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  1. Looks like a great time sorry I missed it, good to the 330 in action
  2. E46 is a very nice car missing mine already.
  3. I have a 2007 E92 Auto and I have just flashed the MHD stage 1+ 95 Ron tune. I have new plugs my intake ports have had a clean (Not convinced it was that well done) I have a bigger intercooler and a ERW charge pipe. I have not logged yet but its smooth and noticeably quicker. Now when the I put my foot down the shift from 1st to 2nd sets of the DSC. Maybe time for an LSD.
  4. Hard luck but you would not be alone with this type of crash, I hope it's fixable.
  5. If this is referring to me then to be clear not into chemical enhancement, those that assume so might want to make sure they are not missing their own "Meds".
  6. So true
  7. If you buy a 325i you may regret not spending a few extra dollars and getting a 330i.
  8. Interestingly the Guilia was quite a few seconds faster round the "Ring" with an auto than it was with the manual, so yes perhaps manuals are dead after all. As to it being faster round the "Ring" than an M3 or a Caddy, yes perhaps that could be true but in the real world including any racetracks in NZ I doubt it would be able to show a clear set of heals to either of the aforementioned vehicles unless it rained and then the Quadrafoglio would have an advantage. I haven't driven the Alfa and my time in an M3 was only the standard version not the Competition pack and it was plenty quick, in fact it reminded me of a V8 muscle car, too much power for the available traction, but it's really hard to gauge a car of this capability on the street. I suspect driver capability would be more of a factor. Anyway .4 of a second on a 2 minute lap is pretty close to being "within the noise". BMW might have shown thier hand with the new M5 which is rear biased X drive, perhaps the next M3 will have the same.
  9. Has anyone done a side by side comparison on these two tyres. The RE003 seems to occupy that space where you get a very good tyre for not too much cash, sure there are better tyres Contact Sports, Pilot Sports etc but they cost quite a bit more. Where does the Dragon Sport sit?
  10. I wish we all had the steering wheel on the same side. Only bonus of RHD is cheap Jap imports which means cheap BMW's.
  11. Just do it, and make a video as well
  12. They did have an actual moments silence for the manual transmission.
  13. Reviews so far say that it's a real driver's car, quick too. Motor trend took the Alfa and an M3 Competition pack round Chuckwalla Raceway 2.68 miles and the Alfa won by 0.4 second. Interestingly they said the Cadillac ATS-V is the best handling sports sedan full stop.
  14. Pretty stuffed but Diff, interior brakes etc would be nice. https://www.turners.co.nz/Damaged-Vehicles/Damaged-Cars-for-Sale/bmw/m-series/16426948
  15. Style 194's are a nice rim, I bet they would look nice on an E46.