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  1. Cheers guys! Yeah it's high because of the finance owing unfortunately. But with time ticking I am open to slightly lower offers and paying the rest myself. And Pete, totally agree haha. Been meaning to and keep finding new things to sell or pack and organise. Will get on to it, in the hopes it helps
  2. $9,499 ono. Great XMAS gift Moving overseas in a couple of weeks, so I really need to sell this. 6 cylinder Tiptronic 3 Series with M Sport trim, wheels and body kit. Internally, comes with iDrive. Yes the BMW system with stock built in screen, not the after market addition some dealerships add in. Maps and TV do not work because it has the original Japanese based system but it does have a fully functioning radio with the NZ bandwidths and a 6 CD stacker in the boot. Tyres are run flats and the car will come with an unused refill can. I'll chuck in the phone holder and AUX cable, both pictured. M-Sport trim is included as pictured. 157,000 kms (at the moment). WOF and Rego due in Jan 2018. Full disclosure: > The wheels are all silver. The car just needs a wash. Wheel finish is a tiny bit worn in places and there is a little curbing from the previous Japanese owner but not extensive > Currently one of the right headlights has just stopped working (as pictured). I took it into a Euro mechanic and he found that it was the ballast behind the headlight that needed replacing, rather than the bulbs (which I tried initially). I have found a replacement ballast, I just have no time with all of our planning to take in to get swapped out, so will happily supply with the sale. To be clear, the high beams and halos work, it's the standard light that has failed. > I was backed into on the left rear bumper. There is a small graze and rippling of paint in this section (as pictured). > Rear tyres will need replacing, I just passed the last WOF. I'm not a hoon, a gift from the previous owner but have never found any grip issues. Feel free to ask any questions
  3. Hey all, So one of the headlights on the right hand side has failed. Took it to a Euro specialist after replacing the bulbs and having no luck in Welly while down for the day and the guy said it will be the HID ballast needing replacing and mentioned I could get the exact part online for a lot cheaper than having to get the entire headlight replaced. So... Anyone know where I can get one and if I'm looking at the right one for my car, like this one here: https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/car-parts-accessories/tools-repair-kits/repair-kits/auction-1439245206.htm Cheers
  4. My 323i M-Sport came debadged. Thought about fitting an M badge. Decided against it. Then thought about finding an original 323i badge. But ultimately I kind of like the clean look. At most, I think I'd only fit the three red strips to the grill on a non M car..
  5. Haven't done one since buying the car in Jan and unsure of the history. No sign of a leak but I could just be missing it. Hopefully Glenn doesn't pick anything up tomorrow
  6. Can I pick that up anywhere or am I looking at needing to visit an automotive store?
  7. Preface - I'm a noob The orange, low oil warning light came on today. So before I go out and buy some random oil and top my car up, seeing as I don't know what oil is in it currently (bought the car in Jan '16), do I need to have it flushed before I put new oil in? Or am I safe stopping by a service station on my way home and chucking in what tickles my fancy? Also should I only be looking at certain types of oil (if there is a difference)? This is for a 2006 e90 if that makes any difference. chur
  8. 4 months in and had to put in some fresh spark plugs. Fingers crossed, nothing else craps out any time soon.
  9. Ahh sweet, cheers for the info! Good to know they had the tools and were willing to do it then. They were reluctant when I first asked.
  10. Just to note... Got my car back today and all issues fixed, including the radio. They fixed it up so I now have all frequencies. Cheers Buy Right Cars! It's definitely doable so bring it up if you find it is still set to the Japanese frequencies. Maybe check out Buy Right Cars if this doesn't work out for you or just to have a nosey at their stock.
  11. Hey mate, I just bought an '06 323i. First car purchase so I was a little naive but the car is great. But first OFF... GET THE MECHANICAL WARRANTY! Even if only a year or two. Definitely get it checked over by a professional. I was stupid and had the AA check my car 2 months after I bought it. They found a small oil leak, I found one of the rear windows gets stuck when fully opened. I have to push the seals away to allow the window to popup and avoid the safety sensor triggering from hitting something and retracting. AA also found my Windscreen seal looking a little tired. I originally took it in to see if they could find anything else needing attention as I was taking it back to the car sales service centre the following week to have them look into a ticking sound coming from the engine, which is something else you'll have to look out for. Apparently common in the e90 models. Cars been in for a week and I'm picking her up tomorrow, let's see if they try and charge me for any of this stuff which are all faults found within the first 3 months. I have i-Drive installed, although being a fresh Jap import, its still all in Japanese. I'm happy to use my phone for GPS and I never listen to the radio so the frequencies aren't a trouble. Plus some of the fixes out there, finding a hidden menu to fiddle with the bands won't work in my model. May look into swapping out one day but not a necessity. But use it as a bargaining chip if yours is in Japanese too. Apart from these minor issues, the car is great! I don't regret my purchase at all. Well... Apart from being in a hole the next few years, paying it off.
  12. If you guy If you don't want it, I'll have it.
  13. Spotted this little beauty in Parnell the other day.
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