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  1. I think from memory they cut me the standard format price when I did the same (two letters, four numbers) - I think they have a bit of discretion. This was 2016 though, so could all have changed.
  2. Nah, it's cheaper if it follows the standard format like that.
  3. You can buy it as a personalised plate - you will need to prove ownership of car etc etc to servicenz@licensys.com - they control the remanufacture of previously issued plates. There is a form (MR19) that you need to fill out, then flick that through with ID and the veh documentation. They'll 'release' the plate for reissue, then I guess you work with kiwiplates (was plates.co.nz back when I did it) to buy the thing. Any questions sing out, I can probably dig up some old emails or something to illustrate the process.
  4. Doesn't seem like the Turners copy writer follows the e60 m5 market either: "Don't worry about losing those pesky hub caps. This BMW has alloy wheels fitted."
  5. Sure, at buyer's expense.
  6. Only listed today too. Imagine how much they'll knock off in a week or so.
  7. Sorry - wasn't trying to be cryptic, I got a ppi from them that missed a lot of stuff that would have stopped me buying the car. They were very nice to deal with.
  8. I recently had a ppi for an e30 with these guys and I really can't agree with this recommendation.
  9. Can I please be first in queue if for some reason @kenta isn't?
  10. Mikan

    Book Help!

    There's a few on trademe but I guess you can't gamble on the shipping time?
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