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  1. Herbmiester

    XHP tune

    I am about to add an XHP tune to my 07 335i but not sure whether to go stage 2 or stage 3. What is the main advantage of stage 3 over stage 2?
  2. I recently update my MHD tune to version 7.1 and chose to go with linear throttle mapping. Driving up to Hamilton and back was a good test. Initial thoughts are that modulation especially as boost comes on is noticably improved. In daily driving this translates into smoother acceleration with no noticeable decrease in go forward. Kickdown on the open road is much easier to manage as well, no more dropping 2 or 3 gears and having a big rev and change up for no real progress. Next step is XHP but unsure what stage to choose.
  3. So here is a drag rage between the M2 comp and the Supra. B58 vs S55. looks like the B58 engine really might be the new 2ZJ.
  4. Hawk or Prostop pads and RDA rotors. Have used on E36, E46 and E92 very good performance and not expensive.
  5. As mentioned earlier get a n LSD. I have driven a 335i with one and its the best thing to buy after you have done an FMIC, charge pipe and MHD tune.
  6. Thanks Ray, I wondered about that. I think I will pass on that box and continue to look for a ZF 310 or 320.
  7. What abot E46 boxes? I located a ZF 5 speed out of a E46 320D, will that work?
  8. Its a road car so yes diff ratio will change. Clutch seems easy but still unsure what flywheel to get but M30 seems like an option. I really feel I should replace the G220 but as I have one still tempted.
  9. I have all the parts so its just time and playing with engines is fun time in my books; and to be fair the parts cost is minuscule compared to what an S50 would cost. oh an I am stroking an M52B25 so much bigger potential gains.
  10. For the past 4 years I have run RDA rotors and either Stoptech or Hawk pads. Never had any issues and the Rotors seem to last well.
  11. Yes A45 very quick car. 335's main issue is getting off the line. So the 0-100 time are never as good as a sorted 4wd car. Once you get into more serious mods like MHD Stage 2 the top end shove gets decent. I ran stage 2 for a laugh but as I still had cats in I didn't persist. A 335i is as cheap as 13k now so you can throw a bit at it to get 400 plus HP and still not have a lot invested. There are certainly faster cars out there but many cost a lot more for similar performance and handling. I do agree that once you have driven a few fast cars the 335i no longer overwhelms, but we dont have any autobahns and a tuned 335l would go very well with some space.
  12. Its a n M52 B30. M54 crank pistons rods in an m52 block.
  13. FMIC and MHD Tune 370hp and over 500 nm. Trans tune via XHP, M3 control arms and LSD. Daily driver rocketship.
  14. In really big HP applications its the 2JZ block that is the weakness bit in mid power 5-600 HP applications its strong. I suspect that B58 block is strong looking at the design but it is alloy not cast Iron and that may be the limiting feature. Saw some block testing done by an Aussie engine builder and the Ford Barra block was a s good if not better than the RB and 2jZ blocks.
  15. Funny, I would like an E36 in white.
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