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  1. Potentially interested in the coil over setup. Can you pm me more details? Photos, brand, etc. cheers!
  2. Autobahn

    E34 Touring 550i

    Looking better after a good clean, Tim! I'm still fully committed you putting a six speed in it though, I'll give you some time to get it sorted first. Donor car is probably a go, I can bring up that Calypso 540i pending some kind of arrangement (basically car minus drivetrain parts preferable to leave it still running and driving). Should have almost everything you need.
  3. Autobahn

    Kobra's Project E30

    Daniel - update your threads. You have still been making progress so post it up with some pics man.
  4. Any updates on this? Curious as to how it went.
  5. Here we go found the link of the guy I got it from. Looks well made and like I said - haven't fitted it yet as the engine is still sitting in my donor car, but seems well made. https://squaredmotorwerks.com/products/m50-tps-adapter
  6. Awesome to see someone else with a standalone M20 in the works! For the TPS switch I got a 3D printed adaptor from a guy in the USA for about $20 which is to mount an E36 or M50 TPS to the M20 throttle body. Haven't fitted it up yet but it looks like it should be easy as. I can post up some more details when I get home on Thursday. Keep us updated on your build!
  7. Autobahn

    M3 clutch plate. - new

    Pm sent
  8. Autobahn

    Muffler Options M52B28

    I did some research on this topic as would like a new exhaust for the M3 at some point. I thought the UUC RSC36 sounded nice and so do the Eisenmann sport and race mufflers. Sadly both are expensive options coming in at around $1000USD for a catback system.
  9. Autobahn

    Kobra's Project E30

    Updates? I know you've been working on the car because it's sitting in my back yard. =D
  10. Autobahn

    1998 E36 M3 3.2 Evo manual

    Seems like a very fair price and a nice car! GLWS
  11. Autobahn

    WTB ACS Type 1 or 2

    Hi, I have a set of 17" ACS type 1 replicas that I could sell. Send me a PM if you are interested. Cheers.
  12. Autobahn

    Wtb e36 shocks. Bilstien or equivalent

    I have a a full set of used Bilstein dampers and Bilstein lowering springs I took off an E36 328i. It was a low mileage car that looked and rode great. Send me a PM if you are interested. Cheers, Ernie
  13. Autobahn

    WTB E30 FL rear door passenger side. CHCH

    I've got a FL Diamondschwartz one in Christchurch. Send me a PM if you still need this. Cheers, Ernie
  14. Autobahn

    e36 318 dual mass flywheel

    I've got one from an M42 E36 318is. I could bring it to Christchurch for pick up if you would like. Call or txt me on 027 55 55 116 if you still need it. Cheers.
  15. Autobahn

    e30 driveshaft hoops

    Keen to see also. Eventually I have a M52B28 swap in the works for my E30 coupe so will happily jump on this train as well.