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  1. Rest easy Atta, extremely tragic, never met him personally, but i remember the BMW’s he owned were very nice indeed, pray that his family is well looked after during their lifetime, so sad bro.
  2. Hi all, for sale, genuine E36 Msport Bumper, comes with Fog Lights / Plastic Mould Strips, Plastic Mesh and Bumper Lip. Not perfect, has a few blemishes as to be expected for such an item, however no cracks. $280 ONO. Located in South Auckland.
  3. Temptation leads to action... Haha
  4. Sorry no centre caps from memory
  5. Hi all Selling a complete set, x4 BBS RC 302's, powder coated in Black, came off an E36, have no use for them anymore. Will need new rubber, tires currently on them are old and tired. 17x 8.5, ET 15, 5x120 ( i think these specs are correct, but correct me if i'm wrong ) cheers. $750 ONO
  6. That must hurt the heart and soul... Just reading the statement leaves a cringe on ones face.
  7. Wow that's some speed at 240! Haha, simply amazing cars! This thing needs to be a garage queen at that mileage as well
  8. Wow! It appears to have been well kept, credit to you! Hope it goes to a good home, if only i had a spare $30k for splashing out... I'd be tempted to do so as well haha.
  9. Thoughts? Appreciating classic, SMG, not everyones first pick for a transmission, but the vehicle ticks other boxes. Nice colour combination, Interior + Exterior. I'm not sure if anyone is willing to pay the almost shy of $30k price tag, but i guess you only need one buyer to think otherwise. https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-1781904633.htm?rsqid=9fd3c4e24d7c4a0aa860c4dcaffdb22a
  10. Still counting my coins... Yeah... I don't think i'll be making any serious bids for one of the M-Monsters haha
  11. With the most recent comments, i'm tuned in now....let the story begin at once i say!
  12. https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-1775388198.htm?rsqid=6fc2fd0d54ff40b09295d1ecd81d308a Interesting colour. What are your thoughts? Yes / No? Personally... It's a gonna be a NO from me, but everyone has their own taste in colour, so that's not a bad thing.
  13. RX 502 is a very nice style...inner jealousy has set in haha
  14. Hahaha, well at least there's 3 members ready for the apocalypse then? Haha
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