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  1. Michael Had a bad experience with Dunedin BMW for PPI - didnt notice that water pump was gone but found worn stitching on steering wheel. Queenstown BMW mechanics Hansen Auto Services where good when it came to a PPI Paul
  2. Looks tidy, appears cheap at $13500. Like the ride height, what shocks and spring do you have? - only asking as mine currently a bit hight Paul
  3. Lets just say I may at times of been boardering on far too much fun, had great time and awesome to meet everyone. thanks Pete, you can rest assured that your efforts on making this happen were greatly appreciated Cheers Paul
  4. Cheers - thats the intent.
  5. Cheers for info It will be about 2 weeks before I can deal with this In meantime I have decided to drop vehicle back on Monday and get packers removed, then I am only working with one variable (new shocks). After replacement of shocks I no longer have body roll through left hand corners. I now just have a height issue which I hope is just down to the packers - so therfore remove packers. So in my mind what should happen now is that car will return to my previous ride height, albeit with brand new shocks. My untrained mind doesnt know if new shocks have any bearing on ride height. Appreciate the guidence Cheers Paul
  6. Cheers - asked at Autolign about them, they said "they could get them but they are very expensive" and kept pointing me in the direction of some NZ made springs. For me when I get to this stage this will be the road I go. These are what are in there now - assume OEM?
  7. Thanks Understand what you are saying, took my car to the professionals (as I am a Soldier, not a suspesion expert), their adivce after all the info I had given them was 10mm packers right front which I didnt see as the fix but thought ok they deal with these things as a profession, I will run with this . At the moment this is all the advice they have given me. My brain says it must be the springs as correct me if Im wrong they hold the ride hieght (doesnt explain intermittant issue) New shocks - why not cant do any harm, at least I now have new shocks all round on my 23yr old car, had to be done at some stage. From here they have advised me the car will settle and a run such as Gentle Annies should sort it. Not holding my breath - hopefully they are right If car doesnt settle - then packers out, if still have hieght and lean issues then try and find another firm in Pamly that may know what they are doing. All advice I have been given is the firm I am using are the experts. Trust me I am not a happy camper right now and the car looks crap Cheers Paul
  8. Thanks for that. Will do a another measure.
  9. Reminder of the issue - Car has lean and terrible body roll when turning left, solid as a rock turning right. Update 1. Have replaced shocks all round with a. Rear (November) Bilstien 24-02532 , removed original SACHs shocks and they were toast. This didnt fix lean b. Front (today) Bilstien VE3-4237 and 38, removed older VE3-4337 and 38, as I was informed (by autolign) it can cost up to $500 per shock to rebuild if they can be rebuilt, so I replaced them. 2. Old front shocks - left seemed ok but right had no movement at all when on the car, off the car they both seem ok , no leaks and return when compressed. 3. Shock shop (John Bates Palmy) also added 10mm packer to right front , I personally wasnt entirely sold on this idea at the time , but they are the professionals, so ran with thier advice to hopefully sort the intermittant lean to the right of 5 to 15mm . I am still not sold , they have told me wait a while and the car will settle???? a. Corners to top wheel arch Right front - 655cm Right rear - 630cm Left front - 660cm Left rear - 635cm Car now looks like front is raised, cant see how this will settle down, aesthetically the car is not looking right to me, but the ride is so much better now. Questions 1. Will the car settle? or shall I get them to remove the packer? 2. Are there any other E36 M3 owners who have the measurements to the top wheel arch out there? esp front 3. Has any one who may have tastefully lowered there e36 M3, if so what springs did you use?, ie not riding on bump stops Thanks in advance for any advice or previous experience with this packer/lean/lowering springs issues Cheers New look - will do better pic in moring Old look
  10. Here it is
  11. Bugger Just ordered some
  12. Thanks everyone for the advice and pointers Done, pretty simple really. Old shocks appear to be original Boge, don't return when compressed so they needed doing anyway, time will tell if this was the problem. Noticed callipers on one side missing clips for pads, so need to sort that. 1. Cost - $777.24 for 2 shocks from autolign , but hey that's whats in the front so just wanted to keep it the same all round 2. Rear shock mounts have been done recently, have been wondering if I should do to reinforcement plates?. So simple to remove everything I might just order some and do it. Thanks again, really appreciated all the advice I have received Regards Paul
  13. After much toing and froing I am going to try putting in new shocks as I think the issue is hopefully just due to at 160000km it appears to have original shocks in the rear 1. The issue is only now and again, some days bad 10-15mm some not up and to 5mm lean 2. I have checked everything else that has been suggested and this what I going to try 3. Autoalign chaps in Pamly say it sounds like a stuck shock, so 4. I have just purchased new Bilstiens for the rear only (it will now have bilstiens allround). As I have never replaced shocks before, just wondering if there anything I need to watch out for ? and do I need any spec tools? I've got it into my head this should be simple enough?, probably my first mistake. Will post on the outcome in the coming days Cheers Paul
  14. Thank for the advice , some it a bit scary ie subframe, I wasn't aware of this on e36s.I have a few pics from underneath, to be honest I don't even know if Im even looking at the right things, I don't see anything that stands out a being wrong (untrained eyes) . Is this a pic of evidence of reinforcement, plus one of the lean this afternoon. Cheers Paul
  15. Hi I have an issue with the body of my car leaning to the driver side. I have taken it to the local Shock shop to be told car was leaning 4mm and some packers would fix it, but no idea as to why the car is leaning, obviously I have searched all the forums but as yet no answer. It appears to the eye that the car leans somewhat more than 4mm, I have measured it to around 15mm .So I have a few questions for the wise out there 1. Rear shock mounts were done earlier this year, is it possible there is some wrong there, 2. Has anyone had this issue before and was there a simple fix? Paul