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  1. SmithyInWelly

    Old 3 series BMW's as a first car

    i agree with much of the feedback above. Older Beemers need some loving... you need to be prepared to invest the time and/or money to keep it on the road and enjoy driving it. The critical mix of budget/engagement/ability/need will dictate what you want, and what you can get. Sometimes what we want isn't achievable and we need to get something else in the meantime, until the budget or time resource can catch up - I was in a similar position and bought an e39 525i initially (after owning an e36 318ti some years earlier in Aussie), then quickly wanting more power and a better drive but not having the $$$$ to get it. I bought a $5k Accord Euro; thrashed it as a daily for a year whilst saving another $5k then selling it for $5k and buying my e91... Now I'm at that "more power" point again so may have to repeat the process to save up and get a 335i... sometimes you have to play a long game 😜
  2. SmithyInWelly

    E30 Ignorance - $40k - $65k Really?

    Shear driving pleasure?
  3. SmithyInWelly

    Clarkson Sacked

    For those who are all about the (Sky) sport: https://www.radionz.co.nz/news/business/358727/spark-customers-win-deal-on-sky-sports-coverage I'm sure I can get the Discovery Turbo stuff online somewhere? Or find more YT channels.
  4. SmithyInWelly

    Clarkson Sacked

    Anyone seen Edd China's new stuff since he ditched Wheeler Dealers? I saw some coverage of the "split" but that was a while ago now and I've not heard/seen anything from either since. WD had gone to shite since it went to the States.
  5. That's a lot of V8 for $9k.
  6. SmithyInWelly

    E39 530i for $15k !

    It makes me laugh that people invite realistic offers but provide no indication what they view a realistic offer to be. That coupled with the sellers attitude would count me out. Also interesting that they mention the bad pixels being an inexpensive fix yet they've not bothered doing on their "pride and joy". Nice car yeah, but no thanks.
  7. SmithyInWelly

    e91 gas struts - advice

    Hi all The gas struts in for my window and bootlid are still functioning, but pretty tired. Are they something I'd just replace (ie: buy oem or 2nd hand) or can they get refurbed? Cheers
  8. Buy an NZ New e91 330i from Wellington... but seriously - I agree with most of what Kyu says, but most importantly; drive a few different cars/chassis/engines and that'll (hopefully) give you an idea as to what suits your needs, and your taste. Then get the best (or best enough) of that within your budget and what's available 😁
  9. SmithyInWelly

    New BMW in the South of the North

    Looks a beaut! And gidday from Hutt West (or Whitby if you prefer lol).
  10. They've got an NZ New C32 (low km's not too silly a price) which I saw when I was looking for something for my Dad about 15 months ago. It's still there (nfi why, though $12k for a 16yr old german that looks to most people like their mates Mum's c180 isn't attractive).
  11. SmithyInWelly

    Foreign Noob

    G'day Gordon - and welcome... looks like you've a pretty handy fleet there mate!
  12. SmithyInWelly

    NZ New M3 Evo with Individual leather

    Damn the JR connection makes me want it more. The reality of life is a bugger sometimes - new car is third on the current list behind job and house... and I doubt this will be available in a couple of months time when I will have hopefully addressed the first two. Gah!
  13. SmithyInWelly

    NZ New M3 Evo with Individual leather

    Almost what he said lol
  14. SmithyInWelly

    NZ New M3 Evo with Individual leather

    I best avoid Petone next weekend in case I accidentally buy an M3. Lovely.
  15. SmithyInWelly

    The ultimate chick magnet

    Orange is my favourite colour, and I'm not adverse to something different. But I'm not a chick - nor in the market for a magnet attracting same; so, no.