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  1. Very nice example!
  2. it is a gorgeous vehicle - love the colour!
  3. Welcome to Bimmersport and the marque Marco! BTW there's an active BMW Car Club branch covering BoP/Waikato... https://www.facebook.com/groups/1807431149571993/ ...
  4. I'll let the guys know At 1841 go up the stairs, hook a right and we normally have a couple of tables in the corner. Hope you can make it along... I can't due to work. And no it's not a drinking session We enjoy a drink but in a responsible way.
  5. Hey Scott and welcome to Bimmersport and BMW ownership! ... it's good that you've moved to from the 320i 4-cylinder to a 525i 6-cylinder - MUCH better engine Please don't get a band expander - instead get your radio properly recoded to NZ. Eurosurgeon can do this for around $150 from memory and nobody is stuffing around adding wires in the back of your expensive(!) computer/entertainment unit. Some idiot put a band expander into my 545i before i bought it and forgot to reattach the cooling fan and it died ; if i didn't have a MBI policy it would have been ~#2K. Eurosurgeon are Akld based but travel to Welly regularly. @promo is local and also might be able to recode it too. Nav is expensive to localise, does require additional hardware and the maps won't be super current either so think twice before doing it. Eurosurgeon can do that if you want too -but I'd stick with sorting the radio. I recommend Auto38 in Newtown if you want a thorough check of your vehicle. https://www.auto38bmspecialist.com/ BTW - we have the local BMW community pub night this Thursday
  6. Re the wheels - yours are after market as the Style 88s look like this: http://www.bmwstylewheels.com/bmw/88 And yes! @Paul Bradfield hope you're making it official and joining soon!
  7. Welcome Vass - lovely E46 and great pics Have to disagree re the Style 68s - I really like the design ... what are you thinking of putting on in their place? As @JonRP says the Chch branch of the BMW Car Club is firing up again with @Paul Bradfield leading the charge. Get involved! Pete from Welly
  8. Welcome @jonrp - great looking E46! Regarding a club - you're in luck! @Paul Bradfield is just restarting the Christchurch branch of the BMW Car Club of NZ Have a chat...
  9. Hi Bernie and welcome! Lot to love about an E39 Motorsport!
  10. Nice review of these here: https://driving.ca/bmw/7-series/reviews/road-test/road-test-2001-bmw-740i-sport-2
  11. Great to see there's a bit of community activity in Christchurch - and interest in spinning up the Club again? I've thoroughly enjoyed getting the Club sparked off again here in Welly @Paul Bradfield - good idea to tag along to these events and see who's keen to both attend some more and maybe help organise a few
  12. TermiPeteNZ

    2006 M5

    GLWS Randell!
  13. I actually like the SMG when not in the CBD... and who really wants to go messing with the guts of something this complicated!
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