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  1. SmithyInWelly

    heaps of fun for 15k!

    So... if you had $15k to spend and wanted fun (or 4 exhausts) then this would be at/near the top of the list. Of course, if you were all about pace you'd go a 335 and hope it didn't lunch itself (cos you'd have nothing left for maintenance/upgrades).
  2. SmithyInWelly

    2006 NZ new E91 330i - $8k

    Yeah, it's got a few wee things that could be done but it's not worth my time (well, money lol) whilst I'm not employed. May do the TM thing 👍
  3. SmithyInWelly

    2006 NZ new E91 330i - $8k

    No-one needs a little work wagon? Or a great platform for an S65 swap
  4. SmithyInWelly

    Coming soon - Looking to buy E46 330i

  5. SmithyInWelly

    Coming soon - Looking to buy E46 330i

    Go an e91... I know of one that's available
  6. SmithyInWelly

    2006 NZ new E91 330i - $8k

    Any interest at all?... would consider reasonable offers (that's my idea of reasonable - not necessarily yours; haha) 😝
  7. SmithyInWelly

    Reasonably priced E30

    Sure, no Msport/Mtech bits but looks a well cared for NZ new 325i... at a seemingly reasonable price. Would be a great little daily or a base upon which to "make it your own" if desired: https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-1700645905.htm?rsqid=4149b90697854acbb6af65227460cd2d
  8. SmithyInWelly

    2006 NZ new E91 330i - $8k

    Bump... new WoF (needed a headlight realignment and some new brake hoses thanks to Winger BMW).
  9. SmithyInWelly

    Gissa job!

    Any feedback Graham? I hate the dreaded "feedback" convos - especially those you get at 5pm on a Friday like I did last week lol!
  10. SmithyInWelly

    I'm ashamned

    The most unexpected thing for me was the driving position and how comfortable it was, I've never driven anything remotely like a "crossover", only the occasional SUV and ute. The greater distance between the floor and the seat squab probably (unknowingly) put me in a better (more upright) posture.
  11. SmithyInWelly

    I'm ashamned

    Took my car into Winger Bimmer today for a couple of WoF related bits n bobs and they gave me a loan car. It was a (oxymoron alert) demo Mini Countryman and I'm ashamed to say I actually liked it. 1.5 litres with attached hair dryer - high riding, easy access, a bit of room (for a small car)... ok performance around town and reasonable handling too (no, it's not a track car), good connectivity, visibility, safety, economy, and a bluddy comfortable driving position with plenty of head and leg room (not that I'm a tall unit but those who are would appreciate it. After years of derision of any Mini that isn't actually mini, I think I get it now. Would I buy one? Well; of all the ways that immediately spring to mind of how to spend $50-odd k; of course not. But I can see why some people would. I may need an intervention.
  12. SmithyInWelly

    Gissa job!

    Two i/v's this week, both looking like going on to psychometric testing. Giddy up!
  13. SmithyInWelly

    Gissa job!

    All the best Graham 👍
  14. SmithyInWelly

    First-Time Euro Owner (text heavy)

    Very nice... both the car(s) and the story - congrats!
  15. SmithyInWelly

    2001 e39 530i - Help Buying?

    I'm pretty sure it is you Greg... you know you want to 😆