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  1. Jealous 😒 right now
  2. Nicely summarised:) just increases the drool though.
  3. Very nice, I remember applying a level of drool on this. Really interested in what the supercharger performance is like, welcome aboard
  4. It is a nice combo, but that price!!!!
  5. I have these Primacy's on the back of the E38 and have been pretty impressed, they are a touring tyre but having been giving great levels of dry grip, heavy rain a bit squirrelly but overall very quiet also and solid performers
  6. DQP512 you can just pic up on the reg sticker from one of the front shots. VIN: WBAFB32060LN83706 Nothing in the Vin for Alpina, not surprisingly as you called it, a fake.
  7. Or an Alpina B7, that might tempt me
  8. And that's a better example, maybe less fruit, but clean as. But that's been around for at least a year for sale, seconded only by the clown with the ACS E38 who wants 20k and has been trying to flick that for a couple of years.
  9. Had rear upper control arms replaced, E38 standard requirement fix $340
  10. 1996 Pre facelift, jap import. With BBSs I'd say 9 or 10k top price for everything perfect. 5 or 6 k tops otherwise. Simply you can do better for cheaper there are more around then you think.
  11. Oh dear, shame really. Nice colour options.
  12. Welcome Steve, really depends on what you want to do, few of us with E38s that can offer some advice around work that can be done. The E38 is a great platform and well looked after will last for a long long time, flick up some pics of what you want to achieve
  13. Well sorted E32. Can't remember the last time I saw a E32 as a 740, let alone this tidy. Mainly 735s
  14. Hard wired the Uniden into the E38, much preferred over wires dangling everywhere. Keen to see how this unit works now
  15. Damn that is fine, anyone want to buy a kidney or two?