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  1. Mikan

    How to remove strut nut without an impact

    Late to the party here, but is this what you need? Happy to post for you to use if so (realise it was probably more time sensitive than this would be useful for).
  2. Hey Jonny! Nice looking wee car, and great photo. More of that please!
  3. What a shame Milan! Hope you get a good result - GLWS.
  4. Plus this... https://touch.trademe.co.nz/motors/listing/view/1656535155
  5. Mikan

    E39 or e38 comfort seats

    Ahh. The fabled contours! They sound wonderful, but rarely seen in the wild? Those sports seats are indeed wonderful. I am viewing this entirely as a temporary move. Partial, even, but I don't rate my chances of just getting a passenger seat. Yeah, saw these. Would probably be perfect (if I lived in Auckland).
  6. Mikan

    E39 or e38 comfort seats

    Looking for some comfort seats for my e39 touring. My wife is 34 weeks pregnant and the sports seats just aren't going to cut it anymore. Need something with less bolster and more lumbar. As I understand it, e39 or e38 seats will do, as long as they are from a post 2000 model (someone please correct me if I'm wrong). Prefer black, prefer wellington (or someone happy to ship) but just looking for a solution here!
  7. Mikan

    E39 530i for $15k !

    Heh. Was just looking at this. Moonbeams. It does look in top condition, but... some serious haggle room built in I guess. Still. Good luck to him. A rising tide and all that...
  8. I used Jochen's method to change mine over - should work for you!
  9. Mikan

    Foreign Noob

    Hi Gordon Congratulations! Looks great mate - a minter. Can't have many kms on it?
  10. Mikan

    2003 530i Sapphire Black Touring MSport

    Card carrying, but yet to show up at one of the many appealing events. I'll make a real effort to get along to one soon and you can have a go and see what you think. I've found it hard to quantify that difference - it's clearly much better now, and certainly smoother, but because it took a few drives (Jon reckons up to about 500km) to settle in the change has been gradual enough as to not be stark. Those old seals were absolutely rooted though. Shrivelled, brittle, broken - a real feel-good replacement
  11. Mikan

    2003 530i Sapphire Black Touring MSport

    Yup, went to cheapest-to-priciest down the trail of potential fixes. Vanos seals was very near the end, right next to 'source a low kms replacement engine'. Which I may also have done.
  12. Mikan

    2003 530i Sapphire Black Touring MSport

    Hey! Yeah. Sort of. I have been trying not to jinx things with an optimistic update, but it looks like the vanos seals sorted it out. Still took a while after they were replaced (a couple of commutes) for the light to stop flickering, and a few weeks after that to accept that it was truly gone, but I'm comfortable it is sweet now. Idles great too! Tempted to switch back to LL01 (heavier oil was one of the cheaper 'try this first' fixes) and see if that triggers it to get an idea of how marginal things still are with the engine.
  13. Mikan

    Wind Flaring for Roof Racks

    Pmd mate - I'll keep Kyu's thread pure.
  14. Mikan

    Wind Flaring for Roof Racks

    Like this one?
  15. Mikan

    SPOTTED! The official thread

    I saw it last week in tawa town! Thought it might be this one given the area https://www.thesurgery.co.nz/detailing/travelled-through-time-for-a-great-detail/