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  1. Took the M5 for a drive this afternoon. Check engine light is on 😕, but no error messages and the car is running great. In to see Jon at Auto38 on Tuesday.
  2. Steering wheel restoration by Andrew from FibreNew. Very pleased with the result. If you'd like work done in the Wellington area you can contact Andrew on wellington@fibrenew.co.nz or 0274 500 526. Before... And after...
  3. Temp seems to be behaving better, but my urban commute to and from work is still sitting at 12...
  4. Update Thermostat got sorted Haven't managed to find the exact replacement lights yet Have a stone chip in the windscreen now - need to get that repaired. Damned trucks! Getting the steering wheel refurbed this Wednesday by Andrew (fellow Club member) from FibreNew. On another note, had the X5 front bumper resprayed by Laurenson Auto Refinishing in Porirua. Looks much better now Before... After...
  5. I've let our Club members know about this Dave.
  6. If I hadn't just bought my E46 325i individual I'd have grabbed this!
  7. Welcome Darren - some good taste exhibited there!
  8. Back in tomorrow with the 325i for... thermostat replacement boot light units (they're delaminated at the top, so water might get in).
  9. Been there with Style 5s on my E34 535i! Yes, more fuss than the 68s for sure ... Just used my Flybuys to get a pressure washer and may have to check out that IronX...
  10. Fuel Consumption That'll help the average I'd say.... but looking up specifications the urban consumption is 12.8l/100KM so perhaps I shouldn't be too surprised. I have noticed that the engine seems to take a long time to come up to temperature. Run into town, wander round for 1.5 hrs, drive back home - temp gauge never made it past 1/3. So I'm suspecting thermostat is plonked... "If the thermostat fails stuck open however, it can be less obvious and can go unnoticed for a long period of time. That’s because the temperature gauge needle won’t bury itself in the red; instead the car will take forever to warm up to operating temperature. The downside of this is loss of fuel economy, and the engine to run rich for a longer period of time which can result in more unnecessary wear." [source] Will consult with Jon at Auto38... think it will be new thermostat later this week. ABS unit Just looking back through the service records I received with the car, the ABS unit had already been repaired and re-coded back in 2016. Thinking about it - this is about how long my repaired one lasted in my X5.... so perhaps expect these repaired units to only last a couple of years 😕 Cosmetic Washed the car for the first time today... fair bit of kerbing on the wheels - so will have to get Wheel Magician on this soon. I really do like the Style 68 wheels but they are a bit of a pain to clean
  11. It is a great drive, but fuel usage from driving in and out of work a few days is hovering around 13l/100km currently which isn't stellar...
  12. Wow! @rxsumo I have shared your post here with the BMW Car Club closed Facebook Group as we may have interested members.
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