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  1. yeah there's a support thread open at the moment about images uploading. I was successful uploading to flickr and then linking, by using the "insert other media" option. flickr is free, good quality, and unlimited storage. Hope that helps. From the images I've seen, a great assemblage of steel and allow, biology, camaraderie. Well done all. PS - Shiny shiny! (this is one of Eliongater's images from above...
  2. deleted - duplicate post. nothing to see here, move along.
  3. where's the fun in that? it's not called the 'micro-adjuster' for nothing, eh?
  4. hell yes! those engine mounts, and what he's done to the chassis rails. doubleplusdodgy.
  5. oh bugger, I thought I'd sold both sets! Okay folks, roll up while there's another test set available! Just forty bucks including GST and Freight!
  6. Hey Bimmersporters. Coils getting you down with misfires? Need some in your shed/toolkit to use for troubleshooting - figure out which coil is knackered before you buy a new replacement? Here's three used but functional genuine Bosch OEM coils just pulled from my N62B44. They were running fine, though getting old. Bosch part number is 0-221-504-100 (boot is 1-220-703-201) manufactured Nov 2003. They're the one with clip fastening, may suit later M54's also - best you do your research. Anyway, $40 for three including GST and freight to anywhere in NZ. They'll come in shiny new Bosch boxes. Just to be clear, they're used coils, no warranty expressed or implied. Can provide a GST receipt if needed. There are two lots: Lot 1 - $40 incl GST and shipping anywhere in NZ Lot 2 - $40 incl GST and shipping anywhere in NZ
  7. e30's are better behaved than to provide snap-oversteer #8 ) more video please!
  8. one lot sold pending payment (thanks Sam). Colin, if you're in you can choose lot one or lot two - Sam hasn't specified. I wrote on the coil boxes 'L1' or 'L2', and the pictures will correspond with the label positions. Each coil went into the box it was photographed on. How about that eh? Service with a smile! regards Richard
  9. raving about pre-production Uniden R3 being the best thing since sliced bread....
  10. Escort Redline has just been discontinued as at May 2017. Bear in mind "blindspot filtering" is X-Band
  11. I've been doing more reading. Turns out the best on distance/performance is the Escort Redline followed (less than a second at highway speeds) by the Beltronics STi Magnum. Magnum has die cast chassis/casing (where the Redline is plastic), and filters out car nav and distance better than the Redline. As the STi has been discontinued if you want one buy now (late ones have band segmentation). None of the new top-end kit has the long-range Ka band sensitivity of these two. The (German) Radenso models are nowhere near as sensitive as the Redline or the Magnum. Here's an interesting summary from August 2016: http://www.vortexradar.com/2016/08/choosing-the-best-radar-detector-for-you-a-flowchart/ Be interesting to see how those new Uniden units compare to the two kings.
  12. I know you're all tired and shagged-out after a long day's driving.... can we have more photos and trip reports, please?
  13. ^^^ This.
  14. looks like a bloody brilliant day out! awesome. love the pics too, Dave! I paricularly like the elevated shot above. Really sorry I missed this one.
  15. http://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-1330454018.htm goodness. a manual e30 currently under a grand. well, yes, although it's missing a couple of cylnders and its capacity could be bigger, it'd be rude gasp, then turn to point and snigger. and it's RED. From the ad, it 's a 1989 and has 300k kms... Either use as is or do some paint improvements. Drives well for it's age. A few things do not work (e.g. the auto return of the r.h. indicator after turning. Service indicator, so you need to keep an eye on it). Sold as is where is. EXTREMELY POPULAR E30 MODEL IN RED AND ***** RARE MANUAL***** surely that 666 number plate is worth something to satanists?
  16. and with a barn for extra billeting, a lower-north roadie destination!
  17. (I'm not biased!)
  18. sell the lot, buy an e60 545i and that 4x4 you were thinking about. "suits you, sir" sorted!
  19. also, if you end up installing new battery on the e9x series, you'll need to code for it.
  20. yes, of course, Kyu... you're welcome to borrow my balljoint separater, though Andrew's is closer!
  21. yep M54 standard leak points are the valve cover gasket, the oil filter housing gasket, and the power steering reservoir. Your rough running could be vacuum leaks (they're also par for the course).... have you had the vehicle scanned and diagnosed? May save you throwing parts at it, and (quite possibly) a replacement brake booster (if your PCV system provides the gift of oil via the vacuum lines)... also some of your coils may be getting crappy at this stage too (if they've not already been replaced). Again, scanning and solid diagnosis will help. HTH
  22. yeah I know that mate (s), the handling of the 4cyls is lovely. that was my Brother's response (he'd bought an e30 325iS coupe brand new), when I said I was looking at 318i... "it's missing something.... two cylinders".
  23. you tempted to build another track day fun machine, Brent?
  24. yeah! I noticed that too. I thought of buying the car for the polisher.