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  1. I considered both a couple of months back and ended up with an e91 for several reasons - which is not to say they're all applicable to you but; in no particular order: - after driving a couple (530i & 330i) the e91 felt that bit more eager and engaging. - I/we don't need a big car; just two of us, and the wagon is added convenience on the odd occasion. - and the most important factor was because there was one available which ticked most of my buying boxes (namely NZ New, reas svce history, no iDrive cos first gen is pants, within budget). When it comes down to it; as above - drive a few; figure out what you like/want, and get the best one available.
  2. If I downgrade this could be an ideal daily - looks nice
  3. Ten grand for this is crazy. Sure there's a potential downside; as there is with any vehicle - and the upside in this is massive. For ten grand. Ten. Grand. Anyone wanna buy a 330i Touring for $10k? (kidding).
  4. Welcome - go the Tourings!
  5. Have now racked up 4000-odd kms in a month of ownership - so far so good... the car likes a drink though that's more about my driving; and the fact I can't resist flooring it in 2nd/3rd going up Haywards Hill from the Hutt. That aside it's a nice cruiser. Handles beautifully; suspension is spot on for a DD, and having the extra room in the back has proven useful on occasions - more so for the house move. Has enough power 99% of the time (well, probably a hundy really). The only down side is the fact that I probably spent more $$$$ than I needed to - not on this car, but generally. Now the budget for a deck and spa pool is seriously under the pump (pun intended).
  6. Myopic election hyperbole.
  7. That is a nice combo - ditch/paint the wheels; get a new steering one (80kms?) and let it rip... not quite worth what they're asking as it is - but could be close for the right buyer; that seemingly hasn't yet seen it.
  8. I remember seeing it when I was considering options a couple of months back... I like that it's not silver/black and that interior could grow on you - after you've been violently ill once or twice lol
  9. I meant the rouge one in the TM link ;-)
  10. Does it have to be a Motorsport?
  11. Is this the one that was FS in Palmy a couple of months ago? For around $5 if I recall correctly?
  12. I did the same trip in mine a few weeks back... nothing like a total immersion in your new wheels! It's quality bonding time!
  13. Cheers Adrian, I ducked into Supercheap to confirm it was what I thought it was; which it is so that's all good. I find the whole scanning thing really bluddy confusing as there are different results depending on what it's plugged into... I've even gotten varying codes from the same brand of equipment lol. For someone who's not a mechanical/electrical guy it's all a bit too hard.
  14. Welcome; nice wagon too! I was just researching diag tools after my CEL came on again this morning (sigh).
  15. Condition trumps k's (within reason)... go check out the $3k one... if it's a genuine car that's been maintained by an owner who's done a lot of work themselves it could be perfectly fine. Your assuming there's no history, don't assume - pick up the phone and have a chat with the owner... after that you'll be in a position to decide whether it's worth a look; or whether it's not. If you "settle" for a 328 you'll always be wondering what might have been.