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  1. Yeah but at least an SLR 5000 has some credibility, that thing just looks dumb.
  2. I like it, I remember looking at an E60 front on for the first time and thinking bloody hell only a mother could love that face. But as it happened I grew to love it too and realised it just took a while to appreciate the headlight design.
  3. I need to control my 335i, it just cant get the power down without the traction control intervening. MHD (V6) has given me a lot more torque and it hits like a sledge hammer and even on a warm day with perfect traction I will get a stuttering takeoff as the tyres try to break free. I know I need an LSD but in the meantime what are peoples experience with the linear throttle and the Limit Power By Gear option. To be fair I tried the linear throttle but switched back before really giving at a fair go.
  4. For all the 16 inch wheel boys Hyperdrive have Goodyear Eagle F1 Directional 5 in 225/50/16 on sale for under $200 a tyre. Please note I have no affiliation with HD just started looking for myself and thought the deal was worth sharing.
  5. Ok guys I am seriuosly considering manually converting my new e36 323i to manual. I have a g220 from a 4cyl so will need a 6cyl flywheel and clutch. What are the options, dual mass singles mass, what size? The M52 b25 will likely stay stock and I have a 3.46 diff ratio so might have to change that.
  6. I have a Getrag 220 kit so I think a manual conversion and just keep it original. Of course if some one said I have an M30b54 rotating assembly.....?
  7. If they are 135i springs then they have a lower rate than E92 springs 350 lbs/inch vs 456 lbs/inch. Some E92 springs might help.
  8. I admit it I am a big E36 Coupe fanboy. I know the E30 is the golden child but for me E36 Coupes are my favourite shape. So for a very lowly amount of cash I picked up this Hellrot 323i with a broken starter motor. Like most E36's she need a bit of tidying but I am getting good at fixing them now.
  9. Yes the arm is upside down. One end has a fixed bushing and needs to be installed at ride height as it influences the spring rate because the arm has rotational flex on the bushing. I did the M3 upgrade but went with Tein springs and extra thick pads. I have a vague memory that standard 335i rear springs are quite firm to compensate for the small rear roll bar.
  10. So after languishing for 6 months my 335i burst into life with the first push of the starter button. My DME had blown 2 of Mosfets that control the injectors. At first I thought it was the coils as I had one die last year so I replaced them all but the problem persisted. The error code 30BB sugested the Mosfets so I ordered some ex the USA and finally found a guy who could replace them. Its not a job for amateurs but GP electronics in Lower Hutt did it and no issues. After reading all about it I decided to replace all six Mosfets just in case. Now all I have to do is use a full tanks worth of 6 month old 98 octane. I also replaced the battery as the BMW original was 12 years old and wouldn't hold a charge any more. Welcome back baby I've missed you.
  11. Is it drive-able back to Wellington? Any thoughts on the misfire?
  12. N54 cars are tuning heaven. Best advice I can give is . Get it serviced first new plugs as well. Then get a walnut clean of the inlets (Exteme Tuning in Ngauranga Gorge can do it). Upgrade the inter cooler easy enough to do at home. Replace the charge pipe. Then load a stage 1 or stage 1+ MHD tune. Then buy an LSD. A transmission service and tune is also worthwhile. When you get to the tune stage let me know and I can advice on tune options.
  13. Great to meet you too, I really liked your 330i very tidy E46, just dont tell too many people how little you paid for it.
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