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  1. sirrocco

    EOI: E36 M3 evo rear subframe and diff

    Hi Gareth, Have you still got the 3.23 diff etc? I am keep to buy it if we can organise some shipping. let me know. Cheers
  2. sirrocco

    M50b25 steel block

    Hi, Looking for a mint M50b25 steel block that has good enough bores to use new std size pistons. Happy to pay fair price. Preferably auckland. Thanks
  3. sirrocco

    EOI: E36 M3 evo rear subframe and diff

    Looks like whole rear end is still completely assembled. Is that the reality? If so any chance you could break it down in to left, right, subframe and diff, so then 4 pieces? Cheers
  4. sirrocco

    EOI: E36 M3 evo rear subframe and diff

    Where abouts is pick up please? Is the diff a standard evo diff with the 3.23 ratio and LSD? Thanks.
  5. sirrocco

    M54b30 Pistons

    I know its a long time ago but did you sell these pistons? Let me know, Thanks
  6. sirrocco

    E46 M3 Front Rotors

    M3 rotors are 315 x 28mm. 330 are 325 x28. Thickness no probs at all, diameter will be unless you space them out. Just get on line and buy the brake motive M3 rotors on ebay. I have flogged them on the track and they are very good and very cheeeeep.
  7. sirrocco

    E46 M3 Front Rotors

    Hey ring me. I know everything you need to know about sorting this combo. o21308708
  8. sirrocco

    WTB E90 Wheels

    Hi There, Yep have both items you are looking for. Have a mint set of KW V1 (German) coilovers for E90. Also have a set of mint rims. PM me your number and I can ring to discuss, Cheers
  9. sirrocco


    I have a 130,000 km 318is motor, M44 I think. Runs very well. Still in car. You can test drive if you want. In west Auckland but could transport elsewhere soon if you like. Pm for phone number if interested. Cheers
  10. sirrocco

    E46 M3 Front Rotors

    What do you need them for? I have a set that will enable a brake set up, but not usable.
  11. sirrocco

    Getrag Manual Conversion **Cheap**

    Hi Richard, Have sent PM.
  12. sirrocco

    vader seats for sale

  13. sirrocco

    3.64 lsd for swap.

    I have a 328 E36 2.93 factory LSD. Are you wanting to swap diff heads? and you have a 3.64 factory LSD? I am I on the right page here? If so, I could be interested. Cheers.