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  1. FIAT 131R

    S54 wanted

    PM sent
  2. FIAT 131R

    What are these fault codes?

    Just had some fun with an E46. Was a 5amp fuse under the glove box for the ABS.
  3. FIAT 131R

    Intro onb1/2 of a new owner

    Welcome to the site Hayley. You might want to edit your model. It has an M Sport badge but it is not an M3.
  4. FIAT 131R

    FS - Karbonius CSL carbon door panel inserts

    It says you have no listings
  5. FIAT 131R

    New forum theme is far too dark.

  6. FIAT 131R

    BMW Getrag gearbox adapted to 1UZ-FE

    I have adapters for Getrag and ZF gearboxes to fit BMW and 2JZ engines . 5 and 6 speed boxes as well as the adapter plates.
  7. FIAT 131R

    WTB E36 Coupe Taillights with clear indicators

    Can do. Have a new Motorsport set for $165 plus freight.
  8. FIAT 131R

    Vacuum hoses

    I was wondering why the E46 328 was a bit sluggish so decided to give a bit tender loving care. I thought the vacuum hoses and CCV would be a good start. Bit of a mission removing the inlet manifold. Didn't take long to find the first problem. Lucky I decided to do the works. I have a full replacement kit for the intake boots, disa valve, MAF meter, oxygen sensors and CCV and hoses. The picture shows just how big the hole can get. I thought I would be looking for pin holes not great bloody rips. Some of the little vacuum lines are so brittle.
  9. FIAT 131R

    e46 M3 intake manifold WTB

    Can do. PM if interested.
  10. FIAT 131R

    WTB: 2.93 LSD centre

    Can do Wellington based. The LSD centres for the higher ratios have a different collar height. If you are interested call me on 021 449 242 Geoff
  11. FIAT 131R

    Early e30 m20 head wanted

  12. FIAT 131R

    Early e30 m20 head wanted

    I have a couple of 731 heads and if the numbers on the head are anything to go by looks like one was made in 1982 and the other in 1984.
  13. FIAT 131R

    S54/S50B32 sump & oil pump

    Can do
  14. FIAT 131R

    Another newbie in Wellington

    The person who came up with the idea of run flats should be tortured to death in a slow and inhumane manner for inflicting this idea on other humans. I have several cars with run flats and every single time there are delays of up to a week or more getting replacements. The cars are modern but the tyres are bloody difficut to find regardless of the cost. I don't search for cheap tyres I just want new tyres. If I didn't have a number of alternative cars I would be frequently without a car. Here's hoping for karma to visit the son of a bitch who came up with the idea of run flats.