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  1. Yea gave it the hap-hazard dusting for the mettalic but can't have given it enough. Lessons learnt that's for sure.
  2. Cheers @andrewm, I'll pass that onto dad. I noticed today before we flew back to Auckland that the paint had some streakyness to it which is bloody gutting. Not really obvious but if you stand in the right spot and the sun is hitting it square on you can see what looks like shadowing. We laughed when he was quoted $7k for a professional paint job, but after the past few days we have a new found appreciation for panel beaters and painters.
  3. Instead of being the responsible car owner I'm not, the e30 has once again been put on the back burner. This time for my old mans XG Ford Falcon. He had a run in with a shipping container down the side of the Ute and the general paint was worse for wear. We thought we'd have a crack at it giving it a cosmetic birthday. A few DAYS of battling, using multiple pieces of 4"x2" as precision tools, tapping, beating and caressing. We were left with something that I'm happy, but on the same page, not happy with. Used PPG paints and the best gear (Sata guns and an industrial compressor) but had to battle cooler weather (Southland), bugs and general dust & debris. Hopefully something some experimenting with sandpaper, razor blades and detailing will fix. Overall, it's better than before. I will not be touching my E30 with sandpaper. Ever 😅
  4. Never been the biggest fan of these over fender kits but the Live To Offend one is nice! If I had a beat up E30 and a spare $9k I would think about it.
  5. The day of reckoning. Went to the certifier knowing it wouldn't pass due to the correct front springs not showing up in time (I now have a deep hatred for NZ Couriers 😂). Couple of left field faults but no real show stoppers. Speedo will require some research, not too sure how tough that'll be. Exhaust wrap to save the steering UJ is easy enough. MAF bracket is something that's always needed doing but haven't pulled the trigger on a subtle enough CAI design yet. Spring pre-load, droop, perches touching tyres and NDT are already sussed. Him wanting to see the groove around the circumference of the splined shaft of the steering rack is an absolute PIA, but who am I to argue. Overall, not the worst result. Passed with just the one driveshaft hoop and he wasn't concerned with the z3 rack retrofit.
  6. $13k might be reasonable at the moment if it ticked alot of boxes.
  7. Yip but I shouldn't have to/don't want to run spacers as that'll be permanently on the cert plate. The problem is his interpretation of the rules.
  8. @andrewm this is exactly what I explained to him. I said a cert is not required as the line is one piece and can't be pulled apart. He countered with "rules are rules and any modification to the brakes needs to be certified." I said there hasn't been a modification. We went round in circles and in the end I left it. Certifier will know what's up. Hopefully.
  9. Got around to dropping the E30 off at the local mechanics for a wheel alignment and WOF, pre-certification. Was expecting it to be pulled up for something, but not this stuff. The guy was notably a lot more thorough than normal with our other cars (not complaining). Biggest problem is the new XYZ struts fouling on the front tyres. The perches and springs are touching the tyres which is very odd considering the tyres are OEM spec (205/55/15) along with the basket weaves (15”x7” et24). I followed the install booklet for spring height also as the book states that ideally the spring should compress by 1/3rd when on the ground. Best outcome will be the supplier providing shorter springs that maintain the nice feel of the current spring rate and hopefully come to the party and pay for the front tyres to be replaced. Doubt the latter will happen to be honest. Next on the list to fix will be the headlight aim although this may be tough without the gadgetry. WOF guy wasn’t keen to adjust as he was afraid he’d break the brittle plastic adjusters. Something I’ll have to figure out. Sway bar bushes, wiper blades, loose bolt and boot clamps are all easy fixes and oversight by me. The leak on the new Z3 rack is hopefully a banjo bolt that just needs a nip up, fingers crossed its not coming from the rack body. A soon as the strut headache is sussed, off to the certifier!!
  10. Interesting glimpse into the past at the prices of E30s. Car in question is a pov spec, manual 316i, bronzit facelift coupe that had 80,000kms on the clock
  11. @BMTHUG what was the amount you had it insured for? More or less than what you got paid out?
  12. G240 came on early 4 cyl E36s too
  13. All those engines will fit in quite easily. The G240 bell housing had different shapes depending on the year I think but yours should be fine. My 240 bolted up to my M52 nicely. People say they're a weaker box, but I have no complaints. It's put up with some death.
  14. I bought mine from euroturbo.nz along with the driveshaft hoops. From memory it was $150. Didn't realise BMW still sold them.
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