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  1. Cammsport

    N52 starter - Sorted

    Fortunately the diagnosis was correct! Finally got around to changing my mates starter. Started straight away. Thanks everyone for your help.
  2. Cammsport

    BMW service

    As long as periodic servicings stated by Autosure are caries out by a MTA assured mechanic.
  3. Cammsport

    BMW service

    For me with my E91? Yes. But totally depends on each person. I purchased the 3 year warranty because I wasn't familiar with anything newer than an E46 at the time or repair costs if a motor/gearbox was to implode. I'm the first owner since it's import from Japan and I didn't have a clue on the reliability of the N52N or its gearbox. Older models I don't bother because their engines etc are a dime a dozen (mostly) on TM or a wreckers. Since my ownership I've had problems with misfires (replaced coils & plugs), valve cover gasket due to leaks, various suspension components due to noise and idler pulleys as they are notorious for sending N52's to an early grave. Yes I could have given Autosure a call, but wasn't worth the excess.
  4. Cammsport

    BMW service

    They're not going to give you the stamp if you do the servicing unfortunately. As far as Autosure is concerned they're after someone reliable to protect their risk. Needs to be MTA assured. If you look through the Autosure leaflet it will explain what needs servicing when and by who.
  5. Cammsport

    BMW service

    I typically do all the maintenence on my BMWs. For a couple of reasons a) gives me a chance to check the condition of other components b) cheaper c) fun and interesting if all goes to plan d) I know the work is actually being carried out aka I don't trust alot of mechanics. I also have Autosure Insurance on our newer wagon, so had to succumb to taking it in for a service to stamp the book. Found it quite pricey for the actual work being carried out and then when I got it home I found the lid of the air box not installed. Well known and recommended BMW servicing establishment too. Have been using FCP Euro to order parts. Have a good, cheap range and parts typically arrive within a week. Obviously dependent on your situation/space I'd recommend investing in some tools and DIY if the budget is tight. Find a professional on YouTube and seek advice on jobs from the wealth of knowledge on forums 👍
  6. Cammsport

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Replaced the coils, spark plugs, coil sleeves, valve cover gasket (along with the valvetronic motor, sensor and SAP plate seals) on my N52. Definitely was not a fun job at all, but I guess pretty satisfying at the finish line.
  7. Cammsport

    N52 starter - Sorted

    Will give Brent a bell tomorrow.
  8. @sobanoodle just want to be able fiddle with some of the settings on my E91. Would also like to pull engine fault codes from my OBD2 E36 & E91. Also register batteries (that I'll need to do on my friends e90). @Navin I might flick you a PM so I don't clog this thread.
  9. What a pain. Any other user friendly apps with hardware that aren't as pricey but have the same perks? Otherwise I'll bite the bullet and go with Carly. I suppose it's not too expensive. Sorry for going off topic @Species 8472
  10. Cammsport

    N52 starter - Sorted

    Yea we were gunna start with the starter. Was just wondering about the battery and I'll see what he got. Struggling to find a suitable 2nd hand starter at the moment.
  11. Is there no way to pay for the app out right maybe at an initially higher cost? Yearly subscription is a bit of a put-off and would get fairly pricey!
  12. A little off topic (apologies) but I have some questions about Carly. Did you source the dingle from their site, or is it a generic obd2 dongle? Has it been worth the money?
  13. Cammsport

    N52 starter - Sorted

    We've also tried another new battery, still had no crank. What would be a recommended battery? OEM? Or something of the same size will do?
  14. Cammsport

    N52 starter - Sorted

    Friends e90 323i has a no start condition. Starts were getting slower and slower over the past 6 months. Now there's no crank, stereo and accessories all work fine, battery reads ~12.7v. No IBS. So next on the list of fault finding will be the starter. Looking for a starter found on the N43, N51, N52, N53 and N54. https://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/part?id=VB56-EUR-05-2006-E90-BMW-323i&mg=12&sg=25&diagId=12_1161&q=12412354701.
  15. Cammsport

    Quick rant thread.

    @Contrails, to add insult to injury... They're an aussie company as well.