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  1. Breaker

    BMW E38 M7... kind of

    $58k USD sold. This or a mid level new 3 series, I know where my money would go
  2. Breaker

    BMW E38 M7... kind of

    This is currently for sale, tracking over 40k USD, some estimates it will go up to 70k it was super low Mileage to start with and every element was addressed. yes I am jealous as hell, and no I wouldn’t pay that for it, unless I had a boot for of cash turn up from somewhere 💰
  3. Breaker

    1999 E38 750i Individual

    Yip EDC and SLS currently so both will be deleted. Ordered the Bilstein with the lowering springs yesterday. Just a inch or so drop so very subtle and in line with the 750 style. Will update when done
  4. Breaker

    BMW M5 Alpina B10 V8 1999

    Alpina are targeted for rapid transport and a more luxurious feel then the std BMW models which are more sports focused. That’s their target market, agree the older ones in the small models do look a bit tacky. They are best in B5 and B7s when they make more sense. Would loose a left arm for a B12 E38. In saying all that the newer D3s are pretty nice.
  5. Breaker

    1999 E38 750i Individual

    Pulled the front struts out, likely next requirement was the shocks replaced, noticeably better with suspension tidy up but still rough. Removed the strut, finally got the top but off with a bit of heat and tested the shock. ZERO rebound ! Stuffed. Springs have been taking all the load clearly. Well order some Bilstein B6 replacements and new mounts .... hello ECS. Now do I get lowering springs now, for another $500 probably will
  6. Breaker

    Nice garage

    Great vid, even better he takes the beautiful B12 as his choice. Shows how great this car is against a slew of brilliance. Top gear might survive if they keep these up
  7. Breaker

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Changed Power Steering reservoir and feeder lines on the 740, bugger has been leaking quite bad, last leak now sorted, well for now anyway
  8. Breaker

    2008 B7 Alpina 7 series

    Always tough with the E65, has lots of known problems irrespective of wether yours is good or not, probably should be worth 25k, probably is with 12-15k if you can find the right buyer. My 2 cents. Pics would help
  9. Breaker

    X315 XJL Jag 5.0

    Very well thanks, clocked about 8000ks already. Doesn’t take long and includes a great trip to Welly and back. its very quiet and refined till you want to give it some stick, but it feels like the front control arms are a bit tired, getting a little bit of noise from the front end. Still basic maintenance and it’s 2011 so expect some work. averaging around 10.5l/100ks on gas which I’m happy with. Trips are around 9.5, even with a six speed box, it’s only ticking over 2000rpm at 120. Not having had active cruise before I’m not sure I like it as much as I thought I would. While you can alter the gap to traffic in front, you get tards cutting in and that just has the car on the brakes and it’s frustrating so I haven’t used it as much as I anticipated (clicks off below 40 as well)
  10. Breaker

    Doug D E38 goodness

    Typical US spec Typical US spec E38 by the look of it, heaps At this spec there it would seem. Would love to see him in a Superchargered S62 manual one!
  11. Breaker

    Doug D E38 goodness

    NOOOOO! You wouldn’t have a front bumper? 😂
  12. Breaker

    Doug D E38 goodness

    For all you E38 lovers. Or those of you needing education.
  13. Breaker

    This guy manages to pull off ...

    Pass, go to track day at Hampton, have neighbours who actually might like you
  14. Breaker

    New Fella from Ireland in NZ

    Welcome, love a nice E39 and that looks a nice one
  15. Breaker

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Alignment sorted Thursday Passed a warrant today no issues, always a good thing