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  1. How many Kms has she done now?
  2. Glad shes up and running again
  3. I have had good experience with Taiwanese QC, its definitely not China!
  4. I will be around Sunday if you need a hand. The whirring you mentioned could be stater motor related, motor spinjing but not engaging.
  5. I did the maths about a year ago and it was cheaper to buy in NZ
  6. Probably not but they cost a lot less and when you get up to 9 or 10/10th driving it's generally well past what goes on on the highway.
  7. On my e36 I ran Koni Strt's and they worked quite well with factory m Sport springs and sway bars. Not in the same league as Koni Yellow, but the car responded very well and was a pleasure to drive.
  8. I realise this is an old thread but having fitted a new set of RE003s on my 335i I thought I would give an updare. The old front tyres were Nitto 830s and out back were a set of RE050 run flats. First impressions are that the front end is a lot more precise, turn in is noticeably more direct and I feel like it goes were it should now. The rear has a bit more compliance but grip wise it seems to be at least as good as the 050s maybe even better. I never really felt I could trust the run flats on anything other than bowling green smooth roads, they had a lot of harshness and the ride was jittery. On a typical NZ road with a few undulations and irregularities mid corner the 003 is just so much more predictable. I was considering S001s but having had them on my 335i on the original 17s I didnt think they were appreciably better than the 003s, not a fair comparison I know as one is a 40 series and one is 35. I suspect on a track the S001 would show its advantages. To sumarise I now have much sharper and more accurate turn in, the car feels more predictable and overall grip levels in the dry are higher especially up front. Later this week I am driving another 335 with 19s and its running some Falkens, I will report back when I have given it the 48 corner test.
  9. Interesting I bought mine just over a year ago with 72km on the clock for 17k, perhaps this is where the price is.
  10. I guess that's part of the reason DIY is always a popular option.
  11. The MHD fix and manually tightening up the actuator arm are at best temporary solutions. The issue as mentioned is a worn bushing.
  12. My Bridgestone were happy to do a 3 for 4 deal on Re003's that were staggered, he worked it out so the cost was somewhere in between the 255 and 225 price.
  13. Not really an E38 Man.
  14. Yes a gun locker in the car has a certain appeal .
  15. I would really like these lets see what I can sell.