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  1. alisterh

    Quick Questions

    According to this it looks like you may have the second https://forum.bmwland.ru/index.php?act=attach&type=post&id=16898 BS52 = 330Ci CONVERTIBLE CHASSIS RANGE - EH85000 - EH89999
  2. alisterh

    Grey Thunder - 1990 e30 316i

    Here is a link to my e30 m42 project thread http://bimmersport.co.nz/topic/57079-e30-m42-swap/. Yeah 318ti's are still basically worthless. If you have any questions let me know.
  3. alisterh

    E30 M42 + Manual conversion

    If you haven't already seen my thread have a look, It should cover most of the general stuff. I would try and find an M40 manual conversion first it will make it much easier, then just find and m42 from an auto. I used the 318is manifold as I knew it would fit 100% like OEM, I have also heard that that the M44 will fit but I have never seen photos of it installed. This is the guide I used for COP http://bmwz3diys.weebly.com/coil-on-plug-conversion.html, I may also have a spare COP bracket for cheap. Your stock diff will work but RPMs will be higher, the ratio you need will depend on the gearbox you go with, a 4.1 is good with a E30 m40 gearbox. AFM to MAF is not going to happen unless you go aftermarket ECU. Most M40 flywheels are already single mass and will install without modification. I would look for a crashed car from turners or manheim. Even running a driving 318ti's are worth bugger all.
  4. alisterh

    M20 B25 value

    I have read in the past that some, or all m20s from e34 don't have the holes drilled for e30 engine mounts. I would be very interested in buying if you can confirm the correct holes are there.
  5. alisterh

    E30 M42 Swap

    Here is where my dip stick tube ended up, was just a bit of trial and error really. From memory I don't remember worrying about those black and white plugs.
  6. alisterh

    E30 M42 Swap

    From memory the ones crossed out are only required if you have a overhead check panel, usually only found in 6 cylinder cars.
  7. alisterh

    WTB: Hartge Spoiler

    Looking for a Hartge spoiler part number 51475. I know its probably a long shot but its the final piece to complete my kit. Edit: For e30
  8. alisterh

    E30 M42 Swap

    I ended up using a mix of e30 m40 hoses and the 318ti hoses. I cant remember exactly but some required trimming.
  9. alisterh

    E30 M42 Swap

    They ecu you need is plug and play but it's probably just easier to buy a chip from eBay for less than $40. I have heard from a few people that a m44 manifold bolts on and clears the steering linkage without modification so that may be an easier option.
  10. alisterh

    E30 M42 Swap

    Yeah you need to use the 318ti engine loom and you will need to find a pre 1995 ecu or buy a ews delete chip. I'm located in Auckland. The swap has gone well, the car is daily driven by my girlfriend and has never let her down.
  11. alisterh

    E30 M42 Swap

    The car is now certified which ended up dragging out a lot longer than I expected mostly due to small issues unrelated to the swap. Also did a coil on plug conversion which really cleans up the engine bay. Overall the car feels great, way more e30s should of come to NZ with this engine car feels so light and loves to rev. Next up is a bit of a Hartge tribute (body kit and wheels) Edit: Also forgot to mention that driveshaft loops weren't required due to unmodified driveshaft and less than 50% power increase.
  12. alisterh

    WTB: m20b25

    Anyone have a m20b25 for sale. Will also need afm, intake, throttle body, injectors and ecu as I'm swapping from a m20b20. Cheers
  13. alisterh

    E30 Aftermarket Steering Wheel

    Be careful you don't go to small and can no longer see the speedometer. Depending on your height even a 360mm could be a problem.
  14. alisterh

    E30 M42 Swap

    Under 2K, donor car was $550, exhaust manifold was $250, custom exhaust work was $280, 1994 ECU was $80, c101 adapter was made from loom cuts from zebra car parts $20. I also spend $500 on preventative maintenance water pump, vacuum lines, oil, filter, coolant etc. It looks like your car is 320i though so some of the m40 parts you would need to find as well.
  15. alisterh

    E30 M42 Swap

    Hi, A few people have asked my how I did my swap so I thought I should clear some myths and put it in a permanent place. The reason I chose this swap its cheap, easy and the drive train is already capable. The e30 is my Girlfriends daily so I wanted it off the road as little as possible. The e30 had a very ticky m40 and was on its last legs, the donor car was a 1995 318ti but any m42 car will be fine but a non ews model would be ideal. Below is the list of parts from each car used. e36 318ti m42 e30 m40 e30 m42 Engine Engine arms Exhaust Manifold DME Engine mounts Engine loom (x20) Upper and lower Oil pans 1994 DME (no ews) Gearbox/clutch/driveshaft etc. Power steering pump Fan and fan clutch Alternator Throttle cable with part No. 13541288013 dip stick (needs bending) Brown Temp sensor (swap with black temp sensor on m42) Starter motor As you can see all the parts except the exhaust manifold are from the E30 or the donor 318ti. I sourced the exhaust manifold from e30zone in the UK and was $250 delivered. The only custom parts were the coil bracket (soon to be COP), the exhaust manifold to existing exhaust and the c101-x20 adapter. I treated the c101 to x20 adapter just like an m50 swap, below is my adapter table Pin No. C101 Colour Pin No. X20 Colour 1 Charge light Blue 25 Blue 2 Static oil level Green/Yellow 1 Blue/White 3 4 Temp Guage Brown/Purple 12 Brown/Yellow 5 Oil Pressure Light Brown/Green 23 Brown/Grey 6 Oxygen Sensor relay Green/White 22 Green/White 7 Switched power Green 21 Green/White 8 Fuel rate input White/Black 24 White/Black 9 Engine Speed imput Black 20 Black 10 Dynamic Oil Level Blue 2 Blue/Yellow 11 Reset Service Lights White/Green 19 White/Green 12 Check engine light Grey(brown) 8 Grey 13 Fuel pump relay Green/Purple 13 Green/Purple 14 Speed signal for ecu Black/White 14 Black/White 15 Unloader relay Black/Green 15 Black/Green 16 Diagnostic White/Black 17 White/Purple 17 18 Start Black/Yellow 18 Black Yellow 19 20 Overall it was a very easy swap, this was my first time pulling an engine and was completed by me and a friend in a long weekend. Hope this helps others in the future. Cheers