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  1. I've been told that the owner decided to take the previously mint 90,000km evo to a hill climb event.. the pictures explain what happened next
  2. I've been told under no circumstances am I allowed to sell it 🤣
  3. Birthday treats have arrived! Also managed to find the flashdrive which contains all of the photos of the cars history and tells a good story (Just over 200 photos). Very stoked to have the whole swap documented thanks to Tim.
  4. Buying an M3 (or two) would be the logical choice but Z3M coupes are awesome. Quirky but awesome.
  5. Great question! A bit over a year and that goes for 3 cars: Turbo 3.0 M3, 3.2 evo and my current 328i. The one I regret selling most is the techno violet evo closely followed by the turbo M3.. it was riddled with problems but in hind-sight I should have kept it and tidied it up. Oh well. I've owned 17 E36s now. I swore I would never own another one when I sold number 14 lol. I should probably admit myself to a mental health facility.
  6. Reposted with updated photos etc. Happy to do a deal with bimmersport members as I'd like to see it go to a good home. Now on trademe: https://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=2268866842
  7. Got onto Beisan systems and Schmeidmann today and ordered all the necessary parts to rebuild the vanos as its in a pretty bad way. On several occasions the car has started hunting at idle and stalled when downshifting. Definitely a loss of power too so it'll be a big improvement afterwards. I'm thinking about doing it myself again but slightly nervous looking at the installation of the new diaphragm springs..
  8. I'll ask him for the photos. Thanks for that. Such a pity!
  9. I've gotten in touch with Tim and I'm sure I'll have a few more questions for him. Stoked to have so many receipts. Sounds like a real shame about that donor car.. what colour was it? The engine bay will receive a thorough clean for sure. The previous owner didn't care much for cleaning it unfortunately.
  10. Good points! I missed out on a few things. I had no idea you could get that steering wheel as an option on a 1999 car.. its hideous. The interior is in great condition but will be even better with a bit of a clean and leather conditioner. As to be expected the vanos needs to be done so I'm sure I'll be in touch to borrow that cam bridge and pin again. Interesting that Avus was an individual option on the Evo. Estoril would be my pick any day of the week. Cool to know there would be other M3 Evos in the same spec from factory. As for the interior, not sure that its Lotus white.. thought it was 'Dove Grey'.
  11. Hi all, Recently picked up a 1994 NZ New E36 M3 from Christchurch and drove it back up to Auckland. I wasn't specifically looking for one as I had been building an E36 328i for the track but when it comes down to it the 328i will never be as good as an M3. The S50 is an amazing engine and I've missed my old M3 (and the ones before that..) ever since I sold it/them. Being a 1994 the car started life as a PFL 3.0 M3 but in circa 2012, it underwent a transformation which includes the updated and superior S50B32, 6 speeds 420G, steering rack, arms, brakes, cluster and interior all from a donor with 90,000km. From what I can see, the only things that remain PFL include a medium case diff, climate control, steering wheel and colour (Avus blue). I still haven't worked out what the car is in my mind- a frankenstein M3? 'M3 evo'? ultimate 'PFL M3'? I want to say its an evo but I know that's not strictly correct so I guess its just an M3. Here are some pics anyway. So far the only real thing I've done is wash it and take the hideous wheels off. The engine bay needs a lot of loving. Currently borrowing some DS1s from. @atlantiskiwi
  12. And so, the chapter of the 328i road/track car draws to a close.. 😥Unfortunately I'm a sucker for M cars and no matter how much I put into the 328i I knew it wouldn't be special enough. I think I've done a decent amount in the year and a half that I've owned it and I've had lots of fun too. A 1994 M3 is replacing the mighty 328 and I'll be taking some of the good bits off and swapping them over. I'm a bit sad to undo some of the hard work that I've put into the 328 but it was becoming a money pit at the rate I was going. Anyway, I'll be introducing the newly acquired M3 in a new thread.
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