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  1. It actually looks like its had a swap with an original BMW leather interior which has been re-dyed blue (as the cuts/panels/stitching looks factory); wonder how long it will last...
  2. jonoe30

    Millennials in the Workplace

    It's brilliant pop psychology for millennials, but I agree with most of his points for sure. I have FB but barely post, no Instagram or Snap Chat (which I think is the ultimate of the self gratification apps in terms of instant hit) and no alerts on my phone for anything but phone calls. I probably spend more time on here or reading other forums, if I'm on my laptop.
  3. jonoe30

    Differential rebuilder recommendations

    Haha... thanks guys, I'll give him a call!
  4. Looking for recommendations on the best place to get an E30 medium case diff (open) rebuilt. It's leaking oil and I think the lash is out (I have spare crown and pinion wheels if these need replacing)... whines like there's no tomorrow at speed (rear wheel bearings themselves are fine). I would have gone with a second hand diff, but it's a relatively uncommon 3.91 ratio. I'll have it out of the car probably this weekend so just need a place to drop it off!
  5. jonoe30

    Big Oops!

    Classic car insurance often has a buy back clause after a write off, but I haven't seen it in State or Vero policies I've had. Check your policy working and see... if it comes to that. Hopefully not!
  6. jonoe30

    Car pics with plates

    If it's registered personally your name is already withheld by default for the carjam style searches as the other's have mentioned; if you want to prevent easy access to your name and address for the 1000s of people who have access to the NZTA database through work (insurance company reps, car dealers etc.) you can do it here online: https://transact.nzta.govt.nz/transactions/personalinfoaccess/entry There's a link included which explains the situations in which your info is released.
  7. jonoe30

    NZ's most expensive E34 525i

    I'm also guessing it would be impossible to register it without going through the special vehicles registration process which it wouldn't meet the requirements for?
  8. jonoe30

    SPOTTED! The official thread

    ~92,000NZD; No wonder NZ doesn't see more new BMW's on the road with the mark up BMW NZ adds! This car would have to be at least $150,000 here.
  9. jonoe30

    Best Run Flats

    FYI - according to Tire Rack the Bridgstones are 140 and the Pirelli's are 400 https://www.tirerack.com/tires/tires.jsp?tireMake=Pirelli&tireModel=P+Zero+Nero+All+Season+Run+Flat https://www.tirerack.com/tires/tires.jsp?tireMake=Bridgestone&tireModel=Potenza+RE050A+RFT Some additional info for those interested: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Uniform_Tire_Quality_Grading
  10. jonoe30

    Best Run Flats

    Sage advice
  11. jonoe30

    Best Run Flats

    I wouldn't worry about the suspension setup especially if you are changing from one type of run flat to the other. Plus all of BMW's marketing around RFTs was designed to sell the idea that they were for better performance and convenience and not that they were a cost saving and economy improving measure (which would have been the main drivers for the switch). I would hazard a guess and say the calibration for RFTs is relatively subtle... slightly different spring and damper rates, as people regularly switch to non-RFT's without issue. Going back to your original post KiwiTT, what tires does the vehicle have on it now? Apart from the DTC warning activating (it's hard to say whether this is happening too often without driving with you, though at 50km/h I'd expect you'd have to be turning some very tight corners or braking very sharply on slippery surfaces to activate it) do you have any other issues with them?
  12. jonoe30

    Best Run Flats

    Aren't the RE050s what they shipped with? Whatever it had on it I found them very harsh... unfortunately all tire/suspension opinions are very subjective... I usually drive an E30 with Toyos which have much bigger side walls so take my opinion with a grain of salt
  13. jonoe30

    Best Run Flats

    I forgot to follow up with the outcome... he ended up getting Pirelli P Zero run flats to replace the OEM Bridgestones (which may have been the originals or second set, they were overdue for replacement wear wise)... was about $1650 all up including alignment which I thought was very reasonable (225 front and 265 rear fitment I think). I've been borrowing the car since December and have done around 5000km on them... they are much more forgiving, more like normal low profile tires, don't tramline like the Bridgestones did and in the recent downpours have been very compliant and not too prone to aquaplaning. Wear seems to be good so far.
  14. jonoe30

    Karter 16's E46 M3 Journal

    I LOL'd at this.... I'm also a PM for a living... Everything I undertake on my E30 is a textbook case of massive scope creep... and budget blow outs... 'while I'm in there' syndrome should be number 1 on my risk register haha. Great that you are taking the time to refurbishing everything while you've got it out though! Looks brilliant
  15. jonoe30

    Imported BMWs with N53s

    Here's where I got the info: Japan http://transportpolicy.net/index.php?title=Japan:_Fuels:_Diesel_and_Gasoline#Gasoline NZ http://www.legislation.govt.nz/regulation/public/2011/0352/latest/whole.html#DLM4044783