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  1. Thanks man. I had reached this same conclusion in the meantime, by re-reading the web-based manual, and by evaluating the answers obtained in other forums. The one thing that I don't understand is: Why would a specialised workshop lie to me? They claimed I had the wrong receiver. And why would forum members allege that my car wouldn't support a diamond-shaped key?
  2. I do not categorally exclude having missunderstood something. I just want to see what it is. .)
  3. I said it earlier: I am not an expert. I just have a certain degree of technical understanding, and otherwise apply what I would call logical thinking. Is my impression incorrect according to which all of you deduct credibility from the conversion manual in this forum? He says/shows there that 6906074 is the right part, but the workshop denies it. He said that a diamond key is unproblematic, you deny it. I had assumed that what is written there is right, and after having read it, it seemed clear that I just need a car key specialist and the right receiver (or antenna amplifier, is the official title), and then this would be done within an hour. Now, mysterious and unexplained problems arise. If you are willing and able to relate to the problem as described by me, then you are most welcome to help me find the solution. Otherwise, it just seems like wasted time. Wouldn't you agree?
  4. Thank you, but I don't really know what to make of it. It sounds as if you all were deducting credibility from the forum thread mentioned, and also this one http://forum.e46fanatics.com/showthread.php?t=1047612 (the 1st post) Both seem, among others, to say 2 things: - Amplifier 6906074 seems to be right; - using a diamond-shaped key does not seem to pose any problems. So I tend to believe them. Seen from this perspective, the question would be why the key workshop told (and kind of showed) me that 6906074 would not support a diamond key - and of course, which one would? (And another one would be, why are you kind of refuting these earlier statements?)
  5. I'm trying to follow the instructions at http://bimmersport.co.nz/topic/50157-diy-e46-retrofit-infrared-to-radio-frequency-remote-control/ , without doing the hands-on work myself - it's too long that I did such things myself. I found an Auckland-based key specialist, and he said he could do it within an hour. So I got an antenna amplifier 6906074 sent from Latvia through Ebay, but the key workshop tells me it is wrong: It certainly does work with RF, but still needs a battery. I however wanted the diamond-shaped key, ie the one that doesn't need a battery, because it is charged inductively. According to http://de.bmwfans.info/parts-catalog/E46-Sedan/Europe/318i-N42/L-N/dec2001/browse/audio_navigation_electronic_systems/single_parts_f_antenna_diversity/#6906074_2 , 6906074 should be the right part. Would anyone of you be able to resolve these contradictions, plus reveal the solution?
  6. rf_key

    Wanted: Techno geek

    Thank you for the antenna info, still with regard to that, I have no doubt that the european logic was/is 'right', while the american logic is 'wrong'. I have proved the at least desirability, but actually necessity of an external antenna, with 3 witness statements of reliable institutions, see the website mentioned. Please take the time to read it. You can also see the correctness of this attitude by the fact that americans equip their police etc (and military of course) with this professional equipment: laptop plus mobile phone or other 2-way radio equipment, plus external antenna. Proof photo can also be found on the website. So the reason is quite probably (as also mentioned on the website): Americans want, according to their age-iold logic, to be certain the government is stronger than the citizen, and they want to make sure that it is like that also in the rest of the world. That's why we don't get galvanic car kits and external antennas any more, why radio workshops have disappeared, why we are being flooded with silly, mind-dumbing 'smartphones' to be glued to the windshield, etc. It is a good idea not to just follow the crowd, but to develop your own thoughts, based on what you know about physics etc. We are supposed to be free countries, and we ought to make sure that there will never be a question about that, otherwise we might lose it faster than we thought.
  7. rf_key

    Wanted: Techno geek

    Thanks a lot! It is refreshing to see that there still seem to be other 'old school' people around, because under the global american onslaught aiming at dumbing down people outside the 'elites' and their henchmen, we educated people are becoming an extinct species soon. Obviously, the parts mentioned would not have to remain inside this car. In other words, once the time has come, they would become available to someone knowledgeable to dispose of. Just talk to me, I am willing to negotiate. But be a little patient, unless I die one of these days, it may take a little longer still...
  8. rf_key

    Wanted: Techno geek

    Why is an external antenna old school and ham? It's the technically correct answer to a problem once acknowledged by the major makers. This material was easily available, and from these makers (like Nokia, Ericsson, ...) before the americans came over us with their 'smart' phone hype, that washed the european quality away, and replacing it with junk. If I don't win friends with this true statement, I will live with it. .) What I meant was what I said: I would like to see that there is a person who would appreciate a car like this, instead of not understanding what he gets, then have all the precious extras removed as 'redundant'. When and how this can be done would have to be discussed, maybe via email, once a candidate (or more than one?) has been identified.
  9. rf_key

    Wanted: Techno geek

    I have been a regular summer-time visitor to New Zealand for a number of years, and I own a 318i here with several useful electric/electronic extras: most of all a stronger electric system, a carphone with external antenna (like in the good old days when technology did matter), a laptop with internet access over the phone modem, and a videorecorder with 2 cameras (front/rear) - see description, photos and videos at http://pro-mobile-internet.net/ This year, I was for the first time confronted with evidence that I, too, am mortal (haha). I'm not saying that I will pass away in a week, but I certainly won't last for decades to come. While proper disposal of my assets as such should be warranted, I wonder what happens to all this wonderful technology once I'm gone (not that it would matter then to me, still). It would be too bad if someone bought the car who cannot appreciate it, then has the extras torn out and thrown away. If there are people here who are interested, please get in touch with me, so we can discuss a civilised approach. NB: This is not a late april fools joke.
  10. Thanks a lot, but you're right: I do feel uncomfortable doing such things. And there is no buddy to assist. Lest we forget: We're not talking about a spoiler or some other ultimately negligible part, we're talking about the locking system. I don't want to mess that up. Strangely enough, the official pros don't seem to like this job either, judged by their non- or dodging reactions. Not exactly a signal to reassure me.
  11. Sorry, I'm a bit slow. Thanks to all. I'll sleep over it, and probably more than once. My feeling is, I would still prefer a ready-made solution, provided it remains affordable. I'm willing to contribute, like getting parts if I can.
  12. Owning an E46, I saw the post at http://bimmersport.co.nz/topic/50157-diy-e46-retrofit-infrared-to-radio-frequency-remote-control/ that apparently covers my case and seems to contain all the info necessary to do the change desired. However, I myself am not prepared to do such a thing. Does anyone know someone reliable who will do that, conditions to be negotiated? The region would be AKL.