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  1. Herbmiester

    New Bridgestone S007A

    I am pretty sure you can order them from BS.
  2. Herbmiester

    New Bridgestone S007A

    Sorry cant find the quote now but Tony's refused to beat it and nothing from Beaurepairs (in a similar performance range) came close. Sizing was 255 35 18 and 225 40 18 pretty standard 335i fitment. Historically I find Bridgestone easy to deal with and they often have the best prices even though they also have a tie up with Tony's. I find Beaurepairs difficult and expensive but that could just be my local branch. I have noticed that once you get above 18 inches a lot of companies options start getting thin, especially for good tyres.
  3. Herbmiester

    New Bridgestone S007A

    Have seen these listed in NZ for a few months now. Priced some up for my 335i and they were around $50- 70 per tire more expensive than the old standby Re003. https://www.drive.com.au/motor-news/review-bridgestone-potenza-s007a-tyres-120317?trackLink=homePageAdvice5
  4. Herbmiester

    Fun Cars for Under 5k

  5. Herbmiester

    Tow Vehicle

    So I have been test driving, The Q7 's even the early ones are quite nice, the Toureg is a bit small on interior space but again a nice drive (All diesel 3l). I drove utes as well and dynamically they are a long way behind but that is to be expected. I thought the Ranger and Amarok were a way ahead of the Hilux, Colorado and Triton. Amarok's out though as no rear airbags for the kids. Yet to drive an E70 but definitely on the list but it seems like the Q7 has more interior room and its a 7 seater which is a bonus.
  6. Herbmiester

    E36 328i Factory manual coupe

    Hmmm tempting.
  7. Yes did the rear disks and pad on the wifes Skoda, Micks Garage were noticeable cheaper when freight is included.
  8. Herbmiester

    DME Damage

    Yes apparently there is, in fact there are a couple of very comprehensive tech articles going through the whole process.
  9. Herbmiester

    DME Damage

    Doing some more reading it looks like the MOSFET's get over powered by the DME itself and that's why they die. They are rated at uds 250v but apparently receive up to 350v.
  10. Herbmiester

    DME Damage

    Looks like the DME on my 335i has gone south. Specifically its throwing a 30BB code which is a DME issue and seems to be related to the MOSFET's that drive the injectors going bad. I will remove the DME and test the MOSFET's. Wondering if i just get one of the TV repair people to replace the MOSFET's on the board as from what I can figure they are a standard OTS item. Any thoughts here?
  11. Herbmiester

    15k for a 328i?

    This is a nice example for sure but 15k? https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-1871669358.htm?rsqid=d8d94555d7714b899b95434cd7f75e1a
  12. Herbmiester

    Catless downpipes for 335i

    2009 with no Idrive, that's interesting.
  13. Herbmiester

    Tow Vehicle

    No boat wont be sold. neither will other BMW's just the Toyota.
  14. Herbmiester

    Tow Vehicle

    I bought a boat a while back and my Toyota Highlander is on the limit for Towing it. The Highlander has a 2t braked tow rating and the boat trailer is about 2.2t. I have been looking at vehicles with better tow ratings and found that the Touareg, Q7 and Cayenne all have a 3.5t rating. As the are all built on the same chassis and even share some engines I would like any thoughts on suitability, reliability and maintenance issues. I did consider an E70 X5 but it has a 2.5t rating, so I guess its still in the mix.Thoughts?
  15. Unknown brand, probably made in china QC unknown, backup probably nil and then because its a coil over you need to get you car certed.