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  1. That’s a sharp price for sure, real beast as you say some compromises to a M5 but includes a couple of holidays to the Caribbean as change
  2. Perfect thanks Warren, I got your details on PM, will send through my delivery info
  3. Sounds fair, should go good in the E38, same architecture for wiring. Lock me in. PM your details for payment, address is Auckland
  4. Good luck mate, it’ll happen
  5. Ive been looking at this myself also, seems like a genuine hybrid BMW alternative. Low l per 100ks if you can keep in EV distance to work and back, the range in EV is still limited but an attractive option with the Petrol, 8 Spd auto and overall pretty solid performance from the you tube reviews. if you drive generically out of ev, overseas mph seems to be around 30mpg for the old school so you would want it to cover your commute or most of your daily driving I would think.
  6. It’s a great drive, would be the right car for it
  7. That’s pretty good, my OBC in the Audi tends to lie, tells me 12 runs at 16 😂 trys to make me feel better.
  8. Very nice and love the wagon, keen to hear how it goes and your thoughts on maintaining and efficiency , the Audi might transform into a 535 one day
  9. here Pete
  10. Welcome Jamie, nothing like a good E39. And yours looks a sharp
  11. Yip at this stage I’d get them again
  12. I have Primacy on the back of the E38 and to be honest have been really impressed with them, they have had a fair bit of stick as well, I have RE003s on the work Falcon and find them slightly noisier but a great grip tyre andlikely will look to keep again as I run 35k a year in this. The 740 has burnt through rears in the past, at 6k for one set . These are standing up well in comparison. Closing on 10k and still plenty of life. my talent runs out before the grip has so far also ....
  13. Your right Mike, ultimately I think I like the idea of a small turbo go cart but my reality will be something bigger, more of a good GT with good spec. Jags interesting for sure. I don’t have kids to worry about hauling but like a nice wagon for styling, SUV out. Just not me and don’t need it.
  14. Yeah I tend to get restless, possibly impending move to Auckland may also land the S8 as the daily .... not what it’ll be best at. Time will tell. The 38 will stay Sunday driver duties no matter what. Trouble is once you start the options are near endless from turbo N54s in every disguise, shape and type to 535ds which are also tempting. Plenty of time to work it out
  15. BMW ‘pushing’ engineering again, they seem to have a thing for buggering up V8s, from the M62 to the N62 and now the N63. Likely look at a LCI N62 08 or 09 as they’ve got that one more sorted ... with a mech warranty of cause.