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  1. dirty36

    E36 sedan tan headliner

    yeah for a sedan, sweet thanks I will let you know how it goes because they seem quite hard to find.
  2. dirty36

    E36 sedan tan headliner

    want to buy e36 sedan tan headliner. Located in Wellington but can pay for shipping. Thanks.
  3. dirty36

    Tan e36 headliner

    Anyone selling a tan headliner for e36 sedan? Can pick up Wellington or pay for shipping.
  4. dirty36

    Axle help e36

    Are the medium case axles also bigger on the wheel bearing side too?
  5. dirty36

    Axle help e36

    Can this flange be taken off and put into a different axle? I've got the wrong axle so it won't bolt up to my diff and I've been trying to get my original axle out but it's rusted in.
  6. dirty36

    E36 handbrake cable removal

    Just took some pictures while I had the parts off car. Posting here if anyone wanted to know. (You'll need to disconnect the handbrake from the handle so there's enough slack to pull it out like this)
  7. dirty36

    Need some advice

    Are there any write ups about removing the trailing arm/ handbrake cable?
  8. dirty36

    Need some advice

    So I've stripped the bolt hole that holds the rear strut to the trailing arm pretty badly. The bolt can pretty much be pushed through. What do you reckon is the best way to go about fixing this? Cheers.
  9. dirty36

    E36 central locking

    Thanks! I'll have a look after work.
  10. dirty36

    E36 central locking

    When I lock my car from the drivers door it will only lock the drivers door and right rear but nothing in the passenger side, when I lock from the passenger side door it will lock all four. So my question is what part of the central locking system sends the signal from the drivers side lock to the passenger doors. Cheers.
  11. dirty36

    E36 power steering lines

    Haha cheers. If you have any just let me know.
  12. dirty36

    E36 power steering lines

    Based in wellington but will pay for shipping. I need some new or good condition used power steering lines for an e36 325i.
  13. dirty36

    E36 White smoke

    It's only just started so will have to keep an eye in the coolant level and if I'm loosing coolant i'll get a compression test. The car has never overheated and coolant sits at norm temp 90-100 degrees. One thing to note is that I haven't driven the car much in the last month or two and the smoke completely disappeared after a decent drive. There's just so much on startup which is a bit of a worry.
  14. dirty36

    E36 White smoke

    Okay so my E36 325i has a sh*t load of white smoke on start up and stays there until I have revved it hard while the engine is warm. Here's a few videos to show what it looks like on startup/warm and then what it look like after a drive. The smoke comes back once I've left the car off for awhile. Anyone know what's going on? Cheers. After drive idle.mp4 After drive.mp4 Idle with white smoke.mp4
  15. dirty36

    E36 1993 radiator

    Anyone selling a radiator for a 1993 e36 manual? i've already bought a "new" one off trademe and that just leaked everywhere and $650 from bmw is just crazy. Cheers.