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  1. I feel like the dazzling of oncoming cars is more a function of poor light aiming, uneven loading of a car or the most frequent one, the poor condition of roadways ad constantly changing elevations. Headlights now more than ever concentrate light to minimize glare and blinding on-coming traffic. Of course, since the beam is so concentrated though, when it does get shined into your keys it is rather unpleasant. Maybe we should consider fixing our roads? https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/113895851/giant-penis-drawings-show-up-on-auckland-road-in-protest-at-collapsing-beach-road
  2. Thanks for the one supplier Brent. Also found these guys https://www.msel.co.nz/epages/motorsportelectronics.sf/en_NZ/?ObjectPath=Categories which look pretty good. I'm not particularly keen on ordering in an OEM loom as they seem to have the same issue and you have to splice it in rather than use connectors. Plus for the cost I can make my own with high grade flexible wire, seething and connectors on either end so I can service it later if it decides to fail again.
  3. Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone knew where to buy electrical wiring locally in NZ? I'm looking at rebuilding the rear hatch wiring loom to my e34 touring but it looks like getting some good cable is difficult. Jaycar doesn't have much of a selection and the stuff at Supercheap and Repco is a laugh. Looking for something that is flexible, fine multistrand, and preferably comes in different colors. Cheers Eddy
  4. agreed with most of the comments above. Poor brand budget tires may seem alright in the dry but perform horribly in the wet. You don't need to break the bank for good enough tires but you should consider tires that match the car and keep you safe also. +1 on RE003 and the lower end models of Pirelli's, Toyo's, Falken's etc. I'd say Michelin too but lets be real, non of their tires are inexpensive.
  5. +1 on pretty much everything stated above. However, if you dont want that wiper assembly I might be keen on it...
  6. Yup or it will go out again. Do you happen to have any? :P. Also any experience with any of the shops above?
  7. Hi guys, One of my SLS struts on my touring has started to leak. Does anyone have any experience with shock re-builders in the auckland area? I'm looking specifically at these guys: Suspension Tech: http://www.stech.co.nz/about-us/ Race Shock: https://raceshocks.co.nz/services.aspx Autolign: http://www.autolign.co.nz/# And yes I want to keep the SLS system. I don't want to swap it out. Cheers Eddy
  8. Hi, I was wondering if anyone has purchased the little rubber donuts used to hand the exhuast on E34s and where you guys picked them up from. I've gotten a quote from SPEED in Tauranga and they have quoted 24 bucks per piece and a 1 week wait. Anyone know of options? Cheers Eddy
  9. +1 take it back to the shop. Not saying that it is the tires but some tires although good quality can be bad (inherent vibration, out of round, out of balance etc.)
  10. and a service history that comprises of only WoF certificates.....
  11. have no ideas but also keen to find out. I have touring that can use some new paint...
  12. pulled the engine out of an e34 to start my m50b30 stroker turbo build :). Going into the touring behind.
  13. Picked up a tool chief yesterday actually and looks to be pretty decent. Def good enough for what ill be doing
  14. Thanks. So you haven't had any issues with the 1 ton cranes sold at sca?
  15. second that, looked at hyper and seemed to be more expensive. A part of this too so I want a good installer that wont damage rims and also does a good balancing job.
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