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  1. Cammsport

    N52 starter - Sorted

    Will give Brent a bell tomorrow.
  2. @sobanoodle just want to be able fiddle with some of the settings on my E91. Would also like to pull engine fault codes from my OBD2 E36 & E91. Also register batteries (that I'll need to do on my friends e90). @Navin I might flick you a PM so I don't clog this thread.
  3. What a pain. Any other user friendly apps with hardware that aren't as pricey but have the same perks? Otherwise I'll bite the bullet and go with Carly. I suppose it's not too expensive. Sorry for going off topic @Species 8472
  4. Cammsport

    N52 starter - Sorted

    Yea we were gunna start with the starter. Was just wondering about the battery and I'll see what he got. Struggling to find a suitable 2nd hand starter at the moment.
  5. Is there no way to pay for the app out right maybe at an initially higher cost? Yearly subscription is a bit of a put-off and would get fairly pricey!
  6. A little off topic (apologies) but I have some questions about Carly. Did you source the dingle from their site, or is it a generic obd2 dongle? Has it been worth the money?
  7. Cammsport

    N52 starter - Sorted

    We've also tried another new battery, still had no crank. What would be a recommended battery? OEM? Or something of the same size will do?
  8. Cammsport

    N52 starter - Sorted

    Friends e90 323i has a no start condition. Starts were getting slower and slower over the past 6 months. Now there's no crank, stereo and accessories all work fine, battery reads ~12.7v. No IBS. So next on the list of fault finding will be the starter. Looking for a starter found on the N43, N51, N52, N53 and N54. https://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/part?id=VB56-EUR-05-2006-E90-BMW-323i&mg=12&sg=25&diagId=12_1161&q=12412354701.
  9. Cammsport

    Quick rant thread.

    @Contrails, to add insult to injury... They're an aussie company as well.
  10. Cammsport

    Swann Insurance: yay or nay?

    Got a fright after I read the above comment about not insuring DD. I ran it past our broker who also rang Swann to confirm. They said they do, but they're just selective with who they insure. There is no mileage cap.
  11. Cammsport

    Servicing a Jatco A5S300J Transmission

    I carried out your "option 2" to try reduce the bad jerk my one has between 1st and 2nd. You've written out the exact procedure I used. Sourced my parts from FCP Euro. And yes, the jatco jerk is still well and truly there. On the look for a manual ZF box.
  12. Cammsport

    Swann Insurance: yay or nay?

    Agreed value is in the classic car policy but not the modern classic.
  13. Cammsport

    Swann Insurance: yay or nay?

    Reviving an old thread after a search. After seeking out an insurance broker (One50 Group) they have pointed us in the direction of Swann Insurance. Our premiums are greatly cheaper than with State, with less excess also. Since the last post, has anyone had any hiccups with this provider? Only thing I've come across after reading the "modern classic" policy (e91) is that they use market value. Where as for the "classic car" policy (e30 & e36) it is agreed value.
  14. Noticed it was missing this morning and it's a damn eyesore. P/N is 51128041135, apparently fitment is E91 specific.
  15. Cammsport

    NZ NEW E46 328ci 1999 black on black

    I like this coupe ALOT. But unfortunately a new mortgage is steering me away. Funnily enough in Papakura too Brent.