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  1. Very nice daily. GLWS Kyu.
  2. Hi Peter and welcome to BimmerSport - great community here with heaps of knowledge. Love the photo of your Z3. Good advice from Allan - weigh your options - but don't do it whilst wearing your clogs
  3. Glad you made it home safe bud!
  4. That's a beaut E36 Lucan!
  5. GLWS Andy.
  6. Welcome Vince and what a beaut you have! I can appreciate how a B5 would be an easier daily driver whilst still a monster. Is it based on the 545i or the 550i? Hope to the see the car as some point.
  7. It is a beaut, but also agree on the price - ouchy.
  8. I had replace the battery not too long ago. Pretty sure it has only had BMW coolant . . . Driscolls use BMW coolant in Bimmers. They gave me a bottle gratis at one point for top ups. The diligence with which you maintain your vehicles has to make you one of the best people to buy a car off! Always a good plan to buy off an enthusiast.
  9. +1 I really don't like gold cars normally - but that is pretty cool - and a manual 328i as well! Boring is bad!!!
  10. Yup - it's like a Nissan Terrano R3R with a big spoiler and air dam. Just no.
  11. Howdy Hamish Looks like buckets of fun in the pocket rocket. FYI we're reviving the BMW Car Club in Wellington too and have an AGM tomorrow evening for paid members. Let us know if you are interested. Look forward to meeting you soon.
  12. Damn that's a shame but at least you are OK. One of the downsides of the older cars is safety ..... cars have come along way since the 80s. Driving when tired is just a bad plan I hope you get yourself another Bimmer. E39s are a good safe car.
  13. Crap - what a waste. Have to ask - what happened? Can see grass stuck in the font ....
  14. GLWS - looks super tidy. You'll be having to 'make do' with your S6 now I suppose?
  15. If you can't stand it, then for $1K less there's a MSport in silver on black - with a few more kms. http://www.trademe.co.nz/a.aspx?id=1386681705