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  1. You know, I am genuinely in awe of the Honda engineers now. The little thing eats that hill for breakfast. A return trip Hutt to Masterton clocks in at an average of 5.6l/100km (with aggressive hill driving). Of course, there's no substitute for solid german engineering. A roaring inline-6 engine, the smoothness of the ride, having the wind blow through your hair (or over my hairless head) and that 'you are in control of this huge beast' feeling you get from the 328. But as far as speed, nimbility, and fun goes - the Honda is surprisingly good. Tim
  2. Here is a pic!
  3. Purple for the win! I pick it up on Friday so not sure how the hill is yet - will keep you in the loop (the dealer has to make a couple of minor fixes to it and Friday is the first day I am nearby to pick it up.). If you do go for a test drive in one, don't use the Jazz - it has a 1.3l engine. The Jazz RS and other models have the 1.5l engine. Oh, I know someone who just bought a Jazz RS. They are happy to give you a drive Tim
  4. Well, I don't think there is a HondaSport.co.nz forum ... so in worst case I'll glue a BMW logo over the H and come along! Tim
  5. Correct. And they might give you a small amount for a deposit on your next car. It covers the "gap" between your regular insurance and the finance costs.
  6. Thanks - and good luck with your purchase!
  7. I know - accountants do seem to make things much harder than they should be! And, yes, the top gear presenters gave it a rave review. That's why when I saw it sitting there I said 'I'll test drive that one too' fully not expecting to get out of it with a massive grin on my face The finance side of things was interesting. They added in 'gap insurance' and 'mechanical insurance' to the finance price without telling me. And the mechanical insurance price for 3 years on a 2013 Honda was $2200 - whereas I paid $1800 for 3 years insurance on a 1998 BMW! (still 1 year left if anyone is interested...) Tim
  8. Oddly, as a computer programmer, my expertise is in developing simple ways to express complicated things! Tim
  9. Thanks for the advice everyone! I bought a car today. Sadly I was "sensible" and bought a Honda. Jazz. RS. 2014. 11K on the clock. (yes, 11K). I have to say, that 1.5 litre naturally aspirated engine has a surprising amount of power - it is super fun to drive! The dealer offered me a 2K trade-in on the '98 E36 328i Cab. So I didn't do a trade-in and will try to sell privately. Or 'have trouble selling' and keep it for bimmersport events On a different note, while I appreciate the photo of the modals above, it's probably something to avoid if we want more females involved in bimmersport! Tim
  10. the wife has given me instructions 'something not old that we can keep for some time'. I'm interpreting that as "2011 or newer for European, 2013 or newer for Japanese". For BMW, trademe has told me it is either an X1 or 116i. And I do quite like how the X1 looks - going to be test driving one later today! (the 2016 Nissan Leaf is getting a look in - but that would require re-wiring the carport. As are some other small new jap hatchbacks with good reviews - but personally I'll get more enjoyment from something with a three letter name that starts with B and ends with MW. )
  11. This one is awesome!
  12. I sure am! Well, 4 days a week Tim
  13. Hi all, It's time to change my car so thought I'd ask here for some thoughts. Basically, I want to spend about 20K (+whatever I can get for current car) and get something that's not too old, has a bit of grunt, and has 4 doors (kids!). Currently am driving a '98 E36 328i cab - which might be for sale soon... The 2011 X1 2.0 turbo diesel looks pretty good - does anyone have any thoughts on the X1 or any other suggestions? Tim
  14. Hey Michael, I'm contemplating selling my 1998 E36 328i convertible. It's done 145K. Replaced the radiator a few months ago. Working well - a little noise from back rear wheel area but getting that investigated (and getting warrant) next week so will know more then. I'm in Wellington tho. Tim
  15. Sadly, number places can be seen whenever your car is on the road. It'd also be easy for someone to see a random number plate, add 1 to it, look up the details in carjam.co.nz, then have the details for a different car. Like this one, which is an 'off by one' for my number plate: https://www.carjam.co.nz/car/?plate=XA4555 So I don't particularly care if my number place is online. However, some people do care - and I appreciate the effort photo takers take when they remove the number plates from their photos.