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  1. Hey, My mechanic looked at it today - it was getting a service and investigation of some vibration when driving around 100km/h (turned out to be a badly balanced front wheel). Basically the radiator is leaking all the way up the passenger side of the radiator and needs replacement. They are going to do a quote, but I'm leaning toward buying the kit and doing the full cooling replacement. Tim
  2. That's an excellent pickup. The car itself was NZ New and the expansion tank is built into the left hand side (passengers side) of the radiator. I was going to take a photo however, naturally, my phone battery just expired.
  3. Well, once it's in budget feel free to drop me a line. I am an old lady driver who only uses it on Sundays to go to church.
  4. We've got a 2006 Honda CRV and have loved it. Consumer Magazine recommended the 2006+ CRV a few years ago - but didn't recommend the models before 2006. Not sure why. X-Trails are also supposed to be very good.
  5. Cheers everyone - Andy I will most definitely take you up on that offer. I am currently contemplating buying the E36 cooling kit from FCP Euro and doing a cooling system replacement - given the car has been driven about 130k. Just means it costs a whole lot more - and I'll get hit with GST when it arrives in the country. https://www.fcpeuro.com/products/bmw-cooling-system-kit-e36-e36coolingkit Otherwise it'll be this one: https://www.fcpeuro.com/products/bmw-radiator-e36-oem-17111469179 I think it still has its original radiator so unlikely to be Fenix. But I'll contact Fenix for a quote for a radiator as well - always nice to buy locally when possible! Tim
  6. That'll never happen - our neighbours own Hondas! Fair call about replacing it. Where are the best places to order new ones? And is replacing it something I can do myself or is it a mechanic job? Also, does anyone want some practice helping me replace a radiator Tim
  7. Hi everyone, My trusty 1998 328i E36 has developed a small radiator leak. Mechanic says "don't worry, just top up the levels every couple of weeks". Which is much better than "replace it now for $$$$". Anyway, I was wondering what everyone thought of those radiator repair additives - do they work and are they worth trying in my engine? Tim
  8. Hey, Many years ago a friend told me about a place in Christchurch where you could learn to service and maintain your own car. It was an 8 weeks long (or so) course. One night a week (or one afternoon). Here's the interesting bit: there were 8 people and each week one person would bring their own car and it would be given a complete service by all the people (including the mechanic). The cost was something for mechanic's time and any parts needed for your car. Seemed a good way to learn lots about your car, other people's cars, and get a good service/inspection done too. I'm not sure if there's anything like this happening in Wellington, but is anyone keen to do it? We'd need to find a friendly mechanic first... Tim
  9. Hi all, It's good to find (finally) a group of people to chat about great cars with! I bought (about a year ago) my first bimmer (after driving one, it won't be my last!). It's not exactly new (1998) but is more fun to drive than our other car - a Honda CRV (amusingly the poster before me also has a CRV!). Anyway, it's a black E36 1998 328i Cabriolet.