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  1. Can do Wellington based
  2. Wanted. BMW E30 medium case diff.
  3. FIAT 131R

    M43 engine

    It doesn't come with the manual gearbox I was just doing a dummy fit for another project I am doing.
  4. FIAT 131R

    M43 engine

    I have one I can ship
  5. Demontweaks are useless with or without a virus.
  6. You should be able to do atleast as good in NZ. That's not a low mileage car. The car market in NZ is in a little bit of turmoil and could get worse as personal circumstances change at a rate of knots from fallout from Jacinda and Covid. Make sure you have made allowance for ALL the fees etc when you land a car here including GST. Customs entry, customs clearance, documentation and sundries, government processing, MPI inspection, port service charge, GST on all of the charges plus GST on the car. That's a few for you to think about.
  7. You seem a bit reluctant to give the information people need to help you. M54 have 2.2 litre, 2.5 lite and 3 litre engines. Your manual conversion will be different for the various engines.
  8. FIAT 131R

    s54 ITB

    Can do the airbox with rubber joiners and the intake elbow. PM sent
  9. Wanted to buy BMW gear box Getrag 262 4 speed manual gear box. I do realise the current situation re Covid 19 but when it passes I need the gear box.
  10. FIAT 131R

    WTB E30 LSD

    You might want to give a bit more info like small or medium case and ratio. I can do most ratios in both small and medium case.
  11. Thanks Glen will look at the weekend. I thought it was under the manifold.
  12. Hi Glen. WBABE62030JC07275 IS THE VIN
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