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  1. bradgalbraith

    E36 328i coupe 'track' project

    Slight update- Style 24s have since been sold and replaced with BBS RK 17x8s. I've also replaced the front control arms as the old ones were knackered. Pro tip- if doing this job, it is made 10x easier if you spray some CRC/WD40 on the thread before you try and remove the outer balljoint that connects onto the hub.. the first one took me a while. I also had a good friend of mine polish the car to bring up the Cosmo Schwartz shine. It's coming along slowly but surely.
  2. bradgalbraith

    $1 Reserve F10 M5

    I've recently gone through the MVDT because of a dodgy car from a dealer and I can assure you, you can't hide behind 'as is where is'. We won the case convincingly.
  3. bradgalbraith

    It's very nice but is it $38k nice?..

    Very nice and refreshing being white but I'd be very surprised if it sold for more than 20k
  4. https://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1903681827
  5. bradgalbraith

    2007 BMW 130i Motorsport 6spd

    Have you still got this mate?
  6. bradgalbraith

    FS: Style 18 Wheels W R888's (SOLD!)

    Keen to come round and take a look. I'll PM you.
  7. bradgalbraith

    E36 328i coupe 'track' project

    So I took the car to my first track day ever on the weekend. We had an absolute blast down at the Taupo Bruce Mclaren Motorsport Park! The car performed exceptionally well considering it is 23 years old and has 278,000 km on it. We drove it down from Auckland, drove hard all day and drove back without a single issue. It would definitely perform better with some better pads, an LSD and if some of the rear bushings were replaced but all in all I'm very impressed. I also managed to get myself 2 Racetech seats to replace the Bride replicas which I had before. I highly recommend spending the extra money for a better seat. The shape is far better, it's more comfortable and most of all it doesn't twist and flew. Overall, not bad for a car that has cost only $8649.50 to date. See some of the photos below from the day:
  8. bradgalbraith

    WTB: E36 M3 Coupe

    Is your M3 non sunroof Dave? If that's the case, your car really is my dream! #shamelesslyinlovewithyourcar
  9. bradgalbraith

    S50b30/2 owners - quick question!!

    Best to buy one new, they’re old cars now so any spare is likely to be perished.
  10. bradgalbraith

    S50b30/2 owners - quick question!!

    It's a rubber tube with a hose clamp attached. Not fun to reattach..
  11. bradgalbraith

    WTB: E36 M3 Coupe

    There's a low mileage 3.2 SMG in techno violet for 30k and an avus blue PFL which has had evo running gear put in it for 18.5k.
  12. bradgalbraith

    E36 328i coupe 'track' project

    I've got a full set of M3 evo pads if you're interested? I think they're just standard but could be useful.
  13. bradgalbraith

    E36 328i coupe 'track' project

    As Nathan has said, I'll be doing e46 328i rears to achieve the optimal 68% Front/32% Rear brake bias. By themselves, the 330 front brake upgrade is said to be a bit unbalanced: E36 with E46 330i front and E46 325i/328i rear: 68% / 32% https://www.bimmerforums.com/forum/showthread.php?531881-E46-330-Brake-upgrade
  14. bradgalbraith

    E36 328i coupe 'track' project

    I’m not having any issues, the rotors and pads are just old and don’t feel as effective as they could be. I’ll be doing Goodridge braided brake lines, probably EBC yellow stuff pads and DBA slotted rotors. That’s the idea anyway, the brands might change.
  15. bradgalbraith

    E36 328i coupe 'track' project

    Coilovers and E46 330i BBK now in! Totally different car handling wise but I will definitely need to do further work on the brakes. I'm also currently running some electric vaders that I got in a trade for the NOS setup. Someone buy them, they're becoming rare and collectible! I'm eyeing up a pair of Racetechs.