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  1. Well Brent has just listed a low KM N55b30 for $4730 so maybe its an ok price.
  2. There are two B58s for sale on FB Market place in the BMW/Audi Buy/sell/Trade page. Sorry no link. But photo of the engine supposedly only 1000km $9950. Quite like what I am reading on the B58 seems to be able to make really big power on stock internals.
  3. To the guys who have done a manual conversion on an E36 what has to be done with the DME? I have heard stories regarding rev hang, does a remap fix this? Also as mine is a 98 and has ASC will that be affected by the conversion? Lastly what is the better diff ration to use 2.92 or 3.15? Thanks Herb
  4. Yes quite a motor that one. Andre Simon who is a Tuner of some repute had a shop in wellington, He tuned both my SS Commodore and my XR6 turbo, but his EVO made more horsepower again. I think from memory it was around 600 on 35psi.
  5. The yanks already had Supra's and they were better than the JDM models and the FD's were available as well. What hiked the prices was the Fast and Furious movies, almost overnight JDM performance cars started going through the roof and the focus went off V8 muscle cars. I remember selling my business and thinking I will get an R33 or R34 and it was just after the 2nd movie came out and everything went up almost 10k overnight. Its the same with Muscle cars especially Aussie ones, try buying a Torana of any sort nowadays and all you will get for 20 K is rusty project, but its 100K if you want a V8 LX hatch.
  6. JDM Halo cars were already worth big bucks before the US 25 year rule came in. R34s are not quite there yet and try getting a decent one these days, in fact try getting a decent R34 5 years ago. The same for FD RX7s. As to 80s kids idolizing 80s cars the same will happen with 2000s cars and 2000s kids, Just like 60 kids idolized muscle cars. However BMW N/A M cars will likely retain excellent values as much because of the "Purist Crowd" a bit like the 911 purists who still slam anything with a water cooled engine, even though 996 and newer 911s are without doubt better cars. I mean a E46 M3 is no faster round a track than a 135i.
  7. I can see where you are coming from, but I think a slightly different crowd like the boosted cars. I dont mean the Flat Peak Doof Doof crowd but there are car guys and girls who really do appreciate what a turbo can do, and I do understand how the N/A motors appeal, but In terms of high revving engines that make power through those revs they are the cars of another generation. I just look at what Toyota Supras were selling for in the late 90s early 2000s and while they were desirable back then it obvious they are now almost unobtanium, same for GTRs of course and older Turbo cars like STIs and Evos are going that way now as well. In 10 years time a lot of turbo BMWs will be wrapped round lamp posts or will have died due to poor maintenance and I expect they will start climbing back up in price as well. BTW in the 90s and early 2000s other manufacturers made high revving high high hp per CC engines; Toyota and Honda come to mind. It is a bit disingenuous to say anyone can strap a turbo to car and make a fast car, there are plenty of turbo cars that aren't really very quick, engineering and design are still vitally important. Also never forget no one really cares how the motor works when they are looking at the other cars tail lights.
  8. Herbmiester

    Holden out

    Sad to see the end of the brand but as mentioned when they stopped making Commodores it was pointless carrying on. they do sell a lot of rubbish with the Colorado being one of the only decent vehicles left. Drove a VF Series II SS Redline the other day, pretty decent touring vehicle very comfortable with nice power and decent infotainment system. I would happily own one.
  9. I buy a bit off Nick so will hit him up, thanks for the heads up.
  10. Got to say I really like those Wheels on the car. Are they Style 194's? I usually dont like newer BMW wheels on older cars but they look really good, any clearance issues, can you run a 245 40 17 at the back?
  11. Thanks Glen, I am hoping to find a set of staggered Style 32's but there are some well priced square 32's on TM at the moment but the tire selection or lack of it for 235/40/17s is holding me back. I had style 24's on my old 325i and they did have 245/40/17s on the rear, I was happy with that setup and although it is supposed to under steer a bit compared to a square setup I didn't notice it. Perhaps a track-day would have shown it up.
  12. I realise this has been discussed before but I couldn't find the thread so here we go. I am looking at some Style 32s for my E36 that are 8x17 with what I think is an offset of 47. I remember Ron (no longer with us?) saying that 235 40 17 was the right size for an 8 inch rim and also that it was the best size all round for an E36. I have looked for some 235 40 17s and it does seem to be a hard size to find. I would appreciate any comment on that tire size, where to find them and also 8 inch rims with these tyres on their E36.
  13. I assume it will appeal to MX 5 and Toyota 86 drivers, good handling but no power. Future classic well a 135i will be and maybe a 130i but a 325i debatable.
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