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  1. andrewm

    2012 C63 AMG

    Probably just price and slow speed turn in. Factory rears are 255 tires also.... The small rear tires and anaemic rear arches are imo this cars main weakness. Guys in the US buy an arch set for about 2000USD and pay another 2000usd to have the rear cut and these fitted and painted pricey but lets them fit 325 tires and looks great.
  2. andrewm

    WTB: 135i 6MT

    Hyundai now has an ‘N division’ sounds awful like ‘m division’ except its 1 more, coincidence? Unlikely. Sounds very Spinal Tap.
  3. andrewm

    2012 C63 AMG

    So far so good. Pilot sport 4 and i think 4s also have a 30,000 mile guarantee in the states so Michelin have confidence in them. If i get 25,000km then ill be happy.
  4. andrewm

    2012 C63 AMG

    Not everyone likes the chrome blackout but im a fan.
  5. andrewm

    2012 C63 AMG

    Not performance version and no LSD. Many performance pack ones dont come with LSD either. This was on purpose as - i would have changed the stock LSD for a wavetrac - i prefer the look of the silver calipers and will upgrade the caliper pistons anyway - tune adds about 50hp anyway as the Throttle bodies are restricted to ~70% in the C63 vs E63/s63/cls63 Can do 0-100 in about 4.0 after tune and ps4s tires.
  6. andrewm

    Grand Tour Season 2

  7. andrewm

    FS 1999 BMW 540I $2700

    As for the boot carpet, a jar of homemade marmalade exploded in there, plus it was already grubby when I bought the car so figured I would just acquire a new boot set at some stage. I have had offers over $3000 from workmates but I know they would just run it into the ground and dump it so hoping someone will pick it up as a project.
  8. andrewm

    FS 1999 BMW 540I $2700

    Price drop $2700
  9. Opened door on the wifes x3 last night grabbed something out of it and when i tried to shut the drivers door the latch bounced off the catch. Guess the latch wasnt full open. now the central locking for the car doesnt work either with the key or with the remote and the latch has a bit of play in the bit that rotates to lock or unlock. Lock button on dash not functioning also I guess im in for a new latch? But not sure about the central locking? Will check fuses and cross fingers when changing latch. Anyone resolved similar? Any tips?
  10. andrewm

    FS 1999 BMW 540I $2700

    Bump. Taking up space in my narrow driveway. Also remembered 4x stainless braided brake lines from ECStuning fitted in 2016. Also throttlebody gasket done preemptively around 2016. Engine and gearbox running really well.
  11. Bmw wanted $1200NZD for transfer case actuator motor, $380US online or the same part using a landrover part number $240US online
  12. andrewm

    FS 1999 BMW 540I $2700

    Im hoping its a decent price, would like to see it go to a good home. I did the steering wheel, an Ebay company that does custom cut real leather covers for about $60, you just have to do diagonal stitching, not much worse than threading new shoe laces.
  13. andrewm

    FS 1999 BMW 540I $2700

    Interior photos added will remove the stainless vinyl for buyer or provide the remaining sheet so they can redo or finish the job. 3m 1080 brushed steel
  14. andrewm

    FS 1999 BMW 540I $2700

    Looking to sell this on as a project for someone. I have more than enough to do with significant renovations, my new car, a 3 month old and limited driveway space. Getting tired of shuffling cars around to let one out. Located at Hill Park Manurewa 021 2113503 Much more photos to come. $2700 - Car has a VTNZ WOF new today 15.02.19 - 149,000km, auto, motorsport options from factory but not bumpers, i.e diff, steering wheel and suspension before replacement - 5W30 castrol edge changed ever 7000km and always run on 98. - major suspension refresh at 135,000 all lemfoerder stuff, all new arms front and rear, new tie rods, new rear balljoints, new sway links front and rear - also at about 135k fortune auto 500 series coilovers with front swift spring upgrade, bearing upgrade and camber plates. LVV certified - tons of parts changed in the last 35,000 including PCV, throttle body gaskets, valve cover gaskets, fuel filter, timing chain tensioner, spark plugs, and more that I no doubt forgot. - windscreen cowl just changed, these are falling apart on most e39’s - discs and pads replaced 12,000km ago with Hawk HPS pads. Front caliper seals rebuilt, will provide rear rebuild kits with car for preventative maintenance. - 15,000km ago intake manifold swapped for the early m60 one with intake trumpets for extra top end HP, new gasket. - expansion tank and associated hoses done in 2008 - new Bosch calcium battery in 2017 - schnitzer replicas with pilot sport 2 tires, approx 3mm tread - ABS computer rebuilt in 2015 - rear scuba tanks muffler removed and replaced with straight pipe, sounds pretty good, not like a muffler removed 90’s holden - drivers door rubber seal and both windscreens seals replaced in 2015 - Carfolie lifetime guarantee tints all round in 2014 - have just flushed cooling system including cleaning out trans cooler. The problem stuff - paint not as good as it looks in the photos, bootlid, quarter panel, roof and wing mirror faded or peeling clearcoat - dent and scrape on drivers 1/4, dent on drivers door - drivers side foglight bracket broken, foglight held in with screw (expect buyer to fit Msport bumpers anyway) - oil leak, i top up maybe 500-1000ml per 5000km but will leave spots on driveway. - Headlining starting to sag, usual e39 pixel issues on dash, interior pillar panel missing at rear and glue failing on others. - expected driver seat wear for KMs - humming noise on acceleration, bimmerforums suggested its the aftermarket trans filter so i have a new OEM one to go with car - Servotronic steering that reduces steering assistance at speed sometimes leaves the steering tight. Internet suggest new servotronic valve. - boot carpet filthy, maybe just replace? 6 stacker, brackets and NAV removed. Still have 6 stacker if you want it. - drivers side passenger window regulator claw has just broken (sigh) I had planned to wrap or respray with umnitza lights and motorsport bumpers but have too much other stuff on. Comes with the following parts that i collected to do preventative maintenance - new door perimeter seal ($100) - new oem brake master cylinder (~$200) - new oem wheel bearing (~$200) - remaining caliper rebuild kits (~$40) - filtran trans filter, gasket and LT71141 compatible fluid for trans fluid change
  15. andrewm

    Quick Questions

    Plastic guides disintegrate then chain flaps about and chews up engine casing and nearby parts and puts metal shavings into engine. Usually makes a horrific noise before catastrophic failure and you can just replace chain and guides and flush engine oil. Will be 16-30 hours labour though. Second hand m62 can probably be had for cheap. Check oil filter in sun for metal filings, check sump for plastic guides pieces and metal filings.