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  1. @BMTHUG what was the amount you had it insured for? More or less than what you got paid out?
  2. G240 came on early 4 cyl E36s too
  3. All those engines will fit in quite easily. The G240 bell housing had different shapes depending on the year I think but yours should be fine. My 240 bolted up to my M52 nicely. People say they're a weaker box, but I have no complaints. It's put up with some death.
  4. I bought mine from euroturbo.nz along with the driveshaft hoops. From memory it was $150. Didn't realise BMW still sold them.
  5. Sneaky trip out to grab fish n chips. Need to get an alignment report for the cert guy done soon. Anyone know anyone that's not overpriced in Auckland to do the alignment? I get nervous when random shops jack the car up 😅
  6. Nice price! Good luck with the coupe 👍
  7. Can I be nosey and ask what for? Just to keep tabs on the actual E30 market. Anything on the radar replacing it?
  8. Not a huge update, but it's the little things that count I reckon. Pulled out the old windshield washer system as it leaked and was also blocked up. I soaked the nozzles in white vinegar and replaced the check valve (61661374978) and hose (N203011-5) with new oem replacements. Success, the jets sprayed perfectly onto the windshield. Probably the only car in our fleet that I can say that about. Then went on to replace the front valance blank with the 325i oil cooler vent (51711953609) from FCP Euro. While I was down down there I put in some new lip clips (51711979334 for white ones) to get the IS lip on properly. Also removed the AliExpress fogs as they were shite and fitted the OEM colour coded blanks.
  9. Good pick up Olaf, you're right. You can see the LSD tag and ratio there with the 's'. Believe it or not that's the original underseal. Just gave it some elbow grease and used some of the Chemical Guys multipurpose spray cleaner. Used a stiff brush, tooth brushes and rags. Took awhile but it's good piece of mind knowing that underneath the guard liners hasn't rusted out.
  10. The hunt for a garage was a long one, but we found what we (i) were after in the end! We bought a place with ample driveway space for oil spills and a two car garage. Here new house stuff took over and the car was AGAIN put on the back burner. So it sat while I ordered parts online and procrastinated as much as i could with laundry and garden renos. I finally got my act together when more and more parts were arriving and decided I needed to make a move. I ordered some XYZ adjustable height/dampening coil overs as I wanted to finally get rid of the shame of having cut springs. While the suspension was out, I seized the opportunity to clean out the wheel wells and hunt for some rust. Luckily I was clear in the rust department, 30 years of road crap was a different story. Pictures of the XYZ suspension for anyone that interested... SpeedFactor in Tauranga can get the welding and crack testing done for a reasonable price. Bloody good to deal with too. While It was up on axle stands I also gave the brakes a bit of a freshen up. Being a 316i, it had originally had drums on the rear with smaller 45m struts up front and the smaller disks. I swapped over the rear trailing arms from a 325i coupe to take advantage of the disc brake rear. Squeezed in some new bushings while I was there. Fitting the new trailing arms wasn't the nicest job as the access to the forward fulcrum bolts have limited access. When It was all said and done, it was worth it. The freshly painted callipers looked mint and the braided brake lines with new oil would improve the stoggy brake feel. I was on the hunt for a LSD/diff combo as the increase in power from the trusty M52 was constantly spinning the inside wheel as well as the current ratio making 1st gear pointless. Unfortunately everyone else with an E30 must feel the same as they're very hard to come by (I blame the race series!!). Found one on TradeMe after a long search and got round to fitting that. I went from 3.46 to 4.27 and it drives alot nicer. Almost caught up to present day! That'll make updates much easier.
  11. The alloy under the paint on that wheel is corroding. Which suggests poor paint prep. I assume that's why they suggested sandblasting as this is the best way to remove corrosion without removing too much metal like sanding.
  12. I had a skyline 300gt and would not recommend it. Classic 6 cyl problems with bleeding the coolant/overheating. Failing coils due to heat etc. I reckon Accord Euro is the ticket. Cheap parts, still look fairly modern, Honda reliability, safe, economical etc. My 2c.
  13. Thanks! And yea, sure thing. Feel free to also ask here if you'd like. Others may be thinking along the same lines as you. Just try to keep all your questions in one post to keep it tidy 🤙🏼
  14. https://www.trademe.co.nz/2192497907 I think there was a post here a couple years ago on fitting e38 brakes. Those are my calipers just for full transparency.
  15. Anyone have a hub bearing puller set I could borrow? Need to pull the front and rear hubs from an E46. I've purchased a set but won't be here soon and I need it for Monday 😕 Located Auckland
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