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  1. SmithyInWelly

    2003 E39 525i Touring

    Looks a good little wagon G, GLWS!
  2. SmithyInWelly

    NZ New e91 330i

    'tis gone to a good home - miss it already but it was time to move it on.
  3. SmithyInWelly

    NZ New e91 330i

    It is - was initially on T-me for just under 9, then 8, then 7... So I dunno. Sure there's a few niggles and the wheels could do with a tidy up but it's in generally good nick (for a 200km car) and drives pretty well.
  4. SmithyInWelly

    NZ New e91 330i

    is that an offer Chris? 🤣
  5. SmithyInWelly

    NZ New e91 330i

    No - not yet Richard, the TM ad lapsed... I'm sick of time wasters and am in the middle of a house move so haven't been focused on it; just want/need it goneski. It's still available for a BS'er with a bit of time and a little bit of capability... any takers?
  6. SmithyInWelly

    NZ New e91 330i

    Anyone got $5k? Or near close to? Have something I might buy if I can flick this pronto.
  7. SmithyInWelly

    NZ New e91 330i

    Yeah, it looks pretty easy for anyone with half a clue; but I have the mechanical aptitude of a gnat, which is less than half a clue - and being colourblind I tend to steer clear of anything electrical.
  8. SmithyInWelly

    NZ New e91 330i

    Ok - need this gone. If someone wants a bargain; get in touch 👍
  9. SmithyInWelly

    Life is choice bro thread.

    It's been a good couple of weeks... new fixed term role started; current house in Whitby sold; new(old) house in the Hutt purchased. If only I could find a buyer for my e91... I s'pose it's true about things happening in threes huh?
  10. SmithyInWelly


    Nice wagon - GLWS! If some awesome Bimmersporter would give me seven for mine, I'd buy this in a flash.
  11. SmithyInWelly

    NZ New e91 330i

    Bump - what am I doing wrong? There's a bluddy e46 (admittedly manual) touring on there now with higher k's for more $$$$... am I too honest? All I've had are people wasting their time, and my own - surely a genuine sale of a genuine car (warts and all) isn't too much to ask?
  12. SmithyInWelly

    NZ New e91 330i

    Here's the Trade Me ad: TM link Happy to do a good deal for Bimmersporters - if you're interested, get in touch on here or mobile 0279 354 225.
  13. SmithyInWelly

    E39 M5 for 20k

    Yep, that was me - we might have cross-waved, haha!
  14. SmithyInWelly

    E39 M5 for 20k

    If this is the car I saw coming down the gorge on SH1 this morning (at around 8:30ish) then kudos and well done... it's a bluddy good looking unit! (snd if it isn't - kudos and well done... it's a bluddy good looking unit!).
  15. SmithyInWelly

    N52 starter - Sorted

    My battery was reading 12.6 last week before I replaced it - and then needed a starter.