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  1. Mr Hyde

    SOLD Carly OBD IOS Wifi Adaptor

    Little bit. Changed all the little things that I wanted to and haven't really used it since. They do continue to bring out new updates every so often. Worth the money if you want to customise to a certain extent
  2. Mr Hyde

    SOLD Carly OBD IOS Wifi Adaptor

    I've got one you can use it if you like saves you paying for it
  3. Mr Hyde

    New member from Wellington

    Hi, Gregg welcome to the forums. Manual 335i's are hard to find. If you're patient enough they come up every once in a while. I have always been pro manual but after moving to the auto gearbox with alpina tune I probably wouldn't want to go back to a manual again. Not sure where you could buy parts from around here most of my parts were sourced overseas. 20k seems really reasonable to find a stock wagon. Horsepower is fun but you need to consider traction and stopping. So rotors and brakes perhaps even an LSD. I believe 2007 to April 2008 have bolt on LSD so easy to source one and have it fitted (Sadly mine doesn't have an LSD). Anything after 2008 the ring gear is welded so very labour intensive to have an aftermarket LSD fitted. Wise to do some research on this as it is much more enjoyable to get most of your horsepower gains on the ground. If you'd like to come and check mine out you're more than welcome to. Just flick me a private message.
  4. Mr Hyde

    E30 325

    @viskop Done a few k's but not bad huh https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-1453954977.htm
  5. Mr Hyde

    New member with my turbo E30

    Welcome Josh, I am in awe of this car. I want a turbo e30 so badly. Sounds and looks like you've done an amazing job on it!
  6. Mr Hyde

    135i 7" VRSF FMIC install recommendations

    Yeap same here. And is it laggy? some say bigger intercoolers produce more lag others say it's hardly noticeable
  7. Mr Hyde

    For Sale: Lemans Blue 2006 BMW 130i M-sport

    Congratulations Bryan! I am a wagon lover so very keen to see and hear it.
  8. Mr Hyde

    Carly IOS wifi adaptor

  9. Mr Hyde

    Carly IOS wifi adaptor

    Brand new has not been used Carly wifi adaptor $80. Will send anywhere in the country for $5.
  10. Mr Hyde

    E92 Bluetooth Options

    There is this option also...... http://gromaudio.com/store/all-bmwo4.html
  11. Mr Hyde

    E92 Bluetooth Options

    You'd have to check with the installer but I'm pretty sure its both handsfree and streaming
  12. Mr Hyde

    E92 Bluetooth Options

    NZ nav and NZ radio stations if you have an import. You also get the USB drive where you can upload music on to the drive. I think you can update maps through the port too. But it's pretty useless if you don't download MP3's. The newer controller as well. Other than that it is more cosmetic than anything else.
  13. Mr Hyde

    E92 Bluetooth Options

    I also got the CIC retrofit done it was about 1200 from memory. So much nicer to look at and use than the CCC. It was between that and having bluetooth installed. Having spoken to Ryan at Euro Surgeon he said it was better to get the CIC done then bluetooth. As the bluetooth did not work as well with CCC units. I think I recall having a conversation with @TermiPeteNZ who had issues although I may have dreamt that. I have looked at a number of options as I really want to utilise the steering wheel controls but can't find anything in excess of 1k to do it. I am happy to lose the changer. Keen to hear what you end up doing.
  14. Mr Hyde

    E9x control arms

    SOLD - Congratulations John! PM and we can arrange how to get them to you
  15. Mr Hyde

    E9x control arms

    Sorry I don't believe they do