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  1. Nice, and welcome! Was the maroon car bought from a rooster in Napier? looks familiar
  2. Running stock shocks or billies? could be keen!
  3. Hey Fella, how much are you asking for your RC's? Are they staggered figment? Cheers!

    1. Eagle


      Nope just 17x8's. Haven't decided yet, only price reference ive seen was about 5 years back at $1100 for average condition ones. Will prob get the bolts zinc plated or something and BBS valve stems before selling which may be awhile.

  4. So, upgraded all four corners on my e28 eta to e34 540i calipers and rotors. notable improvement. As far as I can tell, the next upgrade is in the master cylinder dept to improve pedal feel. have sourced an e32 750i MC to swap out, but, sounds like compatibility is not as I had found. ETA models employ a vacuum boost brake system, and now I'm not sure this swap out is feasible. Anyone done this upgrade? Or able to provide some insight?
  5. Sorry fella my bad, thought i was PM'ing.....
  6. Ah. hey I also saw you enquiring about a set of BBS RC's on TM. I have a spare set I was planning to refurb, but you're welcome to them in their current state if you're in dire need. Three are good and simply need the lips polished, and one needs a bit of work (curbing). All caps there. You'll need to source your own hub-centric rings if they're destined for your e28 project. Depends how far you wanna take it, but with a full rebuild they'd come up mint. I lucked into a set of staggered RC009/010 so the 090's are surplus.
  7. ET10 okay for e28?
  8. Okay so I'm back to square one..... now on the look out for a 3.46, in LSD or otherwise. thanks in advance.
  9. Sooooo, lucked into a set of Pitlane's for my e28 only to find the following: existing nuts are too short, and, the cavity where the head of the wrench would go in to tighten nuts is too narrow to accomodate the wrench.......... such a noob. cheers!
  10. This is niiiiiiiiice! passing thru the Bay, perhaps?
  11. Fair play. Any (reasonably priced) suggestions?
  12. Hoping someone has either used parts or a full set of springs/shocks or anything for that matter. Thanks in advance
  14. Thanks!
  15. Hi guys, I remember reading about one of the members on here offering a service doing some amazing work refurbishing tired rims. Cant find the thread, though. help!