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  1. Olaf

    F3x Motors

    "basically a station wagon"? Have you been reading "The Jeremy Clarkson Bumper Book of Hyperbole"?! 1er's - while certainly good fun - are not capacious by any measure. 😁
  2. Gutted, surely? Or is there some preoccupation with drainage?
  3. I feel for your bad internet, mate.
  4. You beaut 320i manual spotted in Wellington last week...
  5. It's a very reasonable qualifier, and unrelated to expected sale price. That says to me "if you want to feel the loud pedal from behind the wheel, I'm qualifying you as a genuine purchaser". Implied is "and if you break it, you've bought it". Good luck with the sale @francoisv!
  6. A step in the right direction yesterday, at least. Workshop prep to assist with motivation: Surplus home theatre receiver, and a classic Philips CD502 (one of the best (budget) CDP’s ever for fun and pace. Made the interconnects with my son, teaching him to solder. And now to clear workbench space and get to it. Struts and calipers first. # days till Castlepoint: 25.
  7. Of course I'll give Jon a shout 😊 Thanks Graham!
  8. Air leak? Get video of it happening, from both drivers position and under the hood. There's a big Suzuki forum here, initial skimming revealed this thread... https://www.suzuki-forums.com/suzuki-swift-geo-metro-forum/262241-suzuki-swift-sport-p0607-issue.html Is it throwing any codes? HTH PS: also https://www.suzuki-forums.com/suzuki-swift-geo-metro-forum/262105-suzuki-swift-1-5-idling-issues.html
  9. Took the e30 for a buzz out to the Hutt Valley this morning. Gave her a drink - 300ml of Messers Penrite finest HPR5, and later fed her $75 of BP Inc’s 98 octane. However, I returned from buying a Stilson wrench, and my son greeted me with a present. He’d been waiting in the car. Hmmm. Where can I find these?
  10. wait, what? @treone Time for Duran Duran torture:
  11. Olaf

    BMW Z1

    Exactly! Yes, they may be an e30 underneath, but those are the coolest door mechs ever! I think this one is hampered by it's ACS accoutrements. It's a rare thing that waving the ACS magic wand makes a car uglier, but (IMHO) this is one of those exceptions that proves the rule. Rarer than an M3? Even rarer than an e30 Baur!!
  12. “Boing” mkii And these have arrived... Am now deep in planning. Perhaps suspension, front brakes, and cooling, before wheels.
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