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  1. Herbmiester

    BMW VICS Antenna

    Thanks Neal, do you have to do anything with the wiring or just snip it off?
  2. Herbmiester

    CSL time again

    Beautiful apart from being black. God I hate black cars.
  3. Herbmiester

    335i downpipe installation in Christchurch

    Snap, I am looking for someone who has done it before in Wellington. The lack of space is my concern.
  4. Herbmiester

    BMW VICS Antenna

    I have a BMW Vics Antenna which I suspect is for Japanese Traffic updates. it is a pain as it the mounting plate is broken and keeps falling off the window. Do I need it in NZ?
  5. Herbmiester

    bmw E92 335i msport parts car

    Keen on the front bumper and maybe the rear. Can you PM me a price please. Aslo is it a problem getting it to Wellington.
  6. Herbmiester

    LS2 6.0ltr into E39

    Then why even comment or subscribe?
  7. Herbmiester

    LS2 6.0ltr into E39

    The L98 has far more potential than the LS2, the rectangle port heads flow very well and if you replace the cam before you install then 400 plus HP is easy, potential is there for close to 500.
  8. Herbmiester

    LS2 6.0ltr into E39

    Great engine choice, cant wait to see it up and running.
  9. Herbmiester

    New pads and rotors for the 335i

    I bought the pads of Amazon, cant remember the price. Very happy with them, slightly softer initial bite than stock but they are very progressive and seem to handle the heat well. Should also add that stopping power overall is noticeably better.
  10. Hopefully this will help deal with those stupid "slammed" cars that rest on the bump stops. People do dumb sh*t just to try and look cool.
  11. Herbmiester

    Whats this?

    I dont think it relates to the mirror dim as that has sensors in the mirror mount.
  12. Herbmiester

    Whats this?

    The black box next to my mirror seems to serve no purpose. My guess is that its some JDM toll reader. I can't find anything in real OEM but before I remove it I would like to make sure.
  13. Herbmiester

    98 E36 318iS

    Tempted hmmmm.
  14. I know low is all about the look but 60mm is just asking for trouble. I would go 100mm min and allow the suspension some chance of doing its job. I assume you realise that when you go super low the factory geometry is all out of whack, handling goes out the window and bumps that normal sport height can handle can throw you off the road?