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  1. Best thing I did was buy a 9m extension hose for mine, standard karcher unit, means you can get right round the car in one movement
  2. Front wheel bearing replaced on the 740, so now I have a 46mm socket. Bloody nut was on hellish tight as well. Nice and quiet running now
  3. Every cent 😂 plus I can reuse the bearings rolling round the under tray 😂😂
  4. Replaced heater control valve and tensioner pulley, old one was pretty fried! Putting it mildly, whole thing collapsed Still got a squeaking belt so have ordered a replacement hopefully that cures it ...
  5. Yeah not a great choice, I would look at another Jag but not ex Singapore. But it would 💯 be warranted and that would be extended. Leaky gaskets suspension issues couldn’t get sorted, coolant leaks, all sounds familiar 😂. Had about 6k or repairs and still not right. Most of that under warranty but excess still paid around 1500 Funny i I don’t have a problem with pretty unreliable BMWs that cost under 10k but a 30k unreliable couldn’t cut it. Moved to a E550 2010 and zero issues ...
  6. Replaced the heater control valve hose lines and started it up, coolant still leaks. Looked deeper, heater control valve aux motor was leaking. Will need to get a new / replacement ie second hand one. In the mean time since the 750 is parking awaiting a new idler pulley, that lost its aux pump to donate to the 740. At least one working BMW now, 🤦‍♂️ And a whole lot less skin on my knuckles, PITA place on the fire wall to get to
  7. Yip some nice mpars it would be sweet, love the white and it has a glass roof, pretty rear in these neck of the woods
  8. Auxiliary water pump hose was a bit fried and leaking so replaced that and the lower radiator main hose while I was at it, not to tricky but full radiator out to get to it. Luckily I could get around the aux fan and didn’t need to remove it
  9. Managed to score some genuine low mileage replacement tail lights for $50 each. Bargain really. Nothing much wrong with the old ones but certainly not as dull and in better condition so they can move to the parts cupboard.Some before and after pics.
  10. A much better option for the Volvo I bet Olaf. And yes they also mentioned I was a quart short of oil !
  11. Exactly, too scared covering their arse more then is it a safety risk, wrong agenda altogether
  12. There was a couple of Stubbs from tubing on the inside wheel well left, plus some evidence of leaking although dry of where they had drained on the inside well. Yip only noticed due to the new parts, comments like ‘suspension must have been bad if you replaced all that’, like I was an idiot for maintaining things, like most NZers I suppose. Not commen for them to actually see something good before it’s a death trap
  13. Had the day off to get a few things done. Started with wheel alignment post the suspension upgrades. Off for a warrant, VTNZ. Ok here we go. much discussion from the team there on the new suspension. FAILED, requires LVV cert, WTF. (Replaced Self Leveling Suspension and deleted it) Also failed excess smoke, brake bias. ( has been sitting around a bit). Stupid notes about the spare wheel not being bolted down. Righto, minor argument at the time, off I go somewhat steaming. Changed the oil (was going to do it anyway), few emergency stops on the brakes. Bit of LVV website printing, back I go. into the revert line, everyone vanishes . into the office, say I want to challenge the findings thanks, in my nicest management tone. Please wait by the car sir. 5 mins later, nice manager comes out and we have a wee chat, he knew all about it. To his credit said he’ll have another look, on it goes over the pit. 2 of them prode, shine the lights around, ask me about the replacements and then are worried that all the control arms are for a different car. FU summaries my update to them, in general terms. after much umming and erring, me waving the standards about, they decide it’s acceptable and recheck the brakes, How are they I ask? Perfect no problem now sir. Ok how’s the excessive smoking ( I’ve near even seen smoke out of it)? Revs it a bit, yip that must have fixed it sir. Great, Warrant passed then, yip. So once it’s on the window, I ask how do I go about avoiding this next time and get told it’ll be fine because it won’t be all shiny and new any more, oh yeah of cause the dirt clause, missed that in the WOF Requirements .... I need a drink. At least I can drive to get one
  14. The owner is a current GM with us and looks after his stuff, moving to Australia though so it’s going. Recently sold a Good Harley and has a 5.7l Jeep to move as well. I’d say better then most for sure
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