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  1. Lovely example and only *1* owner - impressive. The Style 38 wheels are rare too...
  2. https://www.facebook.com/groups/bmwcarclubnz/ and https://www.bmwclub.org.nz/ to find out more...
  3. Just be fully aware of having ZERO cover if your vehicle is at home but not in the garage. On the drive at home = no cover, on the side of the street by home = no cover. Was really keen to use these guys until I read (and verified on the phone) this aspect of their policies. 😕
  4. Welcome Sam - new car looks great! There is a number of BMW Car Club members up North - and there is in fact an event up there very soon. Some of our Welly are heading up for it!
  5. Epic!!! Look forward to seeing it John
  6. Well - it's back!!! Just feels so different after the driving the F30 and X5 for so long... got snarled up in blimmin traffic driving it through town and on the motorway - meh. just love the engine sound and I do think it is a great-looking vehicle not fussed about not having super dark windows - and my left wing mirror works properly - bit of a novelty there's a bit of a resonance when stopped/going slowly - theory is this may be the new hard engine mounts Jon noted a bit of a tick in the steering - found a bit of minor corrosion on the rack and has cleaned it down thoroughly and used a super-thick grease. Check this out - my gift-boxed bearings as evidence it has been done! Nice touch indeed
  7. Hey Paul - was looking at one of these for the wife a while ago. Good seating position and visibility if you're not tall - better than the more modern F25 X3. With the N52, the water pump is the expensive thing that is likely to fail and that one you're looking at has had that done already 200KW should go well... Motorsport suspension can be very hard...
  8. Update... Since the dash was off, asked Jon to look at heater issue (sometimes blows hot at the driver when set to cool - slightly frustrating!) - decided to replace the heater control valve Charcoal filter failed when installing the replacement fuel tank. Ordered both parts from Turner in the USA Parts arrived this week from Turner, dropped off and should be fitted soon... Nearly there! 🚗
  9. This was from Hamilton and was listed for $36k on TradeMe last month.
  10. Welcome Matt! That's a massive ownership count!
  11. Hey Dixon - nice to see you here!
  12. Really pleased for you Dan... Have to laugh every time I see this...
  13. Welcome Ricky and congrats on the E90! Nice looking example We have a few Club members over your way and do a few trips up to the Hawkes Bay too.
  14. Someone has to be the wheel nerd... Style 63 off E53 methinks http://www.bmwstylewheels.com/bmw/63 😜 Be warned, I've seen some 'non-wheel' pictures in this site. 🙄
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