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  1. 130i

    Wow - it looks fantastic! I've used Mothers NuLens renewal headlight kit on my cars - it worked really well. Some people say you can use toothpaste and other things too. Tim
  2. Nice wagon - E36s are awesome! Just watch out for the cooling system and the rear suspension bushes (I think it's bushes anyway). I had to replace both those on my E36 recently. Tim
  3. Hi Shizam - great to see you here! Some photos of your ride would be awesome Tim
  4. Welly seems to have quite an active group of people who organise events - you could do the same on Hamilton Or we could have a combined event half way! That'd be awesome...
  5. Hey Glen - nice car! Looking forward to seeing it (and you) at an event sometime soon
  6. 135i? Nice! It looks great - I test drove a 125i the other day and it was amazing. Can only imagine what the 135i is like!
  7. Hey Dan - your car looks awesome! Nice buy
  8. Just bought this yesterday - think it complements my '98 E36 cab nicely... @Olaf wanted to see pictures so here you are!
  9. Awesome thanks!
  10. Hey everyone, As part of my waiting game until insurance company says "replace or repair", I've been looking into importing a Jap Import myself (via a wholesaler). Something like this (although I'm currently preferring a 125i but none of those for sale today): http://auc.carwebs.co.nz/aj-ot7PXZK8sooBAqg.htm I was just wondering if: Anyone has imported a jap import themselves (or via a wholesaler like carwebs) What are the things to watch out for - any obvious got-ya things Any other good information that might help me Thanks! Tim
  11. WCD are up front about that - the salesman said that they are picky about their cars so you'll often be able to find a cheaper one elsewhere. But salespeople so it's hard to know what salt to take with that. The less expensive cars seem to be in Auckland or Christchurch for some reason - Welly dealers appear to be a couple of K higher than those two other centres. *shrug* Tim
  12. I already have a 328i Anyway, I was after a 1.6l engine for fuel reasons. What are the differences between the 116i M sport and 120i M sports? They both seem to have 1.6l turbocharged engines. Although there are 100kw for the 116i vs 125kw for the 120i. Hmm. That's 25% extra power... Tim
  13. Hey, So, I might be in the market for a new car and am contemplating a 116i Motorsport like this one (I test drove it today): https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-1397977430.htm Was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on that model. Also, it's got an iDrive thing and needs an upgrade to get bluetooth streaming. The dealer said that the updated module (including installation) cost $1K - is this something I can do myself for less cost? Tim
  14. Well, it's not like I drive over the Remutaka pass every day in an overpowered old car...no wait...that might be me... I wiped the thing off the 'oil' was mostly oily black soot (see attached photo). Which means it might be an old PS leak that's since carbonized and I should drive more moderately. Tim
  15. The yellow is pine pollen on my driveway The oil is only on that thing and the pipe that comes out the bottom of it - until the pipe goes horizontal then the oil goes away. The oil looks kinda misty but it's only on that one thing - whatever it is! Tim