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  1. Olaf

    E30 twin turbo setup

    wasn't that a Pink Floyd album? 😎
  2. Olaf

    New e28 525i - won't accelerate!

    well congrats!
  3. Olaf

    New e28 525i - won't accelerate!

    throw earthing in there.... why not get it back in to Auto38? You've probably enough to contend with planning a wedding.
  4. Olaf

    Grey Thunder - 1990 e30 316i

    yeah! that's why next move is the wheels; I'm interested to see how much difference I feel with the extra inch width of the rims (same tyres 195/65/14 Hankooks - don't laugh), wider track, and lower unsprung weight. When you're trotting around on a (spec'd) 102hp, I'm expecting to feel it. I'll get that sorted before the shocks and springs.
  5. Olaf

    Grey Thunder - 1990 e30 316i

    Date: 19 Mar 2019 Distance: 258970km Beneath Grey Thunder in dry dock I: stripped nekkid, awaiting new clobber. Empty rack, no ARB or LCAs. Photo Credit: Jon Mechaniker. 1. Steering. Replaced tie rods (inner and outer - OEM), lock washers, boots. 2. Suspension. Replaced Lower Control Arms (OEM) and LCA Bushes (e36 solid). Installed freshly painted 19mm front ARB, with gen BMW bushes. I'll find a 20mm bar eventually. New end links. 3. Shifter. Replaced all the bushes, and a Z3 1.9 short-shifter. New gearbox mounts. And changed the gearbox oil to the right grade. I'd run it on diff oil by mistake... 4. Aligned. It was aligned given so much work on the steering/suspension. Report: It’s been a gorgeous day in Wellington, blue skies, no cloud, warm and sunny. I decided to drive back from Auto 38 in Newtown over Alexandra Road/Palliser Road/Hawker st/Majoribanks St to town. Car is transformed. First impression: the short-shift courtesy of the z3 1.9 shift lever - along with all the other bushings and stuff - is groovy. Very short crisp gate. - The steering is smooth, even, and it tracks straight. No more pitching into understeer. Handling is improved - even with 19mm front bar - though now with new (genuine) bushes and HD endlinks. It's more progressive and the rear end mostly follows the front! The gearbox bushings have improved things, with less drivetrain lurch (in concert with the fresh diff mount from a couple of months back). I'm looking forward to engine mounts. It's much easier to drive, now. More predictable. It's smooooooooooooth. And quieter. Yes, despite my plans and intentions, this job was wallet-mechanic'd. Jon at Auto 38 has done a brilliant job. Efficient, communicative, reliable. I'm just not getting the opportunity to spanner myself. I have complete confidence in Jon and Keren. If you're looking for a great independent workshop in Wellington, give them a call or visit. They'll see you right. Beneath Grey Thunder in dry dock II: New LCAs, Bushes, Tie Rods & Boots, ARB, Bushes, End Links installed. Photo Credit: Jon Mechaniker. Next steps: Prepping and painting the 14" basketweaves. EDIT: and sort out the horns, and install the sport steering wheel! EDIT II: Future job is sump gasket and oil filter to block gasket. Deferred this time.
  6. Olaf

    Quick rant thread.

    awesome! you can join us on the road runs etc down this end of the island.
  7. Olaf

    What's the bet??

    hang on, no choice for "LSD+On it's way out"!?
  8. Olaf

    Life is choice bro thread.

  9. Also the good thing - in my case - is when we’re cleaning up after a job, there’s no mixing up tools. He’s all Bahco, where I’m Aigo, Craftsman, Powerbuilt, Jonnesway, Halfords...
  10. $199+GST is $228.85. yes my spannering buddy has one of these - and a number of other Bahco sets - they’re still rocking strong after more than ten years and numerous timing belt jobs, suspension replacements, clutch jobs, auto trans replacements, brake jobs, and general maintenance.
  11. Olaf

    KwS's not M3, M3 Project (or, the M328i)

    It’s a large shopping-trolley handle for the bootlid, yeah? 😎
  12. I’m a customer and not affiliated in any other way. I think this is a pretty good deal, and they’re pretty reasonable kit for the shade-tree mechanic. let me know if I’m “flamin’ dreamin’ 👍🙂
  13. Olaf

    M43 engine

    not so. My M42B16 comes in for no flak, everyone knows it'll pull a sailor off your sister even if it doesn't alter the earth's rotation or do 0-100 in under 10 seconds! Oh what am I saying. It's not quick, takes a long time to get there, but it's a fun ride. (That's what she said).
  14. Olaf

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Gold. Absolute gold! Now, a box of duct tape, call 8 Ubers, and let the magic begin!
  15. this is a rolling M3. brakes, suspension, ARBs, wheels... even sans running gear, you can't expect this to be as cheap as an LCI 318i with a dead engine.