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  1. SmithyInWelly

    Another Alpina (D5 F10 this time)

    Maybe because I'm rapidly approaching 50; those Alpina B5's (B7's, and even B3's) look the business inside and out - refined, subtle, classy, powerful, and relatively understated. Do I think they're worth as much (or more) than the relative M car? Not on your Nelly... completely different market and to me, nowhere near the same value.Having said that - very few buyers would be cross-shopping an Alpina and an M3/5 so it's a moot point, like most others.
  2. SmithyInWelly

    Am I mad to be considering this? 2001 E53 X5

    No more than I must be looking at this one: https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-1869040774.htm
  3. SmithyInWelly

    My wee wunabout...

    Yeah, they had it for months - and it owed them (far) too much which was reflected in their asking price. The presentation left a bit to be desired which worked in my favour too... the main thing was it drove well and has been looked after so ticked the boxes for me. I just wish it had a third pedal. If you do decide you want one, let me know (as I'm contemplating something more useful for a 2nd car that gets little use).
  4. SmithyInWelly

    BMW 120i new member

    Which one is? (genuine question - I've not a clue which 4/6/8 is the most reliable? Aside from linking complexity to reliability).
  5. SmithyInWelly

    E36 328i Factory manual coupe

    Many did - haha! But I meant after I sold it and bought something cheaper/fun-ner... picked up a 325ti but jeez I wish it was a manual.
  6. SmithyInWelly

    E36 328i Factory manual coupe

    Damn - wish this was around when i was looking a coupla months back. Jeez, I need a manual.
  7. SmithyInWelly

    E39 540i touring

    That'd be a decent cruiser - priced well too.
  8. SmithyInWelly

    2003 E39 525i Touring $OLD

    A V10 Mazda?... now that'd go a little better than mine did 😛
  9. SmithyInWelly

    Grand Tour Season 2

    Apparently he's given up the fags so packed it on a bit.
  10. SmithyInWelly

    My wee wunabout...

    Went in to Winger today and ordered a "proper" euro plate for it as that front bumper gap makes me cringe every time I see it (and no Kyu, I won't be swapping in a Msport front bumper/headlight assembly - haha). Have also got some cupholders on the way... and thinking about audio options. 2003 doesn't seem that long ago!
  11. SmithyInWelly

    My wee wunabout...

    No, you were bang on - though probably not what you had in mind (and I did look at a 330i but it was ruuuuuuffff).
  12. SmithyInWelly

    My wee wunabout...

    Yeah - the price was pretty good; got it from a dealer I know who's been sitting on it for far too long... mainly as it was overpriced (it owed them too much too; a former employee gave far too much for it as a trade) so I gave them an easy chance to get rid of it and they can put something profitable onto the same space! I'm not entirely sure they realised what they had - and as soon as I drove it; well, you know how it happens
  13. SmithyInWelly


    And sure enough - a couple of corners later:
  14. SmithyInWelly

    My wee wunabout...

    Yeah it was - it's no garage queen but seems mechanically sound... a good little second car that I'll be happy to have a little play with. Currently reading old threads re audio upgrades!
  15. SmithyInWelly

    My wee wunabout...

    It came with an extra couple of pots Kyu... and no - but I know the garage that the previous owner (for several years) had it serviced before trading it, so did some digging and it all came up 👍