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  1. Mikan

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Oh no SJ! Such terrible news. Hope you are unharmed. Wondered why you had put the call out for a baur when you already had this peach. Sorry man.
  2. Mikan

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Hang on - did you find an e39 🤔
  3. Mikan

    Jane - My Green German Girlfriend

    Beautiful stuff! Nice work guys.
  4. Mikan

    FS: 2003 530i Touring MSport

    Keen to keep them with the listing - They all go eventually! Happy to point you to where I got them from though if you're keen.
  5. Mikan

    BMW service

    At the risk of being a Pollyanna, this sounds pretty reasonable. Especially if you exclude the wiper blades and filters - you can surely sort those yourself much cheaper?
  6. Mikan

    FS: 2003 530i Touring MSport

    Would there be any more interest if it were, y'know, less money? I'd prefer to avoid trademe, but if no one has room for this on their berm then I'll get ready for the masses.
  7. Mikan

    FS: 2003 530i Touring MSport

  8. Mikan

    2002 Touring

    https://www.trademe.co.nz/2017320233 Not sure why I'm so crazy about these things. Just barely resisting.
  9. Mikan

    2002: Back to Basics

    6,600 I think.
  10. Mikan

    2002: Back to Basics

    Just about to post this! Was a pretty reasonable buy now, given the live plates.
  11. Mikan

    FS: 2003 530i Touring MSport

    Backseat and Boot pics for @hunter
  12. Mikan

    FS: 2003 530i Touring MSport

    Not to hand. Started taking pics of the interior then couldn't get the baby seat out, lost my cool and ran out of time - I'll do better when the weather clears. Anything in particular you want a picture of? No interior rattles or squeaks to speak of - the seat belt receivers used to squeak when they were buckled and pulling against the leather bolster of the seat cushion, but I put some adhesive felt on the receivers and it's blissfully silent now. Air con is blissfully and reliably cold. One stripe of the rear window demister is dead, the rest is good.
  13. Mikan

    FS: 2003 530i Touring MSport

    Huh. Never even considered the possibility they weren't original! There goes the Pebble Beach concours d'elegance !