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  1. andrewm

    New M140i Owner, Auckland

    You cant pay a bit extra and order BMW individual with laguna seca blue?
  2. andrewm

    Bmw 116i jerking

    Perhaps that reads wrong, its not a criticism, saves the rest of us from telling vague problem people to get it scanned.
  3. andrewm

    Bmw 116i jerking

    Have you got that sentence on permanent copy paste yet? you must be getting real tired of writing it.
  4. Hopefully someone South Auckland ways Since the certifier has incorrectly listed my front wheels as 18x8 (they are 18x8.5) and VTNZ Takanini has failed me on it, I would like to please borrow two 18x8 wheels with warrantable tires just to run it through VTNZ while I argue and try provide evidence to convince the certifier of their mistake. Can pickup and drop off same day - happy to leave my wheels as insurance and will buy you a box of beers of your choice. I took it through VTNZ during holidays and certifier only just back so doubt even if I am successful that I will get a new cert plate before my 28 days run out.
  5. Still some metal on the back half of that rotor, could just bang one pad in that caliper and do another 50,000.
  6. both links actual hyperlink is back to this forum page, for me atleast.
  7. andrewm

    M(eteorite)850i Night Sky

    Why did they bother with 'night sky' when meteor 850i is cooler. Now to wait for 3M to do meteor vinyl and it become the new matte black. Or BMW frozen meteor finish (is that a comet then?)
  8. andrewm

    E39 What brake fluid?

    Agree, I use the same. Castrol response/react dot 4 for daily drivers - its a good deal for the temperatures it can handle.
  9. andrewm

    Broken trans oil cooler

    I did mine at about 9pm under jack stands with a phone torch so cant remember if it was easy to see, remember that the hose didn't initially flow well through. I set the hose to jet and blasted it as best I could from both sides for probably 5 minutes on an off each side, that got most of it out. I did fill it with a citrus based all purpose cleaner and left for 10 mins before I blasted it again but not sure that did anything extra.
  10. andrewm

    Broken trans oil cooler

    When you do get that off make sure to shine a light inside the cooler, all 3 540I m62TU's ive worked on had some level of crud buildup in there. Also make sure to get the O rings for the thermostat, from memory my new thermostat didnt come with them - i ordered them seperate.
  11. andrewm

    Broken trans oil cooler

    PM me if you go for FCP euro, I will order some small stuff and split shipping with you. Did you have clay like gunk in yours? I found it was the cause of my trans cooling issue so cleaned the crap out and replaced this part, voila no more harsh downshift in traffic.
  12. andrewm

    Quick rant thread.

    I had inquired about this with the certifier but he insisted that wheel sizes needed to be listed as he was certifying a suspension system. I then attempted to start a stupid argument about why then were all the other components not listed, roll bar thickness, spring thickness, number of coils, dampening settings etc. While I was waiting for some mediocre reasoning like 'because wheels are easy to change' or ' unsprung mass blah blah' I think he realised that I am a level 99 sarcastic prick and didnt even try - 'those are the rules, I didnt make them' was the best I could get out of him.
  13. andrewm

    Quick rant thread.

    This is likely what i'll do while I try get cert plate sorted, dont think 28 days for a recheck is long enough even if it goes well. New Rants - the guy at beaurepairs that wanted two new 255 width tires but only prepared to spend $80 each. - The lower control arm on my C63's are knackered and they are exclusive to the c63 so they are ~$500 USD each, ... each. They are so remarkably similar to the upper control arms at $86 each....
  14. andrewm

    Quick rant thread.

    VTNZ failed me on my WOF as cert plate for adjustable suspension incorrectly states wheels as 18x8 F and 18x8.5 R when both are 8.5 wide. Think because i run 245 front and 265 rear the cert guy got it wrong but that was two years ago, goodluck to me convincing him that he made a mistake and not that I changed wheels. Also took VTNZ 4 WOF’s to notice....
  15. andrewm

    Oxidised Aluminum Trims

    Got a picture? There are alternatives. Abrade oxidation and Matte or gloss clearcoat Vinyl wrap in matte or gloss black or stainless/aluminium finishes Paint body colour or gloss/matte black.