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  1. TermiPeteNZ

    FS: 2003 Estoril Blue E46 325i Motorsport Individual

    That's a beaut John! Very tempting. 😧
  2. TermiPeteNZ


    Hmmm another interesting buy for Pramod :) Part out or repair???
  3. Hey Nathan - is that an E53 or E70? And I'm guessing it's the 4.8
  4. TermiPeteNZ

    New BMW in the South of the North

    Awesome vehicle!
  5. TermiPeteNZ

    Timaru Newbie to Forum but not to BMW's

    Welcome Nick, from the Welly crew! Good luck with sorting your keys … and make sure you share the solution when you've nailed it. Please add pics of your vehicles too
  6. TermiPeteNZ

    New BMW owner 2008 320i LCI

    Welcome Charan! BimmerSport is a great community … Please add a pic or two of your vehicle!
  7. TermiPeteNZ

    E39 530i for $15k !

    It is a very nice example but yep he needs to halve the price! +pics for posterity
  8. Hey Nick - lots of good advice from Kyu and I think you're approaching this the right way. I think people tend to fall into 3-series or 5-series 'types' and you'll have a preference one way or the other - especially after some test drives. PPI + Autosure = good plan.
  9. TermiPeteNZ

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Sheesh! dramas eh …..
  10. Yep - crazy number of vehicles stacked very deep. They just don't seem to be worried about turning over their stock - weird. Not unusual to see cars sit there for >12 months ....
  11. Lots of E60 and E39 gen - not so many newer ...
  12. OK - we don't see many come up for sale in Welly ...
  13. 2011 550i Motorsport F10 $28K 102KMs https://www.trademe.co.nz/a.aspx?id=1632034209
  14. TermiPeteNZ

    New BMW in the South of the North

    Howdy Mike and what an awesome vehicle!! Look forward to seeing it a meetup … @Barryn is the man for Autoglym. Hope you attend some of our events and join the BMW Car Club, we have a very active group down here in Welly.
  15. TermiPeteNZ

    Old New Palmy introduction

    Hey James and welcome (back?) to Bimmersport . E61 Msports look great in white! We have an active branch of the BMW Car Club for the lower North Island and do a good few runs. Check out http://bimmersport.co.nz/forum/26-wellington/ and http://bimmersport.co.nz/forum/46-hawkes-bay/.