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  1. Castrol Edge 5w-30

    Just a quick heads up. Pretty good deal on this particular oil at SCA http://www.supercheapauto.co.nz/Product/Castrol-Edge-Engine-Oil-5W-30-5-Litre/299206?utm_source=edm&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=MF_SCA02_2018_WK43_CC
  2. Car Detailing Products

    Gave the patio a blast this afternoon, misses quickly took over lol. Might do a 30 second time lapse of the drive way just for the satisfying-ness.
  3. Car Detailing Products

    Have just bought a Karcher K5, purely to dabble in this snow foam craze
  4. Car Detailing Products

    Yea I definitely agree. Otherwise there may be an overlap/underlap between application of products. Power tools relate, looking for for an impact wrench atm too. But i figure I need to find a brand that covers all areas of power tools I need so I can stick with one charger, battery etc. Free shipping, decent price.. Quite tempted.
  5. Car Detailing Products

    Cheers Brent. I have no doubt at all, that these guys are definite pros, but i was hoping to catch some reviews from members who have no vested interest or affiliation. Products that work well for the weekend warrior car enthusiast.
  6. Car Detailing Products

    Afternoon all, I've been wanting to graduate from the usual SCA/REPCO car wash products for a while now, but I'm unsure on what products to turn to. I use the double bucket method with grit guards, hogs hair brushes, wool mitts, DA polisher etc. alongside the "Nu Finish" range. I watch a lot of Ammo NYC detailing clips on YouTube, but he uses his own line of products that will sting with freight charges. Do you have any first hand experience of products like Gyeon, ValetPro, Waxaddict or others that are readily available in NZ? Random pic to keep it interesting
  7. 750i on FB

  8. Overseas parts order

    Order turned up from FCP today. Only 7 days shipping! Over Easter also. Only thing I'm annoyed about is the condition of the cabin filter (pelican seem to package better, not writing FCP off however). Will give them a quick email and see what happens. Thanks to Zero for the heads up!
  9. E36 Koni Adjustables & Eibach Sportline Springs - Sold

    Wouldn't want to sell the springs separately?
  10. Overseas parts order

    Well i'll be damned... looks like its ~$75NZD cheaper AND i can get everything i need (apart from the Porsche diff washers ) AND saving heaps on import charges Thanks heaps for that Zero.
  11. Overseas parts order

    Anyone in the process of making an order from Pelican? Maxed my cart out ($59 tax) and need just a couple small things... 2x LSD Discs & 2x Spark Plugs Much appreciated!
  12. 2008 E91 335i msport touring parts car with goodies

    Is the rear bumper trim available?
  13. E36 seat wires don't match

    Had a week off so decided to give the work wagon a tidy up. Relined the headlining and pillars, fitted leather rears, m-rain half leather fronts and dyed the parcel tray. Looks like a whole different car! Problems arose when I put the fronts in. Driver seat was straight plug and play, passenger seat was a different story (see pic). Body wiring has 3x wires. White/red, white/purple and orange/brown. Seat has 2x wires. Blue and white. I've tried hunting online but no luck and I'm unsure if they're different because ti vs. coupe, FL vs. PFL etc. Any help would be good, oh and of course I switched on the ignition so I now have an airbag light . If you had a reset tool I could pinch that would be awesome! Average photo because of course I lent on my phone lens whilst installing the seats
  14. What would you choose? E61 vs. E91

    Hey Glenn! Spoke to you yesterday about servicing the thing. Am going to look into getting it serviced by bm workshop soon. Apparently it's "good to go for another 15,000kms" but I'd rather be proactive.
  15. What would you choose? E61 vs. E91

    I winged it. I went to BM Workshop to ask if they could but there was a two week waiting list. Taking it to them soon for a service even though it apparently had one.