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  1. Is that the 4 cylinder one? If so thought they were 206kw.
  2. Yes that's Tardeme alright. I like your car it looks great and it's not as if you driving round with the build sheet stuck in you side window. If people want a by the numbers car then they can go and find one, if they want a well presented e36 with some appropriate add ones then your car is a very nice option.
  3. My NZ new 93 325i coupe did not have M sport Suspension, nor did it have sport seats.
  4. Trust me pretty only lasts for so long before it is becomes a curse, cars are similar.
  5. Looks ripe for a LS conversion.
  6. I have a Jan 2007 car and just used a generic K=DCAN cable no problems.
  7. If you are not running catless downpipes off the turbos I would stick with Stage 1 Plus. I had an in depth conversation with a guy on the E90 forums in the US and he felt that by running Stage 2 with stock downpipes he stressed his turbos to the point that the back one failed. His opinion after a lot of research was that stage 2 tune puts just too much pressure unless you have replacement downpipes to allow the turbos to spool up efficiently.
  8. I Wil take them.
  9. even when not broken they can leak and this was the cause of my check engine light issues.
  10. I have an upgraded intercooler and chargepipe and run the stage1 plus 95 tune. It's a big difference. Your next purchase should be a limited slip differential. The tune really exposes how easy it is to break traction with the extra torque.
  11. I had the opportunity to drive a modified e92 335i in the US a couple of years ago. It had m3 suspension components and upgraded shocks of some type. It also had an LSD. The engine was a custom tuned JB4 according to the owner. Anyway the upshot was a 335i with m3 suspension and just over 400hp, but a shed load of torque. Was it an m3 beater? Hard to say but compared to the M3 I had driven in Wellington a few weeks before it had to be at least as fast. Handling wise I thought the 335i was very buttoned down, perhaps more so that the M3. That said it's hard to make a fair judgement as the cars were in different countries, different conditions etc. The conclusion for me was that for under 30k I could have a car that was M3 like for half the price and without the engine reliability issues. Not that 335is don't have there own issue's but it seems like the engine itself is pretty solid. That 335i in Las Vegas was my inspiration for what I am doing now, goal was 400hp, good daily driver, track day capable handling in a car with modern features, safety and style. All for less than 30k. Looks like I will get there for 26k.
  12. Looks like Alfa have kept some of their heritage intact. http://jalopnik.com/the-alfa-romeo-giulia-is-the-perfect-unreliable-italian-1796883384
  13. It to was around $500, mostly labour.
  14. I can't really disagree, I am an auto Electrian by trade and I am on my 5th BMW. I think they are great to drive, they make me feel good when I am in them and they have style and performance, but they are not reliable in comparison to say a Japanese car. Part of it is the amount of plastic used in the engine and it's ancillaries and perhaps some of it is German obsession with achieving an engineering goal that ignores engine or engine ancillary longetivity.
  15. I run 98 but use a 95 map for no other reason than having a buffer just in case.