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  1. Nice Dimitrios, I know you love the beige interiors, looks very nice
  2. Stunning!
  3. Pretty standard NZ spec model, nothing to see here lol.
  4. And you are close to equivalent RS6 money I suppose ......
  5. Agree they will be looking for that. Personally I'd buy an M5 sedan then likely still get a 550i wagon as well for near about the same money 💰 Lol
  6. Great car, but it's not worth $48k! It would have to be half those ks to get anywhere near it in my mind. Then it would need to be in a better colour for me Agree about the pics, pretty meh. Even looks a bit dirty in one of the pics lol
  7. It's the XR80, it's installed in the ash tray which is pretty cool, there is a receiver in the drivers side lower slot by the fog light and one attached on the boot lid above the plate. Must have been something Audi offered here on NZ new sales at the time as I've seen a few RS and Ss with same setup. 2006 vintage but still pretty sharp. long distance K radar for car units seems excellent. Interested how the Uniden will compare in the E38.
  8. Just picked up a DFR7 so keen to see how that works compared with the inbuilt Beltronics I've got in the Audi which is a few years old now, sounds like the R1 steps it up again, keen to hear how it performs when you get it back to NZ
  9. Yeah been on it for a while, except for the xr6 that gets dirt cheap 91 from work. E38 and S8 both run sweet on it. No concerns at all. Helps with Farmsource account I get 16cents off pump price at Mobil as well
  10. Of the 280 BP stations nationwide, 99 sell 98 octane, while 31 of Mobil’s 190 sites sell 98 octane mineral fuel (in the North Island only). keep reading, I use 98 from Mobil New Plymouth and they state no Ethanol on the pump so it looks Wgtn only which may be due to fuel sharing with Gull ?? For the region, weird but highly possible
  11. Member for a couple of years now also, pretty Auckland centric which isn't surprising but for $70 odd dollars a year I'm happy ticking along and getting to a couple of events where we can. the 100yr anniversary meet last year was probably the biggest for some time I heard which was cool to be involved in
  12. R rip E every P poor C c&@t O off
  13. I went good old SCA cup holder on the middle vents in both my old E39 and now the E38, end of the day not such a clean solution but definitely a more functional one for less then $10 bucks. Should be able to see in the pic below, sits nicely
  14. Same, that's what I thought, resized them down, but still no upload
  15. Same problem again?