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  1. In really big HP applications its the 2JZ block that is the weakness bit in mid power 5-600 HP applications its strong. I suspect that B58 block is strong looking at the design but it is alloy not cast Iron and that may be the limiting feature. Saw some block testing done by an Aussie engine builder and the Ford Barra block was a s good if not better than the RB and 2jZ blocks.
  2. Funny, I would like an E36 in white.
  3. Just saw this and was about to post haha. Anyway very interesting its looks like its quite a strong motor. Cam chain at the back is a potential worry if the tensioners wear.
  4. Sadly I dont think any BMW has come with Android auto, new one only have apple from what I can gather.
  5. I'm in Upper Hutt so a bit of a drive to get there but if no one else can help I will see what I can do.
  6. Would like to replace the front bumper on my 335i with an M sport variant. Whats available?
  7. Good info, whats the ideal flywheel?
  8. I am very keen to do a manual swap on my E36 and have an M54 rotating assembly that I will likely try and make work. I also have an Getrag 220 pedals etc. I am wondering if the 220 will be ok for the torque of the M52B30 hybrid. What I would like to know is more about the ZF boxes. Consensus is they are stronger but what models fit? E36 328i S5D 320Z I assume will fit what about the S5 39 from the E46? Any other boxes that are worth a look? Also will both boxes work with an M20 single mass flywheel and clutch? f anyone has any bits mentioned here let me know.
  9. Not for the purists but majorly impressive engineering.
  10. I like the M3, I'm sucker for Ultra Violet.
  11. https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/car-parts-accessories/bmw/engines/listing-2241505048.htm?rsqid=rahp1-68f71e1a2af24d19abac69a0cf6becec
  12. Brent dont be shy to do the MHD flash yourself, its quite straight forward. Instead on the Alpina flash you may wish to consider the XHP flash, again do it yourself.
  13. For power upgrades MHD is your best bet, a new intercooler and charge pipe are highly reccomended.
  14. FWIW My 2007 e92 has 90k on the clock and the rear arms were a bit worn but the front end was pretty good.
  15. Jon. The e90 92 cars front end is not complicated, any suspension specialist will be able to dianose it. As mentioned in an earlier post perhaps you might want to consider M3 control arms up front, not only do you get new bushes but better front end geometry. FWIW E90 front end is completely different to E46.
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