifter I have here which is an early type with reverse to the right. Also internals are slightly different, so I'd been trawling eBay for a few days ready to buy a W124 shifter for about 90 euro delivered but then last night just before bed I had another quick look and a 124 shifter had just been listed for 60 euro delivered and this one also came with the shifter frame, boot and knob which I also needed. Don't ya just love right time, right place purchases. Now I've got all the parts needed to make a complete shifter that works. Just need to track down some Delrin bushes..... EDIT: Just received an email from them, one part is only available from the main MB warehouse in Germany and has no ETA for fulfilment. It's never simple is it...
  2. Dn540

    S124 Getrag Conversion

    Cheers for the info! I've sent him a message to see if he has one/knows some one. While on his page I spotted he had what looks like a brand new box sitting on the bench for a customer.
  3. Dn540

    S124 Getrag Conversion

    That motor alone would net him the asking price overseas. I bet that's great to drive! I hadn't thought of trying Pelican parts, I'll try them. The MB wholesale site just makes me weary as no other site has the bits I need, seems too easy. EDIT: Pelican DO have the parts I need, slightly more expensive but I trust them. Awesome!
  4. Hey guys, Huge part of my wishlist came true at the weekend, got my hands on a 717.404 (Getrag 275Z) dog-leg box. This is the box used in the 2.3-16 Cosworth W201's. I wanted this box for it's dog-leg config. and also it's power rating. I'm putting this into my '95 E320T, kit isn't complete however I'll be grabbing bits and pieces for the conversion as funds allow. Parts list at the moment is custom flywheel from Rennsport, custom driveshaft, new master/slave cylinders and a clutch. Brass bushings for linkages and shifter unit will also be ordered to replace the worn out MB bushings that weren't that great to begin with anyway. The shifter I got with it was meant to be the dog-leg version however it wasn't, so I'm now faced with the near impossible task of finding a shifter unit for it. Luckily I stumbled upon a thread on another forum where a guy has converted his standard shifter to dog-leg spec using new levers and a shift gate plate etc. Found the parts on this website however I don't know if I should trust it lol mbwholesalepartsonline.com, looks relatively legit and has an address but who knows. Thought this may be of interest to some, and I'll post up some photos as I go along.
  5. Dn540

    TradeMe woes...

    Trademe is a bit of a joke, they are not interested in solving anything nor can they really do anything. I think they just have the legal jargon in there in the hope it will keep people in line. I've bought wheels before and had the seller say he sold them to someone else and refunded my money (much to my protest), I've had things like gearboxes never turn up and the response is the same each time. The police didn't really have time for it either, even though I had TM auction details/screenshots, bank transfer receipt, txt messages his bank details, address and car rego. Trademe like other sales methods (facebook etc) rely on the person actually being decent and honest, seems to a be a dying thing as there's a lot of sh*t heads out there.
  6. Dn540

    E46 Touring Jap Stuff

    I'm using my Xperia with it, the app you download for it is pretty average. Although I haven't had much of a play around with it to be honest, I'm hoping I can add spotify into the App, otherwise it will just be BT audio instead. The unit itself was released a few years ago and I'm guessing the app doesn't get too many updates... It is iPhone ready though for all those appliance phone users It's also steering wheel control compatible which is handy for when I add them. Obviously I couldn't get a photo of it with the phone in place, but this generic photo shows you what it looks like. Also the evening light was blaring in and ruined the photo. The photo with the cabling, that's only about 1/4 of the wiring as the rest is in the bin.
  7. Dn540

    E46 Touring Jap Stuff

    I ended up getting a Sony XSP-N1BT unit which behaves like a regular single din unit but you can mount your phone on the front to become a screen for navigation etc (too bad the app isn;t working for me at all). Spent all day today pulling out all of the Jap stuff and wiring. What a F*ckin' nightmare that was! Had to remove all of the lower dash panels, kick panels, sill plates and more just to removed the cables and units associated with the Eclipse. On each side of the car there were five cables which ran from the back of the car, along the sill wiring, up behind the kick panels and through the dash to various units such as TV receiver, toll card reader etc. Wouldn't have been so bad but the whole lot was zip-tied to the factory loom every 20cm, including under the dash. I managed to reuse the double din mounting bracket and fascia with a little modification, but it's in and working. I will eventually buy a Janus or similar mounting kit as this one doesn't really have the finish I'd like. Mounted the mic on the rear view mirror base and routed the cable in the headliner and down through the dash for a clean install. Pictures up tonight if anyone cares lol.
  8. Dn540

    Mercedes-Benz E36 AMG coupe or a Hammer replica

    Depends what options you ticked really, the interior in this car is standard leather similar in design to the E34. You could option Sportline interior, or fit other seats such electric Recaro's (Classic C etc). The shape of the dash and centre console is really nice from the drivers seat, doesn't hug around like the E34 but it just feels good. There was an article I read the other day about a Hartge W124, had the BMW motor and Hartge pack etc, that was interesting. My friend has an E34 540i, I personally prefer the 124 interior as I find the E34 quite cramped and feels basic compared. I don't like the dash and I don't like the standard seats, M-sport seats on the other hand really improve the interior. Guess we buy what we like lol. 3.6's are a great install, although pricey. M119 is also an awesome swap but requires a lot of engine bay/firewall re-working. For the money you spend on either conversions, a turbo on the 3.2 will blow both away with ease. Have seen a couple of S124 build where they used genuine E500 body cuts and bumpers to widen them, pretty sweet.
  9. Dn540

    Mercedes-Benz E36 AMG coupe or a Hammer replica

    You'd definitely want to check the motor is actually the M104.941, as that AMG badge on the valve cover isn't in the correct location does have the 3.6 intake made of unobtanium though. Would love to see some of your E36 Graham, definitely something I'd love to own.
  10. Dn540

    Quick rant thread.

    Seen a few Aussie companies selling their goods on TM lately, especially in the MB parts section, they list about a thousand of the same item (eg three pages full of brake pads), same picture and description, only thing that differs is the "model" they put in the header. Clogs up the entire section. Browsing on the TM app is near impossible, used to be able to file a complaint about it, but that options been removed now.
  11. Dn540

    Looking for some e39 bits and bobs

    I've got a fair of foglights if you're interested. They are the round face lift type (2000(?)+)
  12. Dn540

    E39 Facelift Foglights

  13. Dn540

    K+Dcan/INPA Cable

    Hey guys, has anyone got a used INPA cable they don't want anymore and would like to sell it? Was going to grab one off eBay for $US12 but the 30 day plus wait times from China do my head in and thought I'd see if anyone has one in NZ Cheers
  14. Dn540

    E46 Touring Jap Stuff

    I've seen these units on eBay and wondered what the sound quality was like too. Price seems ridiculously good
  15. Dn540

    E46 Touring Jap Stuff

    Learn something new everyday! Sweet, I was just going to lop the wires off but ill trace them back now and find all the other crap. I had looked at a Dynavin when i had the E39, I really like the clean OEM look and modern functionality. Not sure I'f I can justify the money though. Are they still around $8-900? Really quite a fan of the Sony XSP-N1BT as it's quite clean and simple looking (why i like Sony products) although I'm not sure if it will suit the E46 interior. Going to have to photoshop one in