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  1. Flake was selling some 14" basketweaves on this forum recently too.
  2. Had an awesome time driving this beast down the island today. Cheers Kyu!
  3. Looks great. I love that tread pattern on the seat cushions!
  4. We took in a piece of rollcage pipe after we cut it out and they matched it off that I tried to quote him the paint code for inka orange over the phone and he said the numbers meant nothing to him, bring it in. Maybe give them a bell and suss it out first.
  5. Union Hardware in Wellington do a nice 'two spraycans and a touch up bottle' combo. Riddiford st Newtown.
  6. Love that 2002 mate - beautiful colour, is it pastelblau?
  7. Sports seats too... I'm talking to a bloke now about a full interior (with sports seats) for 1500...
  8. Thanks Matt! Pete, I'd love to come on the epic, but although I've sorted quite a bit of deferred maintenance on the car (tyres, fuel lines, a new rad, viscous coupling, various electrical bits) the list of work-ons I have from Jon and Keren at Auto38 is probably a bit too long to be relaxed about a big drive at this point. I love this car though, and can't wait til it's properly sorted.
  9. Good luck man, looks incredible. This thread has been compelling reading!
  10. Thanks all, had a great drive down the country yesterday with no traffic and perfect conditions. A few things to tidy up - the alternator belt was a bit squeaky, I'm pretty sure the tyres are plastic by this point, and there are a few electrical gremlins. Realised the cluster lights weren't working as dusk fell at Turangi, so got through the desert road and taped a pen light to the steering column cowl. Other than that, and a memorable incident with the back of the drivers seat collapsing right down on the Auckland motorway, a pretty uneventful trip.
  11. Thanks Olaf! I'll subscribe now - would be great to come along.
  12. Hi all After my introduction to bmw was cut short by finances and common sense, I have bought something with live plates this time, a 1984 320i. It looks nice and tidy, and the vendor tells me it has been brought up to a nice condition after a period of storage. Driving it home to Wellington from Auckland this weekend - any advice for tools to pack (other than roadside assistance!) or things to check before I set off would be welcome. Cheers CJ
  13. Thanks! The brave new owner is indeed a member here - I'll leave it to him to pipe up - but I have every confidence the car is in the right hands, and I'm equally keen to see it come together.
  14. Sold. Thanks for the interest, and thanks to the forum for hosting the classified and saving me from trademe. Hopefully I can contribute as an owner sometime in the future. CJ
  15. Will do. Thanks Stephen. CJ