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  1. Does look good though Jon. I've looked at those vert specific H&R springs as well as the Bilstein shocks to go with them and they look like the perfect setup but are on the wish list for now, way too expensive for a poor uni student.
  2. Thanks for the advice Charlie and Jon, have always wanted to convert it to a manual, but I do like the idea of the car being as it was out of the factory but the local euro parts wrecker is putting a kit together for me for a price that is hard to walk away from. Will eventually look into lowering it a tad and try to get my hands on a set of 15" BBS. What suspension setup do you have on your vert Jon? Thanks again for the advice guys.
  3. Hey guys, I'm looking into converting my car from an auto to manual, just wondering if it were to increase or decrease the value of my car if I were to sell it in the future and if it worth to do it to a vert? Any advice would be much appreciated. Cheers, Vinu
  4. Hey, any chance you have a set of 15" or 14" left??
  5. still have them if you are interested. 0211772720
  6. Hey Jon, is this still available?
  7. ive got a set in pretty good condition
  8. Hey guys, Does anyone have a set of carpet for an e30 convertible in Tan. Cheers, Vinu
  9. Hey Guys, I am after this thing here: Cheers, Vinu
  10. Hey Jon, ahh just saw this, I wasn't patient enough already welded on a new exhaust hahaha. Thanks anyway. Cheers, Vinu
  11. Hey, guys, I am after a resonator for my 325i Vert as i have a leak in mine. Here are some pics Cheers, Vinu
  12. Hey, guys, I am after a front wheel bearing install tool for a E30 looks something like this: anyone know where i could hire one at all. Cheers, Vinu
  13. Hey guys, So i have just put in a new radiator in my car, and will be attempting to bleed the cooling system for the first time. Firstly should I be draining the coolant in the engine, when i took out the old radiator, I only drained the coolant by removing the radiator drain plug, should I remove the bolt that is on the engine block too, before bleeding the cooling system? And what is the best way to bleed the system? Any help will be much appreciated. Cheers, Vinu
  14. Hey Guys, Got a couple of parts for sale: (Radiator) $40.00 - Came out of a 320i, also has temp sensor on it. Runs well (E30 Boot Lid) $20.00 - Clear coat is peeling, has no dings or bumps so would be a great replacement once painted.Cheers, Vinu
  15. Hey Jon, Im based out in Manukau, but more than happy to come out to you. Cheers, Vinu