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  1. 330ti

    Not for me Richard - at least not whilst I've got the E91. But one never knows what could be around the corner (or perhaps the corner after that).
  2. 330ti

    I've often thought about a 325ti as a cheap daily runner... one with a additional 500cc would be slightly less cheap to run but more smiley to drive... https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-1555978824.htm?rsqid=456a6688c3a34ae9819a25722a327e0c Shame about the "executive" interior... but easy enough to improve: BMW Compact 325Ti 2001 _ Trade Me001.htm BMW Compact 325Ti 2001 _ Trade Me002.htm BMW Compact 325Ti 2001 _ Trade Me003.htm
  3. I would.
  4. What would you choose? E61 vs. E91

    Very true Kyu - and the hope is to hold on to it... it's not going to lose value over the next year or two (at least not substantially), and every time I hear the noise it makes when I plant my right foot I get all tingly, especially now the vanos valves are actually working lol (sorry, oversharing). The flip side is we've got to spend a little bit of dosh on the house so selling it would make life easier; and then I get to upgrade again after it's sold... not to mention needing to upgrade the wife's car. Anyway, yeah.
  5. What would you choose? E61 vs. E91

    So what's ppls thoughts on my e91 value? Am about to move house so a sale/downgrade is looking increasingly likely - looking at TM it's quite hard to get a good read on what these things are selling for. It's NZ New; (all but) 180km - servicing up to date; new rear shocks and just had vanos solenoids done. Vin is AF81035 if you want to check specs (typical NZ spec; leather; no M bits or i-Drive). Has 18" 220's which I'd assume are reps and could do with a refurb. Everything works, drives well, etc etc...
  6. What would you choose? E61 vs. E91

    What are you after? Coming to Wellyfornia any time soon?
  7. Very nice E36 318is for sale in Welly

    There's this lower k Avus Blue one on TM also... not sure about the price but it does look pretty good (though I prefer the dy)
  8. Very nice E36 318is for sale in Welly

    I'm about to head south for a few days but it's booked in for a service next week, then I'll do something about moving it
  9. Very nice E36 318is for sale in Welly

    Need to shift the e91 first - if you know anyone let me know ;-)
  10. Very nice E36 318is for sale in Welly

    That'd be a great daily for my Whitby-Seaview commute... hmmmmm...
  11. New member from Wellington

    G'day Gregg - all the best in your search... a 335i is certainly a weapon; especially in a sea of 320i's!
  12. M5 on dollar auction

    Get your own (specialist) inspection. CIS inspected my 330i and I was less than satisfied with their work - and an M5 is a whole different level of vehicle (and potential costs).
  13. Newbie

    Or Stokes Vegas?
  14. Newbie from Wellywood

    G'day and welcome Brian! Are you sure a sedan will provide all the practicality you'll need?
  15. I thought the same - and I'm colourblind lol... worth investigating further. Luckily, I work just up the road so may have a wee nosey tomorrow