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  1. There's no "right" answer Kyu... insurance write-offs are different over there, BUT as mentioned above, they're not in the business of giving money away for the sake of it either. So - it's simply a matter of ascertaining in Aussie exactly what happened (ideally visually), and the process it went through to get repaired, who repaired it (and where - Aus or NZ?), and who complied it in NZ. Of course you must get it properly inspected here by someone who knows the vehicles - and has expertise in vehicle repair... keeping in mind that vandalism may not be simply a cosmetic fix, there's also electronics/coding to consider (which is often where these repaired write-offs fail). The less information you have, the bigger the risk, and in turn, the lower the price should be... consider the worst case scenario (ie: if your buying privately with no warranty and the car fritzes itself) and whether/how you'd deal with that, however unlikely it is; and then if that price (both purchase and your onsell/trade price) is within your comfort/happy zone - then pull the trigger, it's more likely than not you'll have a happy couple of months/years of ownership. And if not...
  2. Damn, this would be a fantastic weekender for me... hopefully I'll get a job quickly in the new year - though I don't doubt you'll find a home for it sooner, GLWS
  3. Blocked by Discovery... bugger.
  4. Both extremes have been represented... the right number is somewhere in the middle. If it exists (and sometimes it doesn't).
  5. I need this gone ASAP. Unfortunately I can't work til the new year and we can't afford to keep/run two cars (and nor do we need to). Would seriously consider any offer beginning with a 4... (and likely accept).
  6. Due to life circumstances we're halving our fleet and my Mondeo is no longer required - it's pretty much what it says in the ad; for less than $5k it's a good, practical runner that's been well maintained. If anyone wants a reliable run-around to keep the k's down on their M-car; give me a shout: https://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=2345349627
  7. Damn I like that... would be a great "other" car for me; and get me back into something a bit fun... hmmm...
  8. SmithyInWelly

    Gissa job!

    Ten more weeks and my contract finishes... that came around quick - time to start exploring options again!
  9. I would... what a lovely little cruiser that'd be! GLWP
  10. They rarely do... luckily flipping cars isn't a crime
  11. Holy shite... look forward to getting a cut... and no, it didn't sell for 2.7k... I wish it did lol
  12. I drove an NZ XR5 back in the day - they were quite handy for what they are... pretty scarce tho! Funnily enough I also looked at an Adventra; which was a great 3 metre car... even one metre; but when I drove it... ouch!
  13. Yup - didn't get much for it but it's gone now 👍
  14. Unfortunately the colour choice was limited to any colour I liked, as long as it was "tango" haha! I'd always found them a half step above a Camry to be fair; but I've not driven one for several years - and it does what it says in the tin and suits my needs for the time being... and it was in such good nick with such a good history, it was difficult to justify something else at this stage.
  15. Don't look... It drives far better than I expected it would, has a very extensive service history and came from a fussy owner with great presentation - unlike most of the alternatives I looked at... taking it over the Rimutakas tomorrow so interested to see how it goes. And if anyone in/near Wellington has a set of Mondeo 18inch alloys give me a shout!
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