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  1. I hope this goes to a good home. I'd so buy this if didn't already have both a M62TU V8 BMW and a silver BMW sports sedan 😕
  2. See latest feedback on Pinkjellydonut:
  3. E46 back ... rear brakes done - rotors, pads, sensor front brake hoses replaced WoF .. Now to deal with the wife's Mazda - oil leak by the looks of things. Had to charge up the battery overnight too... Re the M5, I've been advised of another (third!) delay on the BE Bearings from Turner - for another month - so I've made the call to switch to BMW original parts for the bearings and connecting rod bolts. Not fair to keep it on Auto38's project hoist for soooo long and I do want the car back... Turner have been good at communicating - the stuff just isn't shipping from BE. 😐
  4. I'm a sad sack and track the M5 market... this vehicle was previously advertised with 'tuned to 680HP' 😐 Necessary? No. Good idea? No.
  5. Nice! I quite like the aftermarket wheels
  6. The X5 is back with a brand-new ABS ECU, and I have a spare brand-new ABS pump in a box. Great to have it back Thanks to Auto38 and Autosure for great service as always. Just had the F30 in at Winger for service & WoF new spark plugs brake flush rear brake pads new front tyres (should have done this a tad sooner) First money I've spent on this vehicle ... pleased with the service and BMW Car Club discount applied without me having to ask. Nice. E46 is in at Auto38 for safety check and I suspect a noisy FL wheel bearing... before my eldest lad takes it away back to base (He's a proud member of NZDF now!)
  7. Welcome and congrats Jordan - nice photos too!
  8. Wow - gorgeous. Seriously want one of these but own 4 vehicles currently and have 2 in the shop... plus a lack of garaging 😕 Grr. GLWS!!!
  9. Welcome Iain! Score on the manual!
  10. That's a good question... With everything that's been fixed/done and the amount that I've spent, AND how little these are worth - this really needs to be a keeper for me. I'll be picky about the next X5 i get and make sure it is a beaut example.
  11. X5 update - the ABS ECU can't be sourced so the whole ABS unit is being replaced - I'm paying the MBI excess and the amount over the single claim limit for an old vehicle like this. It will arrive in a couple of weeks ....
  12. ABS unit due on the 18th... Re the Mazda - got it towed this morning - and ... not a fuel leak - actually an axle seal failure and it was transmission fluid in the gutter. That'll be sorted on Monday. Slightly less dramatic I suppose @hqstu that LSD issue sounds like a pain 😕
  13. X5 update... The driver's window was just a stuffed switch. That's a win! New rear wiper being fitted Autosure are replacing the ABS unit as the repair agents haven't seen these fault codes before - can't say enough good things about Autosure. This will be the final claim under the 4yr policy. Looks like Mazda Atenza 23S has a fuel leak from the engine bay. 4m long petrol run in the gutter where it was parked last night Had a look under it and there's clearly a leak of some kind - nothing coming out/dripping out now though. So that'll be a tow in the morning!
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