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  1. m0m0

    E30 odometer not working

    Thanks for the replies, I'll put some plastic grease on them and see if it makes a difference. Any idea where I can buy plastic grease from? Also yes its definitely a motometer unit as its soldered into the main board and has the original bmw parts number sticker stating its a motometer unit stuck on the speedo unit as well as all over the rest of the dash. I got the motometer non-us gearset from garagistic as mine isnt in miles or mpg, I checked the old and new gears back to back to make sure they were the same (probably should have counted teeth as well) but they all matched from what I could see. I'll check this all again today but if I cant find the issue, does anyone sell good working odo/speedo units by themselves? Thanks
  2. m0m0

    E30 odometer not working

    Hey all, sorry if someone has asked this before, I did have a search but came up with only the usual gear fix. Pretty much the odometer on my e30 decided it had enough, I got some gears off garagistic to fit my motometer cluster and put them in but afterward it would only count over a few kms and then stop for a while and then count over some more later. Its fully stopped working now though. Everyting else works fine though I've taken the cluster out a few times since to check the gears but they're fine. I was hoping someone might have some ideas as to what could be causing this Cheers
  3. m0m0

    M20 manual conversion parts

    That would have been ideal, my parents live up there, could still potentially be interested if i go up there at some point, thanks man
  4. Looking for the parts to convert a 1991 e30 320i from auto to manual or even if anyone knows of someone that does manual conversions in e30s Im in the Christchurch area Cheers
  5. m0m0

    e30 shell/chassis

    cheers man i'll contact him and find out
  6. m0m0

    e30 shell/chassis

    hey all, i had a bit of a prang the other day and have damaged my old girl quite badly. Im looking for a later model e30 chassis if possible but would consider a pre-facelift model too if it was in decentish condition. My main thing is i would hope it is in not too bad state and hopefully not be fully dead on the registration side of things. 2 door or 4 door sedans welcome. The shell is the main concern as my car still has everything else in working condition. Anyone think they might have what im looking for give us a shout. Cheers Mo
  7. m0m0

    New car - Avus Blue E36 M3 1995

    a very nice tidy example man, really nice colour
  8. m0m0

    new to the site

    Glad i could help! nope i still use standard 91, although as i said myne is more to improve fuel economy and just give it a bit of oomph, but yeah heaps of different ones out there
  9. m0m0

    new to the site

    hey Toby, i did have a look on ebay for cheap ones but in the end i didnt find many that were specially for the 320i so bought one off of a guy from another BMW forum site E30zone.net that sells performance chips for both the 320 and 325s, the guys username is SPEEDTOUCH. Think i paid 30pounds or something like that, plus postage from the UK but i found it to be a decent and worthwhile mod. But have a look around might be able to find something cheaper for yours, dont expect massive changes but can expect something you can feel atleast, like with myne i could actually feel my throttle response and mid range torque improve a bit. But yeah have a look around and see what you can get
  10. m0m0

    new to the site

    yeah its the SE, has the black and grey dash, and a different steering wheel, im not sure what other extras it has though, its an awesome car ive found so far, a lot of people put the 320 down for lack of power but with the manual ive found it has a lot of power
  11. hey all, new member on here though not a new owner of my bimmer anymore had it since the end of last year. I have a 1990 E30 320i, its a good stock example in good condition, the only mods ive done to it is a chip i got in January, which has helped with the pretty average 320 gas mileage and evening out the torque curve a bit too. Plans for the future, still looking at swapping out the motor at some point, whether that be with an M20B25 and then either leaving it or maybe stroking it or even any of the m50 or m52 engines, im still keeping my eyes peeled on the net for any clean examples Still new to these cars but im slowly learning