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  2. Awesome cheers for all the advice. I have a little more confidence now after reading your post NZ00Z3 but my main concern now is the fact that the car has been collected by the private buyer. I don't think I have a leg to stand on if someone apparently now has the car. Gutted but I'll follow through with the above advice. BTW NZ00Z3, going by your user name do you happen to be AF? think I might have seen your blue z3 this morning. Tidy number.
  3. Cheers for that Gabe. Definitely an auction. So basically I probably won't see the car again . I guess it's not a biggie but as you know, the feeling of winning an auction for a good price + the car you want is a good feeling. Then to be told "too late" is a tad frustrating.
  4. Hey team, thought this would be a good place to ask a question, as I'm sure there are a couple trademe pros on here. If I were to win an auction on a vehicle (reserve met, all kosher) but the owner decides they want to sell it to someone else, do I have a leg to stand on? Normally I wouldn't care and I'd just carry on the hunt for another car, but... This one ticks all the boxs and I've been looking for a year! Any comments/opinions/facts appreciated.
  5. Did you end up winning the auction?
  6. I've messaged you.
  7. Disturbing an old post i know bit I was wondering if you RX7 BBK veterans would be able to give me a hand. I've bought some S4 calipers recently to do the conversion. I'm now starting to wonder if my BBS RSs that I'm building up will clear. Before I go ahead and machine the dog bones and purchase new lips, I was wondering if someone could measure from the face of the mounting hub to the outer part of the caliper to gauge clearance. Can draw a pic to clarify if necessary. Thank you for any help provided, much appreciated.
  8. Any parts popped up?
  9. Live out west, Royal Heights area. What parts exactly do you have?
  10. Hey all, I'm after a few parts for my bronzit beige metallic F/L E30 coupe. -F/R door (manual window preferred) -Rear bumper rub strip -Rear disk assembly (incl trailing arms, cables calipers etc) -51 mm Front struts Feel free to message me! Cam.
  11. Sorted. Repco P/N 11-96201 $5.99 Cheers to Jake S.
  12. I'm after a pilot bearing for an M52 to a G240. If I could get one this weekend that'd be awesome (I want to get the motor in!). BMW P/N is 11211709681. Thanks in advance!
  13. Awesome. Don't get me wrong, I'm definitely doing my research but as you'd know there's a hectic amount of info online for the 24 valve swap. Half of it unfortunately contradicts the other. I couldn't find anything in your build talking about modifying the rear exhaust manifold to clear steering column. Or did the barina parts negate this? Huge relief if it does.
  14. Cheers for that Nick. I had another perve at your build to see how you modified your selector/carrier rod but looks like you went a different route. I think I might shorten my 240 ones. Bought a exedy m20 clutch kit today, just need to have the 6mm shaved from the block side of the flywheel. Exedy wouldn't do it. Did you use the M5x pilot bearing?
  15. Clutch travel/feel is fine?