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  1. Bennyboy

    Karter 16's E46 M3 Journal

    It does that when you hit redline, kinda like a shift indicator. It flashes to tell you to change gear, basically. its actually pretty nifty.
  2. Bennyboy

    E46 M3 Brakes - Never used (but neglected)

    What’s the brand, Alex? Stock sizing or CSL?
  3. Bennyboy

    1M trademe thoughts ?

    What’s the deal with the brake energy regeneration thing, looks heavy.
  4. Bennyboy

    Written off F90 M5

    Man, those things are MASSIVE. kurb weight must be pushing 4 ton
  5. Bennyboy


    HOT WAGON https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-1754352236.htm?rsqid=69152a54788d40b19e02c75c01ff3013
  6. Bennyboy

    Selling our BMW 1984 e30 323i m50 2.5i

    This’ll freeeeeeak out the e30 headz nice machine!
  7. Bennyboy

    WHEEL SPACERS - 10/15mm

    As stated, after a couple sets of spacers: 2x 10mm 2x15mm cheers! 🤙 would buy new, but looking to buy a used set to make sure they’re a good fit first.
  8. Bennyboy

    FS - near new CSL replica wheels CM wheels UK

    Fair enough! Funnily enough, I feel the same....... How about a set of diamond cut OE 19’s? Or OE 18’s? I want these so bad........... but alas equity is all tied up in new business venture 😔
  9. Bennyboy

    CSL Intake for E46 m3

    Bargain 😳
  10. Bennyboy

    Style 220M - genuine

    Tidy set of factory 19” forged, staggered M3 wheels/tyres. fronts are PSS with ~5mm of good tread, rears are RE050A showing signs of camber wear, ~3mm $1800 for BS members
  11. Bennyboy

    Style 220M - genuine

    Centres, yes. one of them has some clear peeling in the centre, otherwise sound. Welcome to inspect?
  12. Bennyboy

    Break Open The Piggy Bank - M4 CS

    Brutal margin! Did the same dealer end up with all the M’s that we’re up for grabs, minus the M2
  13. Bennyboy

    Break Open The Piggy Bank - M4 CS

    This the same car? https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-1785825584.htm?rsqid=51b5e1709c6c4ee5bec56fcb739dcbb6 If it is, they certainly turned it around quick smart!
  14. Bennyboy

    Assorted M3 / M5 Parts

    Worthwhile if I’m running a strut bar already, in your opinion, or overkill?
  15. Bennyboy

    Assorted M3 / M5 Parts

    Still got reinforcement plates fella?
  16. Bennyboy

    FS - near new CSL replica wheels CM wheels UK

    Do you accept trade-ins, Tom? I’ve a spare set of style 220’s with PSS fronts/RE050A rears + $ your way?
  17. Bennyboy

    Z1 anyone? 😳

    Wow https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-1764577990.htm?rsqid=c186d4b916b24eb0832edeb7ef45cb55
  18. Bennyboy

    SPOTTED! The official thread

    Napier CBD this morning @CSET
  19. Bennyboy

    1987 325i Mtech 1

    What RC model are the style 5’s on your e28? Looks more dishy than 090, RC010 perhaps? Very nice nonetheless!
  20. Bennyboy

    Random (BMW) pic of the day

    Best album cover yet?
  21. Bennyboy

    E31 calipers......

    Long shot, but looking for 8 series four pots if anyone has anything lying about. there was someone selling e31 brake parts on tm a few months back but I cannot dig it up.....
  22. Bennyboy


    I love the plate
  23. Bennyboy

    WTB: E46 M3 Lowering Springs

    I’ve got a set you can have, PM for pics and details
  24. Bennyboy

    BBS Style 5 16 or 17 inch

    Pics of other three
  25. Bennyboy

    WTB / WTT OEM E46 M3 18" Wheels

    I have a very tidy set of 18” style 67’s with great rubber if you’re interested.