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  1. X5 is back from Auto38... work done: Replaced due to faults: Water pump Radiator fan blade (it was chipped) LF height sensor (for self-leveling suspension, as I started getting a 'SL Susp inactive' warning recently) Fuse for SLS compressor Rear number plate bulb Replaced because it was a good idea: Water pump pulley Tensioner roller assembly Deflection pulley Main belt AC belt Other stuff Radiator shroud refitted (hadn't been installed correctly previously) General vehicle check over. Things for later: Guibo RF CV boot Vehicle needed battery removed for 30 min to properly clear and reset the SLS error code. Thanks to Jon at Auto 38 and Autosure (helped with the waterpump fault). As much as I don't like spending lots of money on repairs (and it looks like a hobby of mine) I value Jon's thoroughness and proactive approach. It's great to have the X5 back - and it is just as well that I enjoy driving it.
  2. Jon found belts were rather past their best so they're being replaced along with a tensioner and pulleys. My self-levelling (rear) suspension had reported an issue 'not active' recently but seemed OK. Fault found with left ride height sensor. Being sorted tomorrow. Rear number plate bulb was had it too - fixed Pete
  3. Yes - the MBI has has reduced my expenditure on this vehicle from mad to silly. Don't have that much detail yet re the pump...
  4. Sorry dude, not enough Jon to go around! The sorcerer needs an apprentice... And yes much better to not have the problem when on the motorway or a long trip...
  5. Water pump has failed Autosure claim for this bit. Also fan has a chip in it so off balance and shroud was not fitted properly. Few other bits will be replaced along the way ...
  6. And the X5 is off on the back of the truck to see Auto38! 😐 And there was coolant under the vehicle on the driveway at home. Just not as much.
  7. Yes garaging is mandatory. That's where my M5 is ...
  8. Radiator and hoses in 2016 after radiator failed and one of the hoses again a couple of months ago ... Will let ya know re cause... The X5 is on about 243KMs...
  9. There's a significant thread here covering E53s and the issues/work I've had done to date: This is what I've done ... with many Autosure MBI claims along the way 2016 Fix paint, fit new tail lights from 4.6is, replace roof rails, groom, re-dye trim, carpet shampoo and stain removal, repaint interior trim repair ABS unit fix ABS pump bracket and pressure sensor (this was all due to the 'brake light trifecta') replace thermostat fix instrument cluster (dead pixels) replace radiator and hoses replace 2 x window regulators replace both rocker cover gaskets 2017 replace trans main oil seal replace both front lower brake reaction rod arms new key (they use a capacitor not batteries - and die eventually) plus regular servicing stuff including 2 large front tyres! Replace all discs, calipers and pads Replace 2 x front axle assemblies 2018 replace left lower suspension arm replace 1 x air shock replace valve cover gasket replace ABS ECU (failed after repair) 8 new spark plugs and 2 rear tyres Fixed 2 kerbed wheels (Wheel Magician) Leather restoration on steering wheel, armrest, front seats (FibreNew) replace hatch handle/catch/light unit - (was unlocking randomly) new unit much better sealed design so shouldn't get full of crud like the other. Paint matched of course. replace right rear ABS sensor (caused rear wheels to lock) replace damaged dipstick Full rebuild and modernisation of ZF 5HP24 transmission (Auto Transmission Repairs in Plimmerton) 2019 Radiator hose replacement after a dramatic coolant leak in the car park at work Rebuild of squished driver's bolster and recovering of passenger A-plliar which had a tear and some wrinkles (Rotary Motor Trimmers)
  10. After driving home in the X5 today, a fellow Club member and colleague who was parked next to me shared this pic of where I was parked ... which I saw when I got home - after getting a 'Check rear num plate light' warning. Another cooling system leak 😕 Tow truck on Monday off to Jon at Auto38! Just as well I have the M5 back...
  11. Just got the M5 back from Jon at Auto38 ... getting some niggles resolved... Left hand (low-tone) horn unit hadn't been working - my kids have given me a lot of stick for a V10 with a 'meep meep' horn. Sorted now! New horn unit was same price as used - so new it is. Right front outer PDC sensor also hasn't worked since getting the vehicle. Replaced with new unit, colour-coded and fitted. Jon noticed with the left headlight out that it was playing up and the insulation on the wiring had deteriorated. Due to a new headlight unit (xenon adaptive) costing $3K we've repaired the insulation using paint-on insulation as a fix. FYI Hella make replacement headlight units at a much better price than BMW original - but they only come in LHD Another option before full replacement is replacing the lens & wiring. We'll see how this goes. A friend has done this successfully with his E60 M5. My driver's side air con had sometimes been switching magically and blowing hot when it shouldn't. Jon did a thorough investigation of the blinds, actuators and cleaned the dash thermostat - everything that could be done without removing the whole(!) dash. We'll see how this goes too Jon is fantastic - a real craftsman. Communicates the issues (with pics), provides options, shows me the stuffed bits, runs through the bill.
  12. Giving in to peer pressure @Olaf and @adro and sharing 'the journey'... although nowhere near as hands on as the latter or as fastidious as the former! Car 1 is a 2001 E53 V8 Sport Package in Stahlgrau Car 2 is a 2005 E60 M5 in Silverstone II
  13. Need pics for future reference...
  14. Gorgeous pics as always! 😮
  15. The reason I've started to use Auto38 is simply the level of experience, care and passion that Jon brings to working on Bimmers. Difference between a craftsman and people doing a job ...
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