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  1. From what I heard from Gerry who owned one and sold it off shore, don’t expect it to be any cheaper then an E60 M5 but likely the problems are different and Alpina specific so pretty hard to get someone who knows what they are doing to work on it if they do come up. High performance cars all have issues, dam beautiful and we considered one. Would love it in my garage
  2. Oh and got a X1 for the boss to try save some miles, Jans uses any excuse to drive it as well. Hide the M5 behind it 😉 on garage duty
  3. Hitting 6k already, how’d that happen? Couple of good runs for sure, Turangi pre lockdown, New Plymouth post lockdown. Just me and the M5 on that one, 😉 bash Mt messenger into submission. God damn thing is a beast when you unleash it, just pulls and pulls. only issue to date is the iDrive reset itself a couple of times on the run, it’s only CIC so likely I’ll update it at some stage anyway. After having non M V8s I can see where the money goes for the difference, it’s just unfortunate that you can only explore those limits too stupid crazy speeds. Give it the full jandel passing on the open road, ALWAYS fires the traction control up, on P zeros and will move to pilot sports when needed, which probably won’t be long ... Coded the stupid fed sound into the cabin out as well, it is pretty quiet but suits on long trips. I’d love more noise but ultimately it’s a five, it should define subtle power, I think it does that pretty good 🥳 Off to Welly Friday, then the club run to castlepoint so feels like a service is coming, thosefront rotors are looking a little warn too ....... 😬 Best keep driving the i3 to pay for it 💰 all. Well it’s only money 💴
  4. Would have loved a facelift one but went NZ New on a 2012, not regretted it, fantastic vehicle. Purchased from BMW with an Autosure warranty, buying NZ New with history seemed the best option. Keeping away from playing with it, 550 hp no need, never ever short of power, like ever. Wouldn’t want to seriously break it and have avoid warranty 😳
  5. Love Mr Geese, his direct communication and great visuals make him a favourite
  6. I quite like the wing, which is somewhat strange as normally it’s a big no, maybe it’s the combo with the wheels. Very nice especially in the colour
  7. Having had an E61 and now an F10, no doubt the F10 is far superior but definitely bigger so make sure your happy with the size. The 6s either way are impressive, although I’ve only had the 8s in both 🤦‍♂️. F10 ride and drive is a step up and if you get adaptive dampers you get the best of both worlds suspension wise. I still love the E60 saying that, just with the tech it’s now a bit err
  8. Coded out a few frustrating things on the F10 and the i3, stupid automatic start stop option on the M5 now doesn’t default on, 🙌
  9. Well I got a set of Style 101s which where a cost option upgrade on the E65. Staggered 20s which I wasn’t super sure on, but in the end am very happy with the result. I think they suit the style without being super OTT. Rides great and zero rubbing, perfect offset and fit. They need a little work however for $800 with Pilot Super Sports that have 3-4mm left I can hardly complain 😁
  10. Try New Zealand E38s on Facebook as well
  11. We had about the same space and had a shitty Chinese ride on that was about 2k new. After a year we bought a second hand JD one for about 2k, new price 10k. Difference was black and white. Great piece of kit even though it was substantially older.
  12. Interesting when you see the launches on the M8 comparison, they where awe full looked like it was cold run, in this though true M territory, epic
  13. Em yummy as well,ah the choices
  14. Spotted them Gaz, they do look good on the 38s ..... will think on it
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