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  1. bmwwgn

    Rare E34 M5?

    Thanks for sharing, Boris... have always had a soft spot for the E34 M5, and yours is an exceptional example. Hope the old girl is behaving herself. Cheers!
  2. bmwwgn

    Red E34 M5 (ex-UK)

    To the owner of the red E34 M5, Reg. TU5262, spotted on Akoranga Drive yesterday...........nice car, and great to see one of these rare machines in daily use (have seen this car on numerous occasions, crossing HB). But did you know that your throwing-stars are fitted backwards (maybe just the fronts)? A common error made by owners and tyre shops alike.
  3. bmwwgn

    BMW 850 CSI manual (Japanese Auction)

    According to 8coupe.com, there were only 43 850CSi's produced in Barbadosgrun Metallic (247). Of the 160 RHD CSi's built, only two were ordered in this colour (it was a 'BMW Individual' order option).
  4. bmwwgn

    BMW 850 CSI manual (Japanese Auction)

    Yep, the CSi definitely benefitted from the 9.8:1 compression of the S70. The lower compression M70 was more of a lazy twelve.
  5. bmwwgn

    BMW 850 CSI manual (Japanese Auction)

    The S70 V12 was a BMW M-fettled version of the M70 - which I've always likened to 2x M30's bolted together (some sources say M20, but the V12's cams were chain driven, like the M30). Anyway, here's a good summary of the S70B56 engine, which was only used in the 850CSi (courtesy BMW M-Registry): "How is the S70 engine different from the M70 V12 upon which it is based? When creating the 850CSi's S70 V12 motor, BMW Motorsport began with the standard 24-valve SOHC M70 engine and instituted the following changes: -Increased bore (from 84mm to 86mm) and stroke (from 75mm to 80mm) for a new total displacement of 5,576cc (from 4,988cc) -Lighter pistons -Increased compression (from 8.8:1 to 9.8:1) -More aggressive valve timing for increased high-rpm power -Larger diameter exhaust pipes -Variable rpm limit (6,400 in 1st+2nd, 6,200 in 3rd, 6,100 in 4th. 6,000 in 5th+6th) -Adjustable throttle sensitivity via dual mode (Sport or Komfort) console-mounted switch -Engine oil cooler (European-spec models only) These modifications resulted in an increase in maximum power from 300 hp (DIN) or 296 hp (SAE) at 5,200 rpm to 380 hp (DIN) or 372 hp (SAE) at 5,300 rpm. In addition, maximum torque was increased from 332 lb/ft at 4,100 rpm to 402 lb/ft at 4,000 rpm. This engine can be identified by the "Powered by M" inscription on the central cam cover between the two banks of cylinders." The 627 hp S70/2 used in the McLaren F1 was a 48-valve derivative of the same engine, but heavily modified, with alloy block and 4-valve heads. It had an 11:1 compression ratio, ran a dry sump oil system, and also had VANOS.
  6. bmwwgn

    BMW 850 CSI manual (Japanese Auction)

    The AHK rear wheel steering system on the 850CSi only worked above approx. 60 km/h, turning the rear wheels in the same direction as the fronts, up to a maximum 2.5 degrees depending on the amount of steering input. I could certainly feel it working in my CSi on a few occasions but, as previously mentioned, it really came into good effect when manoeuvering at speed on the European motorways and fast winding roads, which the car was designed for.
  7. bmwwgn

    BMW 850 CSI manual (Japanese Auction)

    The AHK was essentially designed to provide the CSi with superior high speed lane changing capability on the autobahns - and it worked. Porsches and Ferraris struggled to match it in this mode.
  8. bmwwgn

    How many E34 M5 3.8's were sold new in NZ?

    Correct, all were 1993 year models - four built in late '92 and one in early '93 - so they preceded the later 6-speed cars, which came out in May 1994.
  9. bmwwgn

    BMW 850 CSI manual (Japanese Auction)

    Thread title is a misnomer, as are all the comments about the car being a "manual". C'mon guys, don't you know that the 850CSi only came as a 6-speed manual?! Just 1510 units were produced by BMW M - they were an M8 in all but name. This is a January '94 Euro-spec (EG91) car and is quite possibly the lowest mileage example in existence. It should fetch well over $NZ100k - likely to a European or US buyer.
  10. bmwwgn

    How many E34 M5 3.8's were sold new in NZ?

    Five is correct for the NZ new 3.8's - PM sent
  11. bmwwgn

    BMW etk no longer working?!

    Thanks for the above link, Matth5. That's a much more user-friendly site. Have it bookmarked as a favourite now. Cheers
  12. Has anyone else found that the 'Options' selection has disappeared from the BMW etk? This means we can no longer view production data for any BMW using this website, despite having the 7-digit serial number.
  13. bmwwgn

    Inaugural Bimmerfest

    Quote: "As the BMW Car Club or no other BMW affiliated business would not sponsor this event the Playday organizers have opened the day to all comers..." In other words, this event is not exclusive to BMW Car Club members - all are welcome to attend both days. Just follow the instructions above to register.
  14. bmwwgn

    E31 8-series 25th Anniversary Event

    Non-E31 cars and owners will be invited to join the Saturday (BMWCC run and sponsored) event at HD. Are you a BMWCC member?
  15. bmwwgn

    E31 8-series 25th Anniversary Event

    Bump this topic: The date for this great event is now firm, for the weekend of 15-16 November this year. - Saturday will be an afternoon/twilight play-day at HD, in conjunction with BMWCC. - A dinner for 8er owners that night followed by a road trip out of Auckland on the Sunday. So far we have cars coming from as far afield as Wellington - let's make it an epic 8-series event. We're aiming for a target attendance of 25 E31's, so spread the word, and please confirm your interest to me and/or Mr Fearghus. Cheers P.S. Maybe this thread should be in Meetings section? If so, could someone move it?