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  1. I’ve also got a set of staggered RC009/010’s off e31 if you fancy a project? they need a full strip/paint/polish
  2. Not bad for the price tho! As you say, worth a LOT more once some lucky punter puts some work into them. fact that there’s 5, not the usual 4, is a bonus, too. And tyres! starting to think should have listed them for a whole lot more..........
  3. Thanks Jared. If you’re worried about the curbing I would say these aren’t the wheels for you. Best stick to hub-caps. Appreciate your input nonetheless.
  4. Cheap as chips, tyres not bad.
  5. I’ve got some BBS Pit Lane 17’s with good rubber. PM if you’re interested
  6. Pm sent. i don’t suppose you’ve any clear (not amber) lens equivalents on hand?
  7. Anyone? To fit cabriolet, if that makes a difference (?)
  8. Best looking M3 I’ve seen in ages
  9. These?
  10. Thanks Ray, whats the feedback been been like on the CSL reflash? Heard varying reviews, but overall positive, which has lead me to this point. also, cost? Cheers.
  11. Hey Brent, did you do the SMG CSL flash in house, or was it done by the PO. Looking for someone to do it locally (north island)
  12. Does the engine need tuning to allow for additional air-flow
  13. Ideally looking for Schwartz black hardtop with black roof lining/trim, but would consider any colour combination, including off 330ci