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  1. Get some bullbars for it!
  2. Only $58,880 now !!!!! Get in while you can.
  3. Good weekend for the M3! Decided on a whim to give the Meremere drags a go and had a blast. Though the car is not competitive by today's standards, I was pretty happy to have gotten a PB of 13.9 at approximately 104mph. (Will find the timeslip) I also replaced the TPS to try solve the slight hesitation issue. The car definitely runs smoother now but still does always have the crisp, sharp rev that it should. I'll have to make the time to get it scanned and diagnosed. Still has all the go that it's supposed to have! Also stoked to have my new plates arrive in the mail today. received_430061327928647.mp4 received_504439176821928.mp4
  4. And who was that? I nearly sealed the deal before the other guy swept me out the way with a big offer
  5. I've got a set of 17x8 style 32s with alright tyres. Need a respray but good for the money- $450.
  6. Fairly convinced my intermittent issue is the TPS. Even though I'm not 100% sure, I've bought one anyway since its a service item.
  7. Looks like the SAP delete has just moved to the top of my to do list!
  8. Definitely. I'll probably go for the VAC delete plate (looks cool). I'm struggling to find information on deleting it on an S50B32. Seems that removing it from an E46 throws a CEL and you need to code it out or it will be in limp mode. Not 100% sure if I need to do the same or not.
  9. Had a pretty successful weekend- pulled the motor and gearbox out of my cousins 535i E28 (HEAVY) and pulled the plenum off the M3. I was expecting to find some perished vacuum lines but after have a pretty good look around everything seems ok. The one thing I did spot is that the small diameter line running to the bottom of the plenum was not connected (see picture). I cleaned out the ICV , throttle bodies and oil separator and not much crud came out. After putting it all back together I think that car runs slightly better but still seems rough on idle when cold. Seems to be related to the secondary air pump but not sure how. Its very loud and 'boomy' when first started and once its out of the blue on the water temp it settles down. Anyone have any thoughts on this? I've found that giving it a rev stops the problem too but I'm not keen on doing that on the regular.
  10. If you can avoid it, don't sell!
  11. Does your motor sound happy on 5w-40? I think that's what I've got currently in mine currently and thought it sounded a tad louder than it should be. Still have slight vanos noise after a comprehensive rebuild.
  12. I don't but I can check. Don't want to necessarily use what the previous owner used though, want to make sure it's right.
  13. Its a road car that gets driven in a spirited manner.. might see a track day or two in a year. I've only recently bought it so I haven't done an oil change yet.
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