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  1. ET10 okay for e28?
  2. Okay so I'm back to square one..... now on the look out for a 3.46, in LSD or otherwise. thanks in advance.
  3. Sooooo, lucked into a set of Pitlane's for my e28 only to find the following: existing nuts are too short, and, the cavity where the head of the wrench would go in to tighten nuts is too narrow to accomodate the wrench.......... such a noob. cheers!
  4. This is niiiiiiiiice! passing thru the Bay, perhaps?
  5. Fair play. Any (reasonably priced) suggestions?
  6. Hoping someone has either used parts or a full set of springs/shocks or anything for that matter. Thanks in advance
  8. Thanks!
  9. Hi guys, I remember reading about one of the members on here offering a service doing some amazing work refurbishing tired rims. Cant find the thread, though. help!
  10. Money talks I spose. So is the car likely to be M6 spec otherwise? ie; hand built, suspension etc etc? still, seems nuts to me!
  11. Or is it a 635csi with an M88 chucked in?
  12. Well, after some reading, it sounds like my motor would be better suited to the 3,46 ratio. anyone sitting on one these, LSD or otherwise? thanks again guys
  13. Cheers Brent, will the 3,64 bolt straight up to my '87 525e
  14. Ideally yes. But, will build one if needs be, so will need the correct ratio for starters.