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  1. E90 2006 ZF transmission fluid

    $20/l does seem quite high. I got 20L for $95 a week ago. It's a different transmission fluid, but the costs shouldn't vary that much. Ask for trade pricing perhaps? I see you're in Sydney so can't give you advice on which stores are better - but often the retail ones (like supercheap and repco) buy from the more mechanical minded ones (like BNT). Tim
  2. E36 Auto Transmission Gasket Replacement

    In case anyone's interested, I'm half way through the replacement. I found the right gasket, oil filter, and shift selector seal on trademe. They came from Australia. So far I've managed to do the hard bits. Tuesday night: Drain the oil (thick black crud) Remove the oil pan (more thick black crud) Remove the filter (lots of extra yucky oil comes out) Remove the valve cover Remove the shift selector seal Install the new seal Reinstall the valve cover Note that you don't actually have to remove and reinstall the valve cover in order to replace the shift selector seal. You can dig it out from the outside using a screwdriver. Of course, I didn't know this until the (heavy) valve cover was out. Have a shower because I was covered in oil Wednesday night: Torque the valve cover screws to spec Replace the old oil filter & oil pan, torque screws to spec Buy a socket that will fit the oil fill screw (only BNT seemed to have a 17mm hex driver) Fill with oil (damn that was messy) Take for test drive (it was awesome! Much better shifting and power) Check the oil wasn't still leaking (spoiler: it had stopped leaking) Took another shower for the same reasons. 2 weeks later: Remove oil pan and filter again Install new filter Replace oil pan Fill with oil The most surprising thing was how dirty the oil was on the second change. I've got enough oil to change it again, so might do that after a few hundred more kms. But after this change (oil and filter) the car was even more peppy - changing gears even faster than before. Wish I'd done it before the driver training day! Tim
  3. e38 cranks but doesnt turn over

    Personally, I'd follow the diagnostic steps in this video (I know, it's not a BMW, but the basics are the same).
  4. E36 front passenger seat doesn't stay forward

    Bugger. I managed to find this site to get an aftermarket one: https://www.sgs-engineering.com/gsc3064-bmw-3-series-seat-strut But I'll have to take the existing strut out to check the part number. Tim
  5. Transmission Fluid - ZF 5HP18 / A5S310Z

    Actually, that is what I tell her! BNT looked the car up in their computer and told me the best fluid is Fuchs Titan ATF D3 Semi Synth. So it was a Dextron III rated fluid in the end. To be honest, I've come to the conclusion that any fluid mentioned in this thread is probably OK. Tim
  6. Transmission Fluid - ZF 5HP18 / A5S310Z

    It's also possible I misread the price at supercheap. Oddly, the guys at BMW came back to me when I said "sorry, but that price is out of my range" and suggested going to BNT and see if they have a listing for my car for Fuchs oil. Tim
  7. Transmission Fluid - ZF 5HP18 / A5S310Z

    So, I just bought some oil Supercheep and Repco were about $220 for 20L of Penrite or Gulf Western but didn't have any in stock. So I went to BNT in lower hutt and tried there. They did the computer lookup of my car and transmission and recommended a Fuchs ATF one. 20L of that from Supercheap was about $400. But at BNT it cost < $100. BNT for the win! (although I go there quite often - and they give me a trade discount because the recognize me now - helps to have a big beard). Tim
  8. Transmission Fluid - ZF 5HP18 / A5S310Z

    Awesome thanks! The fluid from BMW costs $750 + GST for a 20 litre container (BMW Car Club members get a discount, but it still makes the fluid quite expensive). Tim
  9. Transmission Fluid - ZF 5HP18 / A5S310Z

    Cheers! I'll see if I can find this oil Tim
  10. Transmission Fluid - ZF 5HP18 / A5S310Z

    My understanding is that there was a (short) time-frame where some manufacturers thought they could make a transmission with a lifetime oil. Then a few years later they said "oops". What I'm guessing is that the later oil for the transmission is the "lifetime" oil - but it's probably OK to use the "non-lifetime" oil and change it every so often. Which you have to do with the lifetime oil too.
  11. Transmission Fluid - ZF 5HP18 / A5S310Z

    Here's my problem tho. In that PDF there are two oils specified for the same transmission. One is the Dexron III, but the other one seems more obscure. Unless when BMW decided the "lifetime transmission oil" was no longer "lifetime", they also decided that Dexron III is OK. TBH, it'll probably depend what Winger quote me for their special one.
  12. Hey everyone, I'm about to do a trans fluid change (as well as filter, gasket and shift selector seal) on my '98 E36 328. With a ZF 5HP18 / A5S310Z transmission. I'm currently trying to figure out the right fluid to use. On the Penrite website, there's a note: And what do you know: So, I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on fluid - or am I stuck going to the dealer? (I've sent Winger BMW an email asking for price and availability). Thanks, Tim
  13. E36 Auto Transmission Gasket Replacement

    Turns out it's a ZF-5HP18.
  14. E36 Auto Transmission Gasket Replacement

    The professional said: leaky pan gasket and probably needs replacement seal on the side (I forget the exact part - potentially the extension shaft seal but will find out more when I talk in person). Can be done without having to remove the transmission. He said there was nothing wrong with the seals joining the engine and torque converter. Now to find the right parts. I got him to write down the transmission model code And, yes, I'll be doing a fluid and filter replacement at the same time. Tim
  15. E36 Auto Transmission Gasket Replacement

    Thanks - it was hard to get good quality photos with one arm stretched under the car (didn't want to crawl too far under when it's only jacked up). I've booked it in with my mechanic now (remembered that it's still covered by the mechanical warranty I purchased). Tim