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  1. Cammsport

    Servicing a Jatco A5S300J Transmission

    I carried out your "option 2" to try reduce the bad jerk my one has between 1st and 2nd. You've written out the exact procedure I used. Sourced my parts from FCP Euro. And yes, the jatco jerk is still well and truly there. On the look for a manual ZF box.
  2. Cammsport

    Swann Insurance: yay or nay?

    Agreed value is in the classic car policy but not the modern classic.
  3. Cammsport

    Swann Insurance: yay or nay?

    Reviving an old thread after a search. After seeking out an insurance broker (One50 Group) they have pointed us in the direction of Swann Insurance. Our premiums are greatly cheaper than with State, with less excess also. Since the last post, has anyone had any hiccups with this provider? Only thing I've come across after reading the "modern classic" policy (e91) is that they use market value. Where as for the "classic car" policy (e30 & e36) it is agreed value.
  4. Noticed it was missing this morning and it's a damn eyesore. P/N is 51128041135, apparently fitment is E91 specific.
  5. Cammsport

    NZ NEW E46 328ci 1999 black on black

    I like this coupe ALOT. But unfortunately a new mortgage is steering me away. Funnily enough in Papakura too Brent.
  6. Cammsport


    I cook most nights as I'm usually home earlier. Technically lunches as well, we take leftovers. Takeaways/dining usually in the weekends.
  7. Cammsport

    E36 "Euro Sport" wheel slip ring

    Afternoon all, Having trouble tracking down a suitable slip ring to fit my newly acquired steering wheel. Doesn't seem to match the three main part numbers that are for the e36.. 32341162-111, 32341162-804 or 32341162-901. Plugs seem to be different. Photos are of my wheel.
  8. Cammsport

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    @qube is that your set up? Yea I've got LMs on the wagon and RSs on my other car and it's a mission to clean them properly. Being a daily, less spokes the better 😂 I was going to short cut it and do a straight swap and not bother removing the clear coat followed by a polish. Too much admin right now.
  9. Cammsport

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Started splitting a set of style 5s to use the wider barrels/better offset for my BBS RTs. Was a hard decision but I like the different look of RTs. And WAY easier to clean 😍
  10. Cammsport

    E9x front suspension parts

    What made you swap yours out? Only reason I ask is that ours has low k's also with some knocking from the front right corner that's becoming damn hard to find.
  11. Cammsport

    Dunedin Newbie - 2007 E91

    Welcome Geords! E91s FTW ✌️
  12. Cammsport

    E36 M3 sedan parts car @ BM WORLD

    Thanks for replying Brent, do you also happen to have 96+ E36 M3 front hubs/spindles & control arms? Thanks.
  13. Cammsport

    E36 M3 sedan parts car @ BM WORLD

    Do you have any purple tag racks or z3 racks available Brent?
  14. Cammsport

    Group buy, E30 sump guard

    I desperately need one also. Perhaps if enough of us get together we can lower cost of either importing or copying Palazzo's one.
  15. Rang Auckland City BMW yesterday. He basically said the obvious and that they prefer OEM/Pilkington. Nothing on paper but I've passed this on to Smith and Smith.