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  1. jin108

    E90 oil pan replacement

    I have a slow leak in the oil pan and need to change the gasket and bolts. I already have the parts but not really looking forward to doing it myself on jackstands. Has anyone had a shop do it for them or recommend a place for a reasonable price? How much would you pay?
  2. jin108

    Suspension update for the 335i

    FYI I read that a bigger rear sway bar wont make much difference without a lsd and stiffer bushings. I did the front M3 control arms and it made the steering feel slightly stiffer but not night and day difference. My fcab were shot so made sense to change them but its not much of an upgrade really.
  3. jin108

    N54 335i oil leak

    Do you have an N54 aka the oil fountain? On those yes oil leaks are common.
  4. jin108

    Cutting out primary cats

    Thanks for the replies i can pull the pipes myself and gut the cats for free instead of paying $500 or more for downpipes. Getting the VRSF ones would be cleaner i know. Do you guys get CEL with the downpipes? I dont think MHD has an auto clear for it right?
  5. jin108

    Cutting out primary cats

    I want to get rid of the downpipe cats in my 335i and thinking of either pulling them off and gutting them out with a screwdriver or getting a shop to cut them out and weld a straightpipe in there. Gutting them would be the cheap option but might not be optimal for airflow as the cavity is bigger than the rest of the pipe and could cause turbulence. I had a shop quote me $290 to cut and weld and they said they would do it without removing the downpipes and weld a bung in for the oxy sensor. Has anyone had this done? Just wondering how they would get a clean weld on the top of the pipes as there is not a lot of room under there. I know best option would be to buy aftermarket pipes but we dont have emissions testing here and removing the cats can be a wof fail but if the stock pipes are on there they would never know. Especially if they are just gutted out.
  6. jin108

    1M Clone Build

    Good luck with the build will be amazing. From of the reviews ive seen of the singles they can be problematic from a tuning perspective and dont suit a daily car. Hope it all goes well for you. Going to sell the RB twins and inlets?
  7. jin108

    Any experience with silverdale radiator products?

    I recently replaced the radiator on my E90 bought a behr from fcp euro. The quality appears good but there was the problem with the lower coolant pipe connection on the left side. The coolant pipe to waterpump connects to the radiator sideways instead of diagonally downwards so this made it difficult to get the radiator fan back in the pipe had to be pushed and squished upwards was a real pain getting it back in.
  8. jin108

    335i boost leak challenge.

    Get a vacuum gauge and plug it in directly with a t connector and long hose can watch it when going for a pull. You can then know for sure if there is an actual boost issue or just a sensor. And double check the manifold and CP are seated correctly since you only had this issue after the intake blasting. Best practice is to replace the manifold gaskets so another thing to check as well.
  9. jin108

    335i boost leak challenge.

    Yeah sorry its not quite straightforward but it is time consuming which is why its better to try figure out yourself rather than getting a shop to do it. Another thing to check are your vacuum cans i had a leak on one of them. But betting its your diverter valves based on what you already said earlier.
  10. jin108

    335i boost leak challenge.

    Yup find a quiet road turn off all electronic aids and floor it in 3rd shift at 6k to 4th keep going to get a proper log
  11. jin108

    335i boost leak challenge.

    Log clearly shows a massive boost leak the target and actual boost should match. Usually you get all these issues after you tune a 335i will be interesting to see your patience with the car over time. You would be wise to learn to do stuff for yourself esp something straightforward as a boost leak as this could end up being an expensive car to maintain.
  12. jin108

    335i boost leak challenge.

    I think many would disagree with you that tightening up the arm would not solve the issue. In my case the rear WG was rattling I tightened it up and no rattle for about a year now. It is the only fix short of replacing them. If you run out of thread to adjust then the only fix is new WGs. It can happen at 80ks if its been driven hard but since you've tested it doesnt sound like thats the issue. Smoke test wont show a vacuum leak on loose DVs if it only happens under boost so its the easy thing to fix before changing VCG.
  13. jin108

    335i boost leak challenge.

    If you used a vacuum gauge should have been pretty clear whether there was a leak or not. If there is then tighten the actuator arm but then it should be apparent if theres a problem as the wastegates would rattle if they were loose. Ive never heard of a boost leak caused by the VCG but in cases of boost leaks CP and DVs are the first ones to rule out.
  14. jin108

    335i boost leak challenge.

    You can easily test the wastegates by applying vacuum directly to them and see if they hold. You mentioned the diverter valves are loose that is highly likely to be the issue. Maybe hold off on getting the forge diverter valves you can test whether the oem valves themselves are leaking by pulling them out and applying vacuum to them directly. If they dont leak then its the connection to the oem CP and the new CP should fix it as will have rubber hoses that should seal nicely.
  15. jin108

    Alignment shop in Auckland?

    I paid about $80 but they had a special on at the time. They claim their machines have tighter tolerances than what other shops use so something else to take into consideration.