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  1. Ruemers on the way to Brixton, John out there is a good bugger as well. $380 the lot
  2. Awe clearly common as muck
  3. Got the headliner back for the 38. Installed it today, includes A B C pillars and rear parcel tray. great to get it in and sorted, did internal LED upgrade as well, much fresher and improved. ready now for next weekends Napier trip
  4. Yip needs the resonator and shows how much difference ten years makes, even on a resto
  5. Haha that's what I'd do
  6. Very nice example, GLWS
  7. I really love what they've done with this, great job
  8. GEON tar remover from United Car Care, good sh*t at getting tar and heavy crap off
  9. Dropped the headliner, A B &C pillars and rear parcel shelf off at the auto upholstery today. Received the new starter motor to put in as well. knocking things off nicely
  10. I had to drill a 20mm hole behind the number plate on my E38 when the boot wouldn't open. Drastic stuff but then you can reach the wire and pull that with pliers that released the boot manually. Expect the E39 is the same, pretty sure it was on YouTube. Hole was right hand side of centre about 20mm down. overall no long term impact except a hole behind the plate which of cause you don't know is there
  11. Welcome back Jim great to see another 38 rolling in, great to see some pics if you can
  12. Nothing like a road trip in the 38, doesn't get better
  13. Long weekend work done. Headliner, all pillars, rear parcel shelf all removed for re-lining. Headliner saggy as sh*t. Since most of the lights are out, might as well do interior LEDs as well. Looking forward to a fresh new interior linings. Just needs starter motor replaced, tomorrow's job for removal. Steering rack is noisy on adjusting so that'll get looked at while it's off the road for a week or so. Then we are pretty sweet, touch wood trim
  14. Good excuse for a NP meet, see this puppy
  15. Haha yeah it's pretty funny, he holds nothing back. Got mates banging on about their Vag diesels, gone quiet but been pretty screwed over really, good thing I stayed Petrol , probably less emissions from the V10. Well that's what I'll tell myself