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  1. Out of curiosity what was the waste gate like? Did it have play in the shaft like the n54 units do?
  2. Should be able to help next week when I get back from the USA, is you cable not working?
  3. Interesting, I am running a 255/35/18 on a 9 inch rim and was thinking about going to a 265 or even a 275 as BMW fitted these rims with a 275 from the factory but with a 50 aspect ratio tyre. I assume with a lower aspect ratio I shouldn't go quite as wide as 245/255 seems optimal. I wonder why BMW went wider?
  4. The 9 inch style 350s on my car run a 275 width from the factory.
  5. I have used Super Pro on my E46 and E36, no problems at all I bought mine through SAS.
  6. That colour!
  7. Looks good.
  8. In my case the 30ff was caused by the oem charge pipe leaking, no cracks just a leak around the diverter valves. The other area to check in the vacuum lines the ones going from my waste gate solenoid to the rear turbo was brittle and cracked. Not an easy one to get to unfortunately.
  9. Everytime I see style 68's I want to buy an E46 Coupe again. GLWS.
  10. Getrag G 220 with Pedal Box, Driveshaft, clutch, engine/gearbox plate, hardlines, driveshaft and crossmember. $700. From a 4 cyl car. Was taken from a running vehicle and gearbox was sold to me as having no problems, approx 200k.
  11. No because they are part of the spring. Slop will come from the bushes etc.
  12. I wanted to let this one go and I nearly did but....... In my experience it boils down to maintenance/repairs vs performance. For maintenance/repairs I am happy to let the shop do what they have to do, and there are a number of shops who do this and do it well and to be fair dont need to look at performance work because they are very busy fixing Euro cars that have proven to be somewhat less reliable than their Japanese counterparts. A great business model really. For performance, parts are often the hurdle; they are just not available here and workshops as noted above are focussed on repairs maintenance. Workshops often default to parts available in NZ which may or may not be the best solution for a performance upgrade and with DIY tuning options like COBB, MHD etc it is fitting and final troubleshooting/tuning that is wanted. (This of course may lead to maintenance/repair work as components fail when under stress) The problem with performance upgrades is that it is often the domain of the Flat Peak crowd with a clapped out Japanese sh*t box, no money and big dreams. But in the HSV FPV world a lot of tuners emerged who could meet the demand of the cashed up bogans and that segment were quite willing to pay, as a result that segment went upmarket and got away from its bogan/hoon roots and became professional. What we have in NZ is a lack of Euro tuning shops. Audi, VW, BMW and to a lesser extent MB now all have forced induction engines and chassis that respond well to basic upgrades. Forced induction is the cornerstone of the tuning world. We need a few shops who understand that mindset and can provide solutions. Fair to say we dont have that at the moment.
  13. Very interesting read. The softening of the rear suspension slightly probably suits my new setup as the Tein rear springs are quite a bit stiffer than the stock sport springs. I was worried about this so it looks like an unintended win on that front.
  14. Yes that looks correct to me.
  15. You guys inspired me and I have just ordered the rear M3 arms from Amazon. It worked out about $100NZD cheaper than FCP Euro. Happy Days. JTC1428 JTC1429 JTC1430 JTC1431 And you need the ABS clips which are cheaper at FCP Euro by $5 each. BMW-34522283017