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  1. It's a beaut looking car, well done!
  2. A great read Greg... I think the Avalanches (and their lesser siblings) are underrated and great value for people who want a mix of grunt, comfort, and space - they're getting pretty cheap too. If you can find a good one!
  3. Sounds like good excuse for a hoon into town... I likey!
  4. I've been thinking similarly Kyu... I like the style but they don't suit the car (or the old fart now driving it lol), and I suspect contribute negatively to the ride/compliance issues. And snap to the RE003's Olaf; I put them on Greg's old E39 and they were brilliant (for the $$$), much better than the Firestone's on the Euro, and barely more expensive. I've got a BTC near work in Seaview; sadly town is out of the question for me these days - at least during working hours.
  5. So now the shocks are done I need to get a wheel alignment done as it's still a little off... though I've also got to remember it's grand-dad suspension, not m-sport; so my expectations may need a little alignment too (not to mention I've been driving a FWD with 140ish kw for 18 mths, now I'm in a RWD with 190ish). Then think about some new tyres in the next couple of months - not sure what to get. They're 18's and a daily drive; not a track car. So something that balances wet weather grip and is good at motorway speeds is important given my drive.
  6. Took it in to get a once over today... turns out the "service" the dealer did was done; and the gasket repair noted in the PPI was done too - just had to clear some codes. Had the vanos solenoids cleaned out, and code removed. Also, the wobbly rear end turned out to be a quite munted shock absorber - so had both rears replaced... and voila! Now it handles properly whilst driving responsibly up SH58
  7. Something like this looks like it'll suit my needs (which are pretty basic). Can't be running to Supercheap every time a CEL comes on (as it did this morning).
  8. Any luck with this @Olaf?... I'm about to invest in a scanner so any recommendations would be appreciated.
  9. First longish drive for about 5/6 years when I had the first of two big ops... was a wee bit nervous as to how it'd affect me but I needn't have worried... bluddy awesome! Looking forward to a few more roadies in the coming years
  10. As per the "wanted to buy" thread; I picked up a 330i Touring in Akl. Drove it back yesterday - seems pretty good; NZ new, 170kms, reasonable service history. No fault codes showing. Spec wise it's low on fruit - but everything works and is in reasonable condition. First point of business is to address a very slightly and occasionally wobbly rear - possibly a buggered bush... but first off will get a wheel alignment done. Following that; a second key (any suggestions on sourcing appreciated)... and then I may look at adding a bluetooth module - though I'm not sure I'll even bother. We'll see... may also do something about the tyres - it's got Michelin Pilots on the back which are 2/3rds worn, and bingbonglingdings on the front which are barely worn (wish it was the other way around). As a DD it'll certainly do the job, and make the daily schlep over SH58 much more enjoyable than it was in the Euro!
  11. +1 for the leather and -1 for the wood.
  12. Yup - NZ New, FSH (evidently)... bluddy long way to go for a test drive tho!
  13. Do any of you know this car by any chance?
  14. Well done