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  1. Anyone have anything good or bad to say about the Mk5 GTIs?
  2. More and more research into the N47 has put me off. I guess any motor has its issues if you dig deep enough but the timing chain seems to be a catastrophic one if it hasn't been serviced every 10,000kms and/or hasn't had the updated repair kit. Both of which is a mystery in this one.
  3. I'm assuming this one is cheaper due to the combination of mileage, no service history and the N47 timing chain and wastegate issues? Could be a risk I'm willing to take. Timing chain replacement looks to be an engine out jobby. Owner/dealer looks to be short on details in the question but probably just busy.
  4. From memory (posts on this page if I recall correctly) people are very wary of the e60 generation 5 series? E87 ticks 90% of the boxes. Will line up a viewing.
  5. This would be the sensible choice @Olaf, but here I am 😅
  6. Do you mind if I ask how much you ended up buying this for?
  7. When we bought our E91, it was a toss up between that and an E87. The E87 had a surprising amount of room. The E87 is probably the #1 contender at the moment.
  8. An M54 touring would definitely be on the cards if I could find one.
  9. I have 3 euros at the moment and I don't regret it. More car for your buck IMO. Or maybe it's my subconscious-spanner-swinging side of me that wants another car to work on 😅
  10. Oh man, my dream would be to find what @M3AN found 😱
  11. I'm on the hunt for a commuter (250km a week, open road). My budget is $7,000. $8,000 at an absolute push. I have a few points that I'd like it to meet, please let me know your thoughts and options. - I'd like it to be Euro, if not BMW - <160,000kms - Economical (better than 11L/100km) - 4 doors (car seat occasionally) - Modern ish (newer than 2000) - Reliable (subjective I guess) We've been looking at E87s and MK5 Golf's. Even got curious at a diesel Peugeot hatch. Very interested in everyone's thoughts!
  12. Fitted some OE tan "leather" rears into the coupe today. It's the small updates that count right? 😅. Now to track down something better suited than the tired comfort seats in the front.
  13. How bad are the other two? If they're just horribly curbed etc I'd like one as a spare of they're for sale?
  14. I just flicked an email through to our broker (we use Swann and Star). She replied: "No additional cost, we just need to submit an application. Once the application is accepted, you just need to notify us each track day you wish to attend and we'll notify your insurer and let you know once they've confirmed. Main thing with track cover is third party liability is deleted but before each track event drivers normally sign a waiver to their right to pursue a third party. I'll flick you through the relevant form tomorrow." Will enquire tomorrow about if there's an increase in excess etc, otherwise it sounds too good to be true.
  15. This thread has made me pro-1-series. Such an awesome example.
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