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  1. Heater core replacement write up if you get bored? Mine has a leak also.
  2. Now that you've refurbed the 14" basketweaves.. I see this set of 15" are available on Facebook if you're interested Olaf.
  3. Cheers for that. Do you have a rough price?
  4. I'm after a tow bar so I can cram more stuff into the E91, let me know if you have anything available. Prefer folding/removable to keep the rear end pretty.
  5. An annoying aspect is how minimal the damage is, but still having to pay 😅 Its burnt through the clear and damaged the edges of the diffuser so a simple buff won't "cut" it.
  6. Wof and rego all on today buuuuuuuut unfortunately I won't make the meet 😢 work and all that jazz 🤷‍♂️
  7. It's hard to give way to something when they've exceeded the posted speed limit. But yes, thanks to everyone for the advice. Will get back to them option 2 👍
  8. Thought I'd pose the question in here as there's alot of sensible people who may have been in the same predicament. A couple of weeks ago we had a wee bump in the wagon. At the time our insurance broker was confident we weren't at fault. Until yesterday. They've changed their tune, read below. I told them I was disappointed with the situation and I'd get back to them. Check out the CCTV footage below and tell me who's at fault. The van going past or the reversing wagon. Its a tough one because yes, I was the one backing out but I think they were going too fast for a parking lot. 20191105_163637.mp4
  9. Couple of snaps from the Skid Factory meet at Greenlane.
  10. Cheers @WYZEUP! You were a help re cert process a couple months back when I messaged you. Still have the WOF to get when the cert plate arrives, and one of the things I failed a WOF on was headlight direction. Thought I'd show a wee before and after/how-to on the process. Firstly, remove the 2 screw from the grille along with the 3 clips on top. Then I removed the 3 screws holding the headlight assembly to the car, along with the 3 very brittle plugs at the rear. You'll be left with something very mad max looking after you also remove the clips from the kidneys. My WOF guy didn't want to touch the headlight adjusters as they were seized up and didn't want to risk breaking them. A couple squirts of silicone penetrant and a wriggle of the adjuster with pliers on the metal free'd them up good as gold. Also took off the headlight metal surrounds to remove the light surface rust and give them a quick paint. Only paint I had lying around was Arctissilber from the E36 😅 But it actually looks really nice. Job done. Had a quick line up of the headlights on the garage door but now that the adjusters move freely under finger tips, I'll let him use his reflector to dial it in. A keen eye will notice I've removed the IS lip. This lip is less prone to driveway scrapes when toing and froing from WOF/CERT etc.
  11. Yea to be honest M42 is very is OEM+. I was on the fence for a very long time. Next time you're silly enough to come to Auckland, have a drive of my M52.
  12. Hey @Olaf... my 316i had the same ill-fated lifter noise and look what happened. Giz a yell when you need a hand 😅
  13. *cough* 24 valve swap *cough* 😅
  14. Those seats look so good! Do you have a link for the kit?
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