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  1. Late model Jatcos 97 and 98 seem to be much better gearboxes, supposed to have a better TCU. Mine shifted as well as any ZF. If I could find another E36 as tidy as my old one for 4K I would snap it up.
  2. Sorry thought it was the Yellow car. Which looked mint. I just sold a very tidy e36 Coupe 328i (Jap Import) for around 8k and to be fair probably could have sold it 3 times over as I had a lot of interest. E36s are not hard to find but truly tidy cars with service history are far harder to find. I have taken an interest in E36 prices specifically 328i Coupes and A tidy NZ new car that is well maintained and has not been messed with is now a collectable car. The E30 tax will start applying to E36's in a few years, you can bet on that.
  3. To be clear to anyone else reading this linear throttle has no effect whtsoever on power or torque. Having run both the original and linear I choose linear as it gives you more control and has absolutely no effect on the torque curve all it does is require full pedal use to get full opening of the buterfly. If you want big increases in throttle movement for small increases in pedal movement then leave it stock. If you want fine control especially when controlling the transition into boost on tight corners, slipery conditions or when at the limit of grip then linear is the way to go, if straight lines and highyway cruising are you domain then leav it as is. That said with electronics turned off I can launch more consistantly with linear and according to Draggy thats how I get my best 0 to 100 times. Finally v8 MHD maps arenot my favourite v9 are a big step forward slightly better 0 to 100 times and noticeably smoother.
  4. We will have to have a conversation.
  5. https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/bmw/other/listing/2770714030?fbclid=IwAR1hWjLoqXQ4J6PTcV4YAIEeNRvoIKUC3qNbwJs4CK7dBM0mO6kpib3GWAY
  6. Well the pulse was up thats for sure.
  7. They do sound and look nice but not sure there are too many other upsides.
  8. Last night the 335i had to be towed home, my wife was in the tow car and assured me she had done it before. Well it was 25 mins of harrowing terror! The lacks of steering and brakes were hard enough but when she went through a roundabout and obviously forgot I was there I saw my life flash before my eyes. Now time to replace that coolant pump.
  9. It took me about a week to get used to linear throttle but obviously there is no loss of power you just have to use the pedal fully. It is so much better for everyday driving and makes working around the small bit of turbo lag so much easier.
  10. I will let you know
  11. Yes they do very good off road not as nice as an X5 on road.
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