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  1. Bennyboy

    Heaps of E46 M3's on TM

    Mine is late 2002, not sure mine has the mode you mention?
  2. Bennyboy

    Heaps of E46 M3's on TM

    Oooooh. tell me more about this Mtrack mode? SMG says N instead of O, in what regard? N as in neutral?
  3. Bennyboy

    Heaps of E46 M3's on TM

    There’s such a thing as a facelift e46 M3? news to me!
  4. Bennyboy

    LSB E46 M3!!!!!

    S52 is e36, no? This is s54
  5. Bennyboy

    LSB E46 M3!!!!!

  6. Gotta love this: https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/car-parts-accessories/bmw/engines/listing-1676506415.htm
  7. Bennyboy

    GONE - Genuine facelift LED tail light E46 Coupe

    Too cheap!
  8. Bennyboy

    E28 1987 M535i e28 on behalf

  9. Bennyboy

    E28 1987 M535i e28 on behalf

    Dogleg box Brent?
  10. Bennyboy

    Are these a good choice?

    What Bbs wheels are you sitting on Kyu
  11. Bennyboy

    Taupo BMW track day 10 March

    Hey Matt, did you guys end up putting something together from the day?
  12. Bennyboy

    CSL time again

    Nice bit of marketing though
  13. Bennyboy

    CSL time again

    Exactly. Who was famous in the early two thousands? Sally Ridge? Rachel Hunter? Chloe from Wainui?
  14. Bennyboy

    CSL time again

    And black! I pray this stays in enzed https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-1658200093.htm?rsqid=b2e23f6e9a5e4ca2a70c7fa51c9f2e3e
  15. Bennyboy

    Replica M3 CSL 19inch wheels

    Price sans rubber?