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  1. yes, the standard sales fail. picture the car for sale with something that's not for sale. turn off your buyers instantly! easier to describe and picture what they're going to get for parting with their hard-earned.
  2. bookface is apalling. grammar, description, questions... the txt-speak generation displaying their worst. hey ho. No sales fees!
  3. IDK, any difference from FB muppets?
  4. $10k is a bit spendy - sh#t, it's a non-runner! How much for that M5 powerplant that @BM WORLD has for sale? You'd want some fat left in it after sourcing replacement engine and getting it all sorted. Maybe I should buy it and make it into an ///M 645.
  5. let me echo that. great buy!!
  6. yes, a click-bait headline. in reality, and given the story was from 2015 (so not registering the car as a "current model", the most likely cause is a data input error when reading the forms. 2003 to 2013 is pretty easy. Just look how often it shows up on CarJam for a WoF mileage check!
  7. there ya go, then. There seems to be something about that Singaporean climate that totally f#&%s plastics, cooling systems, and aircon. The cars may have low mileages, but they have many hours running - particularly at idle. PS - -pop your number plate into carjam, it'll show you country of origin.
  8. So where are those you-beaut bobby-dasler photos of your 2-door tin-top, Wessels??? 🤔
  9. I'm garage-less. We had a clear list of requirements when we bought, which included a flat section on which we could build a double garage; a garage, or preferably a double garage. Instead we landed a walk-up on 3 levels on a steep section, no garage. At least I have a workshop. The views won out. For me, cost to realise a double garage would involve significant earthworks, retention work, major cost to the point that at the end of it, I couldn't afford toys to stock it with 😳
  10. is it ex-Singapore?
  11. There's a bog-stock e39 540i on FB this morning at $6k or $7k "don't bother offering me a dollar less"... he'll be waiting a good while I reckon.
  12. take it slowly mate. could be worse, you could be garage-less like me. makes maintennce that much more challenging!
  13. A somewhat unusual E60 M5 for sale in auckland at Buy Right Cars with asking price $37,980. I thought the "Unusual Edition" was a good badge, it's Indianapolis Red with White Leder interior, and only 40k kms on the clock. Please refrain from commenting that the low mileage is due to the previous owner was to scared to be seen in public in it; the buyer may ultimately join our ranks! http://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-1320656610.htm Nice to see an alternate hue. At first I thought the images had bad white balance... Then I did a google search on Indianapolis Red and found it is kinda rusty looking red; "a bit ginga" if you like. It's striking, I kinda like it. And here's that Nissan Maxima wood again... ....and, the obligatory rearshot: Sassy!
  14. tell us what you're up to, Jon!
  15. Awesome, Gabe. Outstanding example of the helpfulness in this online community. good on yer, mate.
  16. HI Logan, I'm speaking only as a keen photographer who has a mild dislike of HDR; I'm not suggesting the use of HDR for the sale picture is a vendor trying to hide or misrepresent anything. They might qualify for a 'dubious artistic selection' merit badge; nothing more.
  17. your o-rings *should* be alright; clean them and check in good light that the surfaces are undamaged (not scored). Your gasket... maybe. Looking at your image it doesn't appear you've thoroughly cleaned the mating surface. Your used-once gasket may be compromised by gunge underneath it, or possibly deformed by clamping forces onto large-sized grit (who knows?). You could carefully remove the gasket and clean it, thoroughly clean the mating surfaces, and give it a try (I avoided saying 'crack'). Neither your o-rings or gasket have been repeatedly heat-cycled, so you should be okay. If in doubt, new gasket; save you doing the job again. HTH
  18. wow. just wow.
  19. Err, Gentlemen. I should like to take this opportunity to suggest - in the most politest terms - that HDR is not a 'happening thing'. The only exception being when you can't tell it's HDR. The acid test is that if it looks like Trump (over-orange, over yellow, over-green, over-blue... perhaps there's a tie sellotaped to the front like a kindergarten collage, or hipster mixed-media artwork), there's no subtlety, the image is broken and searing your eyeballs. 'Bit like Trump, really. Now, back to the car. It's a good looking wagon. Even with an acid-trip Instagram filter! @TermiPeteNZ and @treone have amongst the freshest experience in owning/operating similar wagons here. The thread quoted above is a good one. Friends will let friends buy X5's, but friends should not encourage friends to image stack whacky HDR output.
  20. it's not just you.
  21. good point.
  22. 100,000kms is playing it safe on M54's, they're good for 120-140k kms.
  23. Volvos are around 140,000kms.
  24. yep change can be challenging. keep trying. It took me a few tries, I got it in the end. you can do it too, Dave! I will concede that on my iPhone it's horrible.
  25. oh, okay. I get it. you want to buy an e30 in Wellington. You want the sympathy close to potentially lower your outlay below the (small, commpressed, wellington) market! I've gotta head into the attic later, I'll see if there's an e30 in there.