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  1. 1 of those was a recent replacement already ....
  2. Totally agree Barry - does seem to be going from strength to strength. Like the idea of some kind of info we can leave on Bimmers to let them know ... number plate surrounds a decent t-shirt But we do need to get the BimmerSport site owner's permission before producing anything ...
  3. Nice work Jake - impressive!
  4. Lucky man How does it stand out to you - what is most distinctive? Have you driven a 'normal' E46 M3?
  5. Are CSL's in reality that much better than 'regular' M3s or is it just a rarity thing?
  6. Nice work! 🙂
  7. Dan - are yo wanting to tag along with someone on the road trip next weekend?
  8. Are you planning to join us on the roadie, or do you need to sort some stuff before doing another sizable trip?
  9. Congrats to you both!
  10. Welcome Alan - E61 MSports are great Hope you can tag in to the roady on the 27th!
  11. Fingers crossed dude .... I've been through a number of seals - still lose a little on the driveway but not much at all.
  12. Welcome Aaron - beautiful vehicle and you've got good taste in beer too
  13. GLWS Hans!
  14. Welcome Shayne - nice Z4! +1 with @Olaf hope you can get some events going down south!
  15. http://www.trademe.co.nz/a.aspx?id=1321198583 $15K mixed kms due to lots of rebuilt stuff "Set up as a Race/Track/Targa car she(Ella) has had close to $55K spent on her including the original purchase price. The motor is still the original 3.5 Litre straight six, blue printed around 12000K's ago with a race cam, high volume fuel pump, bigger air box and hand made extractors. Coupled up to a 5 speed manual box with competition clutch. Suspension is Bilstiens with coil overs and the front end has been completely re fabricated - 3 Degrees negative camber. Front brakes are from a late model M5 and the rears are from a V8 850BMW. Adjustable internal brake bias. She is fast, at around 265 BHP, but her handling and braking capabilities embarrass a lot of modern vehicles on the track. She has a full cage a 4 point harness, but these are out of date and will need to be complied if you want to go racing. OR, I can take the cage out and re install the interior ready for the street. She will be sold with a new warrant and at the moment the Rego is on hold. Will put 6 months on when sold.