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  1. Herbmiester

    Newly purchased 135i running badly - beginning of a saga?

    Perhaps negotiate a 50/50 deal with dealer on new injectors. Then you will have a great car for summer.
  2. Herbmiester

    MHD flash app. Anyone tried this yet?

    Just do your research on the burble, there is enough talk of it being bad for the Turbos that I would delve deeper if choosing that option.
  3. Herbmiester

    Quick manual conv on E36 coupe

    That cant be an E36 there are no oil leaks.
  4. Herbmiester

    Camber Adjustment Kit

    One thing I learned driving heavy cars is that they seem even more reliant on good tyres. I recently drove an HSV GTR and I was not expection it to handles as well as it did, the owner was adamant that his old GTR on lesser tyres was an absolute death trap.
  5. Herbmiester

    Newly purchased 135i running badly - beginning of a saga?

    Hmmm, the seller is some person you will like never see or hear from again, after all the seller in most circumstances doesn't want to know anything about once he they have sold it. That is the nature of selling things, you either dont want or need it or you want to make money from the sale of it. Losing confidence is putting emotion into something that has no emotions, car ownership is a lot easier when you keep things factual. My take is that Steve didn't really research the likely issues with an N54 car and again no disrespect but secondhand BMW's (especially N54's) are an ongoing financial commitment, part of the reason they are so cheap relatively speaking. That said if the injectors get done it will probably be a good car as one of the known issues (Probably the most expensive fix)will be sorted. I have bought cars in this type of circumstance before, people pay to fix a problem then flick the car because they have negative feelings towards it. In my case in a number of occasions I have been happy to profit from their emotional issues. I bought a nice Mazda RX4 Coupe many years ago; the seller cooked the engine rebuilt it then sold it because he felt they were unreliable. Thanks I will take a rebuilt engine in a clean car and 40k kms later when I sold it, it was still running sweet. My first E36 was bought off a young chap who was worried it would be too expensive to service so he sold it after 4 months ownership. All his mates told him BMW's are expensive to fix and service bro! Thanks mate here's a grand for a tidyish 325i coupe. Not trying to be tough on Steve here, but this is a discussion forum.
  6. Herbmiester

    Camber Adjustment Kit

    So what car is it for? If you are doing it for track days or street performance. If you are doing it for the Stance look then this may not be place where you get much support.
  7. Herbmiester

    Newly purchased 135i running badly - beginning of a saga?

    So I am a bit puzzled about this, you obviously wanted a 135i? I assume for the performance and the driving pleasure? So you did your research and knew that these engines had a few issues, HPFP Injectors, coil packs, charge pipes and at high KM's possible waste gate rattle. You would also have worked out that when these parts are sorted the cars are quite reliable and can deliver a shed load of performance, real bang for your buck stuff in a classy package, I would go so far as to say there are not many cars that can get anywhere near the handling, power and class of a 135/335! for the money. So now you just want to be shot of it because one of the known issues has raised it head. To be fair buying a car new and having this happen is a bit poor luck, but as stated in a few posts when this is done one of the most expensive maintenance costs on this car will be sorted. I guess I am perplexed by your buying motives and expectations. If you dont get you money back from the dealer are you going to keep it? No disrespect but is this a car you actually wanted?
  8. Herbmiester

    Newly purchased 135i running badly - beginning of a saga?

    So if the car goes back what wil you next? Buy another one from someone else?
  9. Herbmiester

    Newly purchased 135i running badly - beginning of a saga?

    Personally I would just get all 6 injectors done and ask for them to meet half way. They are a known issue, get them done and then you set. If you send the car back then you have to start all over again and injector issues could happen at any time at least this way you will have peace of mind.
  10. Herbmiester

    e36 motorsport bumpers

    Where are you located?
  11. Herbmiester

    E28 Dilemma

    Eli, e46 330ci RIP?
  12. Herbmiester


    Sorry I am confused what wheels are still for sale?
  13. Herbmiester

    When will it stop? E30 316i for $15k

    Buy an E36 and get a better car.
  14. Herbmiester


    You have to love the Touring to pay that price. That's F10 M5 money and twice the price of an E60 M5 sedan.
  15. Herbmiester

    E8X E9X Suspension Arms

    M3 arms are cheaper, but Stocks can be expensive.