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  1. Got $100 for mine last yr and it had a few holes in it
  2. Cheers Kelvin appreciated the feedback- all the vacuum caps just got replaced this time around, they picked up on it as they had become brittle. Its sad when you a had an excellent relationship with a firm for the last 5yrs , where all work has been done to the highest standard or "do it once do it right " has been the culture, then all of a sudden it starts to slide downhill.
  3. Lastest round of work, do I have OCD or is the finishing work of the gasket considered acceptable?. Plus since last repair I have an intermittent smell of fuel in the cabin, apparently there was a clip on the fuel rail not do up properly and if it wasn't that then its most likely the fuel line that runs under the back seat. Pretty much over these guys, if its not one thing its another, time I learnt how to do this work myself I think, unless someone can recommend a competent mechanic for a 93 m3 in Palmerston Nth
  4. Diagnosis in Spark plug two and five loose, tightened noise gone. The also noticed plugs were old and most of the throttle body caps are brittle, apparently the caps issue will cause the car to run lean?. Of course I have no idea on that As both myself and wksp have no record of plugs being done I'm getting the plugs done and replacing the throttle body caps. I'm happy enough with that as it doesn't appear to be last job related
  5. Yes dealer, we have chat about cost as I got the feeling it wont be issue by the language they were using. I
  6. Back Story Car went in for leaking Vanos in Nov, car all done early Dec parts ordered ex Germany, car went back two weeks later, hadn't ordered enough seals according to second mechanic, wait another 10 days seals arrived car put back together, not done well, car doesn't even leave shop new parts ordered got car back, sealant all over valve cover and streaks running down windscreen and wing mirror (suspect detergent left to dry on glass) cant get this off Taken back yesterday re noise So far wksp have been excellent and have said everything will be repaired, including windscreen/mirror When showing the head mechanic the broken seal, it completely broke off and wasn't too impressed by workmanship and said it will all need to be redone. Funny you mention oil - I swear I can smell hot oil every now and again I will keep you all posted
  7. Yes noise repetition increases with rpm Took it to BMW, they also said it sounds like a vacuum issue, taking it back tonight to leave it there so they can have a proper poke around tomorrow.
  8. Yeah recording isn't a very good comparison compared to actual, as for the where its coming from, at first I thought it was to lower rear engine, definitely engine block level vs being higher in the engine. To be honest I m probably asking too much for someone to guess The noise is faint until hood is lifted and that is when you hear a noise likened to a some vacuum issue but then at the same time you could say its a knock (hope not). Will try your suggestion. Thanks
  9. Afternoon all, after recent engine work, some vanos seals done , I have strange noise coming from the engine. I only noticed the noise this morning on start without the radio going, sorry recording isnt giving a very good representation of noise, to me it sounds like air or somethings broken. I have not noticed any issues with performance or the like. Picture is another piece of poor workmanship I found this morning from this one job. Going into workshop on Monday re the poor work and hoping this is noise is a simple fix that is related to head off and vanos seals done. Any thoughts much appreciated Cheers 20200201_191033.mp4
  10. Random act of a good bugger yesterday at supermarket Sun was out yesterday in Palmy so I risked a visit to the supermarket in the M3, saw a nice Alfa 159 wagon decided to park next to it (therefore person cares about their car and wont let his door hit mine). While parking this guy walks up to my car and asks if I would like a new mag wheel for my car for free, it was the owner of the 159 who at one stage had an E36 M3 and this wheel had been sitting in his garage for years. He wouldn't accept payment so if you are ever in Palmy for the night and need a motel the manager /owner of http://citycorporate.co.nz/ is a good bugger and I assume he would run his motel the same way. He also had a Gulia in the garage
  11. Nice 635 in the carpark at Manfield today
  12. Fixed, took seat out fully declined seat and heard a click, fixed, probably didn't need to take seat out in hindsight. I Was surprised re the weight of the seat, a lot heavier than I expected.
  13. Hi looking for info on how to fix my passenger vader seat, I have search the net and no luck yet hoping someone can point me in right direction I fully declined the seat and when I returned it to upright it wouldn't lock in place. Elecs still all work, have poor vid of what it does now, Im assuming something plastic has broken Any help appreciated Cheers paul 20190922_175824.mp4
  14. Is the E36 out of Waikanae , ex 1996 M3 rego?
  15. Cheers - not my car belongs to chap at work, assume he must have something wrong to run them first. Will pass on
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