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  1. Hats off to you - way to get it done!
  2. Wow! Was it ruinously expensive?
  3. I was pretty confident that the creaking would be the front shock mounts. I had a similar issue with the e39 that was eventually resolved through replacing them. Luckily, I had just such a thing in the cupboard, courtesy of unfulfilled good intentions from my last e30. All-round good bloke @adro very kindly offered to lend me a hand with this, so I creaked over to his gaff and we tore into it. A morning's work quickly turned into a morning, afternoon and evening. @adro had some msport springs in his horde that we thought we'd throw in to see how it looked (it looked much better). We also got rid of the no-name wheels it came with and threw on some mint condition bottle caps that Adrian had on hand. It's so much nicer wrenching with a mate, particularly one who cracks on with the job after you leave for the afternoon 😄 Car looked and felt great, and I couldn't be happier. Except for the creaking from the front suspension.
  4. I think the colour name just got reassigned to the metallic teal in recent time. This one is code 207. https://www.e30zone.net/e30wiki/index.php?title=Paint_Colour_Codes
  5. Managed about five months without an e30 after swearing off them 'forever'. A combination of 1) taking a prius up to New Plymouth for an e30 megameet that I had booked non-refundable accommodation for, and 2) an E12 that my family refuses to ride in meant I was missing the fun, comfort and simplicity of e30s, with their plentiful parts, support and community. Idle trademe browsing over the Christmas break turned up a presentable looking jap import fl 318i. A handsome blue, interior mainly intact, and an oil pressure warning light that may as well have been wired directly to ignition. Cheap as chips though, and the aircon was reportedly icy cold. Drove it home between Christmas and New years on a lovely summer day and watched NZ lose the boxing day test on the ferry home. Fun little mission, marred only by the stereo not working and a relentless pirate-ship creaking coming from the front suspension...
  6. I have a 318i with a 19mm sway bar. Bushings are shot and rather than pay $100 and wait for new ones to arrive from Germany I figured I should see if I can't cut straight to the upgrade-itis and see if anyone had a 325i set they would sell. Many thanks CJ
  7. I think from memory they cut me the standard format price when I did the same (two letters, four numbers) - I think they have a bit of discretion. This was 2016 though, so could all have changed.
  8. Nah, it's cheaper if it follows the standard format like that.
  9. You can buy it as a personalised plate - you will need to prove ownership of car etc etc to servicenz@licensys.com - they control the remanufacture of previously issued plates. There is a form (MR19) that you need to fill out, then flick that through with ID and the veh documentation. They'll 'release' the plate for reissue, then I guess you work with kiwiplates (was plates.co.nz back when I did it) to buy the thing. Any questions sing out, I can probably dig up some old emails or something to illustrate the process.
  10. Doesn't seem like the Turners copy writer follows the e60 m5 market either: "Don't worry about losing those pesky hub caps. This BMW has alloy wheels fitted."
  11. Sure, at buyer's expense.
  12. Only listed today too. Imagine how much they'll knock off in a week or so.
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