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  1. digitalashley

    WTB: 135i 2008-10

    Any fellow bimmersport guys wanting to sell their 135i? Still looking. I'm looking at 17k max depending.
  2. digitalashley

    E46 Clubsport 330ci 2005 NZ New

    Bump? Would sell for 8k..
  3. digitalashley

    bmw E92 335i msport parts car

    Pretty nice sample pics
  4. digitalashley

    Schwaben Subframe & Differential Bushing Tool Set -SOLD

    Bummer, cheers for replying
  5. digitalashley

    E46 Clubsport 330ci 2005 NZ New

    Interested in 135i if you have one and wanna see if we can make a deal work email me or PM
  6. digitalashley

    Schwaben Subframe & Differential Bushing Tool Set -SOLD

    Gone? I'd be keen
  7. digitalashley

    E46 Clubsport 330ci 2005 NZ New

    Have added to trademe now https://preview.trademe.co.nz/motors/cars/bmw/330ci/listing/1656267148
  8. digitalashley

    E46 Clubsport 330ci 2005 NZ New

    E46 Clubsport 2005 (Facelift) Velvet Blue (BMW individual) Steptronic Napa Black leather interior Cubic silver trim 210kms Slightly higher rev limit to other e46's (ZHP) with an extra 5-10hp I've heard due to the exhaust cam having larger lobes, feels peppier than other 330s also. Airbags replaced already as per recall etc. Stickers in boot for those. Have replaced most things in the past two years of owning to bring it back up to a nice standard. Sitting with BC coilovers brand new, months old (with BMW reinforcement plates on all 4 towers) no cert currently. New radiator, thermostats, vac lines, intake boots, steering rack replaced, front disks, rocker gasket, trans gasket/filter and new fluids for everything even washer fluid 😜, diff oil, disa valve, brand new coils, spark plugs (NGK), fuel pump & filter and a bunch more items bushes etc. Rear bumper repainted (recent chip 😕), front still needs to be done and mirrors clearcoat. Spent 5k on OEM parts so hard to recall without looking at the receipts now, not including BC coils and carbon boot. Happy to sell the car with or without the BCs and carbon boot. Has carbon strut brace also(not pictured). Previous owner tinted windows 35% Did water pump and couple other items I recall. Have all receipts for every item. Has the 6disc changer in boot also have wired in an aux and have a Bluetooth DAC connected to that in the glovebox for wireless audio. Aux/Bluetooth Works while playing blank CDs perfectly. There are chips and a couple small dents as age and KMs. Ask me questions happy to answer. Looking for $11k with the BCs and carbon boot. With just stock items looking for $8,5k hit me up happy to chat. 0224368922 Ashley.slater@live.com Have two sets of rims so can choose OEM or silver unknown brand if like. Or both if price right. In no rush as I have a second car and looking for the most I can reasonably get to fund new dream. photos are with stock suspension except 4,5th
  9. digitalashley

    MK Motorsport alloys :)

    Comparing style 156s (et34) from an e90 to these mk rims that you have do you know if they would sit in the guards better eg closer or further away? I'm just thinking to avoid having a noticeable difference. Being more narrow. I do like the style of your rims though.
  10. digitalashley

    MK Motorsport alloys :)

    Ohk cool, just the image then. Ah it does look like an 8 very close up. Haha my bad. Hmm.
  11. digitalashley

    MK Motorsport alloys :)

    Hey man the 3series rims last photo is that damage close to the Centerline? . Also are they et32 as the picture shows or et38? Bit curious.
  12. digitalashley

    e46 2002 330ci Msport

    Any more pictures? Interior wise? Cheers
  13. digitalashley

    FS: BMW 330i Msport 2000 NZ New

    The oil leaks you mention in the trademe page. Where are those coming from man valve cover? Or rear/front main seals? Cheers
  14. digitalashley

    WTB: 135i 2008-10

    Ah fair enough then. I'm only 5 and 1/2 feet tall. So room isn't an issue I usually feel cars are large hahah.
  15. digitalashley

    WTB: 135i 2008-10

    Not yet I haven't but I've seen a couple now. And size wise isn't much smaller. Room isn't a factor for me. Coupe 2door is what I'm after. Hey Rag-Top do you mean you have one possibly? Also I agree.