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  1. andrewm


    Can someone one here buy one, ill pick it up from you in 3 years.
  2. andrewm

    Official M3 Touring?

    Just wait till the m3 coupe... lol.
  3. andrewm

    Not my Supra

    Would take a 1 year old m4 or a new m2 over this for the same money. Bound to bring some investment to the b58 platform though. I cant help but think of the space ghost logo when i see the front.
  4. Sorry mate this sold and i didnt update.
  5. I believe it came with performance pack till 2010 then was separated out as another option.
  6. E85 is 85% ethanol 15% petrol so only runs on high ethanol capable fuel systems. This is just 100 octane petrol so any car can use it. Wont notice a difference from 98 or even 96 on most engines, depends how wide your fuel maps are for timing advance. Different story if you are tuned and turbo or tuned and high compression.
  7. Probably just price and slow speed turn in. Factory rears are 255 tires also.... The small rear tires and anaemic rear arches are imo this cars main weakness. Guys in the US buy an arch set for about 2000USD, pay another 2000usd to have the rear cut and these fitted and painted. Pricey but lets them fit 325 wheels/tires and looks great.
  8. Hyundai now has an ‘N division’ sounds awful like ‘m division’ except its 1 more, coincidence? Unlikely. Sounds very Spinal Tap.
  9. So far so good. Pilot sport 4 and i think 4s also have a 30,000 mile guarantee in the states so Michelin have confidence in them. If i get 25,000km then ill be happy.
  10. Not everyone likes the chrome blackout but im a fan.
  11. Not performance version and no LSD. Many performance pack ones dont come with LSD either. This was on purpose as - i would have changed the stock LSD for a wavetrac - i prefer the look of the silver calipers and will upgrade the caliper pistons anyway - tune adds about 50hp anyway as the Throttle bodies are restricted to ~70% in the C63 vs E63/s63/cls63 Can do 0-100 in about 4.0 after tune and ps4s tires.
  12. As for the boot carpet, a jar of homemade marmalade exploded in there, plus it was already grubby when I bought the car so figured I would just acquire a new boot set at some stage. I have had offers over $3000 from workmates but I know they would just run it into the ground and dump it so hoping someone will pick it up as a project.
  13. Opened door on the wifes x3 last night grabbed something out of it and when i tried to shut the drivers door the latch bounced off the catch. Guess the latch wasnt full open. now the central locking for the car doesnt work either with the key or with the remote and the latch has a bit of play in the bit that rotates to lock or unlock. Lock button on dash not functioning also I guess im in for a new latch? But not sure about the central locking? Will check fuses and cross fingers when changing latch. Anyone resolved similar? Any tips?
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