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  1. 14" basket weaves for E30

  2. Thinking about selling my E30 and just want to see whether there is any interest for it. 1986 E30 325i PFL Cosmos Blue Metallic PRICE: $5k Bought it probably 6 months ago now for $6k, I've only put about 300 KM's on it. Always kept her clean, waxed, and garaged. Literally never drive her anymore, So she just sits in my garage and I take her out every weekend to keep the battery going. 256,000KM's, and the only real noticeable signs that she might of done that many is that the valve clearance/tappets tick is audible(especially with the stock exhaust). With a new engine and you wouldn't even think it had 100,000. The Bad: -I believe it still has original clutch in it, its perfectly drive-able but I have a replacement anyway, Just haven't got round to getting it put in. - Sticking with the transmission, From the research I've done it seems like either the input shaft bearing or throwout bearing needs replacing as after the engine is warm and the clutch is out(car in neutral) there is a tapping noise coming from the tranny. -Valve clearance/tappets tick after 3k revs is pretty audible(especially with the stock exhaust). Doesn't 'really' affect drive ability and you get used to it. -No radio or dome lights I am planning to get clutch replaced and the bearing replaced at the same time and I've been quoted around $450-510 for clutch replacing labour, not too sure on bearing replacement cost. With that in mind I'd consider selling it for cheaper as it is now with the fact that they would probably need to be fixed/replaced eventually. The good: -Lowered on Kings springs(looks much nicer, but its not too low) -Pretty much new brake pads -M-tech 1 Steering wheel -No dent's -Interior is pretty mint, all matching door cars and seats etc. -Chrome bumpers still all shiny and good condition. -No rust that I've found. -Paint is still pretty good, No signs of clear coat fade, Not one spot of rust on the car that I have found yet, The odd rock chip in the front in the clear coat but that's inevitable. -Tires have plenty of tread, and has bottle caps on it that are good condition other than the BMW logo/stickers in the middle have come off. -Has a sunroof which is always a bonus. -Starts first time and has never given me a problem -Crackless dash -Manual -It's a Manual 325i e30... isn't that enough.... Odd jobs I've done: Tranny oil change I did an oil and filter change when I first got it. Reconnected the heater core as it was bypassed(leak tested it as well) Replaced some fuel line that was getting dry/brittle. Painted valve cover Hoping to get somewhere in the $5-6K range ideally, And like I said previously, Could sell it to the buyer as it is now and reduce the price(around $5k) for repairs and give them the replacement clutch etc. Or get it fixed and try to sell it for around $6k in the future. Unfortunately don't have many interior/specific photo's(some of which are from when I bought it(ones with the basket weaves)) as I wasn't really thinking of selling it yet, but if theres interest I'll take some more. EDIT: ADDED SOME INTERIOR PHOTOS. - as you can see all that is really needed to complete the interior to make it perfect is the driver side under steering wheel kick panel and a radio/cover plate.
  3. 14" basket weaves for E30

    Also interested.
  4. F/S: E30 Tech 2 Sedan, 2.7 Stroker, E36 M3 5 stud

    Hahaha fair enough, she's a beaut...
  5. F/S: E30 Tech 2 Sedan, 2.7 Stroker, E36 M3 5 stud

    Curious as to what happened to this? I'd assume its been sold by now?
  6. Japanese Import Evo 7,8,9 Question

    NZTA SIV section says: "A special interest vehicle cannot be sold or leased within four years of its registration in New Zealand." If I'm not mistaken that would mean I would have to own the car and wouldn't be able to sell it for four years? Just want to confirm if this is right and if there's any way around this? Guess this stops people just importing cars for cheap and reselling them...
  7. Japanese Import Evo 7,8,9 Question

    Thanks for the info, looks like I've got to try go down the SIV route then.
  8. Japanese Import Evo 7,8,9 Question

    Thanks for the replies, unfortunately still got lots of questions/queries I was wondering whether, in relation to e36_Turbo's comment :" i was in the understanding that you can import any vehicle, but it doesn't mean you are legally allowed to drive / attempt to register it on our roads?" If I could potentially either get a better Catalytic converter installed either in japan or in NZ before i try to get it registered in the hopes that it may pass the emissions level it needs with a better Cat in it? Or is the emissions purely based on the model of the car and they don't actually test its emissions before rejecting it? Also had a look at the SIV option, noticed that on the "Previously granted vehicles list" there were: Mitsubishi Lancer 2005 Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 3 RS 1995 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution III CE9A 1994 And the requirements for SIV say that it must meet 3 of these 4 options: The vehicle (or its make, model and submodel) is identified as being a collector's item in one of the following magazines or their respective websites – Australian classic car, Car and driver (US), Automobile (US), Motor (Australia), Motor trend (US), New Zealand autocar, New Zealand classic car, Road and track (US), Top gear (UK), Top gear NZ,Unique cars (Australia) or Wheels (Australia). The vehicle's make and model has been (or was) manufactured in annual volumes of 20,000 units or less. The vehicle is, and was manufactured as, a two-door coupe or a convertible. The vehicle is, and was manufactured as, a high-performance vehicle. So I did a quick search, and it seemed that they never really produced many cars, around 5000 a year at least for the american market: http://www.evolutionm.net/forums/evo-general/709077-evolution-8-9-production-numbers-gsr-rs-mr-2003-2006-a.html , again correct me if I'm wrong here. Also wondering how they would want me to prove they made less than 20,000 a year? I'm not sure what they classify as a high-performance vehicle but I reckon that could be another potential. And lastly, I'd imagine that surely one of those magazine would have said at one time that Evo's are collectables or something along those lines? With there being a yearly limit of 200 vehicles, I'd assume that earlier in the year would be better? Cheers
  9. Japanese Import Evo 7,8,9 Question

    Not sure if this is appropriate for these forums(feel free to remove if it isn't) but I figured someone would be able to help here. Been considering importing a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 7, 8, or 9 over the past few weeks and i've done a bit of research and found the average cost of buying one through the auctions or online listings etc. But I contacted an Japanese car importer that is on trade me, and he told me that they weren't allowed to import them. I asked why and he gave me this answer: "It is for NZ emission standards. They are very strict.." So I tried to do some more research but didn't really find anything that backed what he said up. I tried to look on NZTA's website and use their 'Fuel Consumption Import Statement' online checking to see if it is allowed, but didn't have enough information for it to work. So I've come here to ask if anyone knows whether it actually isn't possible to import an Evo 7,8 or 9 into NZ because of NZ emissions standards. Any advice would be appreciated Cheers
  10. E30 Clutch reservoir cap

  11. E30 Clutch reservoir cap

    any chance this is still for sale?
  12. e30 MTech I Rear Apron/Bumper

  13. e30 MTech I Rear Apron/Bumper

  14. e30 MTech I Rear Apron/Bumper

    Nope, just got the rear apron sorry.