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  1. Hi guys, You might remember this listed on trademe from a couple months ago (see ad attached). I bought this to use over the summer break but now in a flat for the new year within walking distance from town. Selling for the same price to forum members who might want to use it or maybe use it for a manual conversion of something else? The car hasn't been used much. In original condition, has some of its user manuals, two original BMW keys and original headunit in place. Electrics seem to be all working. AC blows cold. It runs well and gearbox and clutch feel fine too. Reg is on hold now but wof is still valid til April. Cons: Rear wheel bearings need replacing as they drone which didnt bother me too much but do need doing The headlining is falling down. Paint is fading a bit in parts as you can see in pics. Car is in Wellington Selling as is for $995
  2. Hi did your 320 sell? 

    1. huff3r


      Yes, it's long gone sorry 

    2. bricktop
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