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  1. Thanks guys One of you bought up an interesting point... My ECU has been modified for some of the changes to the engine... I might get i touch with the guy who did that and see what he says... I never even thought about that until someone brought it up.. Cheers
  2. Handy, my girlfriend is japanese, might just get them from there myself... It's one of those topics that can get a range of answers but i just thought there might be someone who can advise a better performing plug for NZ fuel/conditions... Darren
  3. Hey guys I want to replace my spark plugs in my M52 engine and before i just go and purchase whatever the factory spec ones are, does anyone have any advice on something better? Is there another plug that is more suitable for our gas we use here or any other reason to get a different type of plug than the factory spec one? Thanks
  4. Hey, am after a couple of these bits... I believe the long lower rad support on the left is from a 318ti perhaps? These are for a facelift E30 Radiator expansion tank clip The electrical plastic conduit for the wiring harness, the piece just behind the strut brace If people have any of these bits, PM me with shipping to Christchurch or can collect in Christchurch.
  5. Yeah good point point, mine are 45mm...
  6. Hey guys I'm looking for a pair of 51mm E30 front hub/strut housing assembly, dont need any of the brake rotors, calipers, suspension, springs etc, i just want the strut and hub section, don't even matter if the wheel bearings are stuffed as i will be replacing them anyway... I just want to build my new front end out of the car so i don't have to take it off the road so am not looking to pay top dollar, i'm really looking for someone wrecking out a car perhaps and sold all the rest of the bits... Would prefer if it was in Christchurch as freight would be expensive.
  7. why dont you just get yours welded up, it just a carrier arm, not structural... Or at least keep it and offer it to someone doing an M50/M52swap as they often need to be shortened...
  8. Thanks, yeah i thought i remembered having to check this when i first installed the engine, i think i also recall the front plug coincidentally referred to the front bank too but i am going to double check...
  9. Hey Guys Question, i didnt really take much notice when i removed my pre cat O2 sensors and was just wondering if it matters which way around they go. By that, i mean is there a specific front bank and rear bank that nee to be plugged in to the right lugs or does it not matter which way round they go? I cant remember when i first put them in and a quick search online has yeilded very little so am assuming it doesn't matter, can someone weigh in on this? Cheers
  10. I've gone ZF so am running a standard E30 cross member now, as you can probably figure out, i started with the custom one and failed WOF so my mate modified the standard one for me. I would've just certed the custom one but i still had mods to finish before i get cert and needed to use the car as i cant afford to be paying $500 everytime i make upgrades to the car. Pisses me off how the system works, it forces us to sometimes do these things... lol
  11. Hey people Can anyone tell me where i can get hold of some replacement euro number plates like the new BMW's come with? I just want standard replacement plates but want the longer euro style, cant find anything on the LTSA site...
  12. FL brake intakes -$10 Do you mean the square section that connects the intake to the brake disc? if so, i would like please.
  13. M20 configuration, mine was a nz new factory 5spd with a m20b20
  14. Awesome, thanks, i've learned you just need to confirm what you read online as its not always gospel...
  15. I used a standard unmodified E30 crossmember to fit the ZF, this took away the "getrag lean" and i used the standard G240 shifter linkages and everything fit sweet... Driveshaft needed to be shortened 40mm but the universals needed replacing anyway so i'm just rebuilding the whole driveshaft...