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  1. Cammsport

    E9x front suspension parts

    What made you swap yours out? Only reason I ask is that ours has low k's also with some knocking from the front right corner that's becoming damn hard to find.
  2. Cammsport

    Dunedin Newbie - 2007 E91

    Welcome Geords! E91s FTW ✌️
  3. Cammsport

    E36 M3 sedan parts car @ BM WORLD

    Thanks for replying Brent, do you also happen to have 96+ E36 M3 front hubs/spindles & control arms? Thanks.
  4. Cammsport

    E36 M3 sedan parts car @ BM WORLD

    Do you have any purple tag racks or z3 racks available Brent?
  5. Cammsport

    Group buy, E30 sump guard

    I desperately need one also. Perhaps if enough of us get together we can lower cost of either importing or copying Palazzo's one.
  6. Rang Auckland City BMW yesterday. He basically said the obvious and that they prefer OEM/Pilkington. Nothing on paper but I've passed this on to Smith and Smith.
  7. Lo and behold, get back from a week's holiday to find the new windscreen has cracked. Crack starts from the corner under the seal so I'm assuming it's a installation fault 😖 What gets me is that I was promised that the windscreens were no different to OEM with regard to quality and that after the ordeal above, their top technician of the franchise would install it. NZBMW, wondering if you were able to put me in contact with your mate? Or have a copy of the letter. I'm getting over traveling to Penrose to sort this bloody car. Going to go back to State and tell them it's their problem.
  8. Damn I wish I knew this! Hopefully I remember for next time. Update on the paint. Seems I was being a bit pedantic. The guy (potentially owner? Seemed super knowledgeable and unbiased) from Sallens Panel Beaters said that after they polish the scratches out, the clear will still be >100 micron thick. 40+ micron is needed to maintain UV resistance.
  9. Gaz, yea i tried that. State wouldn't have a bar of it. Weren't keen when I requested a BMW/Pilkington screen either. Taking the e36 into Sallens in Penrose to get its damage assessed which means I'll be able to take a look at the E91. My main concern is that *insert windscreen company* will request that it just gets the paint cut with a compound to remove the deep scratches, and consequently thin out the paint and they'll wash their hands of it.
  10. Yea that's the plan. Was pretty shocked as I had specifically asked for this company. When it rains it bloody pours! Misses just got home with the E36 and there's been a card left. Bumpers been hit while parked 😂 Anyone recommend a really good repairer in the Penrose area? That won't write off old faithful?
  11. Good evening all, Recently had a chipped windscreen go in for replacement at a well known repairers. Got the car home to find an incredible amount of bad workmanship. Seals not fitted correctly, lower cowl sitting proud allowing water in, sealant EVERYWHERE (front quarter guards, bonnet, A pillars, rv mirror, interior, dash etc.), but worst of was the deep scratches. So I quickly sent in photos in and email and was told to bring the car into another branch with a better rep we're they'd replace the windscreen and send the car to the panel beaters. Fast forward a week, get the call to collect my beloved E91. Windscreen looks real good. Scratches removed from the guard, but not from the bonnet. Was told the guard was re-sprayed, but the marring still present from previous washes are still there, obviously just been hit with compound. Posting to see if anyone here has been in this position before. Where to from here? Would it be too much for me to ask for my own repairer? Cheers guys!
  12. Cammsport

    Castrol Edge 5w-30

    Just a quick heads up. Pretty good deal on this particular oil at SCA http://www.supercheapauto.co.nz/Product/Castrol-Edge-Engine-Oil-5W-30-5-Litre/299206?utm_source=edm&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=MF_SCA02_2018_WK43_CC
  13. Cammsport

    Car Detailing Products

    Gave the patio a blast this afternoon, misses quickly took over lol. Might do a 30 second time lapse of the drive way just for the satisfying-ness.
  14. Cammsport

    Car Detailing Products

    Have just bought a Karcher K5, purely to dabble in this snow foam craze
  15. Cammsport

    Car Detailing Products

    Yea I definitely agree. Otherwise there may be an overlap/underlap between application of products. Power tools relate, looking for for an impact wrench atm too. But i figure I need to find a brand that covers all areas of power tools I need so I can stick with one charger, battery etc. Free shipping, decent price.. Quite tempted.