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  1. Breaker

    Doug D E38 goodness

    Typical US spec Typical US spec E38 by the look of it, heaps At this spec there it would seem. Would love to see him in a Superchargered S62 manual one!
  2. Breaker

    Doug D E38 goodness

    NOOOOO! You wouldn’t have a front bumper? 😂
  3. Breaker

    Doug D E38 goodness

    For all you E38 lovers. Or those of you needing education.
  4. Breaker

    This guy manages to pull off ...

    Pass, go to track day at Hampton, have neighbours who actually might like you
  5. Breaker

    New Fella from Ireland in NZ

    Welcome, love a nice E39 and that looks a nice one
  6. Breaker

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Alignment sorted Thursday Passed a warrant today no issues, always a good thing
  7. Breaker

    1999 E38 750i Individual

    Been mucking around to much and not had the 750 sorted, however fixed the airbag light issue, horn problem, replaced a few door clips to isolate some squeaks and it’s driving great post the front suspension refresh. Off for alignment and and WOF this week now, then it should be fully fit for service again. Loving having it driving again, and much smoother.
  8. Breaker

    CHEAP (?) V12

    This ones stuffed, end game #scrap
  9. Breaker

    1999 E38 750i Individual

    Always welcome Dave, will let you know when we’re down your way
  10. Breaker

    New around here

    Love a good wagon, looks sharp, welcome
  11. Breaker

    X315 XJL Jag 5.0

    Yes that is VERY true!
  12. Breaker

    X315 XJL Jag 5.0

    Driving a Toyota
  13. Breaker

    X315 XJL Jag 5.0

    Its certainly not an issue for me so far, will be there next meet
  14. Breaker

    X315 XJL Jag 5.0

    Yip @hugo_nz you’ve hit it on the head, pretty much no mods can be done, touch screen bit sluggish at best. Luckily most of my driving is motorway so no issues with size and the interior is just quite delish. Although if I didn’t have the 38s and this was my one car I might have gone a different road, possibly 6 gran coupe
  15. Breaker

    X315 XJL Jag 5.0

    Yip miserable 380hp only “Just” enough hahahaha I can only imagine what 520hp in one of these is like...