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  1. There's this lower k Avus Blue one on TM also... not sure about the price but it does look pretty good (though I prefer the dy)
  2. I'm about to head south for a few days but it's booked in for a service next week, then I'll do something about moving it
  3. Need to shift the e91 first - if you know anyone let me know ;-)
  4. That'd be a great daily for my Whitby-Seaview commute... hmmmmm...
  5. G'day Gregg - all the best in your search... a 335i is certainly a weapon; especially in a sea of 320i's!
  6. Get your own (specialist) inspection. CIS inspected my 330i and I was less than satisfied with their work - and an M5 is a whole different level of vehicle (and potential costs).
  7. Or Stokes Vegas?
  8. G'day and welcome Brian! Are you sure a sedan will provide all the practicality you'll need?
  9. I thought the same - and I'm colourblind lol... worth investigating further. Luckily, I work just up the road so may have a wee nosey tomorrow
  10. These were my dream back in the day - have only ever had an RX2 sadly... now good unmolested ones as scarce as rocking horse dudu and priced accordingly.
  11. WCD aren't known for great value buying... quite the opposite in fact. As above you could certainly do better for a similar spend (or spend a bit less on something similar).
  12. I second @treone - bought his (not quite as super) e39 525 and was a thoroughly happy buyer. And @BM WORLD too - grabbed a stack of old Top Gear VHS tapes (which I'll eventually get around to digitising).
  13. I considered both a couple of months back and ended up with an e91 for several reasons - which is not to say they're all applicable to you but; in no particular order: - after driving a couple (530i & 330i) the e91 felt that bit more eager and engaging. - I/we don't need a big car; just two of us, and the wagon is added convenience on the odd occasion. - and the most important factor was because there was one available which ticked most of my buying boxes (namely NZ New, reas svce history, no iDrive cos first gen is pants, within budget). When it comes down to it; as above - drive a few; figure out what you like/want, and get the best one available.
  14. If I downgrade this could be an ideal daily - looks nice
  15. Ten grand for this is crazy. Sure there's a potential downside; as there is with any vehicle - and the upside in this is massive. For ten grand. Ten. Grand. Anyone wanna buy a 330i Touring for $10k? (kidding).