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  1. No I meant E36, clasic good looks especially the coupe, doors interior etc can all be fixed reasonably easily. For a track day car you could get an M3 for the price of some e30 325i's.
  2. E30 prices are getting ridiculous, just buy an E36 and enjoy the fact that its a better car for less money.
  3. Mmmmm pretty.
  4. Rears are easy fronts a bit more effort just do it yourself.
  5. Hilarious thread so far. If you want that HP then an early n54 will have a forged crank and forged rods and hyperutectic pistons. I would add forged pistons and perhaps look at how the head is attached, gaskets, studs etc. In the US the tuning market is far more evolved than it is here and depending on the builder and the engine the HP advertised is possible. However getting 600 hp from a 3l engine will require massive amonts of boost and the engine will likely never be bullet proof. Factory supercars dont operate at this level and while I have no doubt it can be done its going to be a highly strung engine. You will of course need new turbos and loads of other parts and your driveline will become a weakpoint. That said get on a US forum find the guys who have done it and up the limit on your credit card.
  6. I went onto the NZKW site and couldn't find any N54 specific parts, your probably better off sourcing a made to fit intercooler from one of the bigger US outfits. I would look at a decent intercooler and charge pipe first; at that level your all set for MHD stage 1+. At some stage you may wish to address the PCV with either an RB turbo valve and/or a catch can
  7. The N54 is very tuneable.
  8. I consult in the domestic freight market and as part of that we deconsolidate international freight shipments; I can tell you this, if its fragile then it needs to be packaged correctly. Int Air Freight will consolidate as they see fit "I want it airfreighted on its own not in combined freight" All freight is combined, that's how it works. Being prepared to pay is all well and good but that will end up as a negotiated rate on an air container which will likely cost you up many thousands of dollars. I suggest you get the person who has it now to make a strong box for it then start getting prices from established carriers DHL etc based on the weight and cubic of the packaged product. If 20 off years in freight has taught me anything it's that packaging is king.
  9. I would say being a manual its a 20k car or close to it. The Kms are highish as many of the jap import 335is arrive here with 50 to 70 k on the clock. I would say that with the M3 suspesion upgrades and MHD tune your 335i is probably as quick as an m3, and the huge torque difference will be noticeable. It is not of course an M car and that for many is the important bit, but for push on driving on NZ roads I am not convinced you will be getting a noticeably better car, however if track days are your thing the M3 will likely have advantages. It wont overheat the oil and the brakes are better plus it has an lsd, but that will probably cost you an extra 20 to 30k.
  10. Getting the old bushing out can be a bit of a chore but drill out the rubber surrounds first and then use a hack saw to cut the shell from the inside then you can just hahammer them out.
  11. I agree the auto works well, a manual is an emotional choice but modern autos are so good now you really dont miss much.
  12. Kids are just dumb, it's all about the look and they just dont know any better, but they go to bed at night thinking they are cool and their equally dumb peer group supports them here. It's like the mentally retarded leading the blind. The upside is that when they get tired of the cool look the cars can be cheap to buy. I have bought some cheap cars and motorbikes off Flat Peak halfwits their stupidity has been my gain.
  13. I dont normally get excited over e36 4 doors but that looks very nice indeed.
  14. How much for the steering wheel?
  15. When it comes to brakes there are a lot of decent artermarket options that are significantly less expensive than oem. I bought stoptech pads and DBA rotors forthe 335i and they work really well. Litterally half the price of M.