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  1. this whole thing is called volute spring (I01002, X01003). Best to look up the pinout at Essentially, the left plug feeds the airbag, the right one (blue,grey, wht, red) the cruise control buttons. You might have to tap into the green main connector that plugs in from behind the wheel (X10170). Good luck.
  2. here the official recall notice if anyone is interested.... E46 Airbag TSB.pdf
  3. E46 sedan tail lights (pre-facelift), no cracks, great used condition. All bulbs included. $80 shipped 63218364921 (rear light left) 63218364922 (rear light right) 63218364923 (trunk lid, left) 63218364924 (trunk lid, right) Thanks for looking.
  4. Is it yel/bl or yel/gr now?
  5. I found only one Yellow/Green wire and it wasn't going to the Transmission control module (blue) as it seems here, but the DME (black module). Last 7 of your VIN please to help is identify your tranny? Thanks, a.
  6. pull that big plug connector going to the ABS/DSC control module and trace those 2's hard to say without knowing the exact color codes as Will mentioned.
  7. ...some work
  8. pm sent. Thanks
  9. pm sent.
  10. you got it Graham, pm sent.
  11. Front right turn indicator/clear - Bosch #63136902770 used/good condition w/ bulb $15 shipped Low beam cover caps - OEM #63126946039 used/good condition $20 shipped Upper Seat Belt - Front Left & Right w/ Force Limiter #72117009857 #72117009858 used/good condition $50 shipped Fuel filler cap - OEM #16117193372 brand-new item / fits a multitude of BMW Fuel filler cap - Genuine Blau #16117222391 brand-new item / Fits a multitude of BMW $15 shipped/ each
  12. SOLD, Thanks bought this drive belt/pulley set a while back and never used it, fits a multitude of BMW (320i 323i 325i 328i 330i). 2 belts (serpentine and AC compressor belt) 2 tensioner pulleys 1 idler pulley $80 shipped anywhere in NZ Please pm me of you're interested Thanks
  13. this is an easy enough DIY and will take you only about an hour to do. If you are not comfortable, find a buddy that can assist you. But it's literally 3m of two-wire cable, some zip ties, and using 2 quick splice connectors - a lot less wiring than any other aftermarket solution. Any technician would be waste of money as they would simply follow my outlined instructions and in the end not even warranty their work. Everyone on this forum has been in a similar situation and will provide help as you can see.
  14. OEM 64116956319 Item is in used but good working condition, no scratches. $80 w/ shipping thanks for looking, a.
  15. just out of curiosity, what did you find out?