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  1. andrewm

    Top Hose Burst

    Compare this HVLP tuning image to the carpet shot and i think you’re spot on.
  2. andrewm

    Top Hose Burst

    Thats impressive, although im 80% convinced you bleed ATF. That looks DEXRON V compatible. Also your nose has better atomisation than the spraygun i bought from supercheap.
  3. andrewm

    E60 M5

    Can i join the club? 19.1L/100km on my crawl home from work. Yes its a tiny commute, no i dont usually use this car for it.
  4. andrewm

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    E39 540i shift quality was degrading in traffic and had a very harsh downshift coming to a stop when hot. Took the heat exchanger off and found it clogged with light brown clay like substance and an O ring. Cleaned that all out, replaced the voltage controller on top and put new o rings on everything. Looking on the net this has happened to a fair number of people. Will do a trans filter and fluid change and she should be right as rain.
  5. andrewm

    What car to upgrade to from 540i?

    Have bought a c63 - from user liyi_92 and drove it back from Christchurch to Auckland on the long weekend. As a daily driver the c63 isn't great, the suspension is hard, the clutched auto gearbox is finicky, the bucket seats are hard to get into and the cold start noise is obscene. And yet it is exactly what I wanted. After you clamber into the very supportive bucket seats trying not to wreck the bolsters you immediately get over the increased difficulty as you realise how supportive they are. You turn the key and then engine barks at you, at very short sharp exotic sound before quickly settling down - you almost feel it winking at you, nudging you to stab the noise pedal at some point in your journey. Pulling the T handle handbrake release in the lower dash you cant help feeling that its very in keeping with the theme of this pseudo luxury car, an unholy cross between fiendish race car and mid level sedan of yesteryear. As you bump along at 50kmh on your coilover hard suspension avoiding potholes and speed bumps or anything else that might clean your bumper right off, you start to wonder what you have gotten yourself into. Deciding there is nothing to lose and with the 100kmh target approaching you punch it in auto mode and a wait a fraction of a second while it drops 4 gears before the car shoots out from under you. Thunder roars behind you, four hundred and fifty odd maniacal german horses loose from their stables and you grab the steering wheel for dear life- but you needn't have done so, a perfect smooth straight acceleration occurs, warpspeed but under control, no tire noise, no torque steer no fighting the steering wheel on road imperfections, just glorious throaty vocals and a blurred pointless digital speedo. 4 or so seconds later you're well into lost license territory and back off and slow to the limit, the car rewards you by smoothing out the ride considerably and its low speed faults fall away. No longer an unhappy racecar idling around the pits but balanced mile muncher, perfectly in its element doing the Christchurch to Picton run in the dead of the night. You hit the first 65 corner at 85, not ready yet to push it and the car just eats it for breakfast leaving you wondering if you actually went round a corner or just through it, giving you confidence for the next corner, then the next... Before long you have the paddles going and are smashing the fun pedal upto the corner before jumping hard onto the picks with no sign of fade or complaint from the giant 6 piston stoppers, you wonder how you could ever muck it up enough that you couldn't stop in time or couldn't make the corner. The 70 target appears and you coast through a sleepy village at 70, the car still completely content, almost relieved that it isn't executing a 3 point turn in a Ponsonby car park but merely gathering its breath for the next blast. Now you pass the 50 target which excites you because you know there's triple digits coming up and you aren't going a hair above 50 till its in sight, another few seconds of symphony to soothe any fears you had pottering around town. 100 approaches and you put $1 of 98 into the German jukebox again looking for that brilliant but over all too soon track, bumps are present but don't transmit to the chassis, somehow the stiff suspension transfers it away without upsetting the balance letting you know the harsh ride isn't the result of a cheap coilover setup. Too soon you reach Picton, your stomach growls because you forgot to stop for dinner with your high octane shenanigans, doesn't look like anything is open in Picton either, must remember to eat tomorrow..
  6. andrewm

    Random (BMW) pic of the day

    Glue a downpipe on that side skirt and it would do a 10/10 job of taking water from my roof.
  7. andrewm

    1M trademe thoughts ?

    2017 m2 8400km for 85k https://touch.trademe.co.nz/motors/listing/view/1789956297. Could just buy a supra shortly isnt that just going to be a toyota M2/z4
  8. andrewm

    Import tax

    Who is actually going to police the 60k-1 million per year overseas vendors? I can see that the biggest few would comply but cannot see most vendors caring at all. Thinking about it though between ebay, amazon and alibaba thats probably >50% of sub 1k imports anyway. Not a bad haul for the no new taxes govt, will go a long way to building some real flash HNZ houses.
  9. andrewm

    The first-ever BMW X7.

    You’ve cracked it- if the headlights can go on the wing mirrors we get another 5 years of design.
  10. andrewm

    The first-ever BMW X7.

    I think there must be a cold bead of sweat forming on the brow of many senior designers about now. They must have realised that the design language of ‘eyes squintier mouth bigger and add angles’ will soon run out. The next gen will just have a very wide ‘V’ for headlights because the rest of the front will be grill and vent, then there is no plan. We are allmost at ’peak’ grill, once we go beyond 1.5m3 i think it will be too late to reverse.
  11. andrewm

    The first-ever BMW X7.

    I very much like the latest 3/5/7 series designs. I do not like this. It looks like bmw decided to beat the chinese manufacturers to the punch and make their own ugly clone of what an x7 should have looked like.
  12. andrewm

    1M trademe thoughts ?

    for that money would go f80 m3 or m2 instead
  13. andrewm

    E46 318ti - ABS module options ?

    You try ebay.co.uk? Those numbers come back as the pump unit rather than just module? My E46 318i issue was a centre console module not a pump unit. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Genuine-BMW-3-Series-E46-Abs-Pump-6759073-6759075/153198408699?hash=item23ab5633fb:g:2lYAAOSwuGZbrjk-
  14. andrewm

    E46 318ti - ABS module options ?

    I believe so, i bought one from a wrecker and it wouldnt read at all when i installed it. Cant remember specifics only thinking it was close enough, should work... but it didnt. Can you provide part number then we can have a look, check real oem etc.
  15. andrewm

    E39 535i 5HP-24 issues

    Was thinking maybe issue with trans cooler and thermostat as the setup is different pre/post vanos. Battery disconnect is supposed to delete trans adaptive learning feature. Google had a thread with guy that had the exact problem but he never came back with the resolution, dont you hate that. Rheingold (ISTA/D/P) is the newer diagnostic tool, much easier to use than INPA