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  1. Front bumper replaced out, it’s not perfect but substantially better and passes the 10foot test. Ready for paint With the rest of the car now. Should be sorted by Xmas.
  2. Front bumper replacement, ready for paint 😬
  3. Breaker

    E38 740i Msport

    Sold and driving away ......
  4. Breaker

    E38 740i Msport

    Nice little article Pete, not one I’d seen thanks
  5. Breaker

    E38 740i Msport

    2001 740i M-Sport $7000 Genuine Msport 740i. Ex Japan, build date 21-3-2001. 195ks Sports diff so quicker of the mark the a std 740. Sports seats and black sports trim. 18” Mpars of cause with lower factory sports springs , rides lovely yet still handles really well. Too many cars and we’ve had 4 years, time to go to a new home. Lots of work completed on all the normal E38 things, this is our third E38 and unique being a sport. Pros Mechanically very good. Told Gear box was refurbished by previous owner and never had an issue. Timing chain guides, water pump etc all changed 2 yrs ago professionally completed. $5k Lots of coolant hoses and pipes changed. All the nasty rear ones and almost all the front ones. Water heater control valve recently rebuilt. Power steering lines and reservoir replaced Suspension rear control arms replaced. Front arms and thrust set replaced this year. Drives beautifully. Replaced front and rear license plate holder for Euro ones from Japanese for a cleaner look. Interior headliners A,B,C and rear parcel shelf all professionally recovered. Perfect and like new. Radio unit updated to NZ for RDS stations. Inside lights all replaced with led for an updated and modern look Reversing camera installed and links to the video unit Cons Pixels on dash need replacing. Outside is very tidy for a 20yr old car with a few stone chips and general marks Tyres are ok and passed recent warrant, probably only a year left in them
  6. That could be end game option 🤐
  7. think this one gives the best overview, 😉 good luck
  8. Great looking 728 by the way
  9. Oh dear, this might be a take the number plate off the back and drill a hole, sounds drastic and it is but I’ve been there, and you never know it’s been done with the plate back on. There are very few options to get into these. Few you tube videos on it, drill off the right middle and gives you access to the manual release.
  10. Andrew was saying in the weekend he just put 5-6kw unit on the roof for 14k, that pretty much would run the house and give enough power to charge the car, sacrifice his leaf for the batteries would be next step 😂
  11. One month update. Just on 1000ks and around 120kw power use @ 30 cents kw equates to $36. Yes very, very happy with that. So far so good. This month need to go in and get connected drive sorted, want to look at putting Apple car play in updating the NBT. Using adaptive cruise a lot in heavy traffic, just makes life too easy. Only ever charged at home and just run the Rex to try it, finding 120ks is more then enough daily and waking up knowing I have a full charge every day elevates almost all range anxiety. Best feature: pre conditioning, set aux air to come on and pre condition the car so it’s up to temp for when you get in in the morning and have the Ac running for when you leave work at night, no more hot car to get into. I know plenty of BMs have these but battery concerns in the past meant I’ve never used it like I now can. Brilliant
  12. Pulled my second hand water aux pump and heater control valve out again, replaced the gasket and seals this time, hopefully keeps all the coolant in.
  13. Energy body kit is interesting 🤔🙃not sure my cuppa but still. Having great fun in it so far.
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