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  1. needsprings

    MK Motorsport alloys :)

    Are these still available?
  2. needsprings

    Parts For Sale e36 e30

    Hey mate where abouts are you located in hawkes bay? I'd be keen on the msport bumpers!
  3. needsprings

    E36 M3 SWAY BAR

    I know it's a long shot, but is there anybody out there with a M3 sway bar for sale?
  4. I'm after an e36 OBD1 body with a blown engine or transmission or even both. Has to be a 6 cyl so either 320 or 325i, and in good conditon. I have cash or a wof reg 325i coupe for swaps. Coupe is solid mechanically but not up to my standards for what I want to do with it in terms of turning it into a show pony.
  5. needsprings

    WTB E36 coupe front guards

    I'm after a set of e36 front guards, could swap parts from a e36 TI if you're interested. Front end from that should fit a sedan.
  6. needsprings

    e36 coupe doors

    Whole new door shell with glass, I have all the other jazz. And yeah been searching trademe but mainly haven't heard back or they're gone. So searching high and low for a set. Maybe someone here is dismantling one? Can't hurt to ask around everywhere possible, not just confining my search to trademe, cheers.
  7. needsprings

    e36 coupe doors

    Haha e36 coupe, the three button got stuck.
  8. needsprings

    e36 coupe doors

    Anyone selling a set of e36 coupe doors preferably with glass?
  9. needsprings

    E36 wiper problem

    Manage to sort it, I'll leave this up and explain in case anyone else comes across this issue. Ended up taking the motor from the links and pulling apart, and just lightly scratching the surface of all the connections. Chucked it in and away it went, must of been a bad connection to the motor when regarding the lower speeds. Might be helpful for someone else in the same boat and not wanting to buy a new motor.
  10. needsprings

    E36 wiper problem

    Also to note, when switching out of the fastest speed onto rhe next slowest, the wiper blades stop where they are. Most issues I've found researching this issue seemed to be resolved with the replacement of the module so I'm not to sure to go from here.
  11. needsprings

    E36 wiper problem

    So I've picked up an 1992 e36 coupe with a wiper problem, initially I discovered broken wiper links and replaced those. Once I had replaced the links I noticed that the wipers only worked on the fastest setting. But I could hear the relays being activated in the module intermittently as I switched through the speeds (motor was not activated with the relays). So I then replaced the module with a second hand one, and it turns out it changed nothing, and still runs exactly the same. What are the chances that both modules could be faulty in the exact same way, or is it possible that the motor can only work on the one speed? Which I find odd, because if it works on the fastest, why not the rest?
  12. needsprings

    FS: E36 Front suspension

    Where exactly is 650km south? ha
  13. needsprings

    Tie rod lock washers

    So thought I'd update this for when someone else eventually comes across the same situation. The wider ones are to reduce the turning circle on cars with a wider diameter wheel so to produce less wheel rub against the guard liner. Also about $35 NZ per washer sooo yeah. Otherwise they do the same job. Just thought I'd put it out there for the next guy.
  14. So finally everything arrived for the tie-rod replacement, even the lock washers. So I got put the car on some stands, slide the boots accross. And it turns out I've ended up wit the wrong kind of locking washers. These are what I have just received to do the replacement with. 32111136526 But these are what is currently on there. 32111140464 They are near the same bar the 3mm gapping. But I believe they are used on M-sport suspension. Would it be fine to use the ones I received? Cheers.
  15. needsprings

    Exhaust welding Hamilton

    Not sure if this is where this topic belongs but, cheapest place to get a couple small holes in an exhaust welded up for wof. Or even if someone is keen on here is ken on a cashy. Cheers.