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  1. Olaf

    New Member - e81 130i

    take a look at @Jacko's thread here
  2. Olaf

    New Member - e81 130i

    Welcome Dan, fun car! Do subscribe (follow) the Wellington meetups room, plenty of runs/meetups/BMW Club monthly pub night (Bimmersporters always welcome)... Looking forward to seeing your progress on this, and hope to see you at an event soon.
  3. Olaf

    SPOTTED! The official thread

    The dashed lines? They are the carefully designed high-tech force field that keeps pedestians alighting from parked cars - such as your children or your wife or grandmother - from colliding with a head-down-arse-up cyclist doing 50, just 30 cms to your left. It's a f%#king disaster.
  4. Olaf

    2003 E39 525i Touring $1,800 Firm

    I'd take it, but I've been told in no uncertain terms a fifth car is not an option. I'm fairly certain that even if someone bought my 855-T5, a forth would not be a go. Which is sad, as in my opinion, this is a good opportunity.
  5. Olaf

    Grand Tour Season 2

    I agree! He was subtle, funny, could clearly peddle, and he's a genuine car guy with great frontman skills.
  6. Olaf

    Grand Tour Season 2

    looking forward to that!
  7. Olaf

    Grand Tour Season 2

    Of Top Gear: I thought having Rory was a good idea; a genuinely 'man off the street' candidate. Unfortunately he turned out to be a bit of a big-head, and didn't really gel with Monkey Harris, or Joey - both of whom were pretty damned good I thought. I agree he was passionate about his job, and wore this well. Top Gear didn't used to have great gel - just check it out before 1998. It took some time to assemble the dream team, and then to change the format. I thought GT S3E1 was fun, though the pace was a bit slow. No new ideas, perhaps? And fresh ways of expressing an understandably reluctant Hammond to race.
  8. Good point. So, with a bottle of this Steri-gene, and a bath full of water, and a bit of time, you should be right. If the food can ooze in, water and the anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-protozoan, anti-viral will get in there and kill it all.
  9. Olaf

    The latest daily E30

    followed. time for updates, I reckon!
  10. Steri-gene. Destroys bacteria, fungi, protozoa, spores, viruses. www.eai.co.nz We had plumbers around for a blocked toilet I couldn't deal with. When the plumbers left, it was flowing, though Mr Hankey was all over the back yard. I visited my trusted Commercial Cleaning Products place, Phillip Moore Ltd, explained the deal, they said "Steri-gene, nothing else will do. It's not cheap, it is super-concentrated. It's used in Hospitals for sterilising rooms." Gloves, respirator (you already have something like that I see), spray bottle. Follow the instructions. It's outstanding stuff, kills, cleans, sterilises. And sunshine, of course.
  11. Olaf

    Fabulous E30 drive round Lake Taupo

    great way to spend a day! Car looks lovely too.
  12. Olaf

    Bmw 116i jerking

    quite possibly the coolest name for a transmission specialist anywhere on the planet!
  13. I'm stunned the seller didn't check 'authenticated members only'; of course, leaving it unchecked makes it easy for him to use a fake profile like samiam61 to shill bid. Regardless, watching a bidder pushing up your auction where there's a risk of non-performance, is asking for trouble. The only fair thing to do is offer at the highest bid before the bidding went nuts... unless you've engaged a shill. It seemed okay in risk; difficult to determine extent of damage from over the descriptions. Worth a flutter at $2k? Hard to say. I wouldn't take it (got same offer) based on the seller's actions, looks a bit suspect to me.
  14. what information do you have on fuel quality of Australia vs NZ? I thought we had fairly sh%t quality fuel regardless, though would love some fact.
  15. Olaf


    I needed new a/c compressor for my e46 (common failure, non-rebuildable), for same price as a chinese unit from local supplier, I imported OEM Denso Compressor and receiver drier from FCP.