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  1. I thought my e21 was missing the plastic triangle shaped covers over the wing mirror locations but I just found them in one of the door pockets. The passenger cover wouldn't go on properly then I noticed the chrome trip at the top of the door panel was mounted slightly too far forward and was not sitting down onto the door trim like it should. I need to lift it off and reinstall it about 5mm further along the door, but I don't want to break anything, so how does the chrome trim come off? I can take a pic if it helps. cheers
  2. A couple of items from the PPI; Rear suspension springs not captive Rear shock absorbers weak Add to that, that the car has been lowered a bit and feels fairly hard over bumps, I'm looking at doing some work in this area, so have a couple of questions. 1. Can I just replace the rear shocks/springs. 2. What's a good source for these parts? I'd prefer to stay stock, or very close to it, currently running 185/70R 13's
  3. G'day. It has the standard seats. Not sure about lsd yet.....I need to get a few things like jack stands etc first. The thing that has saved this car, and is shown in the box of receipts, is that the same family owned it from 1990 until 2013 and boy did that guy spend ALOT of money on it. I need to do the cambelt now I know that it was last done in 2004, even though the car has only done about 7k since then. Still has the original bavaria tape deck
  4. power steering feels relatively heavy but in a good way I like that it doesn't have power windows / power sunroof / aircon.....just good old fashion winders and fresh air
  5. There are probably a few more things to fix than I had hoped but I still think overall it's a good buy. The body and interior are very tidy. It's underneath as you'd expect, that some work is required. The list more or less included; new tyres required rear suspension springs not captive excessive play in steering rack output shafts excessive play in steering rack end joints a couple of areas of very minor corrosion in engine bay brake and clutch masters signs of leaking oil leaks from front timing cover, power steering pump, rear of sump, bell housing gear box oil leak from tail shaft output area weak rear shocks compression was also a bit varied. the guy said it wasn't burning any oil and looked to be burning evenly but the reading in 5 was only 100, while the others were 125 / 130 / 140 / 150
  6. Hi Just bought a 1982 323i. Not my first classic but my first BMW. It is very tidy, and will be a weekend car. Had it checked over and needs just a few maintenance items updated, but seems to drive well. I will probably get the initial stuff done through a shop, then slowly take over the easy stuff myself once I know the car better. It has had the single headlight installed but comes with the original double setup. Photo is from a previous owner, as I don't pick it up until Saturday.
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    Bought one thanks to this site. cheers
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    pm sent. Budget depends on condition of car, so happy to pay more for a good straight one. 4 or 6, doesn't matter
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    G'day. Looking to buy my first BMW, and as I'm around 50, I prefer the older models. Would have gone for a 2002 but really need both kidneys, so am set on an e21. Preferred spec; Manual Carb Black interior Reasonably original regards, Rod