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    HOT WAGON https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-1754352236.htm?rsqid=69152a54788d40b19e02c75c01ff3013
  2. Bennyboy

    manual F80 M3

    pretty unusual? https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-1867211445.htm?rsqid=b3638725188046658a5e88e59ab464f9
  3. Bennyboy

    RC 009/010 STAGGERED

    Very rare set of wheels, originally an option for e31 8 series. Front 8Jx17H2 IS10 Rear 9Jx17H2 IS19 Mad lip Will polish up nicely once rattle can paint has been stripped (P.O.) Centres absent. Small inconsequential hairline crack welded for piece of mind, spun by local tyre shop who can provide report for buyer. Happy to ship at buyers risk/expense. I can’t stress how unusual these wheels are, looking to simply recover costs. Wife says too many wheels....... asking $1200
  4. Bennyboy

    RC 009/010 STAGGERED

    Long gone I’m afraid. Will be a a while before you see another set of these for sale, very VERY unusual.
  5. Bennyboy

    2004 330ci convertible only 24ks parts car , mint !!

    Drivers side HK tweeter?
  6. Bennyboy

    Michelin PSS x2 - brand new

    235/35 x19 91Y brand new, never mounted. Still have manufacturers stickers on them. $800 for the pair for BS members, shipping at buyers expense, or we’re in th bay if you fancy a roadtrip! you know how much these are new, I’ve switched to 18’s so these are no longer required.
  7. Bennyboy

    Bargain e34 🧐

    https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-1826901093.htm?rsqid=ba0e8f69016f4e528eabc43afd2ee155 Is this for real?
  8. Bennyboy

    E46 M3 rear diffuser

    Wife clean ripped mine off backing into a carpark today 😡 im f**king spewing, if you can’t already tell. there is a lesson here, lads. jet black (668) preferred but not critical.
  9. Bennyboy

    Bargain e34 🧐

    My buddy is looking to sell his facelift e34 525i if you want me to pass your details along much less than 15k too !
  10. Bennyboy

    WTB: E46 M3

  11. Bennyboy

    High km E46 M3 (Manheim)

    Has anyone checked this car out, out of interest?
  12. Bennyboy

    NZ E46 M3 sales numbers

    Can I ask what the reason is to find numbers?
  13. Bennyboy

    E38 16" basketweaves

  14. Bennyboy

    What the....? 😳

    Not trademe, Buuuut...........looks like it may be an M, judging by the wheels/exhaust? https://www.nzherald.co.nz/hawkes-bay-today/news/article.cfm?c_id=1503462&objectid=12145897 napier drivers 🙄
  15. Bennyboy

    What the....? 😳

    I knew you’d know, Nik 😉
  16. Bennyboy

    What the....? 😳

    Do tell, Samuel........
  17. Bennyboy

    New record for E30 325is pricing?

    Nah g my ethirts is worth, like, fiddy K, easy.
  18. After a single rear ACS type 3, specs as follows: 19 x 9.5inch ET 21.5mm, Part Number 361139510 any ideas? See attachment.
  19. Bennyboy

    WTB::: ACS type III *1x REAR ONLY* 19 inch

    Still looking......
  20. Bennyboy

    WTB E36 328i Manual Gearbox

    I went to Providence in the late 90’s, Rhode Island in the fall is something to behold.
  21. Bennyboy

    Karter 16's E46 M3 Journal

    It does that when you hit redline, kinda like a shift indicator. It flashes to tell you to change gear, basically. its actually pretty nifty.
  22. Bennyboy

    E46 M3 Brakes - Never used (but neglected)

    What’s the brand, Alex? Stock sizing or CSL?
  23. Bennyboy

    1M trademe thoughts ?

    What’s the deal with the brake energy regeneration thing, looks heavy.
  24. Bennyboy

    Written off F90 M5

    Man, those things are MASSIVE. kurb weight must be pushing 4 ton
  25. Bennyboy

    Selling our two BMW 1984 e30 323i m50 2.5i

    This’ll freeeeeeak out the e30 headz nice machine!