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  1. J~~

    E46 M3 SMG Issue

    Would it be possible it’s behaving like this due to low SMG fluid? When I unlock my doors and wait for the pump to prime then check the reservoir the fluids showing just above the bottom of the dipstick but if I unlock the car and let it sit for 10mins the fluids showing near the Max line which one is the accurate one?
  2. J~~

    E46 M3 SMG Issue

    Hi team, I've had my M3 for over a year now and everything seemed fine and Im loving the car but recently the SMG COG came on. This worried me abit but car was still driving/shifting fine. Few days ago i was slowing down for a traffic light and the SMG tried to auto downshift from 2 to 1 but the 1 only blinked once or twice and then the gear showed a solid 2 again. The weird thing is that I couldnt put the car in neutral or go into any other gear and the car wouldnt accelerate. I turned the car off and waited for the gear number to go off and turned the car back on again and it was shifting normal again. Tonight i was coming off the motorway offramp and the same thing happened agin this time from 6 to 4. Same symptom as before it was stuck in 6 with no power but car was still idling. i have replaced the salmon relay the COG light went away for about 10kms then came back on and I have unplugged the battery for an hour to reset SMG and COG light stayed off for couple KMs. Any one else know what could be causing this? Where could I take it in Auckland who has experience working on SMGII? Thanks in advance
  3. Which M cars do you guys reckon will actually acquire the classic status in the future?
  4. Ayy saw this posted on Euro Car Club, congrats btw if that subframe comes back fine then you're going to have a great time owning this
  5. Would you want to trade for the standard E46 M3 19''s rep too?
  6. Hey guys I have a 2002 318ci and yesterday the fan stopped blowing air into the vents for the cabin. Air con still works and i can still feel the cold air if the car is moving but no air at all if the car is still no matter how high I put the fan speed. Could it be the FSR thats shot being a Singa import or could it be something else. Any idea how much it is to fix? Edit: Checked fuses too and its not blown Cheers
  7. Hey what are the offset for these wheels?
  8. Im keen on the wheels PM me a picture and price if youre wanting to sell it. Cheers
  9. J~~

    E39 Tail lights FREE!

    I'm interested in the style 32s please do get some pictures up soon
  10. Too much money, not enough sense.
  11. Looking for prefacelift clear light set for e46 coupe cheers
  12. My first car 92 318i with 280,000kms when I bought it (I was year 11 in high school) Worked at PaknSave pushing trollies every weekend trying to finish the car (Bodykits, springs, rims etc etc) managed to finish it a year ago and some old guy decided to not stop at a roundabout and wrote it off for me at 330,000kms. Still miss this old buddy of mine
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