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  1. Unfortunate to see the state of it but glad that its in good hands now! Excited to see how this progresses though! I too am going through tidying up an e34 wagon I bought a little while ago
  2. while we are on the topic of clutches, does anyone have any suggestions on a lightweight flywheel or recommendations on what clutch/flywheel setup they've enjoyed? I'm looking for something that can handle a bit more power than a stock m50b25 and also endure light track use. Not overly concerned about a bit of extra chatter or noise but don't want something I would absolutely hate to drive to work. cheers!
  3. Wired in a check engine light in my e34. Always wondering if there were any faults stored
  4. Hi guys, A little while ago I bought a manual e34 sedan from which I plan to take out the manual transmission and place into my automatic touring. Since I've been driving it, I've noticed that the engagement point is very high up in the pedal (last couple of cms) and that the clutch doesn't bite very hard. Looking though the stack of receipts for the car, it looks like the clutch was replaced by HELLBM fairly recently so I don't think its a worn clutch issue. I'm wondering if this is normal for e34's or if its an issue with the style clutch used, length of the throughout bearing, stack height of the clutch etc. Any thoughts or how I can test further is greatly appreciated! Also worth noting that the manual in the sedan is not original but was previously swapped in. Cheers
  5. hmmm youre right, a faulty pressure regulator wouldn't causing any flooding and would likely cause a rough idle afterwards also. I presume it idles fine after it starts up?
  6. sounds like potentially a leaky injector(s). When you shut the car off the fuel line and rail remain pressurized until next start, but if you have a leaky injector, the injector will drip fuel into cylinder essentially flooding it causing the harder start scenario you're describing. If you wait long enough (ie. cold start) the fuel that would have dripped into the cylinder would have evaporated and this starting like normal. To troubleshoot, you can remove the fuel rail from the engine with the injectors attached and still connected to the fuel line. Turn the ignition switch on but do not start the car and place paper towel under the fuel injectors. This will pressurize the fuel line and rail. If you have a leaky injector, you'll be able to see which one is leaking. Could always be something else but this is what i suspect.
  7. Hi guys, I'm looking for a set of lowering springs to suit my e34 525i. Cheers! Eddy
  8. hmmmm havn't looked into that but do like the idea of a M54B30 especially considering the challenges associated with the M60. M50 turbo I do acknowledge is a lot of work but I think that's the part that excites me. I don't mind building parts myself but hate searching and waiting for randoms part to come onto the market for sale.
  9. Hey guys, So about a year ago I picked up a 1995 525i auto touring with 275,000 kms (now has 302,000 kms) which has been my daily driver and now turning into a project car. The car is in alright condition but does need some love to bring it back to its former glory. It will be getting a manual transmission from a second e34 sedan that I own. I'll also be upgrading suspension, brakes, wheels and eventually tinkering with the motor once I decide what I want to do (m60 v8 vs turbo m50b25 open to opinions). Cosmetically I would like to clean up both the interior and exterior to what should be original condition and maybe some minor upgrades, but nothing too over the top. Exterior paint is in pretty rough condition with the clear coat peeling in many areas. Inside, the leather seats have torn where you sit (already bought replacement seats), headliner is sagging, and steering wheel is fairly worn, instrument cluster lcd has gone out, would like to install factory radio or something similar back in. The goals for this project are; #Do as much myself as I can. #Learn as much as I can in the process. #Teach others what I've learnt in the process. #Build a pretty neat car by the end of it. Obligatory pictures below! Oh and if anyone has any ideas or parts for sale that might help me out, please shout out!
  10. Hey guys, I am looking to buy an e34 passenger side windshield wiper arm. I'm located in Auckland but don't mind paying for shipping if its located somewhere else. Cheers!
  11. Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone is selling or knows where I could pick-up an instrument cluster for my e34. It is a gen III instrument cluster (blue back with 4 plugs) with L/100 kms for the fuel consumption. It looks similar to the instrument cluster attached. Cheers!
  12. just sent you an email
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