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  1. MK Motorsport alloys :)

    Comparing style 156s (et34) from an e90 to these mk rims that you have do you know if they would sit in the guards better eg closer or further away? I'm just thinking to avoid having a noticeable difference. Being more narrow. I do like the style of your rims though.
  2. MK Motorsport alloys :)

    Ohk cool, just the image then. Ah it does look like an 8 very close up. Haha my bad. Hmm.
  3. MK Motorsport alloys :)

    Hey man the 3series rims last photo is that damage close to the Centerline? . Also are they et32 as the picture shows or et38? Bit curious.
  4. e46 2002 330ci Msport

    Any more pictures? Interior wise? Cheers
  5. FS: BMW 330i Msport 2000 NZ New

    The oil leaks you mention in the trademe page. Where are those coming from man valve cover? Or rear/front main seals? Cheers
  6. WTB: 135i 2008-10

    Ah fair enough then. I'm only 5 and 1/2 feet tall. So room isn't an issue I usually feel cars are large hahah.
  7. WTB: 135i 2008-10

    Not yet I haven't but I've seen a couple now. And size wise isn't much smaller. Room isn't a factor for me. Coupe 2door is what I'm after. Hey Rag-Top do you mean you have one possibly? Also I agree.
  8. WTB: 135i 2008-10

    Lately ive found myself looking at more and more at 135i's for sale and now im starting to really contemplate selling one/both of my current bmws to help fund getting a 135i. if you have a 135i and open to selling let me know. i have a E46 coupe 2005 (built 04) registered 2005 . Velvet Blue. facelift 330ci "clubsport" with carbon bootlid ( CSL REP) oh still have the factory clubsport boot as well. If would prefer OEM/stock style. carbon kidney grills has 208,000kms currently, auto/tiptronic. have all receipts from fixing issues or maintaining. ask me. E.g. fuel pump, brake discs... also currently has brand new, weeks old bc coilovers installed, no cert currently (still have oem msport suspension also) also have a E36 320i sedan 1995 arctic silver (auto) well looked after stock pretty much has bilsteins with jamex rear springs only 2 owners me and some old guy. owned since 190,000kms has currently 217,000kms front msport bumper also, still have original is a bit scrapped up though. hit me up if keen to trade for a 135i and cash. Or willing to sell. can email me on ashley.slater@live.com or PM me here cheers.
  9. FS - Genuine Gruppe M carbon intake E46 M3

    Curious, this wouldn't fit a 330ci would it?
  10. Wrecking 2001 e46 320 motorsport

    Would you be able to ship to Hamilton?
  11. Wrecking 2001 e46 320 motorsport

    Hey with the tread on the tyres are the rears both good tread?
  12. Is that warranty still valid if sold to another person just curious I know some places won't let you claim unless you are the original purchaser..?
  13. Is this for an auto or manual? .
  14. EBC Yellow Stuff Race Pads

    From your post these wouldn't suit a E46 I assume?..
  15. Shark injector

    So I attempted to buy the shark injector and turns out it will only work with us models only .. so that's a bummer. Oh well coilovers it is 🤣