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  1. The new BMW M2 Competition.

    This could be the best RWD M car yet.
  2. BMW 130i - Birds B1 Dynamics etc etc etc

    Great work, I admire your resolve. I am doing the front struts and springs on my e92 with M3 arms, any tips on fitting it all? I did M3 arms on the rear of my e92 along with stiffer springs and Konis and it is noticeably better in corners.
  3. E36 Brake Upgrade

    I think the 330 e46 brakes require a new master cylinder to work optimally? Up front I used E46 328i rotors and caliper carriers, this will give you an extra 15mm rotor diameter and you can keep your original calipers. I did this with Hawk pads and it worked well. Outback e46 325/328i calipers, caliper carriers and rotors, these will work with you handbrake.
  4. f30 335i Active Hybrid - what's the story?

    My E Mountain Bike can do 80 plus Km but I still have to pedal.
  5. Penrite on Sale

    Penrite HPR 5w 40 is on sale at Repco $47 for 6l. It says it is suitable as a BMW LL01 replacement. Good price for 6l of fully synthetic.
  6. MHD flash app. Anyone tried this yet?

    Yeah well aware of the burble issues Linear throttle mapping in there but I am running V6 maps so maybe they are gone for V7? I am in Welly but if in AKL I will make contact for sure.
  7. MHD flash app. Anyone tried this yet?

    I have been running MHD Stage 1+ for about 12 months now and have had no issues. I have an AMS intercooler and VRSF charge pipe. I tried linear throttle mapping but didn't like it. I am keen to move to stage 2 but will need to remove the cats. My question for those that have removed the cats is how tricky is it? At Stage 1 + I am pretty happy but my issue is traction especially off the line. I might look at the torque limitation option but would be keen on people's opinions here. I could of course get off my arse and order an LSD and fix things properly.
  8. Looking at M3's. Is a higher km car an issue?

    What is the story with rod bearings in the e90 m3? Does the V10 m5 have the same issue? I belive the v8 is based on the v10.
  9. Skoda Octavia OBD2 reader

    No not 100% sure it was the clock spring but the old clock spring did have an open circuit where the replacement does not. Also the problem does seem to be pretty widespread with a number of articles being written on the subject that exactly mirror the symptoms I have. My main issue is that I have lost a bit of faith in the VW Skoda dealer, I won't go into detail but every service requires a second visit.
  10. Skoda Octavia OBD2 reader

    So my wifes 2011 Octavia had an issue with the clock spring/slip ring which is a pretty common fault on VAG vehicles using that platform. Anyway I replaced the clock sring but I cannot resent the fault codes using either my DCAN cable or my Bluetooth OBD2 device. I have used a few different programs including Torque which seems to read every other OBD2 car I have connected it to but no the Skoda. To be clear I can connect my OBD2 device but it can't make a connection with the car. Any thoughts?
  11. E39 M5 wheels

    What you have in that photo looks very nice, might be hard to top that look.
  12. Mini Cooper Wheel Fitment (Stud Bolt Issue)

    To expand on this then if Nissan sees fit to use studs rather than bolts on its GTR (Just one example of a performance car using studs) then I would say there is probably very little if any reason to worry. What is more important is the design of the hub the diameter of the bolts/studs etc.. Of the pointless arguments on this forum over the years bolts vs studs could be the winner.
  13. New forum theme is far too dark.

    Any fix yet?
  14. Mini Cooper Wheel Fitment (Stud Bolt Issue)

    All pretty much irrelevant for a street car.
  15. 2007 E92 335i twin turbo coupe 91ks $15000!!!!!

    Great price a lot of car for the money and oh the potential!