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  1. Thanks man! Yeah my brain wasnt too engaged at the time I shot it and I didnt think of stopping the lens down more! I ended up photoshopping out the boot badge as my one is a bit messy and I couldnt manage to tidy it up so it was easier to just remove it Yeah the polymer paint sealant worked really well! Alltho I tried some Valet Pro and Gyeon products before the show and shine and I will be definitly getting some of that! The Valet Pro Black to the Future is amazing on trims and tires! At this stage the supercharger build has been called off, its still sitting in my garage but I have kinda given up on fitting it. The costs for actually doing it propperly with a link or megasquirt and then brackets etc I may as well save and put an S54 in... but then again the car is more than fast enough for what I use it for so maybe I might replace my daily Ti with a 335....
  2. So I decided to enter into 4's and Rotors down in Timaru... that meant that I really needed to respray my front bumper to get rid of stone chips along with a few other bits and pieces. While I was at it I couldn't deal with having a sagging headlining any more! My dad gave me a hand and we wrapped the whole thing in some nice faux suede for that alcantara look! I still have the black sun visors to put in, however I will never ever do another sunroof headlining! The sunroof was in and out about 6 times to get it working correctly with the sunshade pulling back correctly! This was all followed by a good cut and polish! The missus even lent a hand to help with the wheels! After cleaning everything and giving it a good cut and polish here are some glamour shots from after 4's and Rotors in Timaru!
  3. The tow bar is soooo handy, I actually love having it on there! Here are a few shots from recently! 4's and Rotors was over the weekend down in Timaru, so I decided to enter as I had never been before! Here are a few snaps from a shoot afterwards!
  4. Took the girlfriend to Kaikoura for a day trip. Also gave the wee red best a wash both before and after . Had an attempt at drifting on tarmac at the drift track, however being precious about breaking the car and open diff life resulted in not too much sideways action but still good fun! Photos to come from more recent updates too!
  5. Gave it a good wash and wax Also took it out for a nice wee spin since shifting house last weekend!
  6. Okay so the wing took quite a bit more to fit up then I originally anticipated. The paint will need redone at some stage too, however I am stoked with how it looks, and the height of it means I dont loose any rear visibility! Excuse the filth! The car was pretty dirty from the roadtrip to Queenstown and back with nowhere to clean it properly along the way! Also I made more poor life decisions this week and ended up buying an SC14 supercharger.... Thoughts at the moment are to bottom mount it where my air conditioning compressor was and then run a small front mount intercooler. I will get under the car this weekend to have a proper look and see where I can make it fit nicely! This bit of the project however will take quite a while as I know it will cost a lot to implement and I kinda need to start saving a little bit of money! Keep your eyes peeled for more to come... I will try get some better photos of the wing and might do a little breakdown of how it was all fitted up and trimmed if people want to know more!
  7. I did Wang Thangs
  8. More test fitting and trimming this weekend. Its off for paint this week and should be fitted up when Im down in Queenstown next Sunday!
  9. M3 Lightweight rear wing (Technically its the GT Class II Wing), as seen in one of the previous posts Might eventually go to the M3 Lightweight front splitter too.
  10. So here is the footage from Ruapuna! First lap out was taking it a little easy to get the tires warm, still have a lot of improvements I can make with my lines and some setup things. Mainly ride height is needed as you can hear a little rubbing! All good fun and cant wait until next time out! The LTW is being bought up by my father after painting on the 15th so fingers crossed I can get it fitted with no issues! I am also planning on redoing my headlining shortly to finally fix the sagging that has been there for years! Going to go Black this time too!
  11. Another trackday done and dusted
  12. Thanks, my Dad does not too bad of a job considering it was done in a cold Invercargill garage back home Yeah I see what you mean about the Tow Bar, but its just so handy! I kinda want to fit a FancyWide style rear diffuser to the rear end too Took the Ti to the track today too! Only one spin, was going a bit hot in one of the sessions during my first lap out, cold tires and over estimated my grip levels. Other than that the car ran flawlessly all day! New pads went in after session 2, just before the lunch break and it all went well! Now I just need to get better at driving the thing! Might keep adding more stiffness into the front as its got plenty of grip up front but is getting a bit tail happy still, New PB around Ruapuna today too 1:51.126 and was consistently in the low 1:51's throughout the day. Apart from peeling the inside wheel when trying to floor it out of corners in 3rd she performed great! LSD is very tempting now, but I cant justify the costs just yet... Removing all the boot carpets allowed a lot more road and exhaust noise becauseracecar I will post another update when my big wang arrives back from being painted, and show how its all going to be mounted up. I will also track down the gopro footage from a mates gopro I borrowed for a session, my one is currently at the bottom of Lake Waihola after falling off the race boat last year.
  13. No plans of ditching it yet! Its super handy! New pads were put in half way through todays trackday! 1:51.126 isnt too bad around Ruapuna, first time out with the car actually fully working. I just need a lot more seat time and maybe some adjustment to get rid of the oversteer. Peeling wheels out of corners on warm semis too in 3rd wasnt ideal either! I want an LSD but they are bloody hard to find without getting a mortgage.