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  1. 1999 E38 750i Individual

    Got replacement genuine speakers from Brent at BMWorld, $20each and in excellent condition. Perfect fit and sound is spot on. I heard it was tricky getting speakers sorted as well so getting off Brent was a perfect solution.
  2. 1999 E38 750i Individual

    Today is a good day. Travelled down to see Dave and take ownership of his very special E38. 1 of only 113 RHD facelifts made, with 24 being individuals. car is really in great shape and Dave has completed lots of work to get it from where it was to a reliable runner. in saying that a few battery issues on start up LOL but that looks more like a faulty new battery. Trip back to Auckland now, having a lot of fun for the first few hundred kms. Promised to Dave to keep it stock and if the time ever comes give him first right of refusal to repurchase. Now to carry on the journey and tidy up the bodywork issues. New front bumper required, doesn’t look worth recovering. basic paint tidy up and re-spray in the same colour. (Looking for good spot in Auckland for this guys) Sympathetic upgrade of the radio and music space. interior colour touch up of the blue to restore new door card for the drivers door, don’t think that’s recoverable either but we’ll see. God I love these cars and this one tops it off. Did I say today was a good day? picture taken half way home at Taumarunui last night (sad looking Audi next to it keeps sneaking in for the pictures... in for nose correction next week by the way, thanks to a rather high bump stop)
  3. 1999 E38 750i Individual

    Replaced a chunk of the rubbish plastic window washer piping in the bonnet. Was leaking all across 5 points, replaced most of it, the rest will still likely need doing to complete, but at least it works now. Replaced the rear 4 speakers, thanks to Brent for BMWorld for some quality parts. Sound greatly improved with speakers that don’t have UV rot in them. Gave it a clean to round off the weekend. Already locked a few thousand kms under it, seems to like the running currently. Touch wood.
  4. The only upgrade that made sense

    Fantastic Kyu , looking forward to seeing it. Looks brilliant in white. Looks an awesome package.
  5. Quick rant thread.

    People in the right hand lane on the motorway, ablivious of the world around them then you give them a flash to pass and they just slow down 😟 Is it to much to ask to move over?
  6. Beautiful 750iL for sale

    It’s a really nice example, compared to some of the tacky US wheel combos I’ve seen it’s rather understated. Not sure he’ll get near that money though
  7. Car Detailing Products

    One of my favourite toys, you won’t regret it
  8. Car Detailing Products

    I’ll check them out as well, cheers Jacko
  9. Car Detailing Products

    Yip that’s me and I use them, mainly Gyeon and some Valetpro. I’ve been using Gyeon prep and bug tar remover etc as go to, along with cannon foam. Mencerna Powerlock is my go to sealer with a nice wax on the top, I find it gives up to 12 months solid sealer protection. Topped up with the wax. No vested interest either, apart from wanting a dam fine finish. And hating swirls and marks. i would like to try the Ammo solution but it’s a stretch to far in cost with freight and hassle and you really need to use the products together I believe, hence my current line up.
  10. Car Detailing Products

    Since your in Auckland I suggest you see the team at United Car care/ OCD, great for products advise and top notch. pretty much all the brands you mention they have, also online shop as well
  11. 1999 E38 750i Individual

    Good thought it had crossed my mind, there’s a bit more tyre on the BBS but I think I’ll give it a try
  12. 1999 E38 750i Individual

    Definitely part of the attraction and no disk drive so only 60mm deep which is handy with E38s and the HVAC issues
  13. 1999 E38 750i Individual

    Ok, last couple of weeks have been centred around the head unit upgrade and I put a E46 steering wheel on. Might alter this in the future but for now I like the feel of this wheel. Purchased a Avin Avant 3 unit from the US, arrived super quick. Spec’d it out with reversing camera, Apple CarPlay, Maps on SD card. Comes also with Ibus connection, Steering Wheels Canbus connection, SIM card port and its on web phone connection, USB ports X 2, SD card slot running on Android 6. GPS and it’s on wifi hotspot. I went with this as I wanted the factory look connected to the Ibus for OBC inputs and utilising the DSP and factory setup, (with all its problems and age, but hey it’s ‘unique’) Have been running it the last week and finished the install today. OBC and coding is very cool 😎. Being able to cycle speed into the IKE display is great, it’s also the GPS adjusted speed identical to the speed on my radar detector. Having all OBC controls and monitoring I also like, it’s easy to use as well. Coded the indicators to flash 3 times like a real modern car as well. Big step forward, lots of other built in coding as well you can use, welcome home lights, setup DRLs etc. Android 6 platform seems very stable and has been working great, mainly running music through Apple Carplay and display on OBC then Google maps, using the live web connection for traffic updates and advisement, been excellant so far. Response and speed of operation has been very good. Had a couple of times where the unit seemingly has booted up twice after initial start up but no other operational issues. Takes a while to install running harness to the boot and the camera into the boot lid, overall it’s very durable and the quality looks good at an install point. Having the unit even seems to have brought the DSP amp back to life, we’ll see how long it lasts, might need replacing or at least a good inspection by a techie, above my pay grade. So suitably happy to bring the old girl up to the latest standards and the results so far. Next on the list is the bumper and bonnet replacements. Replacing the ribbon that gives the PIXEL issue in the main display as well, see what the weather comes up with tomorrow.
  14. No I personally think the 330e is they way to go, more range of electric. Plug in hybrid. Lighter due to the motor configuration and power output being aligned to 330. where as the 335, 535 hybridactive are not plug in. Discontinued 335i hybrid after 2015 for the 330e only. We drove a 535 ActiveHybrid and it was bearly noticeable in changing between power and petrol drive train. Was very nice, Trouble is with the extra weight, you mitigate most of the savings of the hybrid so it was a what’s the point discussion. Although most ActiveHybrids come in great spec as well. BMW seemed to throw the kitchen sink at them. downside of the 330e, big price tag. My take is if you want pure performance then 335/ 340 Petrol, commute - good performance and driving in E lanes, 330e.
  15. Complexity and weight increase and not that much performance gain over 335, if you want hybrid or electric benefits go 330e.
  16. Welcome Jed, lovely M3 you have, beautifully kept as well. That red really pops doesn’t it !
  17. What'd you do to your BMW today?

    740 and 750 both got a nice oil change. Best part of 17l 😂. good thing Castrol Edge 5w30 was on special this week, along with filters that’s .. a lot.
  18. What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Window regulator changed in the 740, was starting to thunk when at the bottom of the opening on the drivers door, managed to pick up a second hand one, now sorted. unfortunately I unplugged the door airbag with the key in the ignition and the battery still connected, once it all went back together the airbag light was stuck on, but I was able to clear it with my Carsoft reader. Phew, note on this for the E38 and probably E39, you’ll need to ensure you plug into the round socket under the hood and not the OBD inside, that only allows connection to the DME. Once I got that sorted, thanks Bimmerforums, light has gone and airbag control is reset . Plus window operation is nice and smooth
  19. Alpina B5 for sale down South

    Had a W211, haven’t got it now, nuff said. Certianly go like a cut cat but yeah nah, couldn’t do it. At least the Alp8na will hold some value whereas the AMG will drop like a stone
  20. 1999 E38 750i Individual

    Yeah $200 is about a fill Lol 😝
  21. Alpina B5 for sale down South

    They do modify aspects dependant on which model. Fairly minor on this one, Overall I thought this motor would be a bit fragile but all the forums seem to say it’s ok. Wiki data Alpina B5 S At the 2007 Frankfurt Motor Show (IIA), Alpina presented the revised B5 S. [44] Engine The motor's combustion process was optimized by changing the camshaft. This resulted in a significantly lower exhaust gas temperature, which is the basis for the performance increase. The power of the 4.4-liter V8 was thus increased by 22 kW (30 PS; 30 hp) to 390 kW (530 PS; 523 hp). The torque increased by 25 N⋅m (18 ft⋅lbf) to 725 N⋅m (535 ft⋅lbf). The B5 S takes the sprint to 100 km / h in 4.6s; The top speed increases to 317 km/h (197 mph).[41] Transmission One innovation is the ZF six-speed Sport-Switch-Tronic transmission. The switching time was reduced by 50% compared to the predecessor. The reaction time is 1/10 s. In manual mode, the driving feeling is similar to the shift dynamics of a dual clutch transmission. Chassis A further feature is the EDC suspension tuning with the company Sachs Race Engineering. Technical Data Alpina B5S Sedan Touring Displacement 4398 cm³ Compression ratio 9,0:1 Horsepower 390 kW (530 PS; 523 hp) 5500/min Torque 725 N⋅m (535 ft⋅lbf) 4750/min Transmission 6-Speed Automatic "Switch-Tronic“ Top speed 317 km/h (197 mph) 313 km/h (194 mph) Acceleration 0–100 km/h (62 mph) 4,6 s 4,7 s Empty weight 1720 kg 1810 kg
  22. Alpina B5 for sale down South

    Alpinas are the GT versions of BMWs top models under harder M cars, generally as fast but usually auto and more refined ride. B5 and some brilliant B7s over the years, including a 6l E38. well worth a you tube trip. id probably take this B5 over an M5 but that edge in the M5 is hard to go past ... one of each then
  23. 1999 E38 750i Individual

    Spent a good chunk of today on the 750, Avin Avant 3 device headunit was to be installed and three quarters sorted but need another type of cable to the boot, so ordered that as well. Got the reversing camera in and cabling for that sorted. Cable should be here next week and then it can be finished up. In sorting the camera cabling all the back seats have been out and tidy up etc, thanks for the $2 Dave Replaced the rear door sun blind. Cleaned all the door cards and front seats, mixed a light blue and black leather dies to a nice colour and got the fronts coloured up and looking sharp. Door cards all tided up as well. Really pleased how it’s going, when the rears are back in they will be done as well. plenty of vacuuming under and around the inside, looking good all round. Cabin air filters replaced. Was up and under the rear end looking for a vibration, nothing spotted but the disk brake dust cover being really close to the rotor. See what happens with it. Few issues with the window washers so pulled the front fender inside guard off and checked through then discovered a leak coming out the base of the bonnet when pumping so will sort that when I swap the bonnet out, collecting a spare from Dave tomorrow that’s at the freight company. Still a good clean up under there is always a good thing. few pics of progress on the leather colouring, will post some more when the Avin unit is in (pre colouring ones at the bottom) Hardwired the Radar Detector also, definitely need that in this !
  24. 1999 E38 750i Individual

    Hopefully it’s on
  25. 1999 E38 750i Individual

    Quite different experience, the 750 is far more relaxed overall. Smooth, quieter and the comfort option. I think the rear diff ratio makes a massive difference, the 740 is 3.15 and the 750 is 2.8 I think... off the mark the 740 would be first abut the 750 would run it down i love them both for different reasons. sound wise both are stock and pretty quiet. The V12 is just lovely even if muted. The V8 cause you tend to rev it is probably noisier but again a lovely burble. happy if you want to experience them one day, hit me up 🤙