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  1. Interesting article today by an NZ epidemiologist. summary - the only large scale tested population is the diamond princess with a mortality rate of 1% among a population comprised of mostly elderly passengers. Also, Italy has less deaths in hospitals even at 1000 a day than in same period 2018 and 2017. Conclusion drawn is that its in the hospitals mostly killing dying people and or people the seasonal flu may have killed anyway. Things to consider anyway. https://i.stuff.co.nz/national/health/coronavirus/120666809/do-the-consequences-of-this-lockdown-really-match-the-threat
  2. Every good skeptic knows that the illuminati made that rumour up as the aluminium acts as an antennae. https://www.google.co.nz/amp/s/www.howtogeek.com/114037/researchers-prove-tin-foil-hats-boost-receptivity-to-government-signals/amp/
  3. andrewm

    Quick rant thread.

    Its the quick rant thread, looks like a rant to me.
  4. We brought in parts for manufacturing facilities and I never saw one for the part itself, i.e large rotating assemblies came with oil and grease or occasionally for a coating SDS but nothing specific to the part.
  5. I used to deal with these for work, I cant imagine you will find one for an engine. They are particular to hazardous substances so you cant disprove hazardous with one, as if it isnt hazardous or atleast wouldnt seem hazardous to a person, it wont have one. It would be hilarious to read one though Hazard type: heavy Skin exposure: will squash you Eye exposure: will squash them. Exposure limits: depends how nice the engine is... Mobility in soil: limited We only ever had SDS for liquids and lubricants contained in machiney and perhaps handling instructions like 'do not invert' on a seperate document.
  6. Bosch probably manufactured the genuine one. check ECStuning, pelicanparts and FCP euro to see if any cheaper.
  7. I expect a project thread. Other ideas include, using any x drive bmw with rear drive connect to a rotary cutting mechanism instead of rear wheels.
  8. If its got synchros and you dont need to double clutch its an auto...
  9. Race from 3:48 you're welcome.
  10. Its a honda jazz, you cant fool me
  11. I picked up the report in person, service tech confirmed it was 13k and not 1.3k. I think that might actually be better than the $3000 dollar quote I just got from MB for 2 control arms (not installed just parts). Its atleast a decent sized item and was an installed price.
  12. Also if fire melted wiring it could have been quoted as whole new wiring loom for car when a wrecker could cut and splice. New main looms can have massive labour costs.
  13. I had a pre purchase inspection done on a bmw x3 a few years back at auckland BMW. I asked them to quote any recommended repairs and they sent me a quote for $19000 dollars. $13,000 Was new headlining I sh*t you not, it was sagging and had nicotine stains. I imagine if they took it to the dealer they could have gotten an astronomical quote for fire damage and smoke contamination.
  14. Anybody do a FCPeuro or ECStuning order? experience? PM if you dont want to post. Got quoted $3000 for two lower control arms for the c63 from MB nz and I have to wait for them to ship from singapore. MB NZ didnt even offer to take me out to dinner before they tried to f**k me. They are unreasonably expensive as there is no OEM item available (just lower control arms all the rest are normal prices) but still US sites are selling the genuine parts for $1400 NZ shipped.
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