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  1. E39 540is based on 100,000kms of driving. Pros Manual V8 sound. V8 torque Easy to work on Add a few M5 bits and they are as agile as a E39 M5 Awesome fun car to drive Awesome cruising car Comfortable Reliable (except for the fuel pump failure) Cons None when the required maintenace is done Some have mentioned the low beams, pre fl were excellent, fl were almost as good when the lenses are polished and the reflectors are good, Hids are better. I've got a couple of dim pixels but all work Parts replaced due to failure over the last 100,000km Fuel pump One rear suspension arm Window regulator Radiator before I bought it overflow bottle just after I bought it...........should've been replaced when the rad was done. Parts replaced due to maint & normal wear oil filters Brakes (once @ 130km approx) still look excellent at 200,000km Preventative maint at 198000km all suspension arms bushes, subframe bushes, shocks complete with top mounts and spring seat etc, steering joints, swaybar link, swaybar bushes
  2. If you are looking for a new fuel pump let me know I've got a new one sitting at work
  3. Yes it is manual
  4. Remember the E39 M5 was introduced in 1998, the M/tech front bumper was just a restyled grille in the M5 front bumper. Also you will find the "sport" package was replaced with the m/sport package in 1998, while Europe and Asia got the M/sport package USA/Canada didn't get this package until 2003........the final year of production. So really the m/sport bumpers are pre facelift and post facelift and the difference between the two is the "sport" package and M/sport package
  5. Pretty close Martin, front bumper is FL.......take a close look at the pdc sensors in the front bumper. The pdc will work once the switch is wired up. M/tech was not offered in prefl E39's prefl were "sport" which was different components compared to fl which were M/tech. All 6 speed manual 540i's were equiped with the "sport" package. Pre fl sensors in a fl bumper rotates the sensor 90 deg. Pre fl never had front & rear pdc only fl had that. You missed the acs skirts and rear window trim
  6. which part is which vintage of E39, there are a few parts that are pfl and others that are fl, lets see who can get most/all of them.
  7. But keep guessing
  8. How many can tell me which part is which vintage of E39?
  9. Well the swaybars, bushes, arms, ball joints and steering box have been done. While the wheels were off I cleaned them...........all the brake dust staining is gone........then I waxed them with wheel wax, lets see how easy they are to clean next time. While I still have to replace all the shocks, spring rubbers, mounts etc I have to say the car does feel a lot tighter and with the M5 steering box upgrade it feels as direct as the 530i M/sport, this has to be one of the best additions yet. The car is flatter in corners but not quite as harsh riding as the e39 530 m/sport, it will be interesting to see what it is like once all the shocks are replaced.
  10. I sourced everything out of the US and Europe, all the parts purchased have either been genuine BMW, Lemforder, and FAG wheel bearings.
  11. Time for some elbow work.............the results a few days latter I removed all the trim while I clayed, cut and polished the paint. How's that for a clear reflection Think I need a new bonnet emblem
  12. It's pre vanos so no need to do that. All the parts sitting on the shelf for the timing chain guides, all oem. Even have all the tools. I made all the tools for replacing the subframe and diff bushes
  13. Mechanically it is excellent, I've owned it since 99k (3rd private owner + 2 car sales) and most of it's running since I got it has been hot running trips, ie Dunedin to ChCh, Dunedin to Nelson etc Cooling system is on it's second replacement, all fluids changed every 12 months if needed or not. Given the long trips the service lights have almost never come on, I left it once and did 3 services before the lights said I should service it.
  14. Some of the additions and retrofit items that are planned are the addition of front pdc, hid headlights, auto on headlights, led taillights, M5 servotronic steering, new shocks front & rear, M5 front swaybar, undecided as to if I fit a M5 rear bar or Eibach. I'm looking for a set of E38 sport/comfort seats (anyone??) Also have a set of 18" mpars but do like the look of the Schnitzer type III's