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  1. I would first check the battery is secure - had this once where weird things happened over bumps and it turned out the battery clamp was not installed. Then cables behind dash unit and follow for loose wires. Perhaps also rear passenger signal booster? Or antenna booster, something like that behind pillar cover. Both e39 ive owned the plugs worked their way out but i cant remember what issue it gave me. Problem is many of these are so brittle that removing the cover breaks the clips.
  2. Ive got a threaded rod with brass press cups that i bought as the e39 rear ball joint tool from the UK. Is the touring the same? Tool looks like the one in attached image for ‘ball joints’ also in image.
  3. Had a few stuck good but didnt need the rotor afterwards so took a big golf swing at the rotor from the back with a sledgehammer. Mine were always rusted at the hub ring so make sure to soak that particularly with wd40 or similar. Usually 2 good whacks with the sledge otherwise id wail on it all over with a hard rubber mallet for a few minutes, the next sledge hit always got it.
  4. I had this issue years back (2008?). The LVVTA issued a notice that all hoses needed to be approved to pass a warrant, a few years later they rescinded it as what they had meant was hoses with an ‘approved fitting’. Only brake hoses that use crimped or swaged ends are acceptable is the outcome. If your brake hose doesn’t have crimped or swaged ends then the WOF guy is right otherwise he’s working on old info.
  5. Huh, i dont understand, isnt this why we buy Euro's? so we have unusually complicated and difficult items to repair? Your regular jackoff has never experienced the daily excitement of driving a high mileage m62 on original chain guides and original fan clutch, of playing whackamole plugging the leaks on an m43 and Ill wager 'jatco' wont even illicit a reaction. I think it would be very toyota of you to not purchase ceramic brakes given the opportunity.
  6. Caliper and rotor sizing usually different. May be able to get aftermarket brackets and steel rotors to fit though.
  7. I imagine they vary but I read a tech paper on audi rs6 ceramics that were expected to last 3x longer than steel equivalents. Definitely not a cost saving but I imagine 200,000km on a road car shouldnt be a problem. Prices coming down though, I see some of the merc discs are down to only 2500 US each lol.
  8. Someone please buy this and keep it safe for a year or two so i can buy it. I know plenty wont like this colour on this car but I do. LSB ceramic brakes extended leather drool https://trademe.nz/motors/cars/bmw/m6/listing/2283571935
  9. andrewm

    Gull 98

    You can run it.
  10. andrewm

    Gull 98

    You can run 10%, it isnt high ethanol %. Stock fueling can adjust for 10% but 30%+ is a problem on many cars without a specific tune.
  11. Tire update, PS4S at 6mm rear after 5000km from 7.3mm start. So looking like ill get ~20,000 from rears. No tracking and mix of weekday commute and weekend blasts. Will add pics but I have bought a flex fuel kit for it and now run it on e85 with a little 98 so usually ~e60. Kit has a small bluetooth control unit and a conductivity probe in the fuel line so adjust fuel mapping based on ethanol content. Apparently worth 20-30 whp.
  12. andrewm

    Gull 98

    Gull 98 is Gull 95 with ~10% ethanol. ~80% gasoline, ~10% ethanol, ~4% Toluene, ~3% Benzene and ~3% proprietary 'performance additives' Yes you can run it all day long. The issues with ethanol on modern engines isn't generally that it corrodes anything, its that it has ~30% less energy than gasoline for a specific volume and has a different ideal air fuel ratio - in high ethanol percentages the ECU is unable to adjust fueling to compensate risking detonation.
  13. andrewm

    Cheap LSD

    Seen the Wavetrac LSD units down at $700 USD at the big annual sale days.
  14. Probably get your WOF in south auckland, i live there and daily see VE/VF commodores and BA/FG falcons with full headlight blackout and WOFs. The tint place near my work had a van with full blackout opaque window tints and much heavier than 35% tinted windscreen. Also had a WOF.
  15. Running PS4S on c63, pretty happy with them. All the research i did was that they were the best road tire money could buy. The tradeoffs in wet grip with the Trofeo R or cup sport were too much for the small dry grip gain. Note PS4S is different than PS4, PS4S replaces the super sport whereas PS4 replaces ps3.
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