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  1. Cheers for the legitimate banter on here. Seemingly endless bunch of knobs on TM.
  2. Selling my E36. Since I need a price I'll say $6,500 on here. Otherwise you're more than welcome to bid on TM. Starting at a $1 reserve. http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1369802587&permanent=0
  3. Well, if anyone's curious she's on TM. $1 reserve. http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1369802587&permanent=0
  4. Cheers. Gearbox is a ZF310.
  5. Doing a bit of fishing to see what my car may be worth before selling it. It's a 1996 328i that has the M body kit installed along with the wheels and vader leather seats. Fully resprayed with glass out about 6 months ago, PPG envirobase paint and clear. Fully serviced. BMW limited slip and extra diff. Aluminium flywheel. Manual conversion. Power everything including rear windows. 212XXX kms. Overall very good condition with a bit of interior wear and unfortunately a noisy throwout bearing. Anyone track sales of these things?
  6. Hope this is the right spot for this post but I'm trying to source the seals for the external door handles and side marker lights along with some window trim. Anyone know where to source this stuff in NZ? My car is in the paint shop now and prefer not to wait however long it would take from overseas.
  7. As stated. Looking for a manifold in any condition from an S50 engine.
  8. Just had the option of a set of 4x 18x8.5" BBS RK's ET39. Anyone know if these will fit well on an E36 and what the recommended tyre size would be? Getting some pretty mixed data from Google. Looks like some guys run them but it's a mixed bag as to what tyre sizes fit and if fender rolling is needed. Prefer not to have to roll anything.
  9. Just a bit of follow up, switching back to factory tyre sizes solved this issue.
  10. Essentially brand new, mounted, test driven, too big and they rub. They don't fit my car so I've downsized and these are ready for a new home. Located in Taupo however I head to Auckland about every other month. $500 ONO.
  11. The goods have arrived. Pretty happy with the overall quality vs price. Threaded holes are all helicoiled the full length, pin alignment is good, no shipping damage, good welds on the ring gear.
  12. Thanks for that. I've been a bit paranoid. What's your suggested path to performance with the M52? I have just been learning some of the tuning software so have the ability to remap the Siemens ECU to suit mods. From what I've looked into the M50 manifold is a bit of a wash for driveability.
  13. What are your thoughts on the reliability of the aluminium block? Any fears of a scratch in the nikasil and having to find another?
  14. Sorry mate. Looking at a euro spec engine. I've done some mod cars in the past and it seems the further from factory you get the more fussy they are. I don't want do deal with random bs however do want a good, quick, spirited ride. I don't really care about resale value. That's why the S50 euro is looking like a good option. Reasonable price + factory reliability and all the power I would gain from messing with the M52.
  15. I've read of a few good results doing this by spacing one engine mount of the other to gain some clearance. Not sure what effect it would have on other things such as oil pick up and cyl head drainage but that's easy enough to figure out. Also read into some good options about doing dual 2" or 2.5" out of the turbo instead of single 3" or 3.5". That option seems to fit through the gaps.
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