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  1. Had a week off so decided to give the work wagon a tidy up. Relined the headlining and pillars, fitted leather rears, m-rain half leather fronts and dyed the parcel tray. Looks like a whole different car! Problems arose when I put the fronts in. Driver seat was straight plug and play, passenger seat was a different story (see pic). Body wiring has 3x wires. White/red, white/purple and orange/brown. Seat has 2x wires. Blue and white. I've tried hunting online but no luck and I'm unsure if they're different because ti vs. coupe, FL vs. PFL etc. Any help would be good, oh and of course I switched on the ignition so I now have an airbag light . If you had a reset tool I could pinch that would be awesome! Average photo because of course I lent on my phone lens whilst installing the seats
  2. Hey Glenn! Spoke to you yesterday about servicing the thing. Am going to look into getting it serviced by bm workshop soon. Apparently it's "good to go for another 15,000kms" but I'd rather be proactive.
  3. I winged it. I went to BM Workshop to ask if they could but there was a two week waiting list. Taking it to them soon for a service even though it apparently had one.
  4. I wouldn't touch that 335i with a barge pole. 325i looks alright but we were ideally after a LCI with CIC, exterior changes in the facelift almost makes it look like another model. I'm stoked with ours and should see us through the next 3+ years. I got it cheaper than above with the nav/radio conversion and 3 year mech warranty through Autosure. Unsure what to insure it for, currently $16k agreed through state.
  5. I may finally be able to rest, I think I have found the one I'm after. You experts out there, what would you pay for the following.. 2008 e91 325i lci . Full service history, fresh import, 70,000kms. I couldn't fault it at all on the exterior. Ride was average (hopefully due to runflats?), interior is mint. Only thing bad would be non Bluetooth I-drive and jap maps. $15-$16k?
  6. Message me details if you'd like.
  7. Sounds a lot better than the hassle of sacrificing boot space. What put you off the one at Zip motors? Just out of curiosity.
  8. Off to see 325i LCI touring tomorrow. Fingers crossed. Since there seems to be a good collection of owners of this generation, what have you done about the tyre situation? Stuck with the run flats? Or gone to the normal type, where'd you put the spare?
  9. We may have been tracing each others steps by the sounds! Have been and looked at the Russian guys cars. Was amazed at his range but was also disappointed in some of the ricey mods on them and there seemed to be a little bit of backyard mechanics going on (which isn't necessarily a bad thing). Test drove that navy 325i wagon. Absolute sack of a car. My saggy headlining E36 would've given it a run for its money. Rear RH window didn't work, rough interior, transmission was hesitant, dash lit up like a Christmas tree (he assured me all the ABS lights, traction control lights and engine lights were to notify you its due for a service...) and like all Jap imports it had a hideous aftermarket nav system jimmied up to the dash. Didnt get the best vibe from the dealer.
  10. If you don't mind me asking, how grown up are the kids? Ever had to use car seats in it?
  11. Still on the hunt. To make things harder for myself, I've also started looking at E87s. Looked at an '06 130i Msport, such a nice car but the dealership was an absolute let down. Also the flaking badge, deep scratches, nil service history (or booklet), incomplete toolkit and exhaust valve tick turned me off. My #1 choice after driving several would have to be an E91. Now to find the right one...
  12. Being an owner of all three (e30, e36, e46) I feel really confused. Our e30 coupe cost 3x as much as the e36, is way "cooler" alot quicker, manual and fairly timeless but I'm drawn towards the ugly duckling, the e36. As a consequence that's where the attention has been going. I like the lines. The cleanliness of the interior and engine bay. E46 is definitely a the least favorite child sitting in in the rain.
  13. Forgot to mention I also changed the trans fluid and filter. "jatco jerk" remained so manual swap is on the cards. I've done an electric fan conversion on my E30 M52 swap, clears up so much room. Not a bad idea on this as well, cheers. Might look into vanos seals mid-term. Doesn't seem to be giving me trouble right now. Any way to see if it's working as it should? Doesn't seem to be any noticeable crossovers etc. Do you have a preferred engine oil? If it doesn't cause too much pain, care to share the consequences of the pulleys giving up?
  14. +1 for Silverdale Radiators. Good price and of OEM quality. Ran for about a year so far with no worries at all. as said, sourcing one from the states might be a pain due to shipping/warranty/duty.
  15. Short of the long... After the recent purchase of 1995 E36 328i coupe, I'm curious as to how I could get the best reliability and fuel economy from it. Long of the long...The drive to work is about 30 mins of open road driving in a rural ish area (hence the quest for reliability, a breakdown would suck). Currently getting ~750kms. I've ordered some regular maintenance items from pelican parts; spark plugs, oil/air/fuel/cabin filters, trim clips (more rattles than i could've imagined), valve cover gasket, paint touch up kit and a couple other random bits. Recently fitted new radiator, thermostat, metal impeller water pump and BMW coolant. I've bought little aesthetic pieces for it like some BBS RT wheels, MSport front lip, leather rear seats (on the hunt for fronts) and plan on reupholstering the headlining and door cards (I'm going to need a new daily, for my new daily ). Look forward to hearing any hints, tips or tricks.