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  1. @treone -bought his beaut E60 M5. Super honest and good man to deal with.
  2. Having owned a couple of Subarus (Legacy Turbo and Legacy Twin Turbo) through into highish kms I don't think there's any doubt that they cost less to maintain than BMWs of comparable Kms. The only way you might get close is by DIYing and saving most of the labour. If you buy a tight Bimmer with service history and reasonable/lowish Kms and a MBI, and don't put on a lot of miles then you should have a very reasonable ownership experience. And do aim to buy something you really like and want to keep for 3+ years - so if you do have to spend a bit to sort some things, the spend averages out. Worst thing is buying a vehicle, get landed with overdue/due maintenance items and getting pissed off with the cost and selling it - right after you've invested in getting it sorted. Next owner wins - and you lose! It's like renovating your house prior to selling it - and then selling it for less than you bought it. Your WRX looks fantastic BTW. Go and drive a 550i Msport and get a feel for the vehicle as that's what will make you want to change (or not). Good luck and cheers for giving us all an opportunity to vent opinions
  3. The 'annual service' is typically only a few $100 and will get done same time as WoF etc. Excesses on MBIs are either $350 or $450. @Olaf's figure of $2500 is reasonable from a total servicing cost perspective. Good luck with your hunt - agree a 550i in white on black will be nice I really enjoyed my 2 Subbys and very nearly bought a 3rd, but decided something a bit more refined was in order.
  4. You need to get an annual service done by a recognized warranty service agent - of which there are plenty, and the $$ covered by my MBIs WAY outstrip the service cost.
  5. I haven't driven a 335i - very much on my 'to-do' list ..... I think now is an interesting and affordable time to own a V8 - everything (sensibly) is going less cylinders and turbos which is all good - just different.
  6. It does look *fantastic*
  7. Hey Amrit and welcome to BimmerSport! Bit of a old Subby fan myself but now a Bimmer guy I think you should look at something like this: https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-1439430561.htm modernised LCI variant (arrived in 2007 - you can tell by the gearshift) optional 19"s Alu interior trim is the nicest looking Features Dynamic Drive - this is a big help with handling on these big cars @Olaf has driven and compared E60s with and without Dynamic Drive and there's a noticeable difference Hifi Pro - very good sound system Bluetooth phone interface HUD - this rocks - love it in my M5 looks like it has aftermarket exhaust tips Includes balance of a mech warranty In terms of an E60 sedan but not an M5 this is about as good as it gets. When looking at the exact spec, put the rego into Carjam to get the VIN, and then put the last 7 characters into www.bimmer.work/ to get full detail. The 550i has 270KW which is a good stack of power so I don't think you'll be disappointed. This one also looks great: https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-1395272527.htm - very similar but in Akld and $2K less ..... but with std 18"s and wood trim. It's with a dealer so definitely take it for a test drive. Costs/risk ... Don't expect lower service costs, and in my experience (admittedly with older/higher kms BMWs than these) with age the plastics and rubbers deteriorate and can require costly repairs - not so much parts as labour. My advice is always get a warranty/mech breakdown insurance (Autosure/DPL is brilliant)- and keep some $$ in reserve. NEVER spend all of your budget on the vehicle. The biggest things to be aware of is valve guide seals - and make sure your sunroof drains aren't clogged or you can soak your car interior (yes really). Cars with detailed service history are strongly preferable always get an expert pre-purchase inspection done There is a very useful guide to E60s attached. All the best with your shopping process!!! I think they're fantastic cars. So You Just Bought an E60 (V3.0).pdf
  8. Hey Amrit I agree a lot of people do prefer to buy <5yrs and <100KMs to just reduce risk and have a vehicle with less wear and tear. From my perspective, add a 3 or 4-year mechanical breakdown insurance plan (Autosure/DPL is great) for <$2K and you'll get a premium, high-spec vehicle with relatively low risk.
  9. Hmmm agreed LHD isn't ideal
  10. https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-1430647052.htm Really like this! 80KMs (!) starting bid $17.5K - no idea of reserve Looks to be in fantastic condition Tidy leather interior Electric seats and mirrors Alpina wheels Sony B/T head unit
  11. SOLD for just over $14K to Liam of Kapiti!
  12. Welcome Gus from the Welly crew and the BMW Club Lower North Island @_ethrty-Andy_ is selling an E36 325i manual coupe currently FYI ....
  13. 2011 LCI F10 530i Motorsport Touring in Carbon Blue Met ... seems like a pretty good deal to me! $24K 101KMs 8-speed tiptronic Factory de-badge and shadowlien Leather Nav and B/T Rev camera New run-flats
  14. Must be frustrating for the seller - has invested a fair bit of time and effort into mods both real and cosmetic and I expect the net result doesn't appeal to many who prefer a more stock example.