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  1. loopy_lee

    gruppe m e36 m3 intake

    Managed to find a site in the UK that has the filter Part No: RF-3301A and it's heaps cheaper and a legit part too. Will order that but before I do il try my luck with Honda to try and see if any mugen filters are around. Thanks for the help guys. Il let you know how I go!!
  2. loopy_lee

    gruppe m e36 m3 intake

    Thanks for the help. Yea 200+ shipping is pricey! Makes me want to just bin it and get a factory box... I measured the circumference of the intake at its 195mm on the outer lip which is how it fits into the housing
  3. loopy_lee

    gruppe m e36 m3 intake

    Finding a filter seems impossible, might adapt the housing to use a k&n cone filter or il trade for a factory one possible if the deal is worth it
  4. loopy_lee

    gruppe m e36 m3 intake

    will upload one. its a conical shape filter that fits in the housing with a lip. diameter is 195mm
  5. loopy_lee

    New member - E36 M3

    Thanks guys, was nice to meet a few of you Sunday. Yea the car just needed a bit of love and some new parts here and there, main aim will be to get it really tidy and keep it for a good weekend driver! Here's some more pics...
  6. loopy_lee

    gruppe m e36 m3 intake

    Hey trying to find a replacement filter for my Gruppe m carbon e36 m3 intake, its current filter is shot. I know it comes with a K&N filter but it seems K&N dosent stock nor can they find a replacement for me.. Any ideas?
  7. loopy_lee

    New member - E36 M3

    getting used to it took quicker than I expected and the nice thing is each time you sit in it, it just feels that little bit more special
  8. loopy_lee

    New member - E36 M3

    Hey guys! Met some of you at the meet at the sushi shop. Was nice to finally take the old girl out to a meet. Been spending many.. many hours tidying this car up and bringing it up to scratch. Its a 1994 US Spec LHD M3