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  1. Giving bimmersporters a chance on this, its a friends car but is getting traded on Saturday. Dealer is offering $36k so will take the same from any of you guys. PM and ill put you in contact. - 2016 with ~12,000km on it practically new - 275hp engine tuned to ~300hp - trophy specific factory options, recaro sportster seats, alcantara trim, akrapovich titanium exhaust, race computer - 1380 kg so its a cornering weapon, as fast as a e92 m3 around nurburgring and faster than e46 m3 - my friend is selling as he has moved and is now 5km from work so its the wrong car for a 5km traffic commute. - only issue i can see is a fingernail size scrape on back bumper and one of the Trophy stickers is starting to peel. 4 owners but i believe its dealer, first owner, dealer again and my friend.
  2. gotta be some sort of tax rort, have some document showing it was bought for 80k, have it on the books at 80k and claim a huge loss when it sells for ~35k. Someone with better accounting knowledge than I could speak to it.
  3. Expect it would be far cheaper, easier and more HP to buy the VF supercharger kit.
  4. Isnt the m62b48 an alpina special and the bmw 4.8 motor the N62B48? If you have the alpina special lying around then thats interesting otherwise N62 not likely to work.
  5. Do you often use the key lock or have you locked it once and cant unlock? I.E is it likely to have broken or is it perhaps seized. My e39 lock was so stiff from not being used perhaps ever that I wondered if I would break the key before it finally turned.
  6. I wondered if you had dropped off the radar and bought a jappa or something. Car has been faultless, just had cosmetic and maintenance to do. Re did most of the blackout as some had started to flake off. I took out the subwoofer install but have kept it intact so it can be refitted at any time, the e85 flex fuel kit and the removal of 60kg of subwoofer and mdf box and mdf boot cover gave a very noticeable acceleration benefit. Think i will have this for a while...
  7. Snapped a few pictures for you guys when i visited this ex railway station in Dusseldorf and its car display, many are for sale. These were quickly taken on an old iphone and trying to cut people out of the picture so no whinges about picture quality.
  8. It is a more interesting question than it initially seems, Perhaps on an uneven surface the tire deformation could trap water under the tire that is unable to be expelled from the perimeter of the tire, then the incompressible water causes a portion of the tire to not have contact with the road surface. Or/also the tread makes the tire surface more pliable over a road surface compared to solid wheel tread. Perhaps because hoists can go on roads so they wear a tire that allows this under blanket legislation that road going vehicles must have tread based tires. Perhaps its easier to see wear on a grooved tire?
  9. Only a priests socks are black everything else is just very very very very very dark blue. 5 points if you know the reference. Grear that they used an x6 since they are so ugly it hides it.
  10. andrewm

    Quick rant thread.

    I made this mistake once, first windscreen didnt allow or didnt have rain sensor. Novus pulled it out and did it again but appeared to install with black RTV and some shitty universal gasket that didnt fit so had them pull that out and put a genuine windscreen in. Lots of mess and lots of hassle, wont do that again.
  11. Metallic paint or solid colour? if solid then usually not enough overlap or just not enough coats to cover. If metallic then there is a 'dust coat' technique some people use, pretty much spraying randomly over the surface from twice the distance quickly after the final colour coat. Probably not useful now that its done though....
  12. Always hard to tell in photos but as long as the paint colour is uniform and there’s enough clear on there you can make it a mirror with wet sanding and buffing. Wetsand with 1200 till uniformly matt, then 2000 to take out the 1200 scratches, then meguiars ultimate compound or m105 or other such moderate cutting compound.
  13. I would first check the battery is secure - had this once where weird things happened over bumps and it turned out the battery clamp was not installed. Then cables behind dash unit and follow for loose wires. Perhaps also rear passenger signal booster? Or antenna booster, something like that behind pillar cover. Both e39 ive owned the plugs worked their way out but i cant remember what issue it gave me. Problem is many of these are so brittle that removing the cover breaks the clips.
  14. Ive got a threaded rod with brass press cups that i bought as the e39 rear ball joint tool from the UK. Is the touring the same? Tool looks like the one in attached image for ‘ball joints’ also in image.
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