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  1. emandru

    Vibration After New Tires

    +1 take it back to the shop. Not saying that it is the tires but some tires although good quality can be bad (inherent vibration, out of round, out of balance etc.)
  2. emandru


    and a service history that comprises of only WoF certificates.....
  3. emandru

    Auckland Paint Recommendations

    have no ideas but also keen to find out. I have touring that can use some new paint...
  4. emandru

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    pulled the engine out of an e34 to start my m50b30 stroker turbo build :). Going into the touring behind.
  5. emandru

    WTB Engine crane/hoist or recommendations

    Picked up a tool chief yesterday actually and looks to be pretty decent. Def good enough for what ill be doing
  6. emandru

    WTB Engine crane/hoist or recommendations

    Thanks. So you haven't had any issues with the 1 ton cranes sold at sca?
  7. emandru

    Where do people buy their tires? (Auckland)

    second that, looked at hyper and seemed to be more expensive. A part of this too so I want a good installer that wont damage rims and also does a good balancing job.
  8. Hi guys, I've purchased yet another e34 this past weekend to strip parts from it and also remove the engine (after over a year of planning it looks like im finally starting my build :D). I'm wondering if anyone has an engine crane for sale or if anyone has any tips on where to get a decent one for a reasonable price in Auckland. Cheers Eddy
  9. emandru

    Where do people buy their tires? (Auckland)

    I'd be curious to know too^
  10. Hi guys, I was curious to see where people buy their tires and if anyone has any recommendations for a good tire shop (installation and balancing with good equipment). Looks like there a fair amount of options with local tire shops, chain shops and hyperdrive. Cheers Eddy
  11. emandru

    E30 compliance *Help*

    from my understanding its up the the inspectors discretion if its a wof item or now which i think is stupid as they have started to inspect many things which have nothing to do with safety as above ^
  12. emandru

    M50b25nv +Rhd engineering fly +m20 g260

    hey, how much are you after for the struts and potentially the bombs? Cheers
  13. emandru

    E34 1995 525i Touring - no start

    Interestingly enough it was cranking but no start and confirmed no fuel or spark. . That's what threw me off too as I would have thought that an EWS fault would prevent cranking too.
  14. emandru

    E34 1995 525i Touring - no start

    Thanks Brent. I ended up checking the whole system multiple times and then decided to go over the EWS system. Ended up being the key ring antenna. One of the wires had broken. Soldered back up and started first key :).
  15. Hi everyone, I'm looking for some help once again as I'm stumped on a no start issue with my car. A little while back i did a trip up to Whangarei and car drove perfectly. Parked up for the day and when I came back to start the car up that evening it took numerous cranks to get her going again. About 10 mins of trying? Fast forward, I got back down to Auckland parked up and then tried to start the car again the next day. Started first go. And then the second day, same difficult start. Now it wont start at all so I've tried the follow. The engine turns over and cranks but will not start. 1. Took the fuel relay out and jumped pin 30 and 87 in the relay holder. Can hear the fuel pump turn on. 2. Swapped the fuel relay out with 3 different relays i got from the scrap yard. Still no start. 3. Pulled a coil pack and spark plug out. Grounded them and cranked the engine. No spark. Plug was dry when removed. 3. Measured resistance of the crankshaft position sensor. Reading of 502 ohms. Seemed reasonable but swapped it our anyways with a known working one from another car. Still no start. When I crank the car over, I try to have my partner turn the key and me listening for the fuel pump to turn on. Can't here the pump turn on. Also there is no gas smell coming out of the exhaust pipe when cranking. I'm not sure what to do further? Any thoughts? Cheers Eddy