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  1. Damn I like that... would be a great "other" car for me; and get me back into something a bit fun... hmmm...
  2. SmithyInWelly

    Gissa job!

    Ten more weeks and my contract finishes... that came around quick - time to start exploring options again!
  3. I would... what a lovely little cruiser that'd be! GLWP
  4. They rarely do... luckily flipping cars isn't a crime
  5. Holy shite... look forward to getting a cut... and no, it didn't sell for 2.7k... I wish it did lol
  6. I drove an NZ XR5 back in the day - they were quite handy for what they are... pretty scarce tho! Funnily enough I also looked at an Adventra; which was a great 3 metre car... even one metre; but when I drove it... ouch!
  7. Yup - didn't get much for it but it's gone now 👍
  8. Unfortunately the colour choice was limited to any colour I liked, as long as it was "tango" haha! I'd always found them a half step above a Camry to be fair; but I've not driven one for several years - and it does what it says in the tin and suits my needs for the time being... and it was in such good nick with such a good history, it was difficult to justify something else at this stage.
  9. Don't look... It drives far better than I expected it would, has a very extensive service history and came from a fussy owner with great presentation - unlike most of the alternatives I looked at... taking it over the Rimutakas tomorrow so interested to see how it goes. And if anyone in/near Wellington has a set of Mondeo 18inch alloys give me a shout!
  10. My next car will likely be Japanese... suits my needs, and (lack of) usage. Getting another Bimmer for around $4-5k for a second car is just senseless now - even if it will put a grin on my face when I chuck it over the Rimutakas once a month.
  11. Everything's dropping - I've taken a bath on my e91 330i and my 325ti... reluctant to get another Beemer as it's just flushing dosh down the dunny - at least til I can get something less than five years old so I'll at least get some decent use out of it. Most >10yr old euro stuff is dropping like crazy - not just ours; but jeez it's ugly out there!
  12. Only drove one wagon - felt like a boat; and it was brand new... it's taking all of my powers to not hit BN on the $5k white Ralliart thats currently on TM lol!
  13. 38 watchers, no bids. And the other buyer pulled out. If anyone wants a bargain get in touch 👍
  14. No bids, 20 minutes to go. Seriously. Bargain.
  15. Auction finishes this evening - someone will get a bargain... https://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=2016626982
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