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  1. Curious, this wouldn't fit a 330ci would it?
  2. Would you be able to ship to Hamilton?
  3. Hey with the tread on the tyres are the rears both good tread?
  4. Is that warranty still valid if sold to another person just curious I know some places won't let you claim unless you are the original purchaser..?
  5. Is this for an auto or manual? .
  6. From your post these wouldn't suit a E46 I assume?..
  7. So I attempted to buy the shark injector and turns out it will only work with us models only .. so that's a bummer. Oh well coilovers it is 🤣
  8. thanks man, the one from turnermototrsport will end up being like $565 thats total. and yeah havent heard/ seen anyone online bagging it apart from saying that the dont add a lot of hp or "any" . then pretty much everyone else saying that it feels peppier lol. pretty keen to just do it. Over the past year replaced parts and done a fair amount of maintenance stuff too so keen to have something to slightly improve the performance now. so thanks for the input. wonder what a dyno test would cost to do a proper before and after... lol
  9. Hey everyone I'm trying to find out if anyone in NZ has used those shark injector devices before? Like this on on the link I have been thinking about buying one. Mainly to reduce lag with the throttle. More power would be a nice thing also. Has anyone used one with an e46 or even any BMW?? Or if people have other ideas/routes to go that'll gain either better throttle response and maybe more power without having to sell myself on the street to get it. Cheers
  10. Posting on behalf for my brother he has cash now and wants an e46. Max 5k depending on the car itself. Prefer the 2000 year and above if possible. 325i upwards hopefully also. Open to offers etc. Were located I Hamilton will travel Auckland places similar. You can also email me on
  11. I'll take them mate . I'll pm you
  12. Oh boy this mint if I had the funds I'd jump on this. Even though I really shouldn't hah. Someone grab this and have some fun
  13. Hey man I'm still keen on those plates. Just curious with that wiring harness you had, in use do you know if the steering wheels controls would still function? I'll pm you about the reinforcment plates
  14. Those reinforcement plates for the front towers. Whats the price your looking for? .
  15. Those are a nice style. Did you ever get around to having a look for that manual at all man.