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  1. Recommend you add some more pics of the vehicle including interior Levi.
  2. M5 progress update... Bearings are well worn... 'caught these in time' was what Jon said! Crank shaft is all good despite the doom and gloom warnings So that's a huge relief! Now we're working out the list of everything we need to do and should do. We're planning to get the increased clearance BE Bearings from Turner Motorsport. So pleased to have a pro like Jon working on this - and prepared to do it. And yes the radiator will get a good clean
  3. More pics here from when the suspension looked OK... https://www.carjam.co.nz/photos:photos?plate=HAF121&o=0&l=16&pid=0 It is a shame to see it like this - we have two great examples here in Welly.
  4. Restored the headlights on the X5 yesterday, using a RainX kit... Took a fair while - allow 1-2 hours for doing this Initial polish phase quickly got rid of the yellow oxidised later polish 2 and 3 - certainly improved things but certainly not clear Headlight restorer with microfibre cloth - again improved things, but still not clear despite spending a lot of time on this. Applying the sealant at the end made a significant difference - much happier with the results after doing this Before... After... Well worth it I'd say...
  5. Update - ABS Trifecta just popped up today while cruising through the suburbs, then disappeared when I started the vehicle up again later ... will get the codes read soon.
  6. So all of that is done... tensioner was nowhere near as bad as @adro's or @BozzaFC's - but the new one is better and it looks like the rattle on startup is gone - will check again in the morning. Here's the other stuff... The brake fluid was *very dark* so that's been changed and perhaps wasn't helping the ABS... we'll see what happens re the ABS. Looking at my records, fluid condition was checked March last year but hasn't been replaced since Sep 2017 - about 20,000KMs ago. Rear door cards reattached ;one of them was annoyingly loose since the regulator was replaced a couple? of years ago LF window checked glass seal lubed (had been creaking when raising the window) VTNZ WoF picked up issue with the rear lights 😐 incorrect bulb holders fitted, burnt contacts on both lamps - so 5 bulb holders plus 4 bulbs installed 😕 My rear light units were some ex-4.6is units i bought for $150 when I got the vehicle back in 2016 - as one of the originals was cracked. Jon has recommended I pick up some replacement rear light units to replace the replacements! There was an E38 728i there that has had a terribly hard life ... can't believe the treatment that such a beautiful vehicle can get. Basically every panel and both wing mirrors smashed Can't save em all I suppose...
  7. interesting viewing Ben - especially seeing them pull the beast out and crack it open - and the info re the Vanos gears Some comments of note ... "Just replaced the rod bearings, crank, oil pump and much more on my S85, only a year after they were done by the previous owner. It seems they re-ground the crank which could have led to the premature failure. Get yourself a new one and raise that redline! " "Driftworks: They are no where near as bad as the internet makes out. I'd personally do a bearing swap in anything I bought though. I've heard of completely stock unopened S85's doing 200+ thousand miles & some that have run bearings at 30k miles." "BE Bearings are specifically made to solve this problem with S85 & S65 engines. They have the correct clearance, so you don't need to grind the crank. I run them in 3 of my S65 powered cars." "I can see your oil sump only has 1 drain bolt which means it is a early engine. It is best to weld in another drain bolt or buy a updated sump. On the early S85 they had an issue with dirty oil not fully draining due to the shape of sump so they decided to use 2 sump drain plugs in 2007+ engines to stop rod bearing wear from dirty oil. It is a simple job and will help the life of your engine. https://www.m5board.com/threads/oil-pan-with-2nd-drain-plug-important.277074/"
  8. Great result Boston
  9. A bit under 15,000KMs which is what i expected. And yes will be good to have the list of stuff sorted. No real chance re the MBI - it is a 2001 vehicle after all so it was at the edge age-wise when i got it 4 years ago.
  10. Yes I have rattle on startup and hope this will resolve it... haven't got vehicle back yet.
  11. Washer pump being replaced... Washer system cleaned out (yuk) Sump plug had a leak ; not fitted properly - needed a new thread cut plus plug to suit New rear tyres going on - Hankooks again - 20" 315s ain't cheap of course ' last replaced March 2018 New brake hoses too Brake system - fault state cleared but reported three codes including sensor fault and 'brakes hot' error - TBA
  12. Well - took the X5 in for a service etc - last one before the 4 year Autosure MBI expires in March... General service - last one was in May sort washers - rear not going and front ones a bit weak creaking LF window replace timing chain tensioner - especially after seeing how @adro's and @BozzaFC's were sort LR door card being loose Anyway - crawling in on the motorway this morning to Auto38 lo and behold, brake light trifecta (again...) Update soon...
  13. Welcome to Bimmersport Tom! E65 looks classy in silver! Maybe check with Brent at BM World to see if he has a replacement alternator...
  14. Welcome Johnny! Nice progression there M4 looks fantastic!
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