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  1. yeaaaah that looks to be the way to go
  2. Yeahp, Drove her a few days ago to get her into storage. Still runs perfect apart from the passenger side being a 'tad' stuffed. been looking like crazy for a chassis for her. she had mint interior, no dash cracks, no rips, very well looked after.
  3. Too much structural damage to repair, so want to put what I can in a new body. She was a perfect running beamer. I am in love with this car to turn her into a project. Determined to have her restored.
  4. More then door damage, her A pillar is bent to far. trying to get photo up
  5. Old girl needs a new shell. Had an accident few weeks back, front passenger door stuffed. Engine is perfectly sound, still drives well though not road worthy. Cant let go of this one.
  6. My pride and joy is no longer road worthy ):
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