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  1. I suspect I may not have enough money for them.
  2. Looking to take my E36 down a fraction. Prefer Eibach, Vogtland or H&R. Ideally I want the front lowered by 30mm and the same or a bit less in the rear.
  3. Nice looking headers but wow they are expensive
  4. Good friend in AKL has been looking into a fun car and has decided on either a 135i or 335i Coupe. He drove mine then went back to AKL and drove a number of cars over the last 3 weeks. We had a chat last night and this was the gist of the conversation. BTW to give this some context his last fun car before kids was a 996 911 that he used regularly for track days. He thinks E92s have a classic coupe styling and look great from all angles. The E82 he though looked good from behind but quirky from most other angles but he does think the design while not classically good looking is still appealing in its own way. Ride wise the 135is seemed busy to him. He said there is a lot more banging over irregular road surfaces and the car never really feels relaxed. The 335is including mine with stiffer suspension felt more supple and seemed to deal with rough roads better. I find this quite funny as i think my 335i feels a bit busy especially compared to my old E60 and XR6T but it is running firmer Tein springs. Handling wise he drove 3 135is that were according to the sellers all on stock suspension 2 lower kms and one at over 100k. He said the feeling of speed was more noticeable in the 135i and that makes sense as they are 120 to 140kg lighter. He did find the 135i would step out easier and needed a bit more concentration. He did think both cars needed more tire width especially front to counter the slight under steer. Like me he thought the rear of the 135i was pretty tight and like my kids he thought his would not nee too happy for more than short journeys. He thinks there might be a few Corono bargains coming up in the next few weeks so is primed too buy. His favorite so far is an Alpine White 335i MS DCT . Anyway thought I would post this as I have bugger all else to do.
  5. My business is online run from home and couriers are still running so I am essentially still in business.
  6. Yeah they are torque monsters, always makes me giggle when they break traction at 100kph plus
  7. I bought a replacement from Repco as my battery died when i was away from home. Matched the original specs exactly and I didn't register it (A bad move perhaps?). Been in for a year with no issues.
  8. I run stage 1+ and there is a noticeable difference not so much in top end but certainly in drive ability and throttle response.
  9. Thanks Kyle very comprehensive just what I was looking for.
  10. What can Beemers tell me about the VW TSI and TFSI engines. Having shelved the N46 engine E90/87 option wife is looking at Golfs. I have heard some of the VW engines are no so good and that some of the DSG boxes can be problematic. Please enlighten me.
  11. Yes certainly worth a look, dont love the colour but dont hate it either.
  12. Welcome there are a number of us who have 135s and 335s and a reasonable understanding of what happens with these cars. They are prime for tuning if thats your thing and the gains are noticeable to say the least, the budget supercar. Any questions ask away.
  13. Ok guys I am getting the picture, sounds like its worse than som of those VW TSI engines.
  14. My wife has her eye on 2008 E91 Touring but it has the N46 engine which I think is one of the avoid. This one has recently had the timing chain replaced and I believe that is one of the more common failure points. What else do I look out for? I know the 6 cyl models are better but they also cost more.
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