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    RIP - 2019 1 Series

    I thought that’s what the 2 series was for, shame
  2. Breaker

    1999 E38 750i Individual

    Today is a good day. Travelled down to see Dave and take ownership of his very special E38. 1 of only 113 RHD facelifts made, with 24 being individuals. car is really in great shape and Dave has completed lots of work to get it from where it was to a reliable runner. in saying that a few battery issues on start up LOL but that looks more like a faulty new battery. Trip back to Auckland now, having a lot of fun for the first few hundred kms. Promised to Dave to keep it stock and if the time ever comes give him first right of refusal to repurchase. Now to carry on the journey and tidy up the bodywork issues. New front bumper required, doesn’t look worth recovering. basic paint tidy up and re-spray in the same colour. (Looking for good spot in Auckland for this guys) Sympathetic upgrade of the radio and music space. interior colour touch up of the blue to restore new door card for the drivers door, don’t think that’s recoverable either but we’ll see. God I love these cars and this one tops it off. Did I say today was a good day? picture taken half way home at Taumarunui last night (sad looking Audi next to it keeps sneaking in for the pictures... in for nose correction next week by the way, thanks to a rather high bump stop)
  3. Breaker

    1999 E38 750i Individual

    Better add them to the order ....
  4. Breaker

    1999 E38 750i Individual

    Suspension replacements all arrived, start that when the 740 gets a warrant,Yes. fail that. No. Steering idler arm replacement needed. Ordered that and got another for the 750, while under the 740 left engine mount is going, ordered that and will do both obviously 🙄 at the same time. Bingo with the 750; why not change everything at once. Oh and the steering fluid reservoir is leaking on the 740 so might as well do that as well, might be another couple of weeks before I start on the 750 .... All up a couple hundred bucks extra from FCP so can’t complain and its worth the effort to tidy up. 💰💰😬🚘
  5. Breaker

    Valve Stem Seals for '07 550 with 4.8 V8

    It is an inherent issue, I’ve heard values over 10k so likely on the money, once done they apparently are a great engine again
  6. Breaker

    E23 M745i rhd m88 power

    Will be epic with some love
  7. Breaker


    Weekends are my round
  8. Breaker

    Gissa job!

    Would love to mate but parked in AKLD now. Novotel is a good spot right in town. The Quest serviced appartments are great option, Grand Chancellor is a little older but still good standard. Better to be right in town, you can walk everywhere then, restaurants , out to the water front etc. Great spot is the social kitchen if your after something to convince the better half and are partial to a meatfest. Most of the restaurants in town are pretty good though to be honest, all walking distance. Taxi or shuttle to town is an easy cheap trip fro, the airport. good luck !!
  9. Breaker


    Probably running on 22s in the pic, look like 15s the thing is so huge! Makes the 7 look compact
  10. Breaker

    Rudolph the Red Ti

    Heard plenty of stories re spraying parcel trays and no epic fails so I’d try that, just some fabric spray from repco or alike
  11. Breaker

    Octane rating question

    Gut tells me 95 minimum would be suitable from my uneducated internet knowledge lol. E39 was probably built before 98 RON was commen
  12. Breaker

    E39 530i for $15k !

    What looks to be a lovely example of a 530 which is no doubt a great great car, wanting offers around $15k though is dreaming. 134ks is ok but not earth shattering. I would think 8 or 9k would top out, end of the day they can ask and good luck to them, but pass https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-1639241048.htm
  13. Breaker

    set of wheels $800 ?

    Part it out, few hundred dollars for the key parts, rest is junk unfortunately. Outside of the 95s I’ve seen better examples already scrapped
  14. Breaker

    1999 E38 750i Individual

    Minor but noticeable update on the interior, LED upgrades for all the internal lights. Love the sharper white light these give off. Noticed a big difference in heavy traffic crawling as well, with AC on it’ll idle along at around 14kph, with the AC off it’ll tick over at 4kph, big difference on the draw and lift in idle that isn’t normally noticeable. Been mucking around with the coding, DRL setup on, 3 Stage indicators etc. Pulled the trigger on a full suspension refresh kit, all control arms, bushings and tie rods on its way. Can’t wait to return to a 1999 ride, little bit bumpy and crashes over some roads etc so this will go a long way all going to plan.
  15. Breaker

    rubber band for tyres

    Most of them come off E65s. That’s about the most valuable thing on an E65 😂
  16. Breaker

    rubber band for tyres

    Definitely needs some low for the 95s. Then it would be a motorway cruiser. Anything with a pothole you’ll really feel.
  17. Breaker

    1999 E38 750i Individual

    Most of the facelifts got this which is a good thing
  18. Breaker

    1999 E38 750i Individual

    As you know Dave it’s a very pleasant place to be so using as the daily, now I’ve got audio is no hardship. Well till the gas station anyway. $209 to fill Thursday, em. I’ve figured if I can stay out of grid lock it’s MPG is pretty good, so if I want to daily it I need to get out of bed earlier lol 😂 It seems to enjoy the constant use as well, using a little oil, but marginal for 260ks
  19. Breaker

    1999 E38 750i Individual

    Agree mate, use this on any Black I have, it is brilliant. Trouble is matching the blue has been a pain, tried there blue and darkening it as well, never right, to pasty. Lucky the liquid polish has worked great so far. I doubt it will last the same, but while I source a better match ...
  20. Breaker

    Anyone fitted a reversing camera

    @hotwire is your man
  21. Breaker

    Damaged my E60 530d

    Bad luck there, although better then hitting a rouge cow, no coming back from that at 3am either
  22. Breaker

    E39 or e38 comfort seats

    https://www.trademe.co.nz/trade-me-motors/car-parts-accessories/bmw/interior/auction-1638270103.htm take the whole interior No doubt e38 seats are better then E39s albeit almost the same. As long as the foam isn’t deformed