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  1. Surely he meant $2k? But then again, that would probably be too cheap. I'm stumped. That's getting close to E46 M3 territory (totally different kettle of fish), I know what I'd rather have.
  2. Thanks for that. I was just curious as mine seemed to struggle to fit properly into the clips resulting in the lip being slightly proud. Perhaps I should just purchase new clips from somewhere and tidy up the recesses in the lip.
  3. @bga, how did you find the fit? Did it fit nicely into all the clips?
  4. Good morning team, Looking at moving on our powerful and noble steed, the E46 318i sedan. We're really keen on sticking with BMWs, but switching up to a touring. So far, the E61 & E91 have caught our eye and are in our price range. What I can't figure out is why the E91 seems to be more expensive? E61 seems to be a lot of car for the money. Apparently a 200kg difference which sounds hefty (based of N52B25 as example). My buying checklist: Car will be used as the main car. Used for weekly commutes with odd weekend road trips. Usually carry the two of us, sometimes some friends. After the boot space to haul car parts/weber/tent etc. Engine: 6 cylinder. More familiar with the M5x series. Clueless about the N5x. Diesel would be nice but the price goes up. Most likely go for b25. Would like better optioned versions motorsport/highline. Gearbox: no preference. Colour: lighter the better. Interior: anything but cloth. Preferably dark. Clueless with the new tech as we own an e30, e36 and e46. Any input on iDrive would be appreciated also. Look forward to hearing opinions and preferences.
  5. Square set all round?
  6. Super tidy! If you don't mind me asking, what are your wheel/tyre sizes? Fitment is nice in my opinion.
  7. After seeing this post I got excited and bought it. Still unsure what the market value is for these so time will tell if it's a good deal. Either way I'm stoked with it. Exterior is mint, interior is sh*te. Managed the 1400km or so battle throughout many detours from Christchurch to Auckland the weekend. Was a cool trip with my partner (previously mentioned, Bianca). Time now to overhaul the coolant system, trans etc. Photo taken on Lewis Pass, awaiting the exploding chemical truck to be cleared.
  8. Would kill for electric rear windows. Good luck with the sale.
  9. Are wheels two and three curbed? Or are they superficial black marks?
  10. Yea sorry I was referring to the $1400. Good deal?
  11. Thoughts on what it went for? Good deal? Anyone go view it?
  12. I'd be so keen on this if I could guarantee it'd get me safely back to Auckland. In saying that I do need to use some annual leave...
  13. Still on the hunt.
  14. Agent75, the link for the radiator above is the same as mine. It seems to do a good job. Running water wetter and bmw blue coolant (hasn't seen a sustained thrashing around a track yet so time will tell). Andy do you know what the story is with the temp gauge? I had a heart attack when I first drove my E30 M52 as the needle skyrocketed towards the red. The needle bounces around and doesn't seem to reflect the actual temp. I've used a trustworthy Fluke Infrared Thermometer (accuracy is +/-1%) and temp measured ~90°c (88° thermostat). Also since the fan only runs intermittently on warm days (88° switch).
  15. Nope not yet.