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  1. Herbmiester

    Tow Vehicle

    No boat wont be sold. neither will other BMW's just the Toyota.
  2. Herbmiester

    Tow Vehicle

    I bought a boat a while back and my Toyota Highlander is on the limit for Towing it. The Highlander has a 2t braked tow rating and the boat trailer is about 2.2t. I have been looking at vehicles with better tow ratings and found that the Touareg, Q7 and Cayenne all have a 3.5t rating. As the are all built on the same chassis and even share some engines I would like any thoughts on suitability, reliability and maintenance issues. I did consider an E70 X5 but it has a 2.5t rating, so I guess its still in the mix.Thoughts?
  3. Unknown brand, probably made in china QC unknown, backup probably nil and then because its a coil over you need to get you car certed.
  4. Herbmiester

    Damaged M3 at Turners

    Damaged e92 M3 at Turners Wellington. One for the keen project person. https://www.turners.co.nz/Damaged-Vehicles/Damaged-Cars-for-Sale/bmw/m3coupe/15942175 Also the have a manual Boxster S as well.
  5. Herbmiester

    L98 into an E36 coupe.

    BTW the car looks great with the repaint, but I am biased as I think E36 Coupes are one of the best looking BMW's.
  6. Herbmiester

    a 4 door M3 CS for sale now

    I must be the odd one out, I would have the coupe any day of the week, its by far and away the prettiest body shape. A touring would be better than a sedan, but both second to a coupe. M4 me baby!
  7. Herbmiester

    Modding the Hell out of 355i DCT

    I have been running an MHD Stage 1 plus for nearly 2 years now. Whats most important is a bigger inter cooler and replacing your charge pipe before it splits. Its also very worthwhile to get your intake ports de-carboned. Straight pipe or any aftermarket noisy pipe is a waste of cash. All it does it make the car obnoxious and a magnet for the cops. Remove the cats and you will have all the power the standard turbos can support. Note at this stage you will have real traction issues save the money you would have spent on a bogan exhaust and buy and LSD and the best tires you can afford. Coils die its just a a fact of life my first one went at 91k. As to injectors plenty of guys running MHD tunes with no issues.
  8. Herbmiester

    Alpina mouth and no trousers

    The E30 Madness continues, nicely presented but lets be honest a 318i wouldn't pull a sailor off your sister.
  9. Herbmiester

    Is the 335i the 2019 performance bargain?

    Ok googled it and they called it Gull because it would Sh*t on everything. Very droll Aussie humor.
  10. Herbmiester

    Is the 335i the 2019 performance bargain?

    I think it might relate to when Ford were going to Supercharge the Barra instead of a turbo, but I can't remember why the Gull connection is there, vague memory of sh*t?
  11. Herbmiester

    Is the 335i the 2019 performance bargain?

    You got me?
  12. Herbmiester

    Is the 335i the 2019 performance bargain?

    Thats a nice car.
  13. Herbmiester

    Is the 335i the 2019 performance bargain?

    Excellent description of the demographic
  14. Herbmiester


    I will take them.
  15. Herbmiester

    Bridgestone Tyres - Buy 1 get 1 half price

    Interested if anyone has tried both RE003 and Dunlop SP 050+