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  1. After seeing this post I got excited and bought it. Still unsure what the market value is for these so time will tell if it's a good deal. Either way I'm stoked with it. Exterior is mint, interior is sh*te. Managed the 1400km or so battle throughout many detours from Christchurch to Auckland the weekend. Was a cool trip with my partner (previously mentioned, Bianca). Time now to overhaul the coolant system, trans etc. Photo taken on Lewis Pass, awaiting the exploding chemical truck to be cleared.
  2. Would kill for electric rear windows. Good luck with the sale.
  3. Are wheels two and three curbed? Or are they superficial black marks?
  4. Yea sorry I was referring to the $1400. Good deal?
  5. Thoughts on what it went for? Good deal? Anyone go view it?
  6. I'd be so keen on this if I could guarantee it'd get me safely back to Auckland. In saying that I do need to use some annual leave...
  7. Still on the hunt.
  8. Agent75, the link for the radiator above is the same as mine. It seems to do a good job. Running water wetter and bmw blue coolant (hasn't seen a sustained thrashing around a track yet so time will tell). Andy do you know what the story is with the temp gauge? I had a heart attack when I first drove my E30 M52 as the needle skyrocketed towards the red. The needle bounces around and doesn't seem to reflect the actual temp. I've used a trustworthy Fluke Infrared Thermometer (accuracy is +/-1%) and temp measured ~90°c (88° thermostat). Also since the fan only runs intermittently on warm days (88° switch).
  9. Nope not yet.
  10. Edited again
  11. Yip left the engine 100% and am more than happy with it. Completely night and day in comparison to my M40B16 time bomb. I don't think you'd be able to get this DME to run a factory M52. I could be wrong. Best bet is to get a Siemens Ms41.0 and either get an EWSII module + transponder + key set (headache), or have the ews deleted from the DME.
  12. For the DME to run? Nothing. It doesn't have ews so it's good to go in a m50. I got it to do a obd1 + m50 manifold conversion on my M52 e30 but decided against.
  13. Yip same design but I'm sure it was bigger. I'll have to measure it.
  14. I used the radiator from a M42 because I didn't have the mounts for the ext water res plus I liked the cleanliness of the incorporate res. Got the biggest electric fan that would fit (16" from memory?) and deleted the viscous fan. People have retrofitted the M52B28 exhaust to fit. I mocked mine up and it seemed to follow the tunnel alright but would hang low and look abit off. It does contact the subframe and RHS lollipop mount. After some research I opted for 2-1 then 2.5" all the way through to a resonater then rear muffler. As it sits now, the exhaust isn't the lowest part of the car. If you're in akl you can pop in for a look at my setup.
  15. Make a project of it and restore it! Or if you decide to part out I'd be keen on the rear disk setup etc. Good luck either way.