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  1. Good God man. Welcome. Pictures. Please.
  2. Plenty of nice drives over the hill. If you're in Masterton, I like the dreyers rock loop - out through te oreore, north up whangaehu valley, over dreyers rock and back south through mauriceville and opaki.
  3. Naw, the coolant expansion tank split, so a simple fix, and nothing to worry (or even be surprised) about. I'm just stoked it happened during a work day and not halfway up ngauranga gorge or over Christmas holidays or something. Thanks though Kyu
  4. Arrived to the carpark after work yesterday to this terrifying sight. A surprising amount of interest and sympathy from people passing by (had the bonnet up) and had a sweet yarn to the towie about his M5 on the way to Auto 38 as the car dropped its remaining coolant over the bed of the truck. Massive thanks to @Jono51 for seeing to the car on such short notice this close to Christmas!
  5. The car has definitely sung for its supper over the years, and has a rich tapestry of stone chips on the bonnet and windscreen (which were significantly added to by some prizewinner hammering through roadworks on SH32 last weekend). The paint has some water spot staining, which I'm not experienced/brave enough to tackle, but I had a go at the spotting on the windows today. Not sure how well the photo will show the difference, but the return is pleasing for the right combination of product and elbow grease (which I'm now all out of).
  6. First impressions are extremely positive. I'm used to an e30, and I was a little worried about the step up in size to a 5er touring. Once I was in the drivers seat though, it was like an optical illusion, feeling astonishingly nimble and compact. The power of the 3l is a significant improvement for me, and the roadholding and handling are really pleasing. Picked up a nail through one of the rear tyres on the journey home, unfortunately it was too close to the sidewall to repair the hole. As the fronts were near their wear indicators, I went for a new set. Would have loved some RE003s like all the cool kids have at the moment, but the staggered 66s are apparently getting low on options. I'm sure the Falken FK453s will be far more than I need anyway, I'm always happy to have new tyres on a car. Other than that, I'm trying not to get to carried away with it for a bit. Had a huge win finding this old post, couldn't believe it was that simple! Stoked I don't have to dibble about with a band expander or whatever.
  7. After weeks of successfully ignoring the classified, I finally cracked and messaged @qube about the car. He was extremely patient with my questions, at first general, then specific, and finally random as it became increasingly clear that I was very keen on the car. I had a yarn on the phone with @EUROHO, whose enthusiasm for the car tipped me right over the edge. My father-in-law and I flew up from Vellington last weekend, and Kyu picked us up from the airport. We chatted with him and his dad in a supermarket carpark before shaking hands and promising to treat it right. They were both gentlemen, and it was a pleasure to meet them. We filled up at a motorway services on the southern motorway. I was impressed that when we got home the obc still promised 150km of good times in the tank. We stopped at Good Union in Cambridge on the way - a lovely church that has been converted into a great pub/restaurant. Apart from a leg stretch in Bulls, we knocked the drive out in one from there, and had a great drive, SH32 from Cambridge down to Turangi was a lot of fun.
  8. Flake was selling some 14" basketweaves on this forum recently too.
  9. Had an awesome time driving this beast down the island today. Cheers Kyu!
  10. Looks great. I love that tread pattern on the seat cushions!
  11. We took in a piece of rollcage pipe after we cut it out and they matched it off that I tried to quote him the paint code for inka orange over the phone and he said the numbers meant nothing to him, bring it in. Maybe give them a bell and suss it out first.
  12. Union Hardware in Wellington do a nice 'two spraycans and a touch up bottle' combo. Riddiford st Newtown.
  13. Love that 2002 mate - beautiful colour, is it pastelblau?
  14. Sports seats too... I'm talking to a bloke now about a full interior (with sports seats) for 1500...
  15. Thanks Matt! Pete, I'd love to come on the epic, but although I've sorted quite a bit of deferred maintenance on the car (tyres, fuel lines, a new rad, viscous coupling, various electrical bits) the list of work-ons I have from Jon and Keren at Auto38 is probably a bit too long to be relaxed about a big drive at this point. I love this car though, and can't wait til it's properly sorted.