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  1. 240 box bro
  2. yea mate I have everything except the clutch kit.
  3. I'd want $1200 for it all got a few bits from Garagistic too, such as braided clutch lines, poly trans mounts etc.
  4. hey dude, you still after a conversion kit?
  5. Algood dude
  6. I have a full conversion kit minus the clutch kit, I'm located in Auckland tho
  7. @vincentvr3 Have a 1988 325i Zinoberrot Convertible, Auto but have a complete manual conversion kit.
  8. Cheers Adro, do you remember how much it cost you by any chance?
  9. Hey guys, Anyone have one for sale or know where to get one in NZ?? Or another brand you recommend?? Cheers, Vinu
  10. Hey, Yea like Grant said you have to use the manual drive shaft as is quite a bit longer than the auto driveshaft, as the auto gearbox is a lot longer than either of the manual boxes if your using the 240 box you'll have to use the 320i driveshaft, and if your using the 260 box believe you will need a 325i driveshaft. this is due to the 260 box being slightly longer than the 240 box. PS: Anyone know where I can get a sachs clutch kit in NZ for a decent price?
  11. Hey guys, So I have pieced together a manual transmission kit for my 325i E30 however I could only get my hands on a Getrag 240 as well as a 320i driveshaft to go with it. Doing some research online people are saying that the 240 box is not "strong" enough for the B25 engine??, just wanted to get your opinions on the whole setup, and if it's a better idea to get a Getrag 260 box and the 325i driveshaft. Cheers, Vinu
  12. Hey guys, I am after a set of tweeter panels/pods for an e30. Cheers, Vinu
  13. Does look good though Jon. I've looked at those vert specific H&R springs as well as the Bilstein shocks to go with them and they look like the perfect setup but are on the wish list for now, way too expensive for a poor uni student.
  14. Thanks for the advice Charlie and Jon, have always wanted to convert it to a manual, but I do like the idea of the car being as it was out of the factory but the local euro parts wrecker is putting a kit together for me for a price that is hard to walk away from. Will eventually look into lowering it a tad and try to get my hands on a set of 15" BBS. What suspension setup do you have on your vert Jon? Thanks again for the advice guys.
  15. Hey guys, I'm looking into converting my car from an auto to manual, just wondering if it were to increase or decrease the value of my car if I were to sell it in the future and if it worth to do it to a vert? Any advice would be much appreciated. Cheers, Vinu