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  1. Can do. PM if interested.
  2. I have some E28 parts. Prefer to sell the lot in one hit
  3. Try Kayne Barrie
  4. Can do. Have a number of options. Thanks for the heads up Jon
  5. Sam i should be able to help with some, if not all of the things you need. Welly based. Might be worth bringing the car over and putting it on axle stands and having a look.
  6. I have these from an E90 but they look the same
  7. How different are they from the E46 M3 ones
  8. As I said above it's from an E46 M3
  9. Different part numbers. Not sure if they are interchangeable
  10. I have an E46 M3 one. Not sure if they are the same. Will check on Real Oem
  11. Can do. 2004 M54b30 with all ancillaries, ecu loom, 120km and ZF gearbox with a full manual conversion and a brand new single mass flywheel and clutch.
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