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  1. Yeah fair call - I put 200k+ thinking it'd definitely be north of that.
  2. Hi all, This a joint, new member introduction, want to buy and general discussion post so have selected this thread. Admin please move if necessary. I'm a new/old Bimmersport member but inactive for a few years, most of which while in Auckland and not owning cars of my choosing (public transport and a new family etc!). Anyway we've returned to Chc now for lifestyle reasons which may include a fun car on the side... (still to be signed-off). Previous BMW's were an E46 325i Msport (manual) in Topaz Blue and a E46 330i Msport in Titanium Silver (auto). However, I've always loved the later facelift E30s and have a hankering for one. And yes, boy am I aware of the tax (wow they've shot up while I've had my eyes away)! Anyway I'm keen to engage the community before going any further. In a perfect world I'd look for a M325i Mtech2 but looking at a couple of current examples online they're getting up there price-wise. I'm fussy but not fastidious and prefer original and slightly unique (hence Mtech). I'm probably not looking for a daily driver and do love the straight 6. Oh, I also like roofs so no verts! So that's the intro and want to buy bit. I guess the general discussion part is what are the gotchas I should be looking for in 2019 (rust and other common E30 issues aside)? Also accepting probably ~200k+ KM on the clock. (I've done quite a few E30 searches on past threads before asking too). Accept that's a pretty broad question so really looking for the main things to consider or possible options at this stage. I'd do some pretty tight pre-purchase due diligence before committing too. Anyway, any thoughts or advice on where to start would be greatly appreciated. BTW, awesome to see some familiar names who have helped me in the past still chipping in. Jeff
  3. Hey, Today the climate control fan on my 2000 E46 330i suddenly stopped blowing any air at all. Nothing on the normal setting and no different on the AC setting. I've read a couple of threads on the forum about this and it appears to be a common E46 fault. From what I've read there seem to be a couple of culprits for this: - Heater blower motor (thing with two circles on either side) - Blower motor resistor (thing with spikes/cones) My problem sounds a little different from what I've read so far as I don't (didn't) have any weird chirping noises or irregular fan speeds. It literally worked one minute and not the next. Does anyone have any idea what my problem might be and what's required to fix it? Any approximate prices would be great too! Cheers, Jeff
  4. Thanks for that advice - very helpful. Turns out the tyres were manufactured in 2007....! Poor timing on my behalf as I would have been keen on the ones you just sold! I've decided to just go with new tyres for now as can put up with curbed rims. Cheers, Jeff
  5. Hi there, I want to buy another set of Motorsport rims for my 2000 E46 330i (OEM ‘Style 68’ I believe??). My tyres are worn and rims quite curbed. I've found a set with near new tyres and have a couple of questions. - The set of rims I’m looking at appear identical to mine but are off a 1999 Motorsport Z3. Did the Motorsport Z3 have the same rims as the Motorsport E46? Will they be the same size and offset? They are advertised as 225/17 for the front and 245/17 for the back which appear to be the same sizes as mine. - The tyres are near new Bridgestone Regno GR-8000. Does anyone know anything about these tyres? They look to be a Japanese model and I'm struggling to get any idea of quality/appropriateness. I just need something suitable for typical all weather Auckland driving with a mixture of safely/performance/quietness/comfort. Any help is greatly appreciated. Cheers, Jeff
  6. Thanks guys, a few more things to keep an eye out for!
  7. Hi, I'm in the market for another Motorsport E46 but want to know the best way to confirm Motorsport genuineness quickly. (I'm not really skilled to identify Motorsport suspension!) As the obvious signs (wheels, badges, interior trim) are fairly interchangeable are there more reliable things to looks for? - Were the 'sport' seats (either in leather or Alcantara) put in non Motorsport models? - Do rear clear indicator tail-lights with orange lamps confirm Motorsport? - Do any of the vehicle numbers prove authenticity? Any help is appreciated. Jeff
  8. Hey Tony, that’s what I thought too, however the only way out of the car (after locking yourself in) is by using the remote….the handle doesn’t open the door on the 1st, 2nd or 10th attempt! Nor does the button by the transmission… Note to self, don’t lock self in car and lose the key…!
  9. Thanks everyone – still no joy! Yes, I’ve got the original three-button key, after 30 seconds of being locked in the car the motion sensor activates and the indicators all flash however there is no siren. Is there anyway to activate one? I can't open the doors while inside as they deadlock and locking the car with the remote and opening it with the key doesn't activate anything.... Jeff
  10. Thanks Jochen, I just did a test, locked myself in the car, after a minute or so the clown nose flashed at a different speed and when i moved the indicators started to flash but still no alarm sound.... Anyway to activate a siren? Jeff
  11. Hey guys, I have a NZ new 2001 E46 and was wondering if it has an alarm? I've read through a few posts and it sounds like some of the NZ cars had them installed from factory.... When I lock the car the light on the rear vision mirror flashes. (I’m led to believe it's referred to as the 'clown nose'! Ha!). I've noticed my indicators all flashing on a couple of occasions when going out to my car, as in the alarms being activated.....silently!! (Not so deterring). When I lock the car it doesn't beep or anything like your more traditional alarms. Any help is greatly appreciated. Cheers, Jeff
  12. Thanks Don, always good to hear about the cars previous lives! Yes, look forward to getting myself involved in a drivers day so will keep an eye out. Cheers for the welcomes everyone.
  13. Cheers mate, thanks! I'm not sure what the Tech 2 Msport kits looks like?? The interior however is the normal Mspec suede/cloth combination.
  14. Sorry everyone! Had the permissions for the photo's locked. Should work now.... Actually while i'm on the subject what's the best way to share photo's just via Bimmersport without making them public on the WWW?? Jeff
  15. Hey everyone, I recently bought my first BMW (had been a Subie person up until now!). Found a 2001, E46 325i M Sport in manual. The car is pretty standard and will probably stay that way......for now.....! Here's some pics Cheers, Jeff
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