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  1. Mikan

    1990 E30 325i SE

    Looking good! What could possibly replace the ACS though? 🤔
  2. Mikan

    2003 530i Sapphire Black Touring MSport

    Hey @BozzaFC Nary a problem. Would have done 5 or 6 thousand k since. Planning to switch back to ll01 in the Big Summer Service but I'm not anticipating any troubles. You're welcome to try it out - maybe early in the new year we can tee something up?
  3. Mikan

    New member from Tauranga

    Beautiful! Love it.
  4. I got my rears from fcp, fronts from a polish vendor on ebay through (UK) youshop. Both got tagged by customs. I tried to youshop a second (rear) pair over, but they got turned around at the (US) warehouse - despite providing the information sheet they asked for, they just refused to carry them. No problems with nzpost and multiple sets of shock absorbers in the past, it felt like a policy had finally started to be implemented.
  5. Mikan

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    So much pollen.
  6. Mikan

    Bmw E39 possible ews problem

    Do you have a spare key you can try? This happened to me last week (2003 e39), turned out the key was dead. Might not be part of your problem, but costs nothing to try, as opposed to replacing ews/ignition switch.
  7. Mikan

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Bought a new diamond key for the e39 - had a miserable 'won't start at all' situation that luckily was resolved by trying the spare key. Ordered a new one to safeguard against the spare (same vintage) dropping off too. Not a purchase I relished, but the fear of being stranded in a parking building for two weeks was too strong to ignore.
  8. Wonderful! Cool project, can't wait to see the updates.
  9. Mikan

    E30 sport seats retrim

    Beautiful! Great job.
  10. Mikan

    FS 2002 e10 parts NOS

    Sure is mate.
  11. I'd be more put off by the silent-auction-masquerading-as-a-classified-listing than the rust. Did the vendor go into that at all? I guess if you've been thirsting for a red 2.5 touring for ever then it could be worth the punt. I can absolutely see the appeal. @Young Thrash Driver is right, it is beautiful. Maybe easier and cheaper to make a solid car pretty though, and at least you know you get to drive it! Garage it for a couple of years and those wheels alone will be worth the asking price the way prices are going.
  12. Mikan

    1985 525e

    Hang in there - Tom Cruise is about to heat the market for you: https://jalopnik.com/mission-impossible-fallout-is-going-to-ruin-the-old-bm-1827841847
  13. Mikan

    Reasonably priced E30

    Absolutely love a clean prefacelift e30. https://www.trademe.co.nz/1697765736 This one has been taunting me from my watchlist for days. If I hadn't already gotten way too deep with mine...
  14. Mikan

    Sad E39

    Only thing I can think of is spiked in a pursuit, the driven on flat tyres until they tore off? Looks like it has been driven on those rims at least a bit. Have come off clean though...
  15. Mikan

    FS 2002 e10 parts NOS

    A couple of random treasures I had salted away that need to go as I slowly come to terms with never owning a 2002. Wellington based. NOS air cleaner housing. Comes with seal and bracket, all fixings/fastners. Slight marring of the paint on the top of the housing, but I imagine this is still an uncommon part to find new. To suit the later twin barrel solex carb. $250. Electronic ignition setup. Used, removed in working order from a 2002tii. Includes Crane XR700 unit, bosch coil, HT leads and distributor cap. Could be useful for other m10 setups. $100.