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  1. Cheers - I have sent you a PM. Have also bought a set from trademe (one of the ones linked by @WYZEUP) but it'd be good to have a fallback in case I can't install those ones. Tim
  2. Cheers @WYZEUP - I was contemplating polyeurethene because they seem (from youtube videos) to be easier to install (in that I don't need a press - only a hacksaw and a multi tool to remove the old bushes). But I'll see if there are easier ways to install the bushes too Tim
  3. Hey everyone, My car just got a warrant with this note: "Front control arm rear brushes soft need replacing soon" Before I order them, can someone please double check I'm buying the right part: https://runautoparts.com.au/holder-control-arm-mounting-300-610-0001 I'll probably buy the bracket too unless there is another option that I can put in without a fancy bit of equipment. Wouldn't mind going Polyurethane but will depend if I can find them! Tim
  4. That is an awesome car! Would love to see some pics
  5. Welcome to the forums! Your car looks fantastic. I've heard the 135i's are awesome - and with a tune yours will go like a baby rocket. Looking forward to gazing at it's rear number-plate as you pull away from me at a drive Tim
  6. Wecome and nice ride Saulo! I bet she drives well
  7. Welcome! Your 320i looks awesome Hopefully we'll get to see it in Wellington sometime soon. Tim
  8. Hey Aaron, Welcome to the site! And am looking forward to the photos... Tim
  9. Looks great! Looking forward to seeing you (and it) at an event sometime soon.
  10. 130i

    Wow - it looks fantastic! I've used Mothers NuLens renewal headlight kit on my cars - it worked really well. Some people say you can use toothpaste and other things too. Tim
  11. Nice wagon - E36s are awesome! Just watch out for the cooling system and the rear suspension bushes (I think it's bushes anyway). I had to replace both those on my E36 recently. Tim
  12. Hi Shizam - great to see you here! Some photos of your ride would be awesome Tim
  13. Welly seems to have quite an active group of people who organise events - you could do the same on Hamilton Or we could have a combined event half way! That'd be awesome...
  14. Hey Glen - nice car! Looking forward to seeing it (and you) at an event sometime soon
  15. 135i? Nice! It looks great - I test drove a 125i the other day and it was amazing. Can only imagine what the 135i is like!