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  1. Thanks, If you look at the trim in my pics you will see there are two clips securing the trim, one is on the right hand corner closest to the driver the other is approx. 100mm down from the corner on the left hand side. Both of the clips go through steel supports which are screwed to the dash. The bottom edge of the trim just hooks under the bottom of the opening so once the clips are released the trim just pulls up and toward the steering wheel to remove it. Yes the clips are quite firm in the openings of the steel supports, about the same as some of the clips holding some of the trim into the dash.
  2. You're in the wrong part of the country it's a fine sunny day here.....lol Thanks, I still have plenty to do while the dash and seats are out, wiring and most for the HUD, etc
  3. Thanks Andrew. What I could do with are some measurements to the edge of the opening for the HUD and a cardboard template if possible. The trim is just clipped into place, so if you lift it up from the edge closest to the driver it will just unclip and lift out. I've attached a couple of pics of the dash top and the HUD surround, measurements from the heater vents and the size of the opening would help. As you can see my dash is already out, makes it easy to take photos of.
  4. Well with 4 weeks to fill in I was wondering if any members on here have a E60 with Heads Up Display? I'm looking to do some projects and could do with a template for cutting out the opening for the HUD trim.
  5. A few years ago Penrite recommended their synthetic fluid (BMV wasn't as good as their synthetic fluid at the time) for the ZF6HP in the Falcons, it was only recommended on their website for approx. 3 weeks. I heard of a number of cases where the trans ended up with harsh and shudder shifts after using that fluid. A couple of fluids available in NZ that are suitable for the ZF 6HP and latter trans are Fuchs Titan 6006 https://www.fuchs.com/de/en/special/product/product/128545-titan-atf-6006/ Q8 Auto MV https://www.q8oils.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/Q8-Auto-MV_en.pdf A good oil is still cheaper than rebuilding a 6HP.
  6. No problem. Even if you only need the front springs you will also need a set of m-tech swaybars, or some others...……..Cheers
  7. Adro do you want the m-sport sill trims?? $120 for all 4 if you are interested
  8. Yes I checked and it does have M-tech 2 Suspension, $300 for all the shocks springs and swaybars
  9. Sorry, unless someone fitted them it just has std exterior mirrors
  10. All 4 sill plates, all rubber is still intact, no cracks just normal wear & tear.
  11. Adro M-sport sill trims are all present and I will post some pics shortly. Str8_6 The jack is not there. Breakmywindow It looks like it still has all the original m-sport II suspension, I'll put it on the hoist tomorrow and check.
  12. Yes it's M-tech 2 all round (judging by the way it rides, but will check tomorrow), I would like to sell all the M/sport suspension as a packages if possible, so front & rear shocks, springs and swaybars. The way a M-sport with m-tech 2 rides compared to a std or even a sport is the thing that really makes the m-sport worth having.
  13. I will check tomorrow and let you know...……...it has a spare tyre but it isn't mounted on a rim I checked that before driving it home, I can't recall seeing the jack.
  14. I will check those tomorrow and see what condition they are in...…..Cheers
  15. The front bumper is damaged with a piece missing and the rear one is already gone.
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