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  1. Herbmiester

    2007 335i wagon

    N54 cars are tuning heaven. Best advice I can give is . Get it serviced first new plugs as well. Then get a walnut clean of the inlets (Exteme Tuning in Ngauranga Gorge can do it). Upgrade the inter cooler easy enough to do at home. Replace the charge pipe. Then load a stage 1 or stage 1+ MHD tune. Then buy an LSD. A transmission service and tune is also worthwhile. When you get to the tune stage let me know and I can advice on tune options.
  2. Herbmiester

    2 x BMW Space Savers Wheels (as new)

    Great to meet you too, I really liked your 330i very tidy E46, just dont tell too many people how little you paid for it.
  3. Herbmiester

    Tire size conundrum

    I put Dragon Sports on my Wifes Skoda and its hardly a performance car but the grip was pretty good better than the worn RE003's. They also seem to be hard wearing. BTW where is Ron these days kinda boring not being told what to do all the time.
  4. Herbmiester

    2 x BMW Space Savers Wheels (as new)

    Ok 11am At Queensgate
  5. Herbmiester

    2 x BMW Space Savers Wheels (as new)

    Yes definitely this weekend I can come to Queensgate if that works.
  6. Herbmiester

    2 x BMW Space Savers Wheels (as new)

    Oh hell I forgot all about this so sorry yes still keen.
  7. Herbmiester

    What's the bet??

    2k cup car.
  8. Herbmiester

    09 335i(n54) Dct FBO $32999

    All for sale items must have a price.
  9. Herbmiester

    550i Wellington

    Suspension is KW V3. Has been Certed.
  10. Herbmiester

    550i Wellington

    Nah no need to downgrade.
  11. Herbmiester

    550i Wellington

    This is a members car Boytie. He has just bought an M135i so his beloved 550i is for sale. https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-1955712850.htm?rsqid=1f8ed23b9ac341dd918425c0a1ff384c
  12. Herbmiester

    New Bridgestone S007A

    I am pretty sure you can order them from BS.
  13. Herbmiester

    New Bridgestone S007A

    Sorry cant find the quote now but Tony's refused to beat it and nothing from Beaurepairs (in a similar performance range) came close. Sizing was 255 35 18 and 225 40 18 pretty standard 335i fitment. Historically I find Bridgestone easy to deal with and they often have the best prices even though they also have a tie up with Tony's. I find Beaurepairs difficult and expensive but that could just be my local branch. I have noticed that once you get above 18 inches a lot of companies options start getting thin, especially for good tyres.
  14. Herbmiester

    New Bridgestone S007A

    Have seen these listed in NZ for a few months now. Priced some up for my 335i and they were around $50- 70 per tire more expensive than the old standby Re003. https://www.drive.com.au/motor-news/review-bridgestone-potenza-s007a-tyres-120317?trackLink=homePageAdvice5
  15. Herbmiester

    Fun Cars for Under 5k