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  1. My X5 is in that range (228KM) but has MBI through until 250kms Difficult to know whether to proactively sort now or do it before the MBI expires ….. :\
  2. I think the question is - what is replacing/succeeding this?????
  3. Cheers Faizal - I don't want to take any chances since it is an EML error so taking it straight in tomorrow AM for diagnostic - and another (very) small job …. but cheers dude! Reckon it'd be handy to have one in any case - have you had much use out of yours?
  4. Cheers Brent - got an EML warning in the M5 after fuel level has been a bit all over the place ….
  5. What's the best place to buy one of these?
  6. Howdy Steve and welcome to BimmerSport - good to see another E53 owner on here Looks very nice in black and with those rims. Yes the dark 'anthracite' hoodlining marks your vehicle as a Sports Package or 'SportPac' which usually means sports steering wheel, seats and suspension. Yours is also the facelift model judging by the nose and the date - so you'll have the better xDrive 4WD system and the more powerful N62 engine as well. @Tom Delahunty up here has a similar vehicle and might be good to compare notes. I've thoroughly enjoyed my 2001 (pre-facelift) E53 4.4i SportPac with 227KMs on it, but spent a fair bit of dosh on overdue/'bound to happen' maintenance -even with a mechanical breakdown insurance (MBI) plan. If you don't have one of these, look at getting one. Jono at MTF Mt Victoria here in Welly (ph 027 22 44 295) can arrange one for you - BMW Car Club members are eligible for a decent discount too. I've just downloaded a manual in PDF form - lots of other things to spend on This is my beasty here ...
  7. Love those 135is
  8. https://www.trademe.co.nz/a.aspx?id=1501739773 1998 264KMs $5K no reserve Like this a lot
  9. Nice but high KMs example of the 4.8is - with some questionable accessorizing https://www.trademe.co.nz/a.aspx?id=1506581325 271KMs $11,500 NZ new
  10. I don't mind the blue either - I like interiors that are a bit different. I didn't spot the adjustable ride height! Yes that was a ~$US500 option and can alter the height 1-2 inches apparently. Looks like it has three levels. That's cool Good spotting Nathan!
  11. What's your thinking with the switch? Just time for a change?
  12. @Tom Delahunty @Tom Delahunty ….
  13. Hey Jarrod and welcome from the Welly crew. Very nice coupe Recommend you also connect with @Mr Hyde and compare notes with @#E91FUN too as he is plotting his 335i modding pathway …. FYI we have recently revived the BMW Car Club down here - regular events for members and BimmerSporters - let me know if you are interested in finding out more …. Pete
  14. Welcome Nas from the Welly crew - how could you not need a M-car? Looks awesome and I bet that it's a bucket of fun!
  15. Welcome Phillip - yes good score on getting the 3l very nice. Like the silver on red. You should catch up with @Breaker and he can give you a run down on the BMW Car Club too - we do a decent few runs around the lower half through the year for Club members and BimmerSporters ….
  16. And it's usually on a non-M, and of course a 320i :\ I love the passion for the brand this shows, but the brand also in general represents refinement and performance.
  17. Yep - BMW Genuine kit is $US608 and UPS expedited freight is $US260 = $NZ1223 plus Customs fees and GST of $244 = $1467 Less the brake fluid/other consumables (~$85) this means I've paid a premium of roughly $395 for local supply …. quite aside from the premium of going BMW genuine. Been interesting to look at the difference. The other thing is that there's risk in managing the parts sourcing/importing yourself. If you get the wrong stuff (especially on heavy ~40kg stuff like this) ….. you can easily blow any savings you may have made. I'm not a DIYer - but if I was then sourcing the parts at good prices I'm sure would be part of the fun
  18. I had a look at Pelican Parts and a 3rd-party full brake replace kit for the E53 4.4i with moderate shipping and GST is $1792. I'm guessing my garage is using BMW original parts - I will confirm with them.
  19. Sorry to revive an old post, but I thought I'd share my full brake job cost. Not sure when they were done last as didn't get service history with the vehicle, and I've only owned since Jan 2016. Don't wanna be doing this too often. Remove all wheels, bleed complete brake system using new brake fluid. Replace the front and rear disc pads, sensors and rotors. $2363.50 parts and labour inc. GST Here's the detail, all exc. GST - item, qty, unit price, total REAR PAD SENSOR 1.00 61.48 61.48 FRONT DISC ROTOR 2.00 307.98 615.96 FRONT DISC PAD SENSOR 1.00 64.34 64.34 FRONT DISC PAD 1.00 256.47 256.47 REAR DISC ROTOR 2.00 184.37 368.74 REAR DISC PAD SET 1.00 237.23 237.23 FREIGHT RECOVERED 1.00 15.00 15.00 BRAKE FLUID RENEW 76.00 76.00 Labour $360
  20. As much as I'm a purist, it is these oddities that do make things more interesting. I do think doing this on a later model with the much better XDrive system would have made more sense. These old ones like mine use the DSC system to regulate power delivery.
  21. https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-1478396785.htm 1996 E39 528i 177KMs $900 - as is, where is Left sitting in a garage for 2 years Tyres OK but one is flat new battery but won't start and yes - mould on the steering wheel Not cool that it has been left like this, but probably(?) not a lot required to get it ship shape..
  22. Welcome Scott - looks like a beaut!
  23. Hey Dave - have you just picked up 2 more E38s? (735i and 728i) The 750i is a beautiful vehicle that should go to a discerning buyer. I wish I had more garages :|
  24. Hey Gregg and welcome from the Welly crew (and branch of the BMW Car Club)! A couple of the local guys have these - @Mr Hyde and @#E91FUN - talk to them I would say. E91 Touring Msports look fantastic and there's nothing wrong with 240KW Looking on TM $20K should do you fine - and make sure you pick up a Mechanical Breakdown Insurance plan with it. The Club has a good deal with MTF Mt Vic - let me know if you want details. But I think you'll need to make do with Tiptronic with flappy paddles .... Pete
  25. I have a feeling that E60s have bottomed out at low $20s - that's what happened with E39s. I guess we'll see! I've been keeping track on every M5 coming onto the market - <$100KMs can go for $28-$30k while higher kms are low-mid $20ks. Most listed for >$30k sit for quite a while. Yep - that looks like a perfunctory inspection but arguably better than nothing.